Keeping the story straight: Peltola votes against energy bill, then praises its passage, then says it’s bad


Rep. Mary Peltola stuck with the Democrats on Thursday and voted against an appropriation bill for energy and water development, and related agencies, for the fiscal year that ends next Sept. 30, 2024.

Congress is back to business now that Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana was approved on the House floor to lead the Republican-led body. The appropriations bills were front and center on Thursday to avoid further government shutdowns.

The bill passed along party lines after a series of amendments and now goes to the Senate.

Peltola offered no amendments during the lengthy amendment process, and in the end voted no on the bill because her Democrat caucus demanded its members vote no.

“Today’s Energy & Water budget bill includes a formal recommendation to the Department of Energy to provide loan guarantees to AK LNG, which would create Alaskan jobs and reduce demand for Chinese coal. That’s a great step forward!,” Peltola explained on X/Twitter,

But Peltola said the bill targeted the Denali Commission, and that’s why she couldn’t vote for it.

“This bill has some good ideas, but I can’t support making life in rural Alaska harder and more expensive. I’m focused on working with our Senators to fix this bill—to restore the Denali Commission and support Alaskan natural gas. Working together, I know we can do both,” she wrote.

Peltola may have not understood it, or may simply be lying. Why? She voted no twice against the very amendments that reduced the funding for the Denali Commission, so she’s aware that the two amendments failed by a large margin.

The original $17 million in funding for the Denali Commission was included in the bill Peltola voted against.

The projects she voted against funding included:

Only Republicans in the House supported the Denali Commission funding on the final vote, because Peltola actually voted against the Denali Commission on final passage.


  1. Providing $7 billion to $40 billion plus in federal loan guarantees to the state that taxes it’s citizens the least of any state in the country, is and will always be a counter-productive pipe dream, especially when said state has a $70 billion plus account that provides it’s citizens a 4-figure welfare check every year.

    If our Republican leadership in Juneau would for once recognize the most conservative thing Alaskans can do to get the LNG line off the starting block, would be to show the rest of the country that Alaskans will do the responsible thing by instituting a pay as you go LNG state income and/or sales tax to subsidize OUR very OWN LNG line. If Alaskans want to OWN this, Alaskans must show they can pay for their fair share.

    • Earth 1, if the LNG thing was profitable, I’m pretty sure that it would have been built already. I mean the Oil Companies spent 9 billion in 1975 dollars to build the oil pipeline… so tell me why should the State provide a subsidy for a project that the industry won’t do?

    • We can pay cash for it old Earth1 We have $80 billion invested we can pull $20 billion out and build the line no problem. FYI the rest of the country as you call it need Alaskas gas and fertilizer. So what’s your point again ?? Ah ya you want to tax us into prosperity that’s it. It’s working great in the lower 48 states.

    • No politician in Alaska has ever produced a drop of oil . Nor have they produced any natural gas from Our huge gas reserves . Putting natural gas in trucks and hauling up the Parks Highway , just keeps the price of diesel fuel high . Petola’s constituents ( if she has any left ) will be rubbing sticks together to keep warm in the bush if her party continues to have their way . I’ve always applauded Pt. Barrow for producing the gas in and around their community . If you’d ever wondered what caused 5,000 hearty folks to settle there , it’s their natural gas ! All villages should have a piped in gas supply on the entire North Slope ! Try and live in Nuiqusuit with out gas ! Prudhoe Bay oil field and the entire oil production facilities run on abundant natural gas . And wow , almost fifty years ago a 140 mile pipeline was buried in the tundra and run down to PS4 . Still runs today . It is the most basic pipeline you’ve ever seen . Just a rusty pipe barely unground . Hardly needs any maintenance at all , unless it pops out of the ground . And it does this from time to time .

    • Welcome Earth_1, from your posts I assume that you do not actually live here and just snipe from afar. I assume this since you can not figure out the difference between “welfare” and “dividend”. For your information Alaskans already pay confiscatory taxes on what you call “welfare” check, as the legislature keeps 2/3 of every single one for themselves. You further seem to be uneducated of how many of us actually live here. With less than a million people in the entire state, you would literally have to tax absolutely everything/one to the max and still would not have enough funds to even start the LNG project, let alone maintain it. Our natural resources are held in common and it is time to develop them fully. Clearly Mary Peltola stands in the way of that.

  2. What the heck is she trying to say???? I’m not but I am but I’m not!!! So, what is she? So, be sure to use the proper pronoun? Oh!!! That’s another subject. Never mind. Confusing isn’t she.

    • Not confusing at all-she’s playing both sides of the aisle which happens to be the uniparty. Mary rode on Biden’s plane back to DC after it re-fueled from his Asia visit and curiously one day before her husband’s plane crash.

    • This is Mary’s adoption of the Lisa Murkowski way of having your cake and eating it too. You see, Mary votes for it to claim she supported the bill to Alaskans, then when it counts votes against it, to keep in lock-step with her party. Lisa has been doing that for decades, voting for cloture (in a democrat controlled senate) and then against it in the official floor vote, knowing full well that the bill has enough votes to pass anyway.

  3. How do you like the ranked choice voting system? Thought so. Don’t forget to sign the petition to rid ourselves of this flawed system. Otherwise you’ll get more useful idiots from the left.

  4. She’s incompetent, uninformed and a affirmative action representative. She doesn’t represent 90% of the Alaskan people. See what RCVing got us, trash.

    • Alaska GOP should have informed their constituents about Rank Choice , they did not ! They are part of the problem . The term Rank is normally referred to as something that smells really really bad ! Like rotten fish or a freezer that got unplugged ! Time to take out the trash !

      What’s amazing to me is that it’s okay to have this nut job represent us in DC . In my mind she just replaced the other 80 something year old nut job ! When Mary’s constituents are rubbing sticks together in their villages to stay warm and cook ( just like the old days ) they’ll see the light !

    • Sarah Palin got us Peltola.
      There is a reason Peltola is considered a rural member of “the squad”, though not as acidicly verbal as AOC, she is every bit as much a ditz.

    • Because admitting what she actually is loses votes and credibility (such as it is).

      Calling her a moderate lefts not so insane democrats feel comfortable voting for her.

  5. Thank goodness we all don’t have to attend these mysterious free-for-alls. We aren’t allowed. Who knows where they are actually meeting. The truth is not to be told. Who knows what her facial expression really means. I’m wondering if promises to pay comes in at one number, the position taken. Then, later another contribution is noted for a different position. It is just that pragmatic. But what an honor to participate in the sausage-making. How foreign.

  6. Isnt this called a feckless leader? One who straddles the fence because of wishy washy thinking and the only conviction she has is that Palin is my dear friend?

  7. When I was a kid, I loved the Dallas Cowboys, then when a kid in school said he hated them, I hated them too. Then I loved them again, then hated them, depending on the audience.
    Tell me how Peltola’s behavior here is different in any way?
    When it benefits her to be for it, she is for it. When it is good for her to dislike it, she is suddenly against it.
    Does anyone expect anything different from the leftists?

  8. Another fraud in a long line of D.C. frauds. Guess what MRAK faithful, Mary P. will win reelection thanks to RCV. Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans and Independent voters in Alaska will lock arms just like the Dems do and vote Mary P. out….maybe.

    • Better find a candidate first ! Probably have to import another one . GOP could not promote or find a solid Alaskan for the job ! They’ve got to be loyal to the grifters , opportunists and prostitute party ! Good luck

  9. Welcome to the world of equity and fraudulent elections! A great combination to get woke people to believe their votes put these people in office.

  10. With the exception of a few reckless lovers of Proud Mary, it seems highly unlikely that any of the regulars here in the MRAK comments could outdo the look on her face in the picture above…

  11. No Amendment??? What is Amendment #21 You know it is the one where Mary Peltola ask for support of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. What surprised that we are not all QANON idiots and know how to look things up for ourselves.

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