Peltola takes a pass on Alaska’s Right to Produce Act, refusing to stand for Arctic Slope communities


Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola refused to commit to the Alaska’s Right to Produce Act, a bill that stops the Biden Administration from locking up Alaska’s congressionally designated oil and gas leasing areas. It’s a bill that Peltola had actually cosponsored but then backed away from.

The Alaska’s Right to Produce Act reinstates the previously awarded, then Biden-canceled oil leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Biden ignored statutory requirements and destroyed future revenues for Alaskan Native North Slope communities.

Energy production in Alaska generated $3.1 billion in state and local revenue in 2019 and supported over 77,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Most recently, the Biden Administration locked down 13 million more acres of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, which was set aside by Congress for oil and gas.

The resolution to reverse the Biden Administration lockup of Alaska passed the House without Peltola’s support, on a vote of 214-199. One Republican voted against it, five Democrats voted for it, but Peltola voted “present.”

Although she says she is in favor of Alaska’s economy, Peltola also endorses President Biden for his reelection, and has voted with him over 90% of the time. Since taking office three years ago, Biden has imposed over 63 executive orders and actions against Alaska, including shutting down ANWR and the NPR-A.

In December, Peltola voted with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a San Francisco Bay Area liberal Democrat’s amendment letting Biden Interior Secretary Deb Haaland delay ANWR projects indefinitely.

“Today Democrat Mary Peltola doubled down on supporting Joe Biden over Alaska. Biden’s liberal war on Alaska is Peltola’s biggest political liability and Alaskans won’t forget today,” commented National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson Ben Petersen.

Congressional candidate Nick Begich said, “Peltola may have voted present in the House today but she’s been absent on Alaska energy, jobs, and our very future. It takes courage to be the only voice for Alaska in the United States House. That means voting ‘yes’ when it’s in the interests of our people. Once again, Peltola failed us.”


  1. We have a complete idiot in Alaska’s lone House seat. I mean a REAL idiot. Would some rich guy hurry up and please take her and make her comfortable with Husband Number Six. She’s ruining what’s left of our great state. This woman is a DUNCE x 10.

  2. I wonder how many residents living in the North Slope Borough are actually aware of how contrary Mary has been in protecting and defending their source of energy and revenue ? Me thinks that the established media in that region ( NPR, Arctic Sounder) cannot be trusted to report Mary’s traitorous acts. We can only hope that the Leaders of that region make full use of the Tundra Telegraph prior to Election Day. Perhaps NBIII can attend some meet and greets North of 66 degrees 33′ latitude? I’ll chip in for travel, anybody in Barrow want to host?

  3. I voted for NB3, and will again.
    Let’s hope Sarah goes away and doesn’t jump in at the last minute again, because she feels like enough attention isn’t being paid to her, and splits the vote again by drawing Palinbots away from Nick….

    • Biden might not be able to save her, but ranked choice voting can!!!! Watch out. All ranked choice voting is, is a breeding ground for corruption!!!

  4. Mary P had herself quite a week destroying Alaska’s economy. Well on her way to becoming one of the most worthless elected officials ever. Cheers –

  5. She is a puppet of the black money she brought in with her administration. Vote her out, she is not for Alaska interests, only her own.

  6. I am in support of Mary Peltola. I live in kaktovik within the border of the arctic refuge. Have been in the refuge a long Tim’s I am seeing the decline in game populations caused by climate change dall sheep numbers are way down only one musk ox where there previously were 400 polar bear are predicted to become extinct in Alaska we had a die off of cod fish in other parts of Alaska climate effects are serious 200 billion crabs are said to have died in the berring sea. The Yukon river has been closed for 4 years and now will be closed for 7 more years. The climate effects are caused by us burning fossil fuel. Now we must do what we can to turn it around. 70 percent of the American people do not want the arctic refuge exploited it is my home I am with them I want animals for my grand children. ——-Robert thompson. Kaktovik resident

    • I understand and support your knowledge you gained from your elders who have tried to warn us for decades while they were ignored.

    • Robert, You vote democrat and you live in an area where you will be hardpressed to keep your family alive if oil and gas are taken away from you- time for you to wake up and learn the truths. The globalists are feeding you lies, have you brainwashed and THEY are destroying the planet. You will be soon eating bugs and only able to turn on the heat when you are given permission to do so. Is this the kind of life that you want for your grandchildren? WAKE UP ROBERT!

  7. Peltola plays the biggest role in “The Devil Wears Prada.” The role she plays as a woke “native” is going to kill her native people for now and the future. Each bill she signs with the Democrats will make the natives of Alaska weep because she is killing their future and the rest of the state. When she is done, there will be no more tears. She showed she couldn’t manage a job for her people or anyone else for that matter. Her deceased husband did that for her. Now, she shows she doesn’t know how to “think” or make decisions. Someone else does that for her now. Peltola is killing the future for Alaska by signing any document to stop gas and oil or mining in this state. She has not read the state constitution or does she take seriously why she was voted into the job in congress. It will be a great celebration to see her voted out of that job.

  8. I see a lot opposition to Mary Peltola for not completely supporting the
    Oil people comments that we indigenous people will be in dire straits if we don’t support oil we were for thousands of years before petroleum we know how to survive in this country. Please review V-3 llc energy report. We can make the transition to clean abundant cheap energy also new technol is being developed for very efficient houses that an be heated by wind. People are looking into harnessing the energy of tides of Cook Inlet. Everywhere people will have to do all they can to deal with climate change. The whole world affirmed this with the Paris accords. The effects of climate change will get worse but. I have faith the world will do what it takes to mitigate it. If the oil economy stops people will leave we will find out who the real Alaskans are. My people will still be here. We will do what we can to take care of future generations .


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