Good news: With Anchorage’s proposed mask ordinance you can remove your mask to ‘scratch an itch’


The Anchorage Assembly’s leftwing majority will on Sept. 28 entertain its ordinance that requires masks for all over the age of 2 in Anchorage, for all indoor public spaces, and some outdoor spaces as well. That means people will be required to mask up in stores, restaurants, in city buildings, churches, and banks.

But the law would not apply to those in jail. Nor to those in police custody or who are in court. The law also allows performers to go mask-free, so long as they keep their distance from the audience.

But for the rest of the folks in Anchorage, the exceptions are limited to eating, drinking or to “briefly scratch an itch.”

Creators of the ordinance — Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel (subject to recall in October), with the help of the Assembly attorney — may not have read the scientific writings on the problems of face masks causing people to have itches, and how itching leads to scratching and scratching leads to … you get the picture.

According to Advances in Dermatology website:

“…Of the respondents, 1,393 (60.4%) reported using face masks during the previous week, and, of these, 273 (19.6%) participants reported having itch. Subjects who reported sensitive skin and atopic predisposition, and those with facial dermatoses (acne, atopic dermatitis or seborrhoeic dermatitis) were at significantly higher risk of itch development. The highest rating of itch for the whole group on the Itch Numeral Rating Scale was 4.07 ± 2.06 (itch of moderate intensity). Responders who wore masks for longer periods more frequently reported itch. Almost 30% of itchy subjects reported scratching their face without removing the mask, or after removing the mask and then scratching. Wearing face masks is linked to development of itch, and scratching can lead to incorrect use of face masks, resulting in reduced protection.”

Must Read Alaska has just the shirt asking at least some of the questions that the “scratch my itch” exemption is sure to raise.

Of course, we have questions:

  • May Anchorage residents scratch anywhere on their bodies and be exempt from the mask ordinance?
  • Is all-day scratching allowed?
  • Is the Assembly using the Urban Dictionary definition of scratching an itch?

These questions and others are sure to be asked by curious, and possibly itchy Anchorage residents at next Tuesday’s public hearing on the universal masking ordinance, starting at 5 pm at the Loussac Library.

So far, the as-of-yet unnumbered Municipal ordinance includes no enforcement mechanism, but penalties may be inserted by the nine who appear in favor of the mask ordinance in the final document once it is before the group on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

The draft ordinance can be read here, with the section on scratching of itches on Page 5, Line 22:


  1. What if everyone just decides to ignore the mandate. Article even says there is no enforcement mechanism. If the Mayor is not supporting I don’t see him pushing APD to enforce it…

    • This is exactly what everyone needs to do with any future “mandate.” Ignore it. However, there is a problem with this, and that problem is that roughly half of the population actually agree with these mandates and over-reaching tyrants. They LOVE telling others what to do and yelling at people to put on a mask is a great little power-trip they are afforded when they feel as though they are morally justified in doing so.

      What I’ve seen, these people are usually in control of very little in their life so they lash out and force control over others. Think about the kids in school that jumped at the opportunity to be hall monitors. Those kids have now grown up and they are just itching to tell you what to do!

      • That’s a fairly stupid comment. You do understand their is a human and animal version of ivermectin, right? The human version won a noble peace prize in 2015. Gotta love you mentally challenged liberals, you are completely responsible for
        The dire straights our country is deep in.

        • Why is it that everyone that you libertarians disagree with is all automatically categorized as a liberal? I’ve been called just about every name on here that you can think of and yet I question about find myself as a super Republican. Old school and I still vote Republican. This doesn’t have anything to do with the party that someone votes for but rather more of humanitarian vision where people think of their fellow man and are trying to squash a pandemic rather than thinking about how the government is going to screw me over for the day. No doubt I’ll get flame for simply saying why can’t we all just get along, and that’s fine. If everybody on this blog agreed with each other it would be pretty boring. Think about it we’d all be talking about well I like green on here, and those shoes are pretty and oh no she can’t wear a skirt that short can she? Stuff like that. But ironically some on here can’t stand anyone who has a different opinion than their own and want to flame them or trash talk or actually call on the moderator to do away with that person because in their small world there isn’t a big enough space for him. Misery loves company and they actually believe that the editor believes what they do. I think they may be surprised to realize that she has a mind of her own. Cheers.

          • I have to say just because someone vote republican doesn’t make them a republican. Look at the legislators just because some run as a republican candidate doesn’t mean they’re republicans when they’re in office. It’s just easier to duped the voting republicans who don’t pay attention and it’s easier to get voted into office with an “R” by your name. But you’re right we should all be entitled to our opinions unless you don’t want the vaccine and mask mandate. Then you’re not entitled to breathe the same air as the vaccinated folks. Because remember “we want you to get vaccinated to protect those of us who are vaccinated”

    • There is nothing, NOTHING that is “liberal” about radical extremist authoritarians. You could much more accurately label them as “fascists” than so-called “liberals”.

  2. The problem is the fear it has caused among the timid who have fallen for the mask thing. Masks are worthless. Period. They in fact do more harm than good. Same with the vaccine. However, many who don’t know any better take it upon themselves to try and make others as fearful as themselves.

    Many business owners here in Juneau practice the mask police garbage bullying BS. Their eyes bug out when they see someone without a mask. The sheeple and lemmings are fearful and try to force their fear upon others. They have lost all semblance or reasoning. They substitute misinformed talking heads on TV for their own lack of knowledge and reasoning. A sad state of affairs.

    To those who are tired of the self ordained in-your-face mask police, there are state and federal laws against these tyrannical actions. Do a little research, know these laws, and put these folks on notice. If freedom loving folks don’t speak up the tyrants just keep on pushing. Don’t be afraid to push back. Don’t accept this bullying. Know the law, put them on notice and take ’em to task.

    • Exactly!!!! This assembly knows they don’t have the power to overreach yet they overreach hoping the mayor will turn over and let them take a win just like China Joe Biden in the White House knowing the executive order he puts out isn’t lawful but yet he’ll put it out hoping Americans will take it. If you give up your god given rights then the tyrant will just run you over with their tyranny.

  3. The only ones who be hurting will be the small business community. Wasilla will be very happy. These Assembly Members have short term memory loss, Remember Anchorage economy was tanking while Wasilla, Kenai, Matsu was booming.

  4. I DEMAND an exemption for opening a freezer door at the grocery store for people who wear glasses which causes their glasses to ice up. . I need to be able to see wtf I’m looking for when I open the door and the only way is by removing either my mask or my glasses but without glasses I still can’t see what I’m looking for.
    I need to decide what kind of ice cream I want

  5. Don’t you find it strange in all the “whereas” there is only one side to the story,
    Where’s the ones saying “whereas” the VAERS reports say the vaccine is killing folks, or “whereas” masks have been proven ineffective by thousands of unbiased Dr.’s or “whereas” covid is 99.9% survivable, or “whereas” your own god given immune system is more effective at combating covid than any vaccine…. and the list goes on.

    So where are the “whereas” for the other side of the story? Well, you won’t find it because it doesn’t fit the govt. fearmongering agenda being used to control the masses.

    Go read Rules for Radicals. It’ll tell you the real story if you’re interested.

  6. I don’t understand this. Why don’t they just reinstitute the Declaration of Emergency that was in place just a few months ago?
    Per their justification(s), the situation is significantly worse now, than it was in March/April 2020 when the emergency declaration was passed. People’s lives are on the line, and the Assembly is putting forth half baked measures.
    There is no reason why the Assembly does not revive the emergency declaration. None at all.
    Call your assembly representative, and demand an answer. Why are they not instituting the same exact declaration of emergency that was in place for most of 2020?

    • Because only the mayor can declare an emergency, and the state is not under a state of emergency. Good luck with this nonsense. I will not comply

      • Not talking about the Mayor’s decision. Talking about the ordinance the Assembly passed under the Berkowitz administration, and dropped as soon as it was apparent their boy was not going to win.
        That is 100% the Assembly.

    • I think the simple answer is that Bronson’s not asking for it, and if the Assembly gave him the power he wouldn’t do anything with it. So they’re trying to go over his head because I guess we don’t do checks and balances any more in America if Leftists don’t like it.

    • An emergency refers, literally, to an “emerging” situation. Covid has been around for nearly 2 years, it is not an emergency. It is very survivable for most people, vaccines are available for free to all who want them and, contrary to the views of Dr. Fauci and his allies in the media, there are effective treatments.

      Anyone who is still afraid to leave their homes should stay there and allow the rest of us to live our lives.

      • It is also “A condition of urgent need for action or assistance.” and reading the resolution the Assembly is putting forward, that meets the definition to a T.
        Realize I am not asking for the emergency declaration, I am asking why the Assembly is not declaring one, given that the situation is much worse than it was in March 2020 when the initial one was issued. (At least according to the fiction presented in the resolution.)

    • CBMTTEK, do you really have to ask? We voted in a Republican Mayor that respects people’s personal right to choose, you want to wear a mask than wear one.

      • I am asking my Assembly representatives to explain.
        I know full well why they are not giving the Mayor any emergency powers.

    • If people’s lives are on the line and the government is following “the science” then why are members of Congress and their staff exempt??? Never mind the millions of “immigrants” being shipped all over the country. The problem with the left is that they generate so much propaganda, manufacturing whatever lies they need to fit their current objective, that they can’t keep it all straight in their conniving little heads.
      COVID = Control, Oppress, Victimize, Isolate, Divide

      • Why is the US Postal service exempt from the vaccine mandate? After all, they probably have 100 times the contact with the public than the next closest agency.

  7. How many times have you seen someone shove their fingers up under their mask to lick them to make it easier to count out their money or separate other pieces of paper? Better put THAT in the ordinance: NO FINGER LICKING.

  8. There is no specification on where the itch is occurring. So for any itch one may remove their mask. Ok then. The tshirt is certainly appropriate.

    Good grief, by the time they horse this long winded mandate through, the surge will be over and we will have herd immunity, of which we are already close. I recently read that it is expected within the next three weeks we will see numbers drop, with no help from the neurotic middle schoolers acting as city leaders.

    • Covid bad huh? You need one of those little wooden bats that they used to give us back in the 1950s in the 1960s on bat Day when you would visit a Major League baseball Park. Those things were awesome. Perfect little miniatures of the real thing that we’re about 16 inches long. That was back in the day when they could do things like that. We used to run around in the streets with plastic guns playing war, hiding between parked cars and people’s rose bushes. Now some kids do that somebody wants to call the police on them. Somebody carrying a little miniature bat around like that would be reported for carrying a deadly weapon. Yes times change and not necessarily for the better. It was a whole lot friendlier when people weren’t so uptight

  9. I wonder how many people tore up their stimulus check because “they aren’t sheeple” and don’t want to be told what to do.. nobody can tell me to accept this check!!!! I’m a free man and I would rather die than live like a sheep and cash this like everyone else! .. rip…

    • Well Andy, the government doesn’t make wealth, it takes it and redistributes it. Plenty of people have had their livelyhoods impacted or destroyed by government closures and what little they got from the government was a small portion of the taxes they paid. I know economics is very hard for libs to comprehend, but really…

    • I know how many. What do I get if I’m right? I don’t know about anyone else but my hypocrisy has its limits. It’s easy for me to justify cashing the check or taking advantage of any other handout the government is willing to give me because I feel like I have it coming to me. I feel like it’s owed to me. I paid taxes for over 50 years and now it’s time for me to get some of this free stuff. I did turn down a box of free food once though. It was all off brand and I guess I wasn’t hungry enough or needy enough to accept it. It was best left for someone else, but way back when I haven’t been too proud to naughty food that I found well scavenging aluminum cans at the local dump. The only thing wrong with it was it was a couple of days out of date but it was packaged and clean. But that was back when I was poor. I was like Scarlett O’Hara, as God is my witness I will never be poor again. LOL

    • Why would an anybody do that, between Medicare tax, Social Security tax, federal tax, property tax, liquor tax, fuel tax, sales tax, and let’s not forget tariffs. Take as much as you can get from the government. Why not crash the corrupt system asap?

    • Stimulus check!! My wife and I pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every year just so millions can sit on their ass and complain they don’t get enough free stuff.

  10. Everywhere you see one of the mask mandate morons, remove your cellphone and lawfully film them.
    Eventually they’ll slip-up, and disobey their own doctrine. Then we own them.
    Have fun with it, don’t be confrontational, keep your poker face on, its just business, nothing personal.
    Better still, practice your skills, imagine you’re working a gig for Project Veritas. It’s even more satisfying if they don’t know they’ve been busted until it appears online.
    They have ZERO expectation of privacy on PUBLIC PROPERTY, but when on private property; a store, cafe, bar etc., the owner has every right to insist you cease whatever you’re doing. So, be cognizant, and respectful

    • I wish you were right Orwell, but look at the southern border, look at Afghanistan, look at Biden’s vaccine mandate…these people have no shame. They don’t care if you catch them. They are in power. You are not. They will violate the law and say it is your fault.

      • Weiner
        All thought they were above the law, all literally caught with their trousers down, all gone.
        Like Capone (brought down by the IRS) you don’t go after tyrants/criminals/crooks using the standard rules of engagement, you simply shine a light on their misdeeds, and let the cards fall where they may.

    • Exactly. And turn off your microphone while you’re videotaping. They can’t be verbally recorded without their knowledge except for some pretty extreme situations and I don’t think this would count as one of those.

      • INCORRECT! That’s the BS that some local LEO throws out when they don’t want you recording the traffic stop. It’s wrong, just ask them to check with their PRESS/MEDIA relations officer, get the interaction on record, then watch the LEO change their tune.
        ALASKA is a single party concert state, meaning, you can legally record a conversation without informing the other party via ANY telephonic device. That “wiretapping” BS is just that, more internet lore.

        • Alaska is a single party CONSENT STATE…., lol.
          Want more information go see the “recording law” website.

        • You don’t understand the law. Yes, you are only partially right. In order for you to verbally tape someone without their knowledge, you have to be a participant. If you are just playing dick Tracy, then you can’t.

          • So how do news media “legally” video/audio record anything at a public meeting unless they get releases from every participant who verbalizes a thought there?
            There was one fellow filmed, as he was physically dragged from the meeting just the other week. Did he sign a release, was the media breaking the law by recording the interaction without his consent?

      • You failed epidemiology last week, and first amendment law this week. #noughtfortwo #nowgocallcnnandtelltjemtheyareillegallyrecordingpeople

  11. Ironic that straws are banned yet millions of discarded nasty filthy disposable face masks are everywhere.
    So called environmentally conscious left wing woke socialists causing this bio hazard trash crisis.
    There is no medical basis in wearing face masks. Period. Even the corrupt incompetent dwarf Fauci recognizes this, he actually paid for this man made virus with our money, he should know.
    Putting masks on children is criminal child abuse. Parents who engage in this should have their children removed by OCS.
    In fact our governor needs to executive order, based on science and fact, that children cannot be masked or given trial genetic therapy injections, until at 18 they can decide for themselves.
    The woke parents are too far gone to be of concern, but children need to be protected from life and health threatening behavior and toxic substances.

    • Indeed. I can’t use a plastic bag at the grocery store but I have to step over at least three discarded masks on the ground at every playground I visit with my kids.

      I won’t comply. The ASSembly, Berkowitz, and AQD did so much damage the last two years.

  12. “But the law would not apply to those in jail. Nor to those in police custody or who are in court.” The Communist is on the side of the thief and common criminal. They believe it is the fault of the capitalist racist system; not the criminal’s, that they are in jail. Neither the Communist nor the thief respect private property. Hence, the criminal will not wear a mask. The Assembly do not even know why they think they way they do. They have obtained their revolutionary theories through 30 years of osmosis from college professors.

  13. I hate this for the first time in my life im gonna go to a assembly meeting these people conservatives or communist should have zero power to effect my life in any way. the assembly had a small fortune what did they decide to do with it they didnt reinforce hospitals they bought real-estate

  14. Two minutes after the mask mandate passes, the ADN stops the sensationalism, Hospital UNION workers quiet down, JBER will resume the White Supremacy snipe hunt and the communists will be onto the next thing. Deaths are down. Deaths are down Deaths are down over last year. Cases will never ever go away. Ever. Hospitals are creating their own crises. This is either our hill or theirs. That is up to each individual one of us. We don’t wear the mask. They can go truck themselves.

  15. These assembly members will put fourth a mask mandate for Anchorage and then head to the valley to enjoy their parties mask free.

  16. Everyone needs to ignore this mask policy. Anyone who complains about this, but goes ahead and complies anyway, is part of the problem. This is just the beginning of the war. If we give in, there is no end to what we will be mandated. DO NOT COMPLY.

  17. Covid is here to stay. It is endemic in our communities. If we comply with this mandate now, we will be wearing masks forever. DO NOT COMPLY.

  18. The Itch:
    Oh my, on my face there’s a patch
    Forced by law to keep my mouth under latch
    Blame it on Meg and her devious clan
    As we look forward to her exit plan
    As my dad would once say “I’ve got the Itch but no scratch”

  19. I’m worried how easy! People all want too give up your freedoms of choice?
    What scares me worse! Is you giving it up to government and what they tell you! And what too do to your body! Your personal! That should be your choice!

    It’s our holy maker of gods that give us!
    We are not judge or jury in life

    • Those rights you enumerated are far from the ONLY rights we inherently possess, Dulcie.
      You could just as well argue that forcing people to wear a mask does not violate their right to plant a garden, so it is therefore OK.

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