Why do so many of Mary Peltola’s allies support terrorists?


How many Alaskans support Hamas terrorists? In a state with the highest percentage of military veterans in the nation, and third in the nation for the percentage of active duty military members, not many in Alaska are terrorist sympathizers.

But Alaska’s Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola finds herself straddling yet another issue, with one foot in each camp on the question of Hamas terrorists and Israel.

Although she voted yes on Wednesday to a resolution support Israel against Hamas and all terrorist attacks, Peltola also has accepted the maximum allowed in campaign funds from fellow Democrat Pramila Jayapal, an anti-Israel hardliner.

Peltola took $6,000 in two payments from Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal who didn’t vote for the anti-Hamas resolution. Jayapal, the socialist from Seattle, voted “present” on the question of standing with Israel against terrorists.

Jayapal said she believes “that Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing government has engaged in discriminatory and outright racist policies and that there are extreme racists driving that policy within the leadership of the current government. I believe it is incumbent on all of us who are striving to make our world a more just and equitable place to call out and condemn these policies and this current Netanyahu government’s role in furthering them.”

Read Jayapal’s complete statement on Israel at this link.

Peltola is also conflicted in another realm. She came out in support of the union that is organizing Starbucks workers. After Palestinian Hamas terrorists killed over 1,400 Israelis in a surprise attack on Oct. 7, the union planted its flag solidly with Hamas on more than one occasion, including this statement on Oct. 20, in which the union said it stood by Palestine against Israel — and attacked the Starbucks company at the same time:


  1. WHY??? It’s simple, these types of people are fundamentally “flawed” and “lacking” of true character. They are feverishly selfish, egotistic, self-centered and narcissistic. It’s a “cancer” that inflicts our communities and, if we don’t cut-out this cancer then, our community suffers the consequences. So, when one sees a bumper sticker, a campaign button, or a yard sign in support of these types of people, you can very quickly make judgement that they too represent those same “flawed” and “lacking” characteristics.
    Is there another conclusion? I think Not!

  2. Was that broom in the photo a gift from Hillary Rodham Clinton, who also supported terrorists?
    Clinton’s 64,000 emails on the government computer were erased, but not before they appeared on Weiner’s personal computer, which was downloaded by HRC’s personal assistant……a devout Muslim who’s parents were radicalized. Also HRC was responsible for the deaths of four US soldiers who guarded the US Ambassador while in the US compound in Libya. It was only collateral damage in Clinton’s devious mind. The Clintons have always hated the Jews in Israel.
    Donald Trump should have followed through and had the DOJ prosecute Hillary Clinton while he was president. But he didn’t. And now Trump is paying the price because of the silent revenge storm of Hillary Clinton. Biden is only a puppet president, of course, and illegitimate. 2020 election fraud was real and organized by Hillary Clinton in the swing states.
    Peltola is only a yes vote for Democrat’s Marxist agenda and was narrowly elected by RCV. To begin correcting this world mess we are experiencing, get rid of Peltola. That would be Alaskans greatest contribution to our country.

    • He couldn’t do that without holding full power of the Senate and house.

      It’s not always that simple.

      We also don’t know how much power the Clinton’s have.. We know nothing.

      I agree with you though 110%.but don’t turn your back on the 1 person who gave us a taste of the good life for 4 years. Cheap gas, groceries, housing..ect

      I hope those on the left see how bad it can get, and understand it’s going to get 100x worse when these illegals get the order to begin attacking US citizens.

      Our current goverment is even training them..this is speculation, but one thing I’ve learned is to trust my gut thst this current admin knows no bounds to get what they want and keep power, even if millions must die..

      Here’s a military base that are bussing illegals into, US citizens


      Arm yourself, stock up on 5.56.

      Veterans, your being called back into battle for our home this time..


      Let’s see if mustreadalaska.com Blocks this….

      I hope they are really and truly on our side..

  3. What surprises me is how many commentators here at MRAK share the viewpoints of Democrats Pramila Jayapal, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, the fire alarm puller Jamaal Bowman, and the rest of the radical leftists in the squad.

    • Just because some of us do not automatically genuflect to the state of Israel, and dare to question the disproportionate, and undeserved, subsidization of that government by US taxpayers, does not make us ‘anti-semites’ (a stupid phrase, as Palestinians and Arabs are semites as well), nor does it put us in league with the radical leftist terrorist-coddlers. But I guess such a halfway-nuanced viewpoint is beyond your simplistic false dichotomy arguments.

      Your paranoia and persecution complex on the matter of kneejerk US support for Israel is completely irrational, arrogant and unhinged. Aside from your similarly kneejerk and irrational support for the entire Covidian control agenda, you are usually quite rational and reasonable. I can’t figure out why you are so much the opposite on those two issues.

      • Like Queen Gertrude said, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

        It’s not a nuanced argument you are making, it’s not even halfway-nuanced. It’s not even that you disagree with spending practices of the US Government, it’s in what you write and also in what you don’t. Still no comment on the murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, or beheading by the terrorists huh Jeff? Now you are arguing that you aren’t an antisemite because you support semites like Arabs and Palestinians who are hell bent on the destruction of all Jews? You realize how antisemitic that actually is right…no, no you clearly do not.

        You align with viewpoints of known antisemites like Democrats Pramila Jayapal, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, the fire alarm puller Jamaal Bowman, and the rest of the radical leftists in the squad. I know you don’t want to admit it but you’re the only one who controls that.

        • Steve, your dishonesty and arrogance are fully on parade here once again.

          I have NEVER stated any explicit, or even implicit, support for Palestinian terrorism or terrorists. ALL I have done is express my decades-long frustration and disagreement with the blanket US support, AND subsidization, of the foreign nation of Israel. That is NOT what our government is supposedly set up to do — not in regards to Israel, specifically, but with ANY other nation. You keep trying to put words into my mouth that I never uttered nor even hinted at.

          And you need to reexamine the putative logic, and the ethics, of damning somebody for something that they have NOT said or written. How DARE you try to condemn me for NOT expressing an opinion! I certainly have no moral obligation to parrot your own particular opinions, on any subject, and it is reflective of the irrational radical left for somebody to try making such a specious judgement.

          • Jeff,

            “I certainly have no moral obligation to parrot your own particular opinions, on any subject”
            Your hypocrisy is mind blowing. On the subject of siding with Hamas terrorists and the murder, rape, burning, kidnapping, and beheading of innocent women, children, and elderly you’ve continually brought up covid for some reason. You have quite literally spent hour upon hour demanding that anyone who dares disagree with you about covid bend the knee and submit to your way of thinking when it comes to covid, repeatedly over and over and over, on subjects completely unrelated to covid, you are obsessed with it.

            I get it, everyone gets it, you will not say that the kidnapping, murder, rape, burning, and beheading of innocent women, children, and elderly is a bad thing…as long as the victims are Jewish.

            Yeah, you’re not antisemitic because you try and hide it behind a “halfway-nuanced” argument…ok. For some reason you’ve continually gone out of your way to repeat antisemitic tropes, to comment on every single article here about the terrorism that led to this current war, but still you have yet to condemn the terrorists and those supporting terrorism against Jews, why do you think that is Jeff? Why do you still have no comment on the murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, or beheading by the terrorists huh Jeff? Why is it that you can’t condemn these atrocities against the Jewish people?

            It’s because you align with viewpoints of known antisemites like Democrats Pramila Jayapal, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, the fire alarm puller Jamaal Bowman, and the rest of the radical leftists in the squad. Just be honest with yourself, everyone else can already see through your weak protestations.

            You will know them by what they do. Thorn bushes do not bear grapes, and briers do not bear figs.

          • Steve, I hope you eventually receive the professional psychological help and treatment that you so obviously and desperately need.

            Your specious ‘arguments’ are irrational and circular, and there is no point in trying to talk any sense to you. You have little if any grasp of logical argument, and clearly have never taken a class or course in logic, so irrational and nonsensical are your attempted rebuttals.

            However, I am glad that you continue damning yourself with your own self-righteous arrogance here, and demonstrating just what kind of person you really are — a hateful, bitter, intolerant, and close-minded one. How sad it must be to be you.

          • On October 7th Representative Pramila Jayapal said “I condemn the horrific attacks by Hamas on Israel. This violence must end. This is absolutely not the way we get to peace in the Middle East.”

            It took a couple days and a couple antisemitic statements but Representative Rashida Tlaib eventually said “I do not support the targeting and killing of civilians, whether in Israel or Palestine”

            While blaming Israel and Jews for the Hamas attacks Representative AOC said “I condemn Hamas’ attack in the strongest possible terms.”

            The infamous fire alarm puller Representative Jamaal Bowman said “I strongly condemn the horrific attacks by Hamas and am saddened by the loss of precious lives, especially on the holy day of Simchat Torah.”

            MRAK’s own Jefferson has remained silent about the murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, or beheading by the terrorists. It seems like the radical leftist viewpoints of Democrats Pramila Jayapal, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, the fire alarm puller Jamaal Bowman, and the rest of the radical leftists in the squad isn’t far enough left for Jeff…he’d rather talk about covid.

          • Ad Hominem Attack: attacking an opponent’s character or motives rather than answering the argument or claim.

            Thank you for so thoroughly demonstrating how an Ad Hominem attack should be executed, well done sir, well done.

            You will know them by what they do. Thorn bushes do not bear grapes, and briers do not bear figs.

          • Your actions speak louder than you never ending banter. You don’t want us helping the jews. We got that. You don’t want us helping anybody though. You want a closed society. You don’t want federal money but you have your hand out on the down low. You don’t want natives to get any help. Have I missed anything?

          • Steve ,
            Just stop . You lie so much while claiming people said or implied things they didn’t it’s nearly impossible to keep up with your b.s .
            Just keep it clean man.
            We get that you support Israel with your whole being. Good for you! My grandmother has roots there. A bit emotional but I feel you.
            So Hamas are murdering immoral creeps. Right?
            If Israel bombs the strip and kills a larger number of innocent palestinians doesn’t that put them both as murderers also ? ( is it justice to kill / maim innocent people?)
            If Jefersons tax dollars are shipped over there doesn’t it morally implicate him in innocent deaths?
            Doesn’t it also implicate him with the pain and suffering of Americas poor when his tax dollars are sent to help bomb innocent palestinians when it could be used in our crumbling nation?
            Isn’t Israel rich enough to currently handle their own expenses? One of richest nations per capita?
            I bet jeffesson might see it differently if hamas was more carefully targeted.
            What do you think?

          • Man, who could read all this!
            Are you two brothers?
            Stand by your principles Jefferson, I don’t agree here, but what you say is valid and conservative.

          • “American”,
            What do I think? I think if you accuse people of lying you ought to back it up. You haven’t, and you won’t, because you can’t.

            Do I think Jeff would support the more careful targeting of Hamas than is already occurring? He has yet to denounce Hamas and their murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, and beheading of innocent women, children, and elderly in any way shape or form, so I will let you be the judge of that…but his silence on the subject is deafening.

          • “Steve-o”

            Your lack of condemnation for Israel bombing civilian Palestinian populations
            Is also deafening. Or not !
            Does your lack of condemnation mean you condone it ? Only in a dishonest twisted worldview. Same goes for Jefferson . If someone is silent it only means they are silent. It technically means nothing else at all.
            Your innuendo effectively putting words in jeffersons mouth through his “silence”
            Is a lie as it’s inaccurate ,dishonest and possibly meant to deceive or mislead readers. At a minimum its not keeping it clean and sticking to the truth. Could you be correct? Yes possibly but we won’t know unless Jefferson says specifically one way or the other.
            Your Statement about me that i cant and wont reply to you about my accusations of your lies because there is no proof is also a lie. There are even unintended lies. Even if you were not intentionally dishonest.
            I might not reply because “newsflash”
            I just choose not to . Maybe the comments get shut down i don’t know.
            Your statement that i won’t because i cant is a dishonest fallacy or lie .
            It misleads the readers and perhaps yourself.
            Dude you should chill out. Claiming a bunch of MRak commenters share the views of the extremist far left soc- dems is just bs .
            Go drink a beer, watch some football and realize we are pretty much on the same team.
            Yes any one truly associated or supportive of hamas is not on our team.
            I think that goes without saying.
            I also think it’s demented and counterproductive for Israel to lob missiles that kill ,maim children and innocents.
            They loose the moral high ground when stooping that low .

          • “American”

            You must have missed my comments where I’ve condemned Hamas and the Palestinians who support Hamas for using children and other innocents as human shields, since they are to blame for using them as human shields.

            You seem to acknowledge that the rape, murder, beheading, torture, and hostage taking of innocent women, children, and elderly is wrong and so yes likely we are on the same team. Some things “should” go without saying, but when clearly antisemitic people making clearly antisemitic remarks over and over and over refuse to say things that “should” go without saying, it’s not hard to connect the dots.

        • Jeff’s news source is not the same as folks on the right ! Explain to me how Harvard and Yale student body along with professors came out in support of Hamas ? I mean really , getting the news that toddlers were burned in cages and infants beheaded in the last two weeks , what are their news feeds , is the bigger question . These folks support this , I don’t think so ! If they knew about these atrocities and still support this , we’ve got a much bigger issue .

      • As usual, jefferson, you are spot on! War crimes were committed by Hamas on October 7th, but the collective punishment of 2.3 million Palistinians is not the answer. Over 2,000 children and almost as many women have been killed since this latest conflict began and I hope that supposedly pro-life instigators such as Charlie Jerk, Sean Insanity and Ben Shapiro lose their careers over their support of war crimes.

        • If Palestinians are interested in removing the people holding them captive they should throw off the leadership they’ve burdened themselves with by putting Hamas in charge. Palestinians overwhelming support Hamas and the actions of Hamas, including allowing themselves to be used as human shields.

          “Unfortunately, sometimes we have more and more casualties among the Palestinians because of such kind of attitude and behavior of Hamas,” Palestinian human rights activist and political analyst Bassem Eid said, accusing the group of physically restraining and blocking people from leaving. “They are physically … and trying even sometimes by force to push people back, closing the entrances of the villages or the cities or the neighborhoods over there, just standing over there and not allowing for people to move out,” Eid said. “So I can say that they are forcing people – they never ask people to remain in their places, but they are forcing people not to get out of their homes.”

        • Beeunz how there was no war on Oct. 7th, call it something other then the misnomer “war crimes”. I mean , didn’t Nazis start killing Jews in ’34? “38?

      • The answer to Steve-0’s inconsistency with his rabidly defended viewpoints on Israel and Covid, from his otherwise seemingly rational and reasonable viewpoints seems apparent. There is an invisible inflection point here where it goes from just opinion, to opinion that matters to the paymasters. His association with an intelligency agency, even if it be a mostly past association, comes seeping out here.

        He goes on the offensive with these two items for a reason, and it is not bare opinion sharing. It is a tactical information offensive, from a skilled operator in the field.

        • Ahhh, ever more ad hominem attacks by those who are incapable of supporting their viewpoint.

          All of what you said could be true, it’s not, but it could be. Consider, if you will, that I’m simply person who is capable of reason and logic. I do not support or defend Muslim terrorists and the murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, and beheading of innocent women, children, and elderly simply because the target of the shared hatred of people who happen to be born Jewish. Consider, if you will, that I have the ability to form my own opinions and the ability to express those opinions. People without those simple abilities tend to dream up fantastical stories to explain things they aren’t able to comprehend. I have no doubt you will not consider these things because some people need a boogeyman to justify their worldview. If you need to make up fantastical stories just to feel good about what you write online it might be worth considering your life choices and worldview.

          Or I’m on a super secret tactical information offensive, on MRAK and I’m a skilled operator in the intelligence field who has spent years posting here knowing that covid would happen and that Hamas would invade Israel murdering, raping, torturing, kidnapping, burning, and beheading innocent women, children, and the elderly…whatever you gotta tell yourself I guess.

          • No amount of evidence would convince you otherwise Steve-0. It would be, and is a complete waste of time to bring evidence before someone who refuses to even consider it, then rolls out Joseph Goebbels playbook and projects onto those that are earnestly attempting to communicate with them, THAT which THEY are guilty of. Seriously, that guy would smile at YOUR efforts.

            Then, you repeatedly, and I mean repeatedly not in an amateurish sort of way, run the Atrocity Propaganda past anyone foolish enough to read your screeds. Anyone who suggests that those who have been forced into a Concentration Camp that they cannot escape from, that is literally being bombed, outdoing anything Hitler ever supposedly did, is called anti-semitic (repeatedly and not in an amateurish sort of way).

            Seriously, none of this OK. I don’t like either side doing what they are doing. Hamas and Israel are funded by the same evil people at the top of the pyramid. Much of the populations within their sphere of influences have been trained to hate for the past 70 or 80 years. How about we figure out how to overcome this evil, ON BOTH SIDES, and work at training them to love and watch the Living God work miracles through us.

            Advocating for uninhibited war crimes is a bad look.

          • Jeff/North/”American”,
            It’s never a waste of time to bring evidence to support your cause, unless you have no evidence, which clearly you do not. I bring evidence here, not to convince you of anything, but to share information with people who might read your hate and assume it is based upon something concrete, which clearly it is not.

            And thank you for displaying Godwin’s law, once again.

            Your displays of antisemitism while alarming are also needed, if for no other reason than so that rational sane people can see the hatred that boils inside you. Siding with Muslim terrorists is very telling.

          • North, using Steve-O’s same “logic”, I am hereby going to excoriate and crucify him for being a supporter of rape and incest, since he has never even once come out openly and publicly condemned rape and incest in this forum. Therefore, since he has never spoken out publicly against rape and incest, he is obviously wholeheartedly in favor of them.

            Yep, that is some “logic” right there. So easy, even a Zionist caveman wallowing in self-important and self-absorbed victimhood can do it!

          • Jeff,
            I openly and publicly condemned rape and incest.

            So what’s your excuse for not condemning murdering, raping, torturing, kidnapping, burning, and beheading innocent women, children, and elderly Jews?

          • Steve,

            1) No, you have never done so here, so you are once again shown up as a liar.

            2) I need no ‘excuse’ for NOT having expressed an opinion on any particular subject, your wild irrationality and arrogance notwithstanding.

          • Delusional: characterized by or holding false beliefs or judgments about external reality that are held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, typically as a symptom of a mental condition.

          • Steve-0,
            You have renounced the employ of reason, denied evidence when it was presented, and made assertions that you call evidence. Your superiority complex is sublimating into madness. Actually, in retrospect, Jefferson clearly identified this quite some time ago.
            The seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.
            Your projection and spell casting shall not prevail.

          • North, look up there ^^^ at the three comments directly above yours. Or just keep reading this one:

            Steve-O October 30, 2023 At 7:46 pm
            I openly and publicly condemned rape and incest.

            Jefferson October 31, 2023 At 7:50 am
            1) No, you have never done so here, so you are once again shown up as a liar.

            Steve-O October 31, 2023 At 7:59 am
            Delusional: characterized by or holding false beliefs or judgments about external reality that are held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, typically as a symptom of a mental condition.

  4. Anybody surprised how the biggest anti Alaskan is voting on everything? Me neither. A big thank you goes out to RCV!!! NOT!! The state of Alaska is in big hurt with this rep. Disgusting.

  5. Obviously, her votes go to the highest bidder. She is just starting to build her financial folder. Its a shame that she is so much like Obama.

  6. The broom is a symbol of the most fish caught among fishing boats in a commercial fishing area.

    I support NB3.

    • Sarah used to tell me that too when she handed over a little whisk broom to me after a fishing adventure. NB3 all the way! I’m ready to host big campaign parties.

      • How about that reason why ol Sarah resigned there Cman? Talk about domestic-terrorism with your little Christian Talibans here in good ol Alaska. Now tell me bubba, how’s that going to work out for you now? You know, since reason Sarah resigned had a DNA test done. Then they upchuck graves in Russia and Jerusalem? Now we got two major wars in those countries? You better run and fast…

      • The broom is tied to the top of the mast so the other boats see it. The broom means ”a sweep of the fishing grounds of the most fish”. Unfortunately we never tied one to our boat salmon seining in PWS.

    • I think the broom is supposed to symbolize the old tiresome phrase “Mary has gone to DC and will clean-up the US House.” Can’t clean house very well when one is a filthy rag. You know what I mean? One can’t clean up the lives of others while they are mess. We all need someone perfect, spotless and clean. That’s Jesus, the perfect lamb. So no good Mary’s cleaning broom will do for her.

        • It means as a Native she qualifies for free medical, Native corporation dividends, subsistence rights to the land and sea, preferential hiring status, a right to call Whites “racists,” and she can get her teeth fixed for free. Oh, she also gets $200K a year as a member of Congress for doing nothing except for voting with Democrats. That’s called a clean sweep.

          • A hundred thousand humpies, which is the predominate target of the seine fleet in Southeast, is about 300,00 pounds. The price this year per pound was 18 cents – pretty piss poor season if you only grossed $54,000! I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about it!

  7. Remember the old adage about birds of a feather?

    Evil attracts evil. Tribalism attracts tribalism.

    At the end of the day, both are authoritarian zealots who want to impose their beliefs on others.

  8. Mary has proven to be a idiot, she would fit right in with the democrats squad. She surely doesn’t represent Alaska and Alaskan values. She is incompetent and most definitely unqualified. Those who support her are the uninformed and leftist democrats.

  9. I think if Peltola or any other US politician actually supports Hamas then they’re an idiot but in politics, things like this are rarely black and white and to pretend like they are is silly. Just because she supports the unionization of Starbucks employees doesn’t mean she supports every stance they might take. I think SD is simply trying to imply that Peltola does because MRAK is basically the MSNBC of the right and a blatantly right-wing biased publication, which is fine by me because its never claimed NOT to be. But anyone that thinks that A = B when it comes to politics is either a simpleton or just wants to say A = B to further their own interests. Plus, this kind of article plays well with all of the frothing at the mouth right wingers on here and lets them vent about the “deep state”, etc.

    Then again, I hope soon it won’t matter once Israel wipes Hamas and Islamic Jihad off the planet.

  10. Because her supporters and voters they don’t read enough other than what they want to know and learn, I know because I force myself to interact with her type of people, and be kind. I may not know as much as Suzanne and other readers here. But at least I know more than I knew up to 2011 and I know more than the average American today even more than what I didn’t know in 2011. Peltola’s supporters they need to read more and learn to be around other neighbors not like them. You learn just as much being around your opposite as you learn from good sources of information and books.

  11. You are known by the company you keep. In this case, she’s known for endorsing Biden, getting paid by pal Jayapal, and the radicals at the Starbucks Workers of the World. She’s also known for a few other things that happened on desks during the Legislature, and I’m not just talking about the white powder, Ethan Berkowitz.

  12. Everyone has it completely wrong! The broom is for her next career, one she actually qualifies for assuming her employer is ok with so-so quality work.

  13. So the question is: Why do so many leftists support hamas and/or other terrorists.
    The answer is they have no other option.
    Let me lay out the logic:
    1. The leftists is very much against discrimination. in their mind, discrimination is the epitome of evil. To acknowledge that something is better than another thing is discrimination. Which leads to…
    2. All things must be equal. IF they are not equal, it means the better thing either took their good from the lesser thing, or is oppressing the lesser thing.
    Apply this to Israel and Gaza. How do the quality of life items compare? How does the wealth compare? By far, Israel is better than Gaza. Better economy, better medicine, better houses, utilities, etc..
    Which (applying item #2 above) means to a liberal that Israel must be oppressing Gaza. They stole their quality of life items from Gaza through oppression, through outright theft, etc…
    Could it be because Israel has free elections, a free market economy, freedoms of speech, religion, etc…? Stuff that the people in Gaza are not allowed?
    Nope. Not in the mind of a leftist. In their world, the outcome of living under oppressive religious diktats MUST have the same outcome as living in a free society. Thinking otherwise is to acknowledge that one system is superior to another, and that is discrimination.
    The result of that, invariably, is leftists must cut down the good, and they must elevate the bad.

  14. Half of the people who live in the worlds largest open air prison (Palestine) are children. I am not a Mary Peltola supporter, but I vehemently oppose the continued destruction and genocide of the Palestinian people.

    “But Hamas is a terrorist group!” Isn’t an excuse to murder children. I don’t care how many names, like “liberal” or “retarded” or “antisemitic” you shout at me. I do NOT support the genocidal, nuclear armed, apartheid state of Israel. Full. Bloody. Stop.

    • Dee Cee follow Amir Tsarfati-Behold Isreal with Amir- for a while or Joel Rosenberg. Then after twelve months following them then make your opinion.
      And the Palestinian people when they hold elections their elections put HAMAS leaders in charge to represent them while at the same time majority of those on Gaza if had a choice rather live under Isreal than their HAMAs government. Regardless the past having a two-state. It no longer can exist. It’s one or the other. HAMAs fighters destroyed the idea of a harmonious two-state. The world has changed.

    • DC,
      Some people have problems with the meanings of words, let’s look at a couple of the words you’ve chosen to use here.

      Genocide is defined as: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

      From 1990 to 2022 the population of Palestine increased from 1.98 million to 5.04 million people. This is a growth of 155.0 percent in 32 years. As you’ve said half of Palestinians are children, there is no genocide of Palestinians. Palestinians and Hamas specifically however have called for the genocide of Israel and all Jewish people, it is central to their belief system…but you already knew that, didn’t you.

      Apartheid is defined as : racial segregation; specifically : a former policy of segregation and political, social, and economic discrimination against the non-white majority in the Republic of South Africa.

      Israeli Arabs citizens are genetically identical to Palestinian Arabs, Arab citizens of Israel enjoy the same rights as Jewish Israelis. They enjoy the right to form political parties and stand for election, they serve as members of the Knesset, the judiciary, the diplomatic corps, the police, and so on, they are citizens of Israel and make up around 20% of the Israeli population. Israeli Arabs having these rights and privileges totally and completely destroy tye arguement that Israel is an apartheid State. The Arab Palestinians residing in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are not Israeli citizens, they never have been Israeli citizens. In fact absolutely none of the Arab nations neighboring Israel or any other Arabian Muslim country want Palestinians in their country, not Egypt, not Jordan, not Iraq, not Iran, not Lebanon, not Yemen, not Saudi Arabia, not Qatar, none of them. Israel treats all of its citizens regardless of race or ethnic differences the same whether they are Jewish, Arabian, or Druze all are equally before the law.

      If you were interested in stopping the needless murder of children you would support the removal of the terrorist organization known as Hamas since they not only kill innocent children, they use them to hide behind because they are cowards. The Palestinian people overwhelmingly support the terrorists organization known as Hamas and sacrifice the lives of their children, that’s sickening. If you were interested in stopping the needless murder of children you wouldn’t support the people killing them.

    • So do what? I’m really curious. Wait until they are slaughtered one by one until all dead?

      Israel has tried giving peace a chance. 1400 non combatants are now dead, most by unbelievably savage means.

      I could list, dispassionately, all the things Israel has done to mitigate non combatant casualties. I can list, again dispassionately, all the things Hamas has deliberately done to create non combatant casualties -especially among their own people-, but you’ve shown it won’t make a difference.

      If Gaza is an “open air prison” as the current liberal talking point goes, it’s because they themselves have chosen to make it one.

      You have no real answers as none exist which can support your vapid diatribe.

      I don’t need to call you names. You did that to yourself quite successfully.

    • How about encouraging hamas to stop placing military weapons, guns, and explosives in schools, hospitals, and family residences?
      Might do more to stop children dying than bashing Israel.
      And, what makes you think it is a prison? The residents are free to leave whenever they want. What is stopping them? Or, is it strictly a prison because Israel does not have an open border with gaza? Hint: There are plenty of other places to live.

  15. The broom is for the Boston Bruins who will “sweep” the Stanley Cup finals w/ Alaska’s own Jeremy Swayman in the net.
    Swayman has started 4 of Boston’s 8 games so far & won all 4. One was a shut out.
    This 24 year old Alaskan (9 NHL shutouts so far) is just getting started & will be one of the greats.
    Someone needs to let Peltola know what the broom is for, I think she’s actually clueless.

  16. Not one Republican voted against Mike Johnson. Is there one moderate Republican in Congress any more? There are the Democrats with right and left edges and those in the middle; there are those who call themselves independents but more like Democrats. Then, there’s the Republicans out standing in left or probably right field, not OUTSTANDING, but simply standing in the field looking up, looking down, but whose brainwaves are lined up in allegiance to criminal Trump. It will take some time for the reckoning to take place evidently.

    As for Ms Peltola, it would seem that she represents some of the independent-minds of Alaskans, that she doesn’t appear to have anything in common with zombie Republicans. At least she isn’t part of a cult.

    • Why should any Republican be a moderate?
      Can you name a single moderate Democrat? Do not be ashamed if you can’t, neither can I.
      But, for some reason, everyone thinks the Republicans need to be moderate, while the most extreme Democrats are praised in the media.

  17. You have to forgive the congressional group. Peltola is the newest at smiling and trying to look smart without anything between the ears. To quote Senator Kennedy from Louisiana, and it fits so very well for all our congressional group. “The brain is an amazing organ. It starts working in the mother’s womb and doesn’t stop working until you get elected to Congress.”

    • I do not support Sarah Palin, except through my wallet. That’s why I’m still working and paying off her several recreational mansions. Nick Begich 3 is the guy I will be supporting now.

      • Lol. You and reason why she resigned should have a meeting. Watch her flip out. Or better yet, watch others flip out. There’s your culprits in the money game. Bullseye! Lol.

      • Sarah flips out and runs to the Enquirer. I just go back out to the shop and work on my snowmobiles. Last I heard she was trading in her old hockey beau for a new model. She freaks out every time she has to fly back to Alaska to make sure that there are no more family incarcerations. Old news.
        Go Nick!

  18. We need to require hijabs on the Senate floor, in solidarity. And on college campuses, to cover up that purple hair.

  19. Mary is the pleasant face, of a dark and deadly ideology. If Alaska can’t rise above voting for people who would gladly do them harm, but are “likable”, they they are doomed to see this person become a fixture in Alaskan politics and all the evil that brings with it.

    • Likable is not a trait I want in my politicians.
      Can you name a winning head coach in any sport that is “likable?” I can’t. In the NFL one of the most effective coaches of all time is Bill Belichek, and that man is not likable in any way. (At least not publicly)
      When I comes to politics, I want winners, and that means they need to be A-holes sometimes.

    • Oh, come on. It’s not like Hamas and Hezbollah wants to wipe the Nation of Alaska off the face of the Earth. Sweep us into the Bering Sea. Anyway, qiviut makes great hijabs.

  20. I don’t think anybody knows what’s is going on in Congress. There is a lot of advocates for foreign interests. Nothing for the people who are an after thought or not thought of at all. The media plays along according to scripts. Everything seems off the rails.

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