IBEW 1547 says it will bargain any Covid vaccine mandate applying to members


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 says it’s aware that some employers are going to demand its members be vaccinated for Covid-19, because of anticipated rules from the Biden Administration, which are not yet fully published.

“Simply put, we will continue to insist that employers bargain with us regarding rules that affect you, our members,” the union wrote in a press release. “We are prepared to utilize all legal methods to bargain over the impact of such orders. We have been and will continue to distribute Request to Bargain letters to employers that are impacted by these regulations.”

A petition was circulated in Anchorage this week titled “Local 1547 Members for Medical Freedom,” and directed at IBEW Local 1547 leadership.

“The petition referenced the anticipated OSHA regulation for a vaccine mandate for employers of over 100+ employees. This OSHA regulation has not been released yet. The petition also references the perceived actions of five other IBEW locals and their alleged ‘stand against a vaccine mandate,” the union said.

The local unions in the five other jurisdictions have filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

“This is a legal process by which the Local union requests to bargain after employers in their state implemented changes to terms and conditions of employment without bargaining with the union. If this happens here in Alaska. IBEW Local 1547 will do the same.” the union said.

“We have not and will not approach an employer asking them to adopt a vaccine mandate. However, when an employer approaches us with a vaccine mandate, we will continue to insist that they bargain over the policy. Our bargaining options are more limited when the employer is acting pursuant to a customer requirement or a federal law. But even in those cases, we have and will continue to demand that the employer bargain with us over the policy and will seek to limit the impact on employees to the greatest degree possible,” the union said.


  1. Most Americans don’t give a rip what Biden demands. Why should the IBEW? Joe doesn’t know the difference between up and down these days, let alone what should be done for covid. If enough electricians walk off the job they’ll get what they want, and not “the old man.”

  2. To put it another way.

    IBEW will spend union dues to run adds and send mailers supporting Meg Zaletels right to force mandates and mask wearing…but if someone tries to force that mandate on us we have to get paid before complying.

    IBEW are some sick puppies.

    • But they are not doing that. We are ibew represented and they caved to our employer without even talking with the members. The union bosses did not even ask the membership what they thought of the vaccination mandate

    • They’re not in it for your rights. They just want more money. The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Not likely.

  3. I’m not a union fan however in this case I think they are doing the right thing. Biden’s edicts are not realistic, Not everyone needs the shot. I had Covid and the science say I’m better protected than getting the shot. Now because of my age and doctors recommendations I did get the shot but that was a decision between myself and my health care provider. I don’t need a incompetent Commander in Chief/President managing my health care.


  4. As a former IBEW member, my opinions on unions aren’t completely flattering. While there were union policies that benefitted me, I also found that the union could be just another layer of management between me and the company, i.e., oftentimes, just more red tape to cut through. Having said that, this is a perfect example of unions at their best. There is a good chance that the driving factor behind this decision is the potential loss of union dues when a significant portion of IBEW 1547 members lose their jobs over the mandate. But honestly, I don’t care. Whether the policy is driven by enlightened self-interest or genuine altruism, the fact remains that IBEW is doing the right thing, here. Respect 🙂

      • The US Constitution is recognized
        as champion of a living man’s right to exercise of private consciense (religious practice). That freedom of conscience is not for bargain unless you want to bust the US Constitution. That is exactly what some want unfortunately.

    • I read it differently. They do not appear to be doing the right thing for their membership – looks to me that they are hedging their bets. “We’ll bargain” means everything is negotiable, right?. They haven’t taken a stand. Wait for the union “leadership” and those willing to get vaccinated to be promised enough money, and they’ll surrender whatever principles they want us to think they stand for because of their mealy-mouthed statement.

      Just my opinion based on the Union’s plain language. Maybe I’m wrong.

      • You are spot on. If you go to IBEW 1547 official Facebook page and try to post anti mandate statements they will censor you. They have a congratulations post for Meg Zelitel but will not allow my post thanking mayor Bronson for opposing mandates. Go figure?

  5. Wish my union had that much chutzpah! Ther AFL-CIO says this mandate is not a “grievable offense”, since it isn’t covered by a collective bargaining agreement. So filing “unfair labor practice” is the only way they have any stroke. This is an instance where a union, and only a union, can do some good. Court cases are coming, but with questionable likely results.

    • The AFL-CIO isn’t a union; it is a political organization that acts as an umbrella organization for unions. If they said that, they’re at least partially wrong. If you are already an employee imposing a vaccine mandate in order to keep your job is a unilateral change in a condition of employment. A change in a term or condition of employment is a mandatory subject of bargaining and a unilateral change by the employer is a per se unfair labor practice. Even if the change itself is not bargainable, its effects on employees are bargainable, e.g., the imposition of the vaccine mandate may be a management right not restricted by the CBA, but what happens to an employee as an effect of the mandate is bargainable. Does the employee get suspended and maintain his seniority so that if he does comply he gains reinstatement might be an example of effects bargaining.

  6. This is BS. They have dismissed this petition in the last meeting as unnecessary and said they will remain neutral, knowing ACS employees will lose their jobs. Their negotiation was that IF those employees were to get jabbed within 2 yrs they can be rehired for their current position at their current rate. That’s it. That was their “negotiation”. There are more and more people ready to be fired rather than give in. Dunleavy’s office told them he wouldn’t get involved in “private businesses”–apparently not even if it affects the entire state. Do a story on what will happen when entire departments are fired and there’s no one to fix telephone/internet issues or even the e911 servers. Dig deeper, Suzanne.

    • Agree. It is astounding. I am not against the vaccine, it no one should be forced to get it! This has become such a political football and it shouldn’t be.

    • The Governor has no authority over collective bargaining between a private company and a union; that is all federal.

      The union may have concluded that ACS had a management right to impose the mandate, not an unreasonable conclusion, at least in collective bargaining if not political terms, but had a duty to bargain the effect of the mandate on employees. They bargained that an employee who did not comply would essentially be laid off and retain his/her seniority for two years and be eligible for rehire at that seniority during that two years.

  7. Also, this isn’t about the OSHA mandate, this is about the current mandate which includes government contractors and those companies receiving federal funds. That’s every telecom in the state.

  8. Local 1547 has already capitulated to Alaska Communications over a vaccine mandate. Employees at Alaska Communications will be terminated after Dec 8 if they are not vaccinated and do not have an approved exemption. Alaska Communications in the email to employees stated they worked with Local 1547.

    • Well, *&?@#. If IBEW 1547 has already “negotiated” and capitulated to ACS, then all I take back all the comments I made above. I was afraid the news report above was too good to be true.

  9. Due to the physical nature of their job (climbing ladders, stringing wire, crawling around, etc) I imagine most electricians are in fairly good shape and due to the dangers of their job, live a healthy lifestyle. I would see no reason to force a vaccine on an electrician. Plus, when they’re working at a site they rarely have close contact with the general public. Fight Dementia Joe’s idiotic mandates.

    • No reason to mandate it those ACS (also IBEW) employees who have been working from home for 18 months either. Yet here we are. Insanity.

  10. Maybe if the 1547 doesn’t support the policies put forward by the democrat administrations in Washington DC and Anchorage (assembly) they should redirect their PAC dollars elsewhere (I know a lot of their members would appreciate that)

  11. Always take a clear stance against violating basic human rights – there is nothing to be bargained when it comes to a vaccine mandate… A simple no – never

  12. Never would I have thought that in this country of all places, this sort of absolute lunacy would happen. A bureaucracy mandating a medical procedure is absurd. LET’S GO BRANDON!

  13. The IBEW is absolutely culpable in the current Marxist, communist, socialist government as it exists. They ALWAYS vote for and “recommend” votes for the liberal scummy dross that floats to the top. To take this position NOW is too little too late…
    If they really are against these liberal mandates, redirect your political power (if you really have any) to any other appropriate political endeavor that rejects the deviant left.

  14. Yeah, I just saw that in some of the other comments. I take back what I wrote above, then. IBEW is still being IBEW, unfortunately. I was afraid it was too good to be true 🙁

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