National School Board Association apologizes for treating parent protesters as terrorists in last month’s letter to Biden


The National School Board Association’s board of directors has apologized for a letter it sent to President Joe Biden on Sept. 29, which called for immediate federal law enforcement action against unruly parents who attend school board meetings and protest the policies being passed.

The apology is meant to calm a growing movement by local and state school boards to disconnect from the national organization, which has pushed many of the radical theories that parents increasingly are concerned about, such as Critical Race Theory. In the letter, the NSBA said school boards were under “immediate threat” by parents that required the Department of Justice to deal with the “growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation.”

 The letter referred to “acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials” and “…the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” read the letter. The NSBA asked the Biden Administration to “examine appropriate enforceable actions” including the Patriot Act, which is used to track down terrorists.

The governing board of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association left NSBA after the letter; and soon it became clear the NSBA was facing a mass exodus from its conservative members.

“To be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators, and students is our top priority, and there remains important work to be done on the issue. However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. We should have a better process in place to allow for consultation on a communication of this significance. We apologize also for the strain and stress this situation has caused you and your organization,” the board wrote in its Oct. 22 apology to members.

Across the country, parents have objected to things like the rise of the use of Critical Race Theory in classrooms. CRT is a belief system that categorizes white people as inherently racist, and it is a theory promoted by NSBA. Other parents have objected to the masking of their children day after day in school or other Covid-19 related policies.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland had responded to the Sept. 29 letter with his own threat against parents and community members who take part in the public process. On Oct. 4 he said he had ordered the FBI to investigate “a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.”

In Anchorage, the only conservative on the Anchorage School Board proposed a resolution last Tuesday that condemned the National School Board Association for apparently coordinating with the White House and Department of Justice to send federal investigators to intimidate, or arrest angry parents.

Anchorage School Board member Dave Donley didn’t seek to go so far as some school boards around the country, which have left the national organization.

He only wanted the Anchorage School Board to make a statement that said it honors parents’ input, condemns the NSBA characterization of parents and the suggested use of force by federal agents, and does not believe using the FBI as a tool against local protesters is appropriate. He believes local school boards can provide their own security at their meetings.

Donley’s resolution to condemn the actions of the national school board group was buried in a committee by Anchorage School Board Chair Margo Bellamy.

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    • No, they got what they wanted from the Biden people. Now they think they can placate their members to maintain their bottom line. By apologizing they also get to play the suitable horrify, when Garland swoops in, even though they started this whole mess.

    • Nah… they’re just afraid of losing power and influence (and trying to avoid being sued…). The left knows the only way they win is to control the public schools – which they largely have done for the past 60 years, which is why we have the mess we do today. Dave Donley, our prayers are with you – please stand strong and keep up the good work.

  1. They’re not sorry one bit. There was enough public outrage that they had to do something. This is especially true after that 14 year old girl was molested in a women’s bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt (his second offense). They called the angry girl’s father a terrorist. They’re not done, these recent episodes will die down and they’ll be calling the DOJ on anyone with a differing opinion.

  2. Good on Dave Donley, good on the state school board associations that pulled their memberships, and good on the NSBA for the apology. This is exactly what this nation needs; a time out, some reflection, some reconciliation, and to stop empowering tyrants like Merrick Garland.

  3. How is a concerned parent not laying down and taking the abuse of what they’re doing to our children even close to what terrorism Maxine Waters spews when she tells the hired protesters to “get in their face! follow them home!”

  4. The National School Board Association tipped their hand when their letter to Beijing Biden was leaked. Nobody knew who they were or what their agenda was until the collusion between them and the Biden administration was exposed. Now many parents can see that the NSBA is a largely Union controlled and Democratic National Committee politburo group with a far left agenda that runs counter to many local School Boards beliefs. School Boards across the country should not be paying dues the NSBA!

  5. Apology NOT accepted.

    You showed the world what you actually think of us. Have the stones to own it.

  6. All can be forgiven, but only if the offenders stop doing that which needs to be forgiven.

    Saying sorry is easy. Making change is is the challenge.
    Parents should not let their guard down at this point. The school boards have shown their true colors and they will try this crao again if given a chance.

  7. They had no other choice after multiple school districts came out against the letter.

    They obviously overstepped their bounds.

  8. Let’s be honest here…. the NSBA is not sorry about what they wrote. They still believe that.

    What they are sorry about is that it caused so many liberal politicians, including POTUS and the AG of the United States to look like idiots!

  9. They’re lying; they’re only sorry there was effective backlash. Virtually every school board in the Country is the chattel property of the NEA or AFT and there isn’t a conservative board among them. It is obscene that our tax dollars support the organization.

  10. There is an old saying.. Say it forget it, write it regret it… Seems they found out the hard way with their poison pen letter!

  11. Dave Donley cannot be the only voice of reason at the school board. We must never elect another democcrat on our school board and need to begin the recall process on those school board members that oppose parents.
    Lets start with Margo Bellamy.
    Thank you Dave, stay strong!

  12. The apology is limited to the mistake of the NSBA revealing the extent and depth of its’ radical and militant ideology.
    Their constituency are the radical local school boards, not the parents. The goal is to indoctrinate the youth. The universities complete the job of kneecapping and removing cognitive and independent thinking skills for students.
    Marxist doctrine considers children property of the state. Destroying the nuclear family is critical to create a socialist society. Soviet schools encouraged children to turn in their parents who had counter revolutionary thoughts. Advocating using the FBI to persecute parents objecting to the abuse and harming their own children is unforgivable.

  13. The apology letter from the NSBA is a “Day Late and a Dollar Short”… the damage done by their initial letter to the DoJ is already done. The intent of the NSBA was to cause an investigation by the DoJ and attempt to intimidate “dissenting” parents into not wanting to get involved. This “apology” letter is nothing more than “fake news”, they don’t really mean it.

  14. That letter pretty much says it all. It sure reveals their heart. They need not be in charge or control of anything.

  15. I just read the original six page letter from the Association to the Justice Department. It is interesting that the letter dismisses the notion that critical race theory is being taught in schools by saying that CRT is complex subject only taught in law schools and graduate schools. This talking point is now often repeated by the Left. And is is fundamentally false. The entry point of CRT is to define and divide people into oppressors and victims. Once that point is sold, all the other quasi-Marxist nonsense follows. It does not matter if the term CRT is used – it all flows from the same false notion. And it is all evil.

    In essence, the Left’s response to the complaint that CRT is being taught in schools is a version of the “you are too stupid to understand this stuff” approach that they commonly use these days. Time to fight back. Time to forcefully reject the idea that the Left is more intelligent and more informed. They are not.

  16. The NEA is a leftist organization and has been slowly introducing leftist curriculum and policies for years. This plan to indoctrinate our children to be mindless subjects began when God was removed from our schools and conservative values of any kind where labeled and removed one by one.

  17. You can take your sorry and shove it up your a$$. If there wasn’t an uprising, they would have continued on the tyrannical course they were on, just probing to see how far they can get. Typical communist MO.

  18. One talking point on the news last night was that the FBI would only be gathering a database. What will this database be used for? Will it be added to the Trump voter database? With the letter retracted there is no excuse for this order to continue.

  19. Here are 2 extremely important videos every parent and concerned citizen should watch!
    It’s time to get involved unless you want a socialist, communist government.
    The anti-American forces are working hard and threaten the “Alaskan & American way of life.
    A group called Stand up for Meg Zaletel received a $70,000 donation last month from UNITE HERE, a national labor union based in New York. Stand up for Meg Zaletel is headed by Joelle Hall, the president of the Alaska AFL-CIO, a state labor organization. Another group, No on Zaletel Recall, has raised more than $56,000, mostly from small donors. Zaletel is a co-chair of that group.

  20. Worse yet, your tax dollars support the NSBA AND the Association of Alaska School Boards through govt grants and dues from local school boards that use your money to pay these dues. The AK School Board Assoc received $5,809,321 in 2019, its most recent tax return. You should be really pissed they use YOU to push their agenda. They use you to attack you!

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