Critical Race Theory Lite: Anchorage School board adopts new equity policies that critics say contain anti-American ideologies


Equality is out. Equity is in.

On Tuesday night, the Anchorage School Board adopted its new anti-racism policy that reflects the latest social fad of Critical Race Theory, which posits that the nation is systemically racist.

It’s a viewpoint supported by mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar, as described last June in his description of the founding of the Republic, and all its many flaws, which he inventories in this video clip:

The majority of board members and School Superintendent Deena Bishop dispute the characterization that the new policy is actually Critical Race Theory.

But when School Board member Dave Donley offered an amendment to the policy that stated clearly it was not in support of Critical Race Theory, every member but Donley voted his amendment down.

Board Member Margo Bellamy argued: “I did not rely on Critical Race Theory to create this policy and neither am I pushing for CRT in our district. That is an unfortunate connection to these policies. I can’t control what people believe. I can only state what I know and what I think,” she said.

She said the new policy was formed by the DIRE program of the National School Board Association. DIRE stands for Dismantling Institutional Racism in Education.

DIRE acknowledges that institutional, structural, and systemic racism has been engrained in the history of America and throughout its public education system, according to the NSBA.

Critical Race Theory in education says that color-blindness is bad, that racism is the societal norm, that race, like gender, is a social construct, that measuring progress is a “white” value, and that whites have been the beneficiaries of civil rights legislation.

The books on the Anchorage School District’s equity reading list support most, if not all of the components in Critical Race Theory and many of the writers are considered standard-bearers for the the new CRT ideology:

  • Antiracist Baby by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi 
  • How to be an Antiracist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi 
  • Stamped from The Beginning by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi 
  • The New Jim Crow by Michele Alexander 
  • An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz 
  • White Fragility by Dr. Robin DiAngelo 
  • So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
  • The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr. edited by Clayborne Carson
  • The Building of the Great Society: Inside Lyndon Johnson’s White House by Joshua Zeitz
  • The Tao of Raven: An Alaska Native Memoir by Ernestine Hayes
  • The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race by Anthony Christian Campo


There are alternatives, but they are not provided to parents and teachers by the Anchorage School District to help advance critical thinking on this controversial ideology. We offer a few of them here as resources to balance the new Critical Race Theory direction of the Anchorage School District:

The Truth About Critical Race Theory, by Chris Rufo.

Randall Kennedy’s Harvard Law Review analysis of CRT.

Beyond All Reason by Daniel A. Farber and Suzanna Sherry

CRT in schools:

Bad Education, by Chris Rufo, describing how a Philadelphia elementary school recently forced fifth-grade students to celebrate “black communism” and simulate a Black Power rally in honor of political radical Angela Davis.

Woke Elementary, Rufo’s report about an elementary school in Cupertino, California—a Silicon Valley community with a median home price of $2.3 million— that recently recently forced a class of third-graders to deconstruct their racial identities, then rank themselves according to their “power and privilege.”


  1. People, wake up before it’s too late. You just voted the Marxists/Leftists for the ASD school board. I will hold the school board and the superintendent in implementing these policies in the teachers union contract and all other contracts. They have to. No longer will teachers or principals be able to choose the school they teach in. It MUST be equitable distribution of resources as the policy states. The effective classroom teachers need to be distributed to all schools, not just to the South side of Anchorage.

  2. We are destroying our own nation and liberties. For a good study on the effects (goals) of indoctrination, read the book Flyboys about how indoctrinated soldiers in WWII Japan became so fanatic that they committed untold atrocities not only upon their prisoners but even upon their own soldiers who failed to meet standards. Will the progressives next use the Schutzstaffel symbol on their collars to demonstrate their purity?

  3. My Grandson will not participate in any of this instruction. I will tell my daughter that he will not be subjected to this crap as long as I’m alive.

  4. Anchorage had the chance to unwind this drift toward anti-Americanism. Too many just are not paying attention to the big agenda they have for us. Wasilla, here I come.

  5. What ever happened to this lesson?

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

    Done and you’re welcome. We should be teaching our children about getting along, being a good /nice person and not to see color. Isn’t seeing color the whole problem here?

  6. Parents speak with your feet. Get your kids out of that district. Homeschool, private school, move to the valley, whatever. What a mess. This ‘crt’ (lower case intended) is just a ‘woke-cult’ vehicle and the wacky school board, bowing to the cultists, are doing their best to try and get you to think it is not ‘crt’ or having anything to do with the woke cult, or BLM cult. This all sounds like the Hitler youth programs during WWII. For some good reading on ‘crt’. – check out this months Imprimis article. I’m not sure if we are allowed to post links here but can easily find on line.

    PS if anyone is interested there is a homeschool conference the weekend atter next , 4/30-5/1 at Faith Bible church in Big Lake. It is hosted by Alaska Private and Home Educators Association. You can go to their website to learn more and register. If you are interested in exploring home schooling at all, this is a great place to start.

  7. The country is going to end up in civil war, you watch. This is such an overblown, non problem, it is just unbelievable. And it is just being shoved down everyone’s throat, just like the COVID BS was shoved down our throats. Big communities have become sewers where this anti American BS thrives and grows. Time to move to a smaller, more realistic community.

  8. I thought I’d never see the day Alaska would be infiltrated with such metastatic crap. We all moved here to get away from this nonsense. Time to homeschool – constitutional, conservative, God based education. Come on Alaska… we are capable of so much more than stooping to such drivel.

  9. This is just another form of racisim:

    “Critical Race Theory in education says that color-blindness is bad, that racism is the societal norm, that race, like gender, is a social construct, that measuring progress is a “white” value, and that whites have been the beneficiaries of civil rights legislation.”

  10. This stuff is absolute garbage. And I am starting to think that those that espouse it may not be much better. It is sophistry and should be described as such.

  11. When Deena Bishop leaves for UA they better hire a Black or Native Educator. Hint hint: There is a Native principal at college gate elementary.
    Those ASD teachers and staff can use an upgrade, ASD employment is too one sided on the white side. Hahaha

  12. If as they state, that whites have been the beneficiaries of civil rights legislation, then their beef is with Congress, not the citizens that were born white.

  13. Clear evidence that we have moved into Phase 7 (of 8) of this civilization. Hope that comes with the CRT material, as well as traditional slavery practices by Alaska Natives.

  14. ANC is in deep sh–, the education system is broken by the leftist teachers and administration. Pull your children out before they indoctrinated them.

  15. Wait…”measuring progress is a “white” value,”? omg, that is so funny. So…one isn’t supposed to gauge how much a student has learned, in order to see if the lessons are effective? What a bunch of hogwash! Anyone who believes that critical race theory BS needs their head examined, or maybe a move to a padded cell. Anchorage appears to be peopled by more mental weaklings than anything else. I’m so sorry for the folks with common sense who are stuck living there amongst all that rot. I’ll be praying for you and your families.

  16. OMG Anchorage, maybe Maxine Waters was right. We need to get in the school boards faces. And confront more.

  17. Who approved this garbage??! Teaching your kids that whites are genetically racist, etc is unacceptable.

  18. HARBORGUY, do you just troll for the fun of it because you don’t have a life? Or is this your life in the basement with ten masks putting you into hypercapnia?

  19. IMO – Racism is a learned trait. It’s major cause is competition for jobs. Skin color being the easiest way to take sides, but not the only way for it to be us and them.
    Every wave of white European immigrants brought renewed competition for jobs. New white immigrants, having displayed the courage to pull up roots and move to a strange place, were most likely to have the courage to start a small family business … and cause resentment by those lacking such courage.
    Non-white immigrants were no different, except to be more easily identified by racial features. All the little enclaves of Jews, Italians, Chinese, Germans, Norwegians, and etc are the natural tendency of peoples to seek familiarity, their own kind.
    It’s generally appears to be racial clustering, but it only appears to be so. In America, as anywhere else, there’s religious and political clustering. Protestants don’t feel comfortable in Catholic neighborhoods. Mormons learned to keep much to themselves. Minor religious cults don’t fit neatly into mainstream religious communities. If you’re “different” in one place, then you might fit in somewhere else.
    In Alaska all the “No Dogs or Indians Allowed” signs disappeared shortly after ANCSA, and the Natives suddenly had millions to spend. The Natives now had their own jobs, working for their corporations and competing less for white jobs.
    The great dust-bowl drought had farmers moving to California, to find work. WW2 had families moving to be near all the new factories, for the jobs. There was white on white competition for the jobs, and when the factory jobs outnumbered the available work force, the white farm and orchard tramps moved to fill the need. Meanwhile, the Mexicans came North to fill the vacuum in the farm and orchard jobs.
    An eternal cycle, often appearing to be a racial issue, or a religious, political, social, economic, and whatever issue. Race just happens to be the easiest, most convenient us and them.
    A minority of haters have leveraged the race issue, so they can have an easily identifiable peoples to hate. But haters hate, regardless. It’s their nature. They can’t hardly keep that hate to themselves. They just have to let it out. The KKK, BLM, and etc. are just haters clustered together for mutual support, to feel that their hate is acceptable in society. To give their crimes a better public face. To pretend that they’re not really all that evil.

  20. So glad I don’t have kids in school.
    This new breed of kids, that will be coming out of these, new school system is bull crap.
    Lazily, want money for doing nothing, disrespectful, you name it. So wrong

  21. Fragile old white people can’t wrap their brains around the concept of systemic racism even in the midst of an epidemic of police violence. Truly amazing disconnect “so-called” conservatives have. It’s all about feeling comfortable to these snowflakes. Even acknowledging Slavery or the Genocide of the American Indian is considered taboo by these doughy, soft, trembling and hateful creatures.

  22. I called and asked for the names of curriculum materials for gifted third graders. They wouldn’t answer that one question asked by me, a native grandmother. So tell me about their wokeness. They are systemically segregating native children from the fundamental materials offered for free, which remain segregated from native children, just like they did in the south. They need to be shut down. Our kids are performing the worst in the world. Are you proud, you woke Democrats? Get lost.

  23. Divide and conquer it’s all well under way. Had a conversation with some 5th and 6th graders neighbor kids completely screwed up and Confused all from the communist garbage ASD pushes in this town. Parents are asleep at the switch or actively pushing the narrative. It’s over. You are all on your own now. This town is 70+ percent complete morons. Woke fools.

  24. How to find equity, not equality, in education:
    African-Americans all get “A’s” in math exams. Caucasions all get “C’s” in math exams. And Asians get “F’s.”.
    Equity, under CRT standards should level the playing field pretty well, and now, we just solved that math problem.
    Tomorrow, we will assign scores for English and Basketball. Stay tuned!

  25. They just don’t want to teach the truth. America has an ideology Christianity see Patrick Henry’s fervent words. The founders spoke out against enslavement in 1678 in Virginia which comprised nine states at the time. Commies hate the concept of God. They make themselves their own Gods. If you get rid of God then you get rid of natural law like nuclear families. If kids are liberated from their families they become peons systemically rather then freemen. They become slaves. The slave trade still goes on In Africa today. Blacks enslaving blacks in servitude for little pay. The foreign interests have purchased our Congress and are entrenching in states. Aren’t we surprised. They don’t tell us this in media”.

  26. A radical leftist city Assembly, a Marxist school board, and a U.S. senator who has gone belly up and drifted to the other side.
    Anchorage, Alaska.
    Stick a fork in it. It’s done.

  27. This is why I think the mail in elections are rigged. The conservative candidates in the mayoral races did competitively, Bronson beating Dunbar. Add to that Evans’ and Robbins’ numbers and that’s a substantial showing. But the Anchorage School Board went hard left? Rivera kept his seat despite the recall effort receiving almost double the number of needed signatures? All of the races that were final went left. They knew there was likely to be a run-off so they let the mayoral numbers be. But the numbers for school board reflect the opposite of what the mayoral race show. I don’t trust the Division of Elections. I do not trust the Muni and as much as I would hope this run off would be fair, I believe the Division of Election is corrupt and they will hand the seat to Dunbar. I don’t know how Anchorage residents get us out of this mail in balloting garbage. I don’t think our legislature has the guts to ban mail in balloting state wide, even if they wrote in exceptions for the villages. I remember when we had our results in hours, days at most for races in Anchorage. The longer it takes for them to tally the votes, the more opportunity there is for corruption. The only recourse we have left as parents and tax-payers is to pull our children from these schools. They’re garbage, 60% of fourth graders can’t read at grade level but Deena Bishop just got a raise in the most egregious example yet of failing up. I hope Bronson has an attorney ready to address any shenanigans that may occur in the tabulation of the Mayor’s race. With the school board abandoning all common sense and accusing all whites of being the problem, if Dunbar wins, Anchorage is lost.

  28. Cue all the fragile white people freaking out and commenting because the current power structure that they benefit from is being dismantled…progress, people. Get out of the way with your antiquated and wrong headed learned behavior..

  29. Jen, I once knew a native Alaskan principal at the culture School in Anchorage. She taped the kid to a chair in the hallway because he was misbehaving. She was allowed to resign and the charges have been hushed so there must have been a payout.

    She now is an attorney as of last year. Is that the type of Native Alaskan educator that you are hoping for or were you just stereotyping?

    I don’t know anyone that isn’t racist. Most people think that their race is the dominant one and look down on the others.

    Most people put that aside and develop meaningful relationships with other people in other races despite being culturally different, but some some can’t do that. Those people are the Barack Obama’s, the current vice president, the LeBron James’s the Oprah Winfrey’s among others that can’t put their hatred aside. The Maxine Waters and the Al Sharptons of this world are the ones that keep race battles going because it is profitable to them.

    They are nothing inept idiots who have profited by being a liberal mouthpiece. They’re claim to any knowledge is bogus. I remember when Oprah Winfrey found out that blacks had sold blacks into slavery in Africa, it was reported that she wept when she found out the truth.

  30. Just great!! My half white and half black son is gonna be taught the at his white father is a racist. He is racist cause he is half white. That’s just peachy.

  31. Grown adult “teachers” helped produce 4 out of 10 kids that can read by the time they get to middle school here in Alaska and now the same said adults want to continue their reign of inflicting ignorance on the most impressionable. I’d have thought for people so in love with “education” would have had enough brains to realize their profession was hijacked and what they are”teaching” is harming our communities. I don’t have any respect for a profession that would knowingly make children ignorant and willfully turn a blind eye to the continued harm.

  32. Anchorage is probably the most diverse city in America. Dozens and dozens of language are spoken here. Any focus on differences other than to say all are equal is counter productive. The rush to accept national policies reminds me of lemmings jumping off the cliff.

  33. WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KNOW, there is no ‘epidemic of police violence’ except that fantasy pushed by the media and democrat politicians. Slavery was and continues to be real as it was practiced since the onset of mankind and still continues in many places, including Africa. So get off your horse and learn both your history and your current events. Or are you just another troll?

  34. Will this new equity policy passed by the majority of our School Board increase the proficiency in Mathematics and English for our students? The ASD has to improve the scores for students.

    Currently, 3 out of 5 student are either below or far below proficiency in English Language Arts & Mathematics for all grades.

    2018-2019 Anchorage School District Results-All grades
    English Language Arts : 42.22% advanced/proficient BUT 57.78% are below/far below proficient
    Mathematics: 39.44% advanced/proficient BUT 60.56% are below/far below proficient.

    2016-2017 ASD Results All grades
    English Language Arts : 40% advanced/proficient BUT 60% are below/far below proficient
    Mathematics: 35.6% advanced/proficient BUT 64.4% are below/far below proficient.

    Obviously, the way we are currently teaching these students isn’t working.

  35. All this garbage is about making a person of light pigment accept the fact that what they achieved, no matter the hard work put into it, was granted to them through a system designed just for them. It’s time to repent and feel guilty for their success. Imagine now, if you will, all of those people of darker pigment who have excelled in this country to be even better than their lighter counterparts under the same system how they feel and view this. If we’re not going to gauge a student’s progress then why even have a brick & mortar building with highly paid professionals? Teach a subject and hope for the best. Let’s just fill classrooms with unprepared students who, if detected with a test would have been weeded out, could have gotten remedial instruction to get them to the next level. No, can’t. That’s RACIST!

  36. Your kids are just pawns to them. This has been obvious for decades. They are source of funding and they hope, down there line, obedient, non thinking, self hating, leftist voters.

  37. I’d really like to read the actual policy. It’s not shown in any news source I’ve seen.

  38. Wouldn’t you like to know that arguing with a fool leads the observer to be confused as to who the fool actually is.

  39. You folks can relieve yourself of this issue for arround $40 a day by putting your kids in private school. Best money we spend. A little religious indoctrination but so much better than the public school option. Take a tour of these schools and look at the curriculum.

  40. SHAME ON YOU, the trolls are out today. We enjoy the greatest progress and peace ever to occur in the history of mankind. It may not be perfect, but for 75 years there has not been a major conflict, hunger is more rare in the world than ever before and occurs not for lack of food but for political manipulation of supply. Technologically we advance leaps and bounds every generation. Every person of every color has equal OPPORTUNITY (some even more than others) to advance themselves in American society. And some like you are trying with all their might to blow it up. Yes, you and your ilk terrify me because I don’t want my (minority) children living in a shack grubbing every day for enough food to stave off starvation, while recalling the good old days as they try to rebuild the civilization of their parents.

  41. “Every system you could possibly think of produces some kind of racial or sexual or class discrepancy,” said Wilfred Reilly, an associate professor of political science at Kentucky State University who specializes in empirically testing political claims. “And this allows the radicals to be radicals eternally, and to claim that everything is racist.”

  42. “The organizer must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression . . . an organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent; provide a channel into which people can angrily pour their frustrations . . . your function — to agitate to the point of conflict.” – Saul Alinsky, Rules For Radicals

  43. Quote by JOSEPHDJ up the string:

    “IMO – Racism is a learned trait. It’s major cause is competition for jobs.”

    Respectfully disagree. Here’s another viewpoint via Scott Adams:

    Racism is everywhere, in everyone, every single day. It is to humans as wet is to water. Question is why? The answer comes out of how the human mind works. We are pattern recognition machines. We see patterns everywhere. The problem is that the human mind is not all that good at pattern recognition, which is where we get into trouble.

    Solution? Rather than arguing about water being wet, perhaps we need to argue about how to keep from getting wet when it rains. Similarly for racism. How to make things so that racism no longer matters? Solution is obviously education. Today, who or what stands in the way of better education for the less well off? Answer: Teacher’s Unions, which have destroyed public education and have the political clout to make sure it doesn’t ever get better. Instead, introducing and demanding things like CRT, they aim to make it worse.

    This is an opportunity for conservatives to work with parents of minority kiddos. Perhaps we ought to take it. Cheers –

  44. To Governor Dunleavy, may we request an Executive Order to stop the reaching of Critical Race Theory, modelled on the following, with immediate effect:
    “Public school districts and public charter schools in Alaska shall be prohibited from teaching, instructing, or training any student to believe any of the divisive concepts set forth in Critical Race Theory.
    A teacher may be dismissed or not reemployed for teaching, instructing or training any student to believe any of the divisive concepts set forth in Critical Race Theory.
    Nothing in this Order shall be construed to prohibit discussing, as part of a larger course of academic instruction, the divisive concepts of Critical Race Theory in an objective manner and without endorsement.
    The Alaska Department of Education may promulgate rules to implement and monitor compliance with the provisions of this Order.
    It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health or safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this Order shall take effect and be in full force on the date of issue.”
    To Alaska’s State Senators Holland and Stevens, Senate Education Committee Chair and Co-Chair respectively, may we request legislation to stop the reaching of Critical Race Theory, modelled on Oklahoma Senate Bill 803, with immediate effect:
    The wording of the suggested Executive Order is excerpted from Oklahoma Senate Bill 803, which may be seen at
    Specific definitions of “divisive concepts” are enumerated in the full text of Oklahoma Senate Bill 803.
    Thank you.

  45. Agimark: Slaves were not allowed to be power consumers. This meant that there was more for the masters to consume. The industrial revolution introduced machinery, and wage slaves could produce a lot more consumables per hour. Automation produced even better results for the wealthy industrialists.
    Just as plantation slaves, wage slaves were never paid enough to become power consumers.
    However, where there was formerly only the two (a simplification) classes … plantation slaves and the masters … the industrial revolution encouraged a large middle class.
    The middle class weren’t power consumers, but they were much better situated. Here’s where the competition for jobs comes in … pitting everyone against everyone. Only a limited number could fill the middle-class role. Work hard, scrimp and save, claw their way up. The losers continued as lower tier wage slaves.
    When unemployment is low, racial strife is low. When unemployment is high, racial strife is high. Covid-19 magnified the unemployment figures, resulting in a marked increase in racial strife.
    Vietnam was the last time we had such strife … and it had little to do with race.. Now we can add de-funding the police, and Critical Race Theory as the present rallying calls.
    Jobs are only a part of our current resurgence of racial strife. There are many factors. But the issue of “jobs” has been pushed aside … leaving only academic and political arguments for resolving our current strife. I believe that the reduction in “jobs” is playing an important part, and should be included in the dialog.

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