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Nial Williams: Arrested, jailed because I wouldn’t wear mask at school board

On Sept. 7, 2021 I was signed up to testify at the Anchorage School Board meeting as the #7 speaker before the board.

I was harassed by Stephen C. Brown and two other Securitas guards. They were attempting to coerce me to put a medical device, a mask over my nose and mouth.

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As they do not have authority to prescribe medical care or medical devices, and my right to personal privacy, (Alaska Constitution Article I, Section XXII), I called Anchorage Police Department asking them to send a peace officer to assist me and accessing a public meeting and exercising my constitutional rights.

APD used excessive force and without just cause or warrant, attacked me, placing me in restrictive handcuffs cutting off my circulation. Officers seized my person papers and effects without warrant.

APD continued this unconstitutional search after being repeatedly notified by me. Then after the second time that I raised the concern of my constitutional right of protection from search and seizure, four APD officers slammed me up against the car and place me in the back of the vehicle. 

My bail hearing was conducted in the back of a police car inside of a garage with other vehicles running and it was over a 100 degrees. I was pouring sweat pleading for my life. Can one adequately provide for his defense while being forced to breathe carbon monoxide? 

I was denied access to a lawyer by two Anchorage Police Department officers. Next I was forced inside to take a medical examination against my will. When I refused they placed me in a 2’x2′ cell with human feces, blood, spit, urine, pubic hair, and particles of food. Pandemic or otherwise this was cruel and unusual punishment in deplorable conditions.

Corrections Department officers denied me access to a phone call to contact my lawyer seven times.
Members of the media need to be let into the Anchorage Correction Center to reveal the horrible treatment of our citizens. This should happen with video cameras and on live TV.

My bail of $25 was paid at 9 p.m. that night and the Corrections Department still held me for an additional six and a half hours further bullying me and causing me harm due to the fact that I didn’t want to take the medical test, which violates the Nuremberg code.

Now the municipal prosecutor is attempting to shred the First Amendment asking the court to deny me access to public meetings indefinitely. This is a conspiracy against right and interference with constitutional rights. 

Nial Williams is a civic activist in Anchorage. He will appear in court today to defend himself.

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  1. It would be interesting to see the 2’x2′ cell. That would feel cramped.

    Is any of this documented in any way but this article?

    I guess I would have to question this article and its veracity.

    • Typical garbage comment Greg. If Anchorage had had more of this type of activism years ago, there would be much less activism from the assembly. One man’s activist is another man’s patriot.
      Enjoy the chip.

      • Hmmmm, I kinda thought our new mayor was goin to be more sympathetic to public protest and especially against forced mask wearing!! Thanks for printing this !! I do believe in law and order but we also know the assembly ( and their rules) are pretty much out of control and contrary to the public will .

      • Well you got part of it right anyway. I’m not a communist, I vote Republican. Yes I am for the vaccine along with 140 million other people, and along with 70% of the population of Florida. You know there’s a couple of people on here that reside in Florida. You should try it you might like it. I find the climate more appealing than the 20 plus years while I lived in Alaska.

  2. Please obtain “Treatise on False Imprisonment and Arrest”. You now have standing and status to file some important protests. Please protest in writing by sending a notice to cure to all of the above listed items and send by registered mail. They have a right to cure each item you protest. Send them a complaint of each of your usurped rights by corporate employees of the named state of Alaska Corporations. Did they let you see a Magistrate? Did they arrest you without a warrant on what charges? It may not be proper for them to seize your person if you were not raping, physically harming someone, or stealing items. Taking liberty is a felony even if impersonating a sworn traffic officer. These actions even if standard for a long time in Anchorage may qualify for review for Constitutionality by our recalcitrant local and state representatives. People should not be infringed when they are invited to attend publicly noticed public corporate meetings. A free man is capable of presenting his own affairs rather than signing a contract with a a bar association member to RE-present you. Bar members have a behavior of plea bargaining. Do not waive any of your Constitutional rights including a trial by a jury of your peers or your neighborhood which is your right. Another entrapment by inviting the public so they can refuse uninfringed first amendment rights to freely assemble and give instructions, not to local kings, princes, rulers but to paid oath to the US Constitution servants.

  3. When the police enforce unconstitutional laws or illegal mandates they become oppressors.
    We’ve seen this countless times over the ages both here and abroad.
    It happens all the time.
    Don’t think it won’t become standard practice in America.

      • APD, just like any other PD, can legally arrest a person if that person commits a crime in their presence. Yes, and handcuffs are restrictive, kinda sorta useless if they aren’t. 100f in Anchorage Jail? Really, where? How? Sorry, find a good example, but Nial is a crackpot.

        • The US Constitution identifies the loss of liberty precursors as rape, kidnapping, murder, or imminent bodily harm, after grand jury, indictment, hearings and conviction by a trial by your peers from your neighborhood. Everything else is fines. Unfortunately there has been delighted proliferation of color of law and codes which infringe deeply on our free society in direct opposition to the US Constitution. People don’t like their rights. They certainly don’t like other people’s rights. They would rather see the US fail than to support the US Constitution. The Dems are incorrigible fascists wanting to transmute the US into Communism. Their children will pay the consequences for rejecting the US Constitution as well as the rest of the free countrymen.

  4. You have the freedom to avoid the needle if you like. The only cost is to you, which is essentially self isolation.
    What you don’t have is the right to force your thinking on anyone else.
    Knock yourself out. But don’t assume that others must forced to participate in your way of thinking. On a related note, if you think praying will bring about change you are definitely not the kind of guy that should be making decisions for others on science related topics. Consider praying to Jesus and Joe Pesci on alternating days and then assess which of the two answer best. It’ll be about 50/50 and at that point you can post pics of Joe in your little headline photo meme. We all sort of know that Joe’s not imaginary so that’ll be good.

    • Trouser Bark,
      Isn’t Nial standing by your position to: “ …don’t assume that others must forced to participate in your way of thinking.”? That’s what this whole thing is about isn’t it? People assuming that they have the right to force people into their way of thinking? Seems to
      me that Nial is making that exact point. Puzzling that you should ridicule somebody defending your position.
      I also appreciate that you are a man of strong faith. Mocking another’s belief in God with absolutely zero proof that He does not exist. THAT is faith my brother.

      • No Sir. His actions do not support my point. Furthermore, I am not a man of faith. The term is used inappropriately to bolster a belief despite an absolute absence of evidence.

        I’m not intentionally mocking, either. An alternate view concerning matters of faith isn’t easy to express in a palatable way to a believer.

    • “What you don’t have is the right to force your thinking on anyone else.”
      Do you, and all the other Branch Covidian death-cultists, not grasp the irony and hypocrisy inherent in such a statement?

      • No they do not.
        Covid is their new religion.
        They have a 99.97% chance of survival- yet they act like we are all at death’s door.
        This IS Mass Hysteria.

      • Isn’t that what a lot of people actually do on here though? Is somebody thinks shots are a good idea, and all the anti-vax trolls attack them. If they think that we’re in a mask is a good idea then all the anti-maskers declare Open season. It’s tit for tat. I hear what you’re saying but no side is better or more correct than the other side but we think they are.

        • Incorrect. You have knowingly participated in an online community that you know places a huge amount of value on individual liberty. This is a place outside of the mainstream “go with the flow don’t start trouble and stay in line” crowd. So what you have done is take the governmental position and entered a forum of those who do not believe in forcing individuals under the government gun to espouse what has become a complacent act. YOU have left the safety of your own echo chamber, bringing with it your ideology. Not sure why everyone keeps using the term anti vaxxer. That is a straw man label. The Covid 19 “vaccine” is not a vaccine by traditional metrics. It does nothing to prevent the spread of the virus, does not protect from damage at an acceptable rate, it simply does not do what it was sold to the public to do. There is not tit for tat. Just continued pushing, on both sides. Anyone who doesn’t distrust the pharmaceutical companies and government enforcement of such, just a bit, would be suspect in any climate.

          • Greg, that was not directly directed toward you. I did not realize that I was in the wrong darn reply. This was supposed to go elsewhere. This whole thing seems to be having the secondary effect of creating deeper division between neighbors and fellow citizens and the whole thing sickens me.

    • Oh, that’s kinda cute. The important take-away is that the First Amendment says I can practice my religion as I see fit, without you opinion, for what it’s worth, affecting my practice one whit. Pretty damned sure the Church never forced anything on you. OTOH, there is not one law in this land that compels anyone to believe in a mRNA gene therapy that is supposed to protect us from some unbelievably deadly plague that kills less than 1% of those it infects. Now, go lay down by your dish.

    • Well Mr. Green Jeans, I wasn’t planning on reading or commenting on MRAK ever again. Too much censorship! Somehow though I ended up here. Must be that ‘imaginary’ God answering someone’s ‘nonsensical’ prayers for you! The “no God” crowd always invokes the “Big Bang”. The Universe just happened, life evolved, no need for God the Creator. The problem is that this “theory” requires YOU to write off a whole mountain of “coincidences”. Gravity just .00000001% stronger = no stars. They all collapse into neutron ‘stars’ or black holes. Weaker = no fusion, no stars. Same with both the weak and strong nuclear forces. It quickly becomes clear that this Universe existing is statistically ‘impossible’. Scientists KNOW this, but will say that Universes have been popping into existence forever, and if an infinite number of Universes have existed, then our ‘just right Goldilocks Universe’ was bound to happen! They overlook that infinite universes = an infinite number of times intelligent life has ‘spontaneously arisen’ BEFORE we came along. In all that infinite time, do you really think not one race, not one being, ever figured out how to manipulate or control the creation of universes??? Oh yeah, Dungarees, there IS a God! And I’m sure calling his Son ‘imaginary’ is not a good idea. It should be common sense to not make fun of Christ’s followers as well. So little to gain, but if you’re wrong you’re going to get hammered!

      • I prescribe one hour of Christopher Hitchens for you Sir, and I can guarantee that your perspective will be more accurate for having invested in such objective reasoning.
        The Lord will not approve but I’ll pray that he gives you a pass. I’m pretty sure he’s a fan of education so it should be ok.

    • Ah, Pantaloons, you mistake me for an “organized religion” kind of guy. I’m actually very much a ‘science guy’, Astrophysics; “On the Anomalous Blue Giants of the Globular Clusters”. I recently wrote a book. In the first nine chapters I excoriate the organized religions for their false beliefs. Then in Chapter 10, I do the same to the “science fanatics”. Like your friend Hitchens. Like him, you believe that science is the default mode and that I have to prove God’s existence. When actually mankind’s’ KNOWLEDGE of God goes back thousands of years before science reared it’s head. Scientists know this because they’re always trying to disprove God’s existence. Hawkings famous; “I don’t need to invoke God”. Yet, his, and your, BELIEF that God does not exist is based on assumptions…the biggest being “coincidences”. My point was/is; a single ‘googolplex to one’ event happening might just be coincidence…but at a certain point, when the “coincidences” just keep coming, it’s no longer a coincidence and you don’t get to legitimately dismiss them as such! My life is a series of impossible events. Forty years ago TODAY, NPS sent a small army of Rangers to my cabin on the mouth of the Kandik River with orders to remove us by force. Like this guy, I believed they did not have a legal right. Eight heavily armed Rangers didn’t care! I had been awoken from a dream, and at the last minute God told me to tell the Head Ranger the dream. He got weird look on his face…and then took his army back to Eagle without another word and immediately quit. Apparently he had the same dream 3 nights running…except from his point of view it was a nightmare! (The Feds keep excellent records!) You bet your Britches, God exists!

      • The belief that God does not exist is not an assumption; that’s not the way logic or proof works. For example, no one can prove that something does not exists as the burden of proof rests on the shoulders of those claiming that God (or any thing) does exist… and where God is concerned in the absence of proof some substitute faith.
        One might suggest that there’s a boogey man and that to successfully pass through the layer of lunacy required to accept such an assertion you must have faith. That you might have faith would not actually mean that the boogey man was legit. Nothing works that way except religious beliefs and curiously, despite there being more than 1000 religions, all religious people are also atheists with one exception and that is whichever particular god they choose to believe in.
        Do you believe in Hanuman the Monkey God? If not, you’re an atheist… likely for all but whatever version of hocus pocus you’ve been conditioned from an early age to accept as truth.
        Don’t feel bad as millions upon millions have been conditioned similarly. Aristotle said, ‘Give me a child till he’s seven, and I will show you the man’. When you were very young you were likely provided a religious perspective and it didn’t need to make sense; for you it simply became truth.
        It has been ever thus.
        I don’t say God doesn’t exist. I’d guess it’s highly unlikely but the fact remains… no one can prove that a thing does not exist. What they apparently also can’t do is prove that He does.

  5. As a veteran of Nixon’s ” War on Drugs” I have empathy with the person in the story above. It seems that sans the physical “Street Justice” , aka getting pounded on by multiple officers simultaneously an experience enjoyed by many lads during Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs, the rest of the tactics reported in this story remain very similar. If it helps the Gentleman in the story above he can be thankful that he was not beaten!
    That being said…
    Calling the Police as you did was not wise, in fact it was just plain dumb and don’t ever expect the cops to be your Constitutional Lawyer! Their job is to keep the peace, be respectful of them and follow their instructions when asked. I believe that we in Alaska have very fine Police and Troopers and I am grateful for them all. In summation, while I applaud your efforts Sir at resisting Tyranny you went down the wrong path on this one. Pay the 25 bucks and start over again.

    • Yes, I agree calling the police was a mistake. It’s not their job to set the school board straight!! Remember, anything you say to the police can and will be used against you!! It doesn’t sound like he had a “ plan B” up his sleeve in case Securitas refused to admit him.

  6. The few remaining police in blue state like Alaska are the paramilitary enforcement arm of the politburo.

    No one else in Anchorage respects the rule of law, why should they?

    This is what you’ve been voting for Anchorage-fascism. Don’t be surprised you’ve got it.

  7. Looks like the thugs at APD will be happy to enforce fascist mandates in Anchorage…does not bode well for what the assembly is trying to do right now. If I was mayor Bronson, I would call the chief into his office & have a good chat on the direction the city should be heading.

  8. Why are so many people who have been or could be vaccinated fixated on everyone else getting vaccinated? If the vaccine works, get it and shut up. Leave everyone alone. If it doesn’t work, why do you insist on everyone else getting it? And Greg F, you are a basement dweller who interacts with humanity only on the pages on MRAK. As a daily reader of MRAK, I notice you are on every single discussion, commenting on every article, first and often. How sad for you. God help you if these pages ever retire or if Suzanne ever turns off comments. Get your vaccines if you want to, wear your N95 masks if you want to, and shut the hell up. If those things work, why are you so stressed over what everyone else does? Most of us are tired of being manipulated and controlled by the hysterical few. (Suzanne please shut off the comments on your site for two weeks… see if we read in the paper about poor Greg F losing his mind and getting picked up running down the street screaming somewhere in SE).

  9. Clear act of violating this man’s rights. The APD needs to be sued if what is being said is true! This type of unacceptable behavior by those that serve the public should never be tolerated. The Police Chief should be challenged by the Mayor to investigate and remove officers involved if true.

    • if you believe anything of his depiction of what happened to him, I have a few used cars and a spare bridge to sell you, along with some dehydrated water

    • Call APD, reference APD case number 21-28836.

      3 private party arrest forms were filed arresting numerous APD personnel, ASD staff, Securitas guards, Dr Anne Zink, Commissioner Adam Crum, and 4 state legislators.

      These are statements of fact that will be proven in front of a jury within 120 days as is the named defendants Constitutional right.

      Currently they are fugitives evading justice. I do this in love. But the crimes against humanity must end in the name of Jesus.

      • As well as the Anchorage Corrections Department personnel for cruel and unusual punishment, Nuremberg Code violations and due process infringements. And yes the conditions at Anchorage Corrections Center are deplorable and the conditions in Guantanamo Bay Prison for the Taliban enemy combatants are treated with more dignity.

        • Are the Guantanamo Bay cells smaller than your 2′ x 2′?

          Let me ask you; are you being this whacky because you’re still miffed about losing Seat E on the Anchorage School Board earlier this year? I don’t think this will help you. While we’re on the topic, what did you mean when you said these things in your intro to the School Board:
          “I represent those with no voice against Anchorage School District’s criminal cartel”.
          “Teachers must report immediately in person or be fired”.
          “Those who have students sit on floor should be charged with willful neglect and child abuse”.
          …and I really wonder what this one means:
          “Depression, drug use, and parental abuse have all increased due to the negligent actions of ASD”. Are you saying that the school district is a surrogate parent and responsible for the shortcomings of dysfunctional families and incompetent parents? Are you sure you’ve thought all of this through properly?
          On a related note you listed your occupation as; “1776 Alaska – Freedom and Liberty Worldwide”. That doesn’t sound like an occupation but I do see a passing reference to it in your meme at this article’s header. To some of us that may make no sense. Can you shed some light on that by chance?

  10. One thing to remember this is his side of the story we need to actually find out what happened and why it escalated .

    • There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. A citizen is a public servant, bound by sworn oath to defend the US Constitution and secure the rights of the people. Servants can NEVER be sovereign while they receive a stipend in our republic. We the people are not bound by oath to the US Constitution. We are free men with sovereignty. We can never divest ourselves of ours or our children’s rights in this country. God is Sovereign. We have retained sovereignty. The free men are above the public servants.

        • It is not what you have been indoctrinated to believe for sure. I have not taken an oath to defend the Constitution. If you have been elected by the people, you swore an oath to defend the Constitution not help overturn it. In return for agreeing to secure the rights of the people (not reserve non-existent government rights) you obtain a stipend paid out of the public trust funds.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I used to see a lot of those sovereign citizens on live PD before they took the show off the air. Too bad, good show. I like seeing all the canines get a taste every once in awhile. But usually on the show when they would come across one of these constituting sovereign citizens, in the end they would just let them go on their own. They hadn’t broken any big law, mostly some lame traffic violation and it wasn’t going to be worth your time. That or they just got tired of arguing with him kind of like arguing with an idiot on the internet. It gets tiresome after a while.

  11. “Under color of law”

    I support Mayor Bronson. If any of Nial’s APD interaction is true and complete, the mayor should be having a talk with the chief before the individual officers and the chief find themselves the defendants in lawsuits.

    • There’s also the other section… Conspiracy to deprive of rights.. Easier since there are multiple people who did something together.. That makes a conspiracy

  12. Soon they may hold you down and stick a needle in your arm. Its already happening in nursing homes, according to un-named sources.
    Suzanne Downing: Thank you for giving Nial Williams a place to tell of the experience.

  13. Men are going to submit to this treatment happening to a brother? Your authority is being stripped right off your head. These peoples want to make you like a woman. Which phrase sounds like it carry’s more power? “man-up” or woman-up? If you are man and had picked the second one, then you are a weakened man who has misplaced or never learned the authority he carry. Women don’t have authority. Its true! Why do you think women always boyfriend or husband? We have to borrow authority from our close men friends who support us or sleep with the right men to move up to the top. The city, law enforcement, and court is attacking Men’s authority by attacking Nial and Dustin, two alpha males.

  14. TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  15. May be trivial but it started long ago when the Nazis murdered over 10 million ‘enemies’ of the state. Six million of the were European Jews (1939 & 1945). I’m sure there were individuals as such who did what that guy did. History repeats itself.
    I’ve shared this several times, when 2 or 3 binds together it makes a stronger cord. PEOPLE in ALASKA, we need to bind together. Look what is happening.
    Our freedom is being stripped away chip by chip. But when we bind together it will be stronger. I do hope he had more than 3 cords to help his case. After-all, he stood for what is right.
    Freedom is not free.

    • Those who mastermind the Holocaust vanished and was never brought to trial at Nuremberg.
      The Nuremberg Code is the direct result of what the Nazis did to the Jews. Look what is happening in our day in age. (We just haven’t been served the yellow star or carted to camps like the how many in Australia is experiencing this day and age).

        • We are there…
          .Got to show vax’d papers, passport vax.
          Wrist bands to show enforcement (in HI) that all the required documents were filled out to their mandate.
          Some grocery stores won’t allow shoppers to enter w/o their protocol to get food, etc.

      • That’s not exactly true. Most of the heavy hitters didn’t survive past the war. The only one that I’m aware of that made it to an old man was Adolf Eichmann. Best either killed themselves or died by their own hand shortly after the war. Oh sure there were some minor players that made it Argentina but you said the masterminds so there you are.

      • Australia is being smart. They have the means to isolate incoming travelers in remote camps until a time that they can prove they don’t have covid. They’re doing what they can so that it doesn’t get loose in the general population.

        • Greg, are you really a fascist or are you just playing one on MRAK? Either way sir, you are poorly informed as to what is really going on in the world.
          You might want to tear yourself away from CNN and actually educate yourself.

          • RAS,
            I hope there is a smitten of hope that the scales from Forkner’s eyes be removed. .
            Yes a lot of bull-sheeeeeet, we the people, have endured thus far.
            When will enough be enough?
            Buckle up! The storm is upon us!
            But, storms do pass by, they are not stagnant! Glory HALLELUJAH!

      • No, Steve, the historical parallels are eerily similar.
        Oh, but that’s right, you radical extremist authoritarians neither know anything, nor care, about history. Like babies, you live in an eternal present, cut off from anything not immediately in front of your faces.

        • If you knew anything about history you’d know that comparing a global pandemic to the Holocaust is despicable. You conspiracy folks keep grasping for straws to support your faulty worldview, meanwhile information and data keeps upsetting and disproving all of your beliefs.
          The fact that you call a freedom minded libertarian a “radical extremist authoritarian” simply because you disagree with them shows just how far out there you are with your beliefs. You are the radical and you are the one demanding others agree with your personal, albeit wrong, worldview.

          • Steve, if you think that you, with your rabid authoritarian agenda, can pass as a so-called “libertarian”, you are both sadly mistaken and insulting to a REAL libertarian.

          • Jeff,
            A “REAL libertarian” would understand when a person has a “rabid authoritarian agenda” and when a person does not. You clearly do not understand that I do not have a “rabid authoritarian agenda”, instead you disagree with me and attempt to turn your argument that you cannot support with reason, fact, or any actual information against me. Nowhere have I supported a “rabid authoritarian agenda”, nowhere.

          • would you prefer it compared to Japanese internment camps? it still the same picture.. people being held against their will, with no grounds to have been picked up in the first place…. and now the assembly wants people to snitch on people….still not ringing a bell?

      • Were a group of people ostracized from society based on prejudice and hysteria? Yes.

        Were said peoples denied access to society? From jobs to healthcare? Yes.

        Were they eventually forced to segregate from society? Yes.

        Were they treated as non entities and blamed for all societal ills? Yes.

        Was all this done for “ the common good”? Yes.

        Did a lot of otherwise good people get caught up in said hysteria and contribute to the oppression of the aforementioned group of people? Yes.

        History is unforgiving.

        The comparison is uncomfortable because it’s so accurate.

        • You need to try and understand what the Holocaust was. For starters, it wasn’t about you.
          There are a lot of great resources out there that you can use to inform yourself, going to anyone of the numerous holocaust museums would be a good start.

          • S-O,
            Sadly you’ve missed the mark but that is expected. Of course it’s not about ‘you’.
            It is about we the people.
            It is about the future for generations to come.
            It is about the pride carried in our hearts of a great Country we live in… God Bless The USA!!!
            Our forefathers looked to Him for direction. He saw their hearts. Man can make plans, but it is He who directs his steps.
            Regardless of mishaps such as now.
            May you dig a bit more deeper to research to gain a bit more of what history told us.

  16. This is a friend of mine. The story is real. It’s only establishment Republicans that don’t want to believe it because they might have to fight something

  17. Much is made of the “social contact” of America. The your rights end at my nose bit.

    This is true. I have no right to hit anyone or allow their property to be damaged due to my deliberate neglect.

    However often ignored is the other side of this concept. “You” can’t invade my space or infringe upon my life and my actions without my permission. Which I am not giving. Now or ever.

    If Covid scares some people this badly, it becomes incumbent upon them to stay out of society and let the rest of us go about our lives.

    The “unvaccinated put me at risk” concept dies a sad death. Bad drivers on the Parks Highway are a bigger risk to your life than Covid. Do you still drive?

    It’s a sad ongoing case of situational outrage. Intellectually deficient and vapid. Like most Covid panic porn dealers.

  18. Here’s the deal…
    If anyone is allowed to make up their own rules and / or defy those in place, no rule has value and the biggest idiot amongst us sets the tone. This goof that the article’s about is incapable of making wise science based choices but is willing to force his views on others without justification. I happen to have a fairly moderate view of the value of masks and the likelihood of harm from getting the shot(s). Be that as it may, there should be a standard; even if it’s less than ideal.
    This guy believes differently and wants you to believe that whatever comes out of his head is safe, right, and vetted by God. In that manner he’s like many uninformed religious people in that he’ll happily point to his favorite non-existent deity as if his odd beliefs give him the authority to choose what’s best for you.
    If every moron were allowed to choose for you, your future would be determined by society’s lowest common denominator. That sounds like a bad idea to me though I recognize fully that there was a time when no understanding of gravity, wave action, the universe, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. and all were most conveniently summarized by belief in the divine. We’re better informed than that now. At least we should be.

  19. Just spoke to my son and he says this is not true. My Son works there.

    If the subject is not complying with the Officers they have the right to deny him a phone call.

    They ask certain medical questions to protect the other inmates and staff.

    The cells they hold them in are always clean before they put them in there.

    They are fed also.

    So, whatever the activist said is not all true. Need to get the facts right and repost an update to your findings.

    I thought this was just terrible but as I stated before we need to talk to others that were involved.(My Son was not involved) but explained to me the procedure.

    This gives our Police and Corrections Officers a bad look.

    Thank you to our Men in Blue and our Corrections Officers for what they have to deal with daily.

    Shirley Martin

    • You write your Son was not working on the night in question, so he cannot assert the cleanliness of the CAGE I was held in. A political prisoner of the COMMUNISTs

      Call APD, reference APD case number 21-28836.

      3 private party arrest forms were filed arresting numerous APD personnel, ASD staff, Securitas guards, Dr Anne Zink, Commissioner Adam Crum, and 4 state legislators.

      These are statements of fact that will be proven in front of a jury within 120 days as is the named defendants Constitutional right.

      Currently they are fugitives evading justice. I do this in love. But the crimes against humanity must end in the name of Jesus.

      As well as the Anchorage Corrections Department personnel for cruel and unusual punishment, Nuremberg Code violations and due process infringements. And yes the conditions at Anchorage Corrections Center are deplorable and the conditions in Guantanamo Bay Prison for the Taliban enemy combatants are treated with more dignity.

    • You write your Son was not working on the night in question, so he cannot assert the cleanliness of the CAGE I was held in. A political prisoner of the COMMUNISTs

      Call APD, reference APD case number 21-28836.

      3 private party arrest forms were filed arresting numerous APD personnel, ASD staff, Securitas guards, Dr Anne Zink, Commissioner Adam Crum, and 4 state legislators.

      These are statements of fact that will be proven in front of a jury within 120 days as is the named defendants Constitutional right.

      Currently they are fugitives evading justice. I do this in love. But the crimes against humanity must end in the name of Jesus.

      Personnel of the Anchorage Corrections Department was also arrested for cruel and unusual punishment, Nuremberg Code violations and due process infringements. And yes the conditions at Anchorage Corrections Center are deplorable.

  20. Trousers thank you for an excellent description concerning what happens when any moron can choose to disobey the law and/or decide to ignore the existing law. Please explain how our former Gov Walker, our current legislators and even the Supreme Court can pick and choose what law they obey or ignore as in obeying the Statutory law passed by the legislators and signed by the Governor concerning calculation and paying the PFD each year from the earnings of the States oil. For over 15 years legislators and governors followed the law as written. But when they wanted to use the people’s money to pay their inflated budget they chose to ignore the law. When I grew up I was told you obey the law because it is the law and if I didn’t like it I had to work to change it legally. But it is obvious the State legislators and governors (Walker) and the courts bless everyone choosing for themselves which law they will obey or ignore.

    • You’ve got me there, Sir. That the law might stipulate what the PFD payout should be yet the legislature assumes they have the authority to deviate from the law at their own discretion makes absolutely no sense to anyone. Can you decide which laws you’d prefer to sidestep today?
      It even makes less sense when you consider that they’ve not trimmed the budget but instead intend to break the law in order to prop up an overly expensive series of special interest cash sinks.
      For many years our elected officials have acted as hogs at the trough and if we’ve learned anything from recent events it’s that we need fresh hogs; the old ones rarely worked right. Sadly, the recent batch of younger hogs in Juneau appear more interested in hiked skirts, indian leg wrestling, beer, calling attention to themselves and avoiding responsibility. We all deserve better.

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