Did hospital weaponize medical information about Covid patient in email leak to blogger?


Medical information about a patient under the care of Providence Alaska Medical Center was released to an Anchorage blogger, with the apparent intention of damaging the reputation of the patient’s legal medical power of attorney.

That medical power of attorney was Anchorage Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, who was trying to help conservative activist Bill Topel, who was then in grave condition due to Covid-19. Topel died two days later on Oct. 13.

Allard, in a note to Ella Goss, the CEO of Providence on Oct. 11 pictured above, said that Topel wanted to try Ivermectin and an infusion of vitamins and minerals.

Allard said his condition was too fragile at that point for him to take the medicine orally, and she was asking for his right to try the infusion method.

That note to Goss contained medical details about a patient. When Goss leaked it to the blogger, she violated that patient’s rights under the HIPAA law, which protects patients’ medical information.

Providence had weaponized personal medical information about one of its patients in order to stop what it perceived as harassment from Topel’s friends and to push back on the strong advocacy by Allard.

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is a federal law that prohibits sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.

The blog, armed with that letter from Allard to Goss, wrote the story about how Allard had relayed to Goss that Topel’s family would take legal action if the hospital didn’t respond. The story characterized Allard as threatening a lawsuit, and that characterization was repeated in a national blog, The Daily Beast, which headlined its story, “GOP Pol Waged Insane Battle to Treat Dying COVID Patient With Ivermectin.”

Only three people had that email — Allard, attorney Stacey Stone, and Providence CEO Goss. Only Goss had the motive to send it to a hostile blog, but that may have been done through an intermediary. Stone ultimately was not Allard’s attorney on this matter; her attorney is Mario Bird.

From appearances, the act falls into a criminal category.

“The minimum fine for willful violations of HIPAA Rules is $50,000. The maximum criminal penalty for a HIPAA violation by an individual is $250,000. Restitution may also need to be paid to the victims. In addition to the financial penalty, a jail term is likely for a criminal violation of HIPAA Rules,” according to the HIPAAJournal.com.

“Civil penalties for HIPAA violations start at $100 per violation by any individual who violates HIPAA Rules. The fine can rise to $25,000 if there have been multiple violations of the same type. These penalties are applied when the individual was aware that HIPAA Rules were being violated or should have been aware had due diligence been exercised. If there was no willful neglect of HIPAA Rules and the violation was corrected within 30 days from when the employee knew that HIPAA Rules had been violated, civil penalties will not apply,” the journal explains.

“Criminal violations that occur as a result of negligence can result in a prison term of up to 1 year. Obtaining protected health information under false pretenses carries a maximum prison term of 5 years. Knowingly violating HIPAA Rules with malicious intent or for personal gain can result in a prison term of up to 10 years in jail. There is also a mandatory two-year jail term for aggravated identity theft,” according to the journal.


  1. Boy, it seems that almost everyone in the higher levels of administration and management at The Little Sisters of Covidianism, aka Providence Hospital, are really being exposed as snakes and authoritarian activists, more concerned about pushing their coercive pro-establishment, anti-choice political agenda than actually providing medical service impartially and ethically.

  2. Reprehensible on at least 3 fronts:
    1. That the local hospitals are denying lifesaving treatment to patients in need,
    2. That the hospital would seemingly MALICIOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY violate HIPAA, which really violating the person,
    3. Slandering/suppressing the medication protocols for Ivermection and Hydroxychloroquine when they know that these might well relieve the burden on the emergency departments and decrease the numbers of inpatient admissions needed ( I can say personally that SCF upper management has stated to me that these medications have not been proven effective and are not proven safe, and not responded when I then sent them links from the NIH, I believe it was, that speak to the efficacy of these medication protocols). The reasons for this merit investigation.

      • Nor is remdesivir which is still EUA too. Ivermectin is not EUA, it has actually been approved for use in humans for nearly 30 years. The FDA’s job is not to approve if a drug is effective, but that it is safe. Ivermectin has been proven safe. The jab or remdesivir have not. yet they give them out like candy while people are dying that could benefit by something that is “approved for use in humans”. It was originally a human drug. The fact that horses use it now for deworming is of no consequence. At over 3 Billion (with a B) I bet there are 1000 times more people that have been prescribed Ivermectin than have horses.

    • Unless Allard signed Releases of Information authorizing Goss to review and evaluate Topel’s medical data, ALLARD, herself, violated HIPAA by sharing specific medical protocols and conditions of Topel allegedly provided for under a medical POA she administered. So? Which is it?

      • Sophie, you clearly do not know how HIPAA or medical POA works.
        Mrs. Allard was his designated legal medical spokesperson with a POA (which is a legal document signed by the patient and witnessed) and therefor his patient advocate. It is designed to have one designated person to make medical decisions for the patient, if he can no longer do so himself. Mrs. Allard can speak to whomever she deems necessary just like the patient. She did not request that Mrs. Goss review medical data, but demanded to know why the family’s treatment wishes were ignored. Mrs Goss, is an administrator and therefore in charge and would be the appropriate individual to address in this instance, as nobody else responded to the patient’s needs. To have this correspondence end up at some bloggers site for the purpose of making fun of Mrs. Allard for advocating for Ivermectin etc. and callously exposing the patient name, treatment considerations and his condition is the HIPAA violation.

  3. Allegations, sadly without proof. Though Goss allegedly released the email, until there is proof, this story relates nothing but allegation. Of course nothing on the internet is ever gone forever and to clear herself Goss should immediately demand a forensic audit of her corporate and private devices and the corporate server to prove that the email did not come from her.

    • Oh please, the “I was hacked” Maxine Waters excuse again?? Really? I was wondering who had released all that medical info to the news. I hope the Topel family pursues this to the full extent of the law wherever it will lead.

      • You are absolutely correct. These allegations must be addressed and disproven. She must demand a complete forensic investigation into all electronic communications to clear her name. That is if she is innocent to begin with.

    • Goss isn’t the one with the problem. Allard needed signed ROIs before discussing medical protocol with Goss.
      Jamie Allard discovers, as have many before her, that the way a person wields “power” can be their downfall.

      • Again, Sophie, you do not understand how a medical POA works. I hope you never find yourself in a situation where you are incapacitated and need others to speak for you. But if you do, I hope you have designated a fierce advocate for your wishes like Mrs. Allard.

      • You know this? You have intimate knowledge of the documentation? You legally binding swear to it? Or are you just spreading BS to cloud the situation before facts are revealed?

  4. Go get ’em Jamie Allard – this “weaponizing” of the scamdemic has got to stop. If the enemy, who professes the we “Republicans just don’t care”, if the enemy actually cared, they would have been trying to save the life of William Topel by any means possible – instead they sped his demise. These are the same fools who ordered nursing homes to accept covid patients… They just don’t care.

  5. Providence has created catastrophic self inflicted reputational damage.
    HIPPA is federal, where is the FBI and US Attorney Bryan Wilson?
    Ella Goss must resign and Providence denounce the harm she has done.
    Ms. Goss has presided over the persecution of staff who declined the experimental and useless “vaccines”, degrading the ability of Providence to serve the public.

  6. The dirty little, not-so-secret, at hospitals is that Ivermectin is outlawed. Instead, hospitals use Remdesivir as the anti-viral agent to combat Covid. Why: because hospitals are following the protocols from the CDC, which literally mandate Remdesivir. Here’s the problem: Remdesivir is a known antagonist and provokes kidney failure. Ivermectin does not. In fact, most patients with severe Covid are up and around after several days with Ivermectin therapy. But try and get Ivermectin at your larger pharmacies. They won’t sell it because of their collaborative associations with the hospitals and the doctors that work there. You have to purchase Ivermectin at small pharmacies, or buy it on the internet, where it comes at a reasonable price from India. Cost over internet is about 200 pills for $105.
    So, if you don’t believe any of this, go ask someone who has a loved one or a friend at the hospital, who is being treated for severe Covid, if they are on Remdesivir. If yes, tell them to tell their PC doctor to switch to Ivermectin. They won’t do it. And if that person passes, an autopsy would probably reveal that the cause of death
    was more likely than not………renal failure.

    • If places like Providence truly believed that Ivermectin doesn’t work, then they would allow people like Mr. Topel to have it when he and his family and his attorney request it.
      Because if they truly believe it doesn’t work….then they could prove it by allowing patients who want it, to take it.
      But they know it does work, so they cannot allow any of their patients to have it.
      Can’t have a medicine that works circulating out there when you belong to the cult of Mandatory Vaccines!

      • Yessir Tim, our healthcare system works like you describe. They make their money by killing their patients. Bet you have a handle on investing, too. Heheh!

        • Please. The SISTERS HAVE BEEN GREEDY for the Past 30 years!! Largest Medical Malpractice EVER done to Humanity the past 22 months. Dude, hate to break it to you THEY STILL GET PAID if you’re DEAD! They could care less.

      • So they would prescribe a medication that they know doesn’t work to prove it doesn’t work? What kind of sense does that make to anyone? I can get on board with the conspiracy theory that big pharma wants to make more money by prescribing more expensive medication, but prescribing something they know doesn’t work to prove it doesn’t work is truly crazy talk. There are already studies out there showing the effectiveness of Ivermectin on covid, the majority of which show it isn’t effective.

        • Steve, you are simply LYING here, and pushing the malicious establishment narrative here once again.
          Never mind referring to your cherry-picked, manipulated and pro-big-pharma ‘studies’, you continually refuse to acknowledge the MANY real-world programs in which ivermectin has been demonstrated and PROVEN to be effective, as well as safe, against the Wuhan Virus. Or, at best, you just glibly dismiss this mountain of evidence with a wave of the hand.

          • Jeff,
            You keep saying that I’m lying but you have yet to provide one scrap of evidence to prove you are correct, why’s that?
            In fact you have repeatedly been found to run fast and loose with the truth. In your reality there are three executive orders regarding vaccines, in fact there are two. In your reality words do not have meanings. In your reality one doesn’t need to read studies, they simply repeat talking points. In short your reality isn’t reality but a dream world.

          • Steve,
            It is amusing as well as infuriating that EVERYTHING of which you accuse me, you are yourself guilty. Does your malice and dishonesty know no bounds at all?
            It matters not one whit if Biden has issued an EO to mandate the jabs for all those working for businesses with 100 or more employees. The FACT is that he has declared as much, and millions are already losing their jobs due to the threats and bullying from the feds on this matter. So your many attempts to deny and/or brush away this factor are nothing but dishonest and disingenuous.

          • Jeff,
            That’s completely untrue. I actually back up what I am saying, where as you do not. You are following typical liberal actions and attempted gaslighting.
            It matters much more than one whit whether there is an EO or not, if there isn’t there is no actionable offense. You are obviously new to politics, so you probably aren’t aware that politicians say all kinds of things…well on second thought maybe you aren’t so new to policitcs because you clearly make up all kinds of nonsense and when questions arise simply double down on your nonsense, once again in typical liberal fashion.
            There are 2 EO’s, words have meanings, and you should know what you are talking about before simply parroting others.

          • Steve, yes indeed you have been lying, both implicitly and outright, by desperately and repeatedly denying Biden’s undeniable declarations that all employees of businesses of 100 or more WILL be mandated to receive the jabs or face termination. The fact that no executive order has been officially issued, YET, means absolutely nothing when the threats and bullying over this mandate from the feds are underway and widespread, and millions are ALREADY losing their jobs, or are being threatened with imminently losing their jobs.
            Now, go ahead and once again try to deny all that. I dare you.

          • Jeff,
            You very, very clearly have no idea what you are talking about, you are over emotional and over reacting. Calm down man, stop believing all the things that scare you so much. Try and understand what is written.
            There is no executive order regarding employers of more than 100 employees to get vaccinated (PERIOD). There is an OSHA rule being worked up that is most certainly unconstitutional and will be challenged in court and all the way to the Supreme Court.
            There aren’t millions losing their jobs. There are thousands, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands choosing to not be vaccinated and thus choosing to relinquish their jobs. The majority of these are private sector employees that the two executive orders have absolutely no control over, it is simply a private sector employer making a business decision and the employee making their decision not to follow that business decision. There once was a time people claiming to be conservative believed that private businesses could make private business decisions.
            There is no constitutional right to a job. You don’t follow the rules the business set forth, no harm no foul, go find another job.

        • Steve, there have been many instances of severely ill cancer patients for instance, where the hospital may provide medications that are not fully approved, experimental or just not usually used for whatever purpose. That’s the compassionate care use and all involved agree that there is no liability to either party and that it is a “last ditch effort”. Whether Ivermectin, Vit D or whatever else works or not is completely besides the point. The point is that a licensed physician in accordance with the wishes of the family ordered a drug therapy, consistent of a medication that is fully accredited by the FDA and the hospital refused to fill and administer it. Did we get an explanation of why? And how does a non-physician override a doctor’s order. Before you launch into the “off label” thing, using meds for conditions other than the label is an acceptable practice and has always occurred, otherwise there would be no progress.

    • Yeah, my health company brags about how its primary care service delivery reduces inpatient admissions and hospitalizations, but it refuses to prescribe ivermectin as a prophylaxis or in early stages of covid. The medical director told us they don’t because ivermectin has some bad side effects.
      So do the vaccines, but they demand us all to take that and push it hard on the patients. There must be some kinds of financial motivations here.

    • It is absolutely happening here in Fairbanks. I personally know two people treated with Remdesivir. One requested ivermectin and was denied. The other was intubated yesterday.

    • Would be interested to know what actually outlaws Ivermectin at hospitals, whether hospital customers are entitled to a compassionate-use request.

      • No compassionate use request required. Its approved for use in humans! Always has been. Doctors are allow to to prescribe for off approved use. They all do it, all the time! Every single one of them.

    • You are so right about Remdesivir. In my travels to Africa and elsewhere, I have taken Ivemectin and Hydrochloroquine many times with no ill affects at all. Billions of doses have been taken over decades. But, it only costs pennies, so there you go… The pharma companies have several new billionaires now, so there you go…

      The lawsuits lining up over the coming years will stretch from here to the moon…

    • Tim is fairly correct. Yankee is a Biden troll. Ivermectin is not OK with Fauci. But it’s a medical fact that it works safely on patients with severe Covid. If doctors try to administer it, or prescribe it to ICU patients, they will be reported immediately to hospital administrators and the CDC. Next, their medical licenses may be suspended and they may lose privileges at the hospital. THIS is what keeps the doctors fearful of treating patients with Ivermectin, even though they know it works. Remdesivir, on the other hand, can put you in the hospital morgue, or in the standby refrigeration unit, quicker than Covid. The death will still be classified as a Covid death, but actually it is renal failure caused by Remdesivir.

    • I’ve lost quite a few friends now, not from covid, but from covid protocol. There’s enough blame to go around, Mark Begich, Lisa Murkowski, Tony Fauci, and the executives of big pharma, but NOBODY gets a free pass to murder, hospital personnel included. Remdesivir is known to shut down kidneys and fill the lungs with fluid. Each person involved should cry out to Jesus for forgiveness and become a whistleblower to stop the hellish agenda.

  7. May we suggest asking the U.S. Attorney in Anchorage whether the e-mail is sufficient evidence of intent for convening a grand jury to determine whether wrongful death occurred in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law, which states in part:
    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or -custom-, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States
    … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;
    … and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section
    … shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    • Yes, 18 U.S. Code § 1112 states manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice, in this case, involuntarily
      “…In the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony, or in the commission in an unlawful manner, or –without due caution and circumspection, of a lawful act– (emphasis added) which might produce death.
      …Whoever is guilty of involuntary manslaughter, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.”
      Point is a federal grand jury could be convened to determine whether an indictable act of manslaughter and/or a willful violation of civil liberty occurred.

  8. I have completely lost trust in our medical community. They have proven that money is far more important than their patients lives.
    I live in Fairbanks and in the past week know two people admitted with COVID at FMH. They immediately wanted to intubate and initiate their COVID-19 “protocol.” Which is what, intubation and then watch them die?!?
    They are unwilling to try ANYTHING you ask even when they can see that their “protocol” is not working.
    My friends husband requested intravenous high dose vitamin C, and D as well as ivermectin. The doctor told her, “there is no clinical study that proves any of those treatments work. I’ve been treating patients like this for the past 18 months.”
    We’ll how many of those patients have died?!? Show us a study where requested treatments don’t work?!?
    NEVER in medical history have people been denied vitamins?!? WTF???
    We all should be very concerned as a state and community.
    Our medical personnel lack character and competence and are NOT dealing with patients honestly. They are engaging in fraud and deception.

    • “there is no clinical study that proves any of those treatments work.” BECAUSE they absolutely forbid performing such studies (there’s no money in it), and because they won’t do studies they can deny that the medication is useful. But it causes no harm! If it causes no harm, and might be useful, there is no reason not to try it. Except that I recently read that in Washington the state pulled a medical license for writing for ivermectin because it is not proven effective for COVID. Follow the money.
      As an aside, I had an argument over giving Vitamin D to help someone with COVID. The pharmacist ran the same line, “there is no clinical study that proves any of those treatments work.” I argued that she was proven vitamin D deficient, to which I was told that after she recovers from COVID to address the deficiency. I am coming to think that the leftists truly want to kill us to save the planet.

      • There are clinical studies of Ivermectin and it’s efficacy in treating covid, to say otherwise is either sheer ignorance or outright lies.

        • Steveo, you have lost any credibility you ever had with your relentless canting shills for the CDC. Seriously, just stop, because no one is listening.

        • You may know and accept this, I definitely have read studies from around the world and believe them. But there is no money in it, so Merck dissed their own drug (IVM) knowing that they had an inferior, highly profitable new drug in the pipeline. Sadly, big pharma pretty much controls the approval process and media promotes the big pharma that feeds them, squashing any who dissent.

          • So there are clinical studies regarding Ivermectin and it’s efficacy regarding covid? Didn’t you just say there are no studies because they are forbidden? So hard to keep it all straight…

          • They, like you, cherry pick information. Lots of studies have been done in other places: Japan, India, Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina, among many others. But these are not big pharma organized, funded or directed, so not recognized by FDA/CDC et. al., whose bureaucrats yesterday worked for big pharma, and will again tomorrow. Follow the money always. Uttar Pradesh (India) virtually eliminated COVID with IVM, but that must be another COVID not like here because our government would never allow corruption to benefit big business. Just ask Preston Tucker.

        • Let’s see you footnote this comment with those positive and negative studies from outside the USA (nothing from CDC and NIH).

          • Eric,
            Are you looking to read one for the first time? There are studies from Columbia, Brazil, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Argentina, India, Spain, Mexico, Iraq, USA, Peru, literally all over the world. Don’t just read stories and anecdotes that support your beliefs, search for information that challenges your beliefs…there are many out there.
            I trust that you have the capability to inform yourself and don’t require my assistance to show you.

          • Hahaha,
            Yeah it’s my fault that you two can’t conrol what you write and your comments don’t get posted. Stop wasting your, and more importantly Suzanne’s time, and learn how to have a conversation like an adult.
            I understand why Suzanne doesn’t allow comments to go free for all, but I’ve always thought that allowing uncensored comments is far more enlightening, you can really tell a lot about a person when their actually allowed to speak freely. I’m sure you two would be great ambassadors for your cause, you’re both already doing such a bang up job!

      • Clinical studies are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. Their outcomes are “steered” to benefit their own industry. The corporate bottom line is the driving force. Vitamin C is a proven combatant against some cancers. Ivermectin is a proven therapy against Covid and the many variants. Both are dirt cheap, comparitively, when weighed out against other designer type drugs. If you know someone who displays early Covid symptoms, have a high risk due to comorbidities, and gets tested positive, avoid the hospital at all costs. Get Ivermectin from any source available and begin treatment if symptoms warrant it. It’s harder to get out of the hospital alive once you’ve been admitted and begin the hospital’s CDC approved protocols.

        • Just watched movie The Fugitive last night, then had about an hour long discussion with kids about drug companies, multi billion dollar drugs that later proved toxic and were withdrawn, the revolving door to the FDA, and the general corruption of the industry. Wiki has a fairly good page: List of withdrawn drugs. It only shows significant withdrawals, the complete list is much larger.

        • Certainly, Delta and the unvaccinated play huge roles in who gets up and walks out, and who goes to the hospital morgue.

          • What an absolutely ridiculous statement. After 19 months it is clear that genetics and co-morbidity have far more impact, than whether you are vaccinate or not. Considering that there have been 129,740 positive tests, 46,000 of those from last year are before the vaccines, while this year after the vaccinations, case numbers have exploded. This is diametrically opposed to what normally happens when a populace gets vaccinated. There have been 678 deaths since March of 2020, 206 of those last year before the vaccine became available. It seems that the vaccinations have no impact at all.

          • AFH,
            The vast majority of covid deaths are in the unvaccinated. If the vaccine were not created the numbers of dead would be drastically higher.

          • STEVE-O, statistics are disagreeing with you, but statistics can be cherry picked. In Ireland, the most vaccinated town also has the highest COVID infection rate. Time will tell, just like all the early polls told us that
            Hillary would be president. Twice. See how that jab works out five years from now.

          • Steve, I believe that it is pure speculation on your part, to claim that we would have more deaths without the vaccine. The numbers are not in your favor. Following even a modest vaccination effort, we should have seen at least a leveling off and considerably less spike. Instead case numbers and deaths tripled AFTER the vaccines were introduced.

          • AK & Matt,
            AK DHSS published a weekly summary with this information.
            From October 10 until October 16 there were 4,354 new covid cases 1,640 (38%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 87 new hospitalizations 14 (16%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 74, 16 (22%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs.
            From October 3 until October 9 there were 5,695 new covid cases 2,147 (38%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 76 new hospitalizations 21 (28%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 16, 5 (31%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs.
            From Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
            The report states that:
            “From January 16–October 16, 2021, 64 deaths, 207 hospitalizations, and 16,970 cases with a VB infection were reported among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years. These counts are provisional and subject to change as data are compiled and reviewed. In that same time frame, a total of 62,099 cases, 1,445 hospitalizations, and 352 deaths were reported.
            73% of all cases, 86% of all hospitalizations, and 82% of deaths among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years from January 16–October 16, 2021 were in people who were not fully vaccinated.”

          • Odd, since the UK has steadily climbed its breakthrough death numbers. For September, 76% of their China virus deaths were fully ‘vaccinated’.
            In Israel, the latest study of 800,000 Israelis estimates that natural immunity is 27 times better. Not 27% better. 27 times better.

          • Steve-O, this is just another in a long line of cherry-picked, misrepresentative and disingenuous posts on your part.
            We are not talking about a narrow segment of the population in one small state that is showing the clear ineffectiveness, dangers, widespread and serious side effects of the so-called Wuhan Virus “vaccines”, we are talking here and taking into account data from all over the WORLD. Iceland, Israel, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, and many other places are all showing rises in cases and deaths concurrent with widespread “vaccination” (sic). But once again, you fall back to dishonesty and misinformation in your desperate campaign to defend the failing and clearly false official narrative on this disease.

          • Steve-O, define ‘vaccinated’. Define it today because the definition is different than yesterday, and will be different tomorrow. As I said, statistics really mean nothing any more when the goal posts keep moving. It is easy to point out that the majority of ill are unvaxxed when you just changed the definition of vaccinated. Garbage. All that is constant is that people who fully avoided the toxic mRNA and suffer COVID have the best protection per every legitimate study. Of course, you will redefine legitimate.

          • Jeff,
            You’re right, on this website, called Must Read Alaska and on this article about a local hospital, in Alaska I cited local Alaskan statistics. Of course these aren’t good enough because they don’t serve your purposes. Please feel free to share some of the studies about how people in other countries are faring with their vaccinations and death rates…don’t just repeat what somebody said, give us some real data we can sink our teeth into. I look forward to your enlightening findings and to you informing me.

          • AK,
            We’ve already been down the vaccine definition rabbit hole (you’re buddy Jeff refuses to acknowledge words have definitions). I’m not in to or responsible for redefining words the way some (like Jeff) are. I’d be happy to share those pre-covid definitions if you still want, they still apply post-covid as well.

          • Ah, but Steve-O, the CDC recently changed their definition of vaccine to meet the uselessness of the jab. And ‘vaccinated’ meant the jab, no, two jabs, no, the booster, no, the booster plus the booster to the booster, no, boosters every couple of months because your immune system has been destroyed by the jab that was supposed to protect you but in reality was only meant to boost big pharma profits.
            Bottom line, with the doublespeak your statistics about Alaska vaccinated infections and deaths mean nothing.
            And by definition of any but the CDC, a vaccine is supposed to protect you from a disease. But the CDC must protect Pfizer profits!

          • Steve, you are indeed a master troll, but facts and reality mean nothing in the face of you consistent dishonesty and dissembling. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that you are not here to converse and debate in honesty and good faith, but merely to weaselly push your implicit if not explicit, as well as consistent, pro-establishment agenda.

          • AK,
            How about you just let me know when I can and can’t believe the CDC. I don’t base my understanding of this issue on whatever the CDC says. I never have and never will and neither should you.
            I will stick with the actual definitions of words, reason, and logic.

          • Jeff,
            Feel free to no longer reply to me at any time. You’re a big boy. If you can’t disprove what I say, and YOU certainly can’t, then stop disappointing yourself and move along.
            Have you had any luck finding those studies about how people in other countries are faring with their vaccinations and death rates? I’m still looking forward to your enlightening findings and to you informing me.

  9. Chris Constant violated HIPAA by disclosing a patient’s medical condition to the public without authorization.

    • Much as I dislike Constant, and would love to see him held accountable for any one of his many egregious acts (including this one), I’m pretty certain his comments in the Assembly meeting don’t constitute a HIPPA violation. First, he isn’t a health care provider. Second, as I recall, he did not mention Mr. Topel by name in his comments. Of course, I’m not a lawyer, so my layman’s opinion isn’t worth the paper it’s written on 🙂

      • Agreed!
        He is not a health care professional. He just plays one on the assembly.
        I am not a lawyer either, however it seems that if he received a copy of this email and used it to malign the patient by revealing private patient information, like current status, diagnosis and treatment, during his callous diatribe at the assembly meeting, he should at least have to answer some uncomfortable questions.

  10. Providence Hospitals should be ashamed of themselves and should be punished for the medical tyranny they are perpetrating against innocent people just looking to be properly treated to get better quicker. In my opinion, if they are purposely refusing life saving treatments that are already proven to work, they are knowingly killing patients to protect Big Pharma’s profits. Knowingly following the orders of a corrupt medical bureaucracy and killing people in the process should bring criminal penalties and or harsh incarceration for crimes against humanity. This must be investigated by the Attorney General to see if there is purposeful criminal activity involved. I’ve had enough of the censoring and lies against the proven success of HCQ and Ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Doctors and Pharmacies that are preventing these life saving drugs need to be held accountable! Alaska, this is a wake-up call to turn the tide on this ridiculous war on our citizens just to protect the elites profits and control over us. We need action now! Melt Governor Dunleavy’s phone and let him know we need leadership! No mandates, protect doctors who will prescribe Ivermectin and HCQ, which will keep people out of the hospital! Stop the experimental vaccine that is killing people and harming their immune systems. Specialists in immunology and vaccine production are sounding the alarm, we are on the verge of the most catastrophic medical tragedy the world has ever seen. COVID-19 isn’t the problem and has a 99% recovery rate. The problem is the vaccine and the fact they now want to give it to children ages 5-11. This is criminal!

    • Well said!! There is province in India with 220+ million people where the people are given Ivermecton and a variety of other well know items. They have virtually halted covid right in its tracks. Oh–and they are only 5% vaccinated… What we are doing here is downright criminal. The lawsuits will take decades to resolve…

      • BlackLabs,
        Each Indian state deals with SARS-2 independently, which provides for illustrative comparisons of the efficacy of mass treatment of the virus with Ivermectine use vs. mass reliance on “vaccine” use and the inevitable high hospitalization and mortality rates, the consequences of denying treatment to suffering patients.

  11. Providence is politically corrupt. This isn’t news.

    The fine and lawsuit will hopefully cripple them. Too much to hope it puts them out of business

  12. Anchorage International Rotary bio for the dear CEO Nurse Ratched

    Ella Goss, MSN, RN
    Chief Executive, Providence Alaska Medical Center

    “Ella Goss, MSN, RN, is Providence Alaska Medical Center’s senior executive, overseeing all medical center services at the 401-bed hospital. Prior to her appointment as chief executive, Goss served as the director of the Providence Cancer Center, the state’s most comprehensive cancer treatment facility. During her first year as chief executive, Providence Alaska Medical Center was awarded Magnet designation as one of the best hospitals in the country for quality nursing care.

    Since joining Providence in 1997 as a staff nurse in the hospital’s Emergency Department, Goss has served in a variety of leadership positions, including chief flight nurse for LifeGuard, clinical manager of Emergency Services, director of Medical Staff, Risk Management and Regulatory Services. Prior to joining Providence, she worked in rural emergency departments in Kotzebue and Newfoundland.

    Goss is active in the community and has participated in several boards, including the Alaska Immigration Justice Project (2008-2009); Imaging Associates of Providence joint venture board (2012-2017); and The Foraker Group Governance Board (2019). For her work to help empower women and eliminate racism in the community, YWCA Alaska named Ella a 2018 Woman of Achievement.

    Goss has bachelor of science and master of science degrees in nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing, Ill. She also has certification as a professional in health care risk management and health care quality.


    Also, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Ill is part of DeVry Ed. now aka Adtalem.

    • Good research! “…empower women..” is so very typical of the left. They are weak and foolish and are so threatened by strong conservative women who don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed at what they take up. It’s sad, really, that half the population seems to have this lack of self worth.

      • Thanks Jean! There are more and more who are realizing the tricks and bullying tactics of the Left. If we stick to the founding ideals of our nation, everyone will be the better for it, globally.

  13. It is interesting to me that while the COVID vaccines are not fully vetted with FDA they are mandiated, while fully vetted Ivermetin and Hydroxycloroquin are, Providence does not treat with them. All this tells us is to choose your medical professionally carefully. It’s been said in the community that one goes to the hospital to die. The hospitals are going to have to work hard to overcome this belief.

    • AK Regional is still more interested in treating the patient and less in politics. Give them a chance.

  14. What has happened to Providence Hospital? They used to be considered the best hospital in the State. Now I wouldn’t dare go there.

  15. What’s odd is that they refused him vitamins and minerals. Body too weak? This is the best way to fight a virus, a healthy body. I’m living proof of that. Survived COVID with little in the way of symptoms, have had numerous contacts with those infected and not so much as a sniffle. We need to get the truth out.

  16. It is not safe to trust the ‘system’ so listen and learn:
    This video explains what it took in Canada to save a hospitalized father in his ’80’s who was refused the proper treatment:


    If they isolate your loved ones at Providence and you can’t be with them you need to move them to a safer place before it’s too late.

  17. Sssshhhhhhhhh! Are you crazy? With D3, Zinc, C , z-pak and the Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine protocols, people might not need hospitalization and they might get better….at home!!! Stop talking such nuttiness, my friend!
    I want to know why, if the gentleman was close to dying, anyone in their right mind would deny him a potentially life saving medication! Were they afraid it might kill him? I don’t recall the particulars but didn’t Pres. Trump sign the 2018 Right to Try Act? Might the hospital have possibly violated it in this case?

    • Very good point. From the FDA site:

      For patients with serious or immediately life-threatening diseases or conditions, the FDA remains committed to enhancing access to promising investigational medicines for those unable to access investigational medical products through clinical trials. This is the mission of our expanded access program. The agency is dedicated to these purposes, and it has been for more than three decades.

      Building on our long-standing efforts to help patients and families who are facing life-threatening diseases or conditions, the FDA is providing information for patients on the Right to Try Act. FDA’s role in implementation of the Right to Try Act is largely focused on those obligations outlined in the law, which is limited to receipt and posting of certain information submitted regarding Right to Try use.

      The Right to Try Act permits/allows eligible patients to have access to eligible investigational drugs.

      IVM is a proven safe drug used billions of times in humans over decades. Providence should be held liable.

  18. The truth is that both sides are right. To different degrees. The 1918 virus is still with us, and the flu shots for it have limited success. With over 100 years of experience. This flu is not going away either, and unless you have a secret place to hide with no contact with the outside world, you will have to deal with it eventually. Big pharma has always been in cahoots with big government. And big food as well. That’s why there’s no cure for food born illnesses such as cancer or diabetes. This is much the same. Except for more of the political angle. What a shame that we can’t believe what we hear because we see a different story. What a shame that our own government turns to propaganda instead of presenting the facts and letting us make our own decisions. What a shame when hospitals become an extension of the same and allow people to die alone without exhausting all forms of treatment including those recommended by many world organizations, not to mention local doctors who believe their oath. What kind of country are we letting us become? We now see that the shots do not give everybody immunity as was promised. Let’s at least allow something besides ventilators be offered. And if a family member wants to risk infection to be with a loved one while they are in the hospital, so what. I got the Covid-19 recently because I was helping to care for someone who had it bad, after having had his shots. After calling the hospital, he decided to not go. Fortunately, he was able to receive the antibody infusion from one of the cites that our Mayor set up and lived. Obviously, I got over it as well, but even in the worst of it never even considered going to a hospital. Matter of fact, now I wouldn’t go to a local hospital for anything. They have become money machines, and now political machines for the money. Not to say that there aren’t loving and caring people who work there, but their hands are tied. What a shame.

  19. Just another reason to steer clear of anything that has to do with the church of hypocrisy. The catholic church is shot.

  20. Obviously a died-in-the-wool lefty with no use for Bill Topel and no remorse for his death by neglect. This is the modern medical establishment that will not treat the unvaxxed, which facilitates gender changes and which kills unborn babies. Hippocratic Oath? What Hippocratic Oath?
    Better to die at home in agony than end up in that place with no one to rescue you from Nurse Ratched.

  21. Another Covidian Cult Member attempts to create an alternate reality. Praying the DA charges her, makes an example. Oh, let the lawsuits fly as well. Pay up, Providence.

    She should be terminated!

  22. India has pretty much wiped out Covid using Ivermectin. Why isn’t it in the mainstream media? Big pharma doesn’t make money off of Ivermectin because the patent has expired, so off label/generic is cheap! This isn’t about health, this is about profit and control. Look it up. India is going after W.H.O. for suppressing the truth! Maybe Americans should wake up and do the same. India government staff went door to door and handed out kits with Ivermectin and stopped the virus.

  23. How and when did a title in the medical fields oppress a person rights and freedoms to their authority? No different than EVERY discipline of science, a presumption premise is pushed – when there is something to be gained – that they are ‘inerrant’. Along with the criminal dereliction of elected officials oath of office toward the rights and freedoms of citizens in abysmal deference to unelected agencies and bureaucrats with absolutely NO ascription, nor inclination, to the principle of that elected oath of office whatsoever, these medical workers are no less errant, fallible, lazy, cruel, gullible and susceptible to the same temptations, political motivations, lusts, fears et al as every other conscious being trying to attain simulated status by way of titular branding and propaganda. ‘Front line heroes’. Wan’t to hide a coward or traitor in public? Give them a medal of valor for no reason. Hero is becoming as ineffectual and banal as the Nobel Peace Prize.

  24. If you’re looking for original sources for the studies on ivermectin in India, they are helpfully compiled in this article. (Before you say “I’ve never heard of The Desert Review,” I haven’t either, but the links are to sources like the WHO, etc.)


  25. AK,
    We’ve already been down the vaccine definition rabbit hole (you’re buddy Jeff refuses to acknowledge words have definitions). I’m not in to or responsible for redefining words the way some (like Jeff) are. I’d be happy to share those pre-covid definitions if you still want, they still apply post-covid as well.

    • Don’t know Jeff, don’t generally read his posts, don’t generally read your posts either because most are a waste of pixels.

  26. Reporting “breakthroughs” as a percent of all new cases is a serious error of data presentation. The number is a moving target with little utility. When there were no vaccines, there were no “breakthroughs!” When (if) the whole population is adequately vaccinated all cases will be “breakthroughs.” The meaningful statistic is the percentage of fully vaccinated persons who become a “breakthrough.” Every time I’ve had enough information to calculate this number for a population where the number of vaccinated persons in known with reasonable confidence, the percentage of “breakthroughs” has been commensurate with the expected number which came out of the early clinical trials – that is ~ 5%.

  27. I was saddened to hear of William Topel’s death. In the past I have enjoyed several instances where we productively engaged in information and viewpoint exchanges and would have enjoyed their continuance.

    That said I hope we get a much more detailed description of his bout with COVID-19 including the timeline from appearance of symptoms, actions taken to seek and obtain treatment to his death. He must have been pretty sick to have died so quickly after Mrs Allard’s email.

    Perhaps he was essentially dead when he got to the hospital? Wouldn’t be the first.

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