Sen. Dan Sullivan tells employers to not fire workers who won’t take C-shot until legal challenges are decided


U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan sent a letter to President Joe Biden last week, taking the Administration to task over the Covid-19 vaccine mandates that he has ordered for 80 million or more Americans.

Sullivan, along with Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.), Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) wrote that the threats against workers by the president lack precedent and legal and constitutional authority. The executive order imperiling the jobs of millions of workers and economy of America.

Sen. Sullivan also spoke on the Senate floor in opposition to the administration’s vaccine mandates and imploring employers to not fire their workers until inevitable litigation is heard.

Sullivan said he has heard a lot about the issue of Covid-19 vaccines when he travels across Alaska.

“This goes to constitutional authority and it goes to what I believe it means to believe an American,” he said.

“In essence what he has said in this executive order … is that employers need to have all their employees vaccinated by a certain date, or they’re gonna be fired,” Sullivan said. “That’s the president of the United States saying he has that power to force employers to make their employees decide between a vaccination or putting food on the table for their families. Vaccination or you’re fired,” Sullivan said on the Senate floor.

“This is unprecedented. Never before has a president claimed the authority to actually to this.” he said. “Private employers who have some connection to the federal government or otherwise, tell your employees get vaccinate or you’re fired — I don’t even think it’s the close call as to whether the president has the constitutional authority to do this.”

He said it shows contempt for hard-working Americans, typical of leftists, he added.

Sullivan said that the president’s order would have millions of American fired on Dec. 8, just before the holidays.

The senators’ letter also said:

Firing hardworking Americans who choose not to get vaccinated not only undermines the significant work Congress and the Trump Administration did to save millions of jobs, it also exacerbates the workforce shortages employers are already facing.  The disappointing economic data released by your own Administration outlines the serious nature of this issue. The demand for workers is strong, but there are simply not enough workers to fill positions.  Forcing employers to terminate loyal employees who are willing to work when businesses are facing significant challenges in hiring—and after Congress has invested trillions to save their jobs—is nonsensical.

Your actions have put businesses and hardworking Americans in an unnecessary bind. Both your Executive Order and the OSHA rule disregard public input and instead use coercion to force implementation of the vaccine mandate. In particular, Executive Order 14402 side steps the public rulemaking process required under the Administrative Procedures Act in favor of using agency guidance. Similarly, OSHA is releasing an Emergency Temporary Standard, which bypasses the public process. Both mandates are an extreme abuse of power, and those who are most negatively impacted have not even been afforded an opportunity to provide comment.

Beyond sidestepping public input, the mandate on contractors does not include an option for testing in lieu of a vaccine, making it particularly onerous and discriminatory. Instead, businesses who receive federal contracts will be required to submit to an even higher standard than OSHA is expected to require for other private sector employers. In addition, neither mandate considers natural immunity.

We all want to put this pandemic behind us for the benefit of our health, our families, and our economy, but we cannot lose sight of the massive, negative impacts that your mandates will have on hardworking Americans and their families. We urge you to change course for the sake of hardworking Americans and their families.


  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Senator Sullivan.
    Finally, someone from the Alaskan delegation standing up for fundamental liberties and freedoms.
    Biden is being a fascist – having corporations doing his illegal dirty work.
    Dunleavy? Anything? Bully pulpit much? Guess he’s “standing tall” somewhere doing nothing.

    • He came out with a statement the day Biden announced this saying Alaska would fight it and it was unconstitutional. Until it’s actually enacted, the state can’t sue.

      It’s all well and good if you want to see him on the podium more, I would like that as well, but before you go off on a Governor that has had his own party, and the legislature hamstring him every step of the way, you might actually take the time to look at what he HAS said, and what he directed his AG TO DO.

      Until people actually stand up, vote, and get decent LEGISLATORS in there, if it’s not Dunleavy, it’ll be someone else- always taking the fall because not enough Alaskans pay any attention or get out and hold their legislators accountable. Go ahead and keep running thru them. You have one grown up in the room ready to work
      For Alaska, and 60 feckless cowards standing in his way, and you complain about the one instead of doing something about the other 60, or the media, or the judiciary. Well good luck with that. Put a crazy like Reinbold in and see where it gets you. Put a sellout like Walker in and you’ll get more of what got us here. Put a commie like Gara in and you’ll get what you deserve if you are foolish enough to elect a true marxist; oblivion.

    • Dunleavy has said on numerous occasions that he is not in favor of mandates, and indeed opposes them. That would include any and all relating to Alaska. Employers in Alaska should wait, as the Senator says, until the legality is decided before putting any jobs in jeopardy. Biden has clearly overstepped his powers. If this is allowed by the Supreme Court, then all liberty and freedom in this country are indeed a dead issue.

      • I specifically asked the Governor why he isn’t more proactive against this type of behavior and his offices official response was “his hands are tied by the others in Juneau who on both sides do not support him, so have adopted a more wait and see attitude.”
        Although this irritates me, was he wrong? The evidence, as shown by the disunited and divisive actions of ALL of them, actually supported his lame duck claim.
        This should be considered when voting.

  2. Mass resistance, great. Exactly what we’ve been talking about since the EO. Will it work? It could, BUT… the left gives no quarter, admits no wrong or defeat. I think MANY will lose their jobs because their bosses can’t afford to lose theirs. This boss will NOT be firing anyone over the mandate. SCOTUS needs to weigh in on this one yesterday. Senator Dan, thanks for standing up.

  3. I’m sorry, ‘voluntarily resigned’ rather than take the experimental, unapproved, toxic government mandated jab.

    • I was going to correct you, but you caught it yourself. They aren’t firing people for not taking the jab, the are just spinning it and saying you quit by not following company policy so you can’t get unemployment. The double fu$$ over because you have personal standards and courage. Thanks to all spineless employers for being the real turds you are.

    • No. I specifically told my employer I would not be voluntarily resigning or quitting at all. I also was not going to quit as I needed my job! They terminated me.

      • I also clearly documented in my appeals that I did not resign from my critical position per recommendation of my legal counsel. Didn’t matter but it might to the jury.

  4. Too little too late Sullivan
    You might actually take a position of power, and stand while calling out those who are destroying our country.
    No you sit on the fence and wait for someone to take a firm stand and speak truth to power. Then you carefully calculate whether it will harm you politically, then decide if you actually have any courage, then after all that, enough time has gone by that we’re experiencing the next crisis
    Terribly disappointing

    • We had a choice between “Bear Doctor” Al Gross and Senator Dan Sullivan. Though the choice was in no way difficult, we made the clearly right decision.

  5. Give credit where credit is due! Thank you Senator & the others that are standing up! Dunleavy has been a dismal disappointment when He said He knew Ivermectin is used on Mules & Horses but didn’t know it was used to treat Humans! Does He live in this world

  6. Words. Good words I will grant, but just empty words for now. People are being thrown out of work and the economy still suffers. Let’s see some action to correct Dementia Joe’s handlers actions tearing this country apart.

  7. The bitter bellyachers on these comment pages would find a sow’s ear in every silk purse. Get a life people! This is really positive news – feel free to celebrate it – and give credit where credit is due.

  8. Everyone is focused on the private sector but don’t give a —- about those of us who have dedicated our lives to support the men and women in the US Armed Forces. I served 23 years Active Duty and have continued my support in the Civil service and all these Senators care about is grandstanding. Get a backbone and demand the same for us too. We still have to support our families too.

  9. I already quit my job as a contractor and left for a job in the private sector. Now I’m waiting for the OSHA “rule” to drop to see if I have to hop again.

  10. Send this to all CEO’s!!
    These people have spent a lot of money for their carreers and have worked through the worse.

    Now this is how you say thank you. If anyone should be fired it’s the greedy CEO’s for not caring and playing the political game. Enough of playing politics with American lives.

    Grow a pair and put an end to the stupid Mandate! B

  11. Replace The IBEW 1547 Business Agent for the IBEW….not standing buy the workers…Why?
    Paid Off? Vote Him out….

  12. The governor could put an honest representative in each Hospital and the covid boosted numbers and deaths would go back to normal. Except for the vaccine injuries which they could also report. This is the biggest crime in history, that means someone could be the biggest hero in history.. why can’t Republicans see that everyone that worships this virus is a Democrat?

  13. Don’t quit your Job ! force them to fire you then you will make it a bit unpleasant for them as well. You also will have established legal grounds for a court case, class action case or perhaps some other remedy from the courts. This is insanity and horribly wrong in every way.

  14. Talk but no real action. Useless political posturing for newsletters and future campaign commercials. Need to start getting real by using the “power of the purse”. Defund federal agencies that do not have the best interests of We the People in mind! Election fraud, FBI, DOJ, Afghanistan, General Miley, energy independence — all lost in the news cycle and overshadowed by the COVID-19 fear pandemic…Dan has been too swampy and not proven to be a true fighter for Alaska in my mind…Hopefully, he can grow a spine…I like others will be losing my job due the unbelievable coercion by the Biden administration…FJB

  15. How about the fact that it’s a huge violation of human rights Dan? Stand up and call this for the evil it is. No more politics. It’s not just about jobs and employment figures, which is indeed very important. It’s about tyranny and losing control over our own bodies to the government.

  16. The Alaska Railroad just joined the club requiring vaccination. Asa 30 year essential employee, I’ve been doing my job for almost two years through this pandemic. The vaccines have taken my mother and my grandmother. Now it’s “take the shot or your fired” What a great corporation. Good luck getting your goods and services when we’re all fired on December 8 Alaska.

  17. Wow, one of our elected officials have come out of their cocoon. Hey Dan, how about something on our oil leases being shut down and the attacks on our fishing industry by lower 48 conservation groups. You folks have been awfully silent on this. How about those migrant caravans, the latest one coming up are attacking Mexican police. I don’t think their behavior will change much when they arrive.

  18. Pretty good strategy–by the time all the legal lines if this incredible mismanagement of the ‘plague’ are untangled–we’ll be in the third ‘crisis’ after the present ‘crisis.’ The second ‘crisis’ being the massive implosion of the medical costs bubble, which, in combination with participating in the Great Reset, will have totally collapsed the economy and the currency.

  19. Much mischief has been attempted and accomplished via ” emergency actions” in our history. Recall the thousands of American born Japanese sent off to dreary concentration camps in the early ’40s.

    The totalitarian Biden administration well knows that nearly half of the country will not comply with their edict. China Joe himself has said that those who refuse the Jab will, ” pay the price”. Biden in ” Presidential speak” is invoking language normally used to warn our nations enemies.
    The totalitarian cannot allow for noncompliance of an edict. The next step for the totalitarian will be to usher in the concept of social/ medical untermenschen. The totalitarian will use economic constraints causing hardship to herd the populace into his corral of conformance.
    Sounds like a stretch? It isn’t. It’s what Totalitarian ‘s do.
    The question is what will you, the individual do about it? Resist!

  20. Appreciate the thought, Senator Dan.
    Might be more helpful to conduct hearings, find out whether this is actually driving the vaccine hysteria:
    From the Australian Broadcast Corp: “Pfizer has power to ‘silence’ governments and ‘maximize profits’, consumer group alleges”
    Appears also at “In secret vaccine contracts with governments, Pfizer took hard line in push for profit, report says.”
    Both quote from an October 2021 “Public Citizen” report “Pfizer’s Power”, opening with: “The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century.”
    Makes us wonder, Senator Dan, whether this is evidence:
    (a) the vaccine-mandate hysteria was artificial from the start,
    (b) mass hysteria was a marketing ploy intended to force Pfizer’s product into every aspect of American life, to create artificial demand for the Pfizer vaccine,
    (c) government officials colluded to create artificial demand by issuing requirements and guidelines based on partial fact or nonfact, justified by falsified Covid-casualty reporting,
    (d) government officials intended to prolong artificial demand through DHSS’s temporary Anti-Kickback Statute Enforcement waivers.
    In other words, Senator Dan, could the combination of vaccine-mandate coercion, apparent collusion by government officials, and secret Pfizer contracts be evidence of an epic RICO racket?
    Imagine what would happen, Senator Dan, if you and your more courageous cohorts announced formal intentions to find out.

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