Two faces of Peltola: Told colleagues to vote ‘no’ on Alaska’s Right to Produce, while she voted ‘present’


Rep. Mary Peltola, who voted “present” on a resolution to restore Alaska’s right to produce oil and gas in congressionally approved areas of Alaska, had written to her colleagues in the House earlier and asked them to vote “no.” All but five other Democrats voted “no” on the Alaska’s Right to Produce Act. Peltola voted “present.”

“I am the Democratic co-lead for this bill and voted for it in committee,” Peltola wrote to her Democrat colleagues. “However, this legislation has a significant unintended consequences that could adversely affect indigenous communities and the Arctic Ocean environment,” she wrote. She pulled her support for the bill because it nullifies the Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area, which was an executive order signed by President Barack Obama in 2016.

Rep. Pete Stauber, a Republican of Minnesota, is the lead co-sponsor of the Alaska’s Right to Produce resolution.

Peltola’s letter to her colleagues asking for a “no” vote follows:

When the House voted on the resolution on Wednesday, Peltola was one of the last congressional members to vote on the bill that unwinds some of the 63 executive orders that President Joe Biden has made against Alaska’s oil and gas economy.

The resolution would stop Biden from shutting down the coastal oil-and-gas area of the Arctic National Wildlife Range and the 13 million acres Biden just took out of production in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

In September, Peltola had a completely different message than the one she sent to Democrat colleagues this week: “I am deeply frustrated by the reversal of these leases in ANWR. This administration showed that it is capable of listening to Alaskans with the approval of the Willow Project, and it is some of those same Inupiat North Slope communities who are the ones that are most impacted by this decision. I will continue to advocate for them and for Alaska’s ability to explore and develop our natural resources, from the critical minerals we need for our clean energy transition to the domestic oil and gas we need to get us there. We can only get to that transition by listening to the people on the ground. Finally, we can’t keep erasing our progress with every administration. I will continue to advocate for permitting reform that includes predictable timelines from the federal government, which must be a reliable partner in leasing and developing our resources.”

The original story about Peltola’s vote on Alaska’s Right to Produce Act is here:


  1. This is the Alaska congress woman who is supposed to be representing the best interests of the residents of Alaska? It’s really too bad you can’t recall her before she finishes destroying Alaska.

    • There is no recall for HS senate nor congressional representatives.

      It requires the ballot box.

      That means remove RCV and vote for NBIII.

  2. She either willingly or is being forced to vote the way she does. Her constituents don’t agree with her votes. I think she is pissing in the wind. Alaska is broken and she is one of the reasons why.

  3. She figures most of the voters will not realize she championed “vote no”. “Present” is definitely
    just a way to get some votes. It will be a great day when she is seeking employment elsewhere.

  4. She will “Protect Our Alaska Way of Life” by voting “present”. She goes with the wind on issues: “Peltola votes against energy and water budget bill [for fiscal year ending September 30, 2024], then praises its passage, then says it’s bad.” She voted no twice against the very amendments in this bill that reduced the funding for the Denali Commission, so she’s aware that the two amendments failed by a large margin.

    July 2023: House of Representatives passed H.R. 4366, Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2024. The measure was approved with a vote of 219 to 211, with EVERY Democrat voting against the bill, INCLUDING Alaska’s Democrat Rep. Mary PELTOLA. Earlier in July, Peltola voted against the National Defense Authorization Act because it did not provide enough money for abortions and transgender surgeries.

    The Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act includes a total of $317.441 billion in funding for the Department of Defense (Military Construction and Family Housing), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and related agencies.

    Actions speak louder than words in your non-support for Alaska. Remember when you vote for your next U.S. House of Representative in D.C.

  5. Biden and the demos are hell bent on stoping Alaska from using its resources as other states have gotten to do.
    I say tell them to pound sand and take our rights to develop our state.
    We should also get some lawyers and sue to stop any project in these other states as they seem so comfortable taking our right to develop away.

  6. Is it Peltola’s good looks and fitness or her enthusiasm for Alaska or that she’s a successful and influential woman in power or that she rings true with most of the Alaska Native population? Why is Downing so obsessed with Mary Peltola?

    • Uh, it’s because Mary is running for re election and has done a crap job.

      This shouldn’t be hard for even a liberal to understand.

    • You have to ask? Alaskan politics knows no gender. It doesn’t matter if it’s the capital, or eagle river or the slope, mrak brings view points from far and wide for you arguing pleasure. Occasionally we get some border and mideast fulfillment. Peltola is just a flash in the pan.


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