Craig Campbell: A lesson from Charlie Kirk for Anchorage’s ‘turning point’ election



I’m on the road in Dallas for Republican Party training. Before you snipe that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” let me defend myself by stating I am 69 years young, not old. With that disclaimer out of the way, I wanted to share some “truths” I heard today at a breakfast with Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA.

Turning Point USA is a grassroots activist non-profit focused on energizing young Americans in the principles of our Constitutional Republic with respect to freedom, the free market, and limited government.

Charlie Kirk held nothing back as he spoke about conservative appeasement to the Democrat machine. He was absolutely right that the Democrat steam-roller of growing government by opening our borders, co-opting corporations to advance liberalism, and making America a socialist nation is in full throttle right now. 

Election fraud, grassroots efforts at getting out the vote, deliberate blackmail of corporations, “in your face” aggressive behavior, and flat out intimidation have become the core strategies of the Democratic Party. The best way to get conservatives to shut-up is to use the worn out racists accusation.

If you don’t agree with them, you’re a racist.

If you support election integrity, you’re a racist.

If you want respect for your individual beliefs, you’re a racist.

If you want to protect women’s rights by opposing transsexual men from participating in women’s sports, you’re a racist.

If you support law enforcement, you’re a racist.

If you want secure borders, you get it, you’re a racist.  

Kirk made it abundantly clear that this is the time for conservatives to wake up and aggressively push back against this rising tide of Democratic Socialism.

He threw a few verbal grenades to stimulate the audience that too often conservatives have to have a “pure” candidate or they won’t vote, therefore we lose even when we have the numerical majority.  

Case in point was this last election cycle in Georgia. President Trump won Georgia, but when the senatorial run-off happened, both Republican senators lost to radical Democrats because a large block of Georgia conservatives didn’t like Perdue or Loeffler. They just didn’t vote.  Unbelievable. Because the Republican candidates were not their ideal conservatives, conservatives stayed home and two radical Democrats now represent Georgia in the United States Senate, making it a 50/50 split and giving immense power to uber-liberal Vice President Kamala Harris. 

No wonder the socialists are pushing to pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges, make D.C. a state giving them two more Democrat Senators for eternity, implementing the Green New Deal, and opening the borders to recruit millions of new Democrat voters. They know they have the Democrat votes and can probably intimidate, threaten, coerce, or convince enough weak Republicans to support their agenda and implement this Brave New World. You can’t make this stuff up, they are playing for keeps.

So what’s my point?  Anchorage has a critical mayoral run-off election on May 11. The split between Bronson and Dunbar is very close. If we are to have any chance of returning Anchorage to the greatness that preceded the destructive Berkowitz/Quinn-Davidson era, we must elect Dave Bronson mayor.

That means every voter that voted for Bronson, Robbins, or Evans must turn out and vote for Bronson in this run-off. No staying home because your favorite candidate isn’t in the run-off. You can bet the Democrats are going to aggressively get out their voters for Dunbar, to include the Falsey and Martinez voters. If we stay home, Dunbar wins, period.

Politics is not a personality contest. It’s the process by which we collectively select our government leaders and determine the type of future we want for our city. It’s an interactive event in which you must participate if you want to change the path Anchorage is currently going of divisiveness, homelessness, a declining economy, rising violent crime, and bigger government. 

You just can’t stay home and expect change to occur against a motivated radical Democrat machine. Look what happened in the Rivera Recall vote. They are playing for keeps and if we lose this municipal election to Dunbar, I am afraid we will have turned Anchorage into nothing better than what we now see in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Make sure you vote in this Anchorage mayoral run-off, and for the sake of our future, vote for Dave Bronson.

Craig E. Campbell served on the Anchorage Assembly between 1986 and 1995 and later as Alaska’s Tenth Lieutenant Governor.  He was the previous Chief Executive Officer and President for Alaska Aerospace Corporation.  He retired from the Alaska National Guard as Lieutenant General (AKNG) and holds the concurrent retired Federal rank of Major General (USAF).


  1. Very nice rhetoric, but unfortunately too many conservatives think for themselves and, unlike progressives, refuse to lockstep behind a good candidate, preferring to go down in defeat looking for the perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good. Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and vote-would you prefer Leeza or AOC? Get put and vote for Bronson. Invite all your friends over to fill out ballots-the progressives will (of course I mean your friends’ own ballots, I would never endorse cheating, but the progressives will-latest from Georgia is that well over the margin of error are fraudulent).

  2. The Left has all the stops pulled out. This week, Wisconsin’s Supreme court ruled that the state shouldn’t purge the voters from rolls after they are flagged as possibly having moved out of the state.
    The court’s 5-2 ruling means about 69,000 people on the list of likely movers won’t have their voter registration deactivated. The Left seems to no longer fake as if they care for integrity while doing the opposite. They just do the opposite and laugh at the Right.
    Heck, one day they might even promote burning down buildings and label it as anything but the crime and arson that it is.

  3. Charlie Kirk isn’t he the dirt bag that works at Liberty University? Charlie Kirk the fellow that created with Falwell some sort of political arm that is now under the microscope by Liberty University alumni who want him and the GOP politics on Liberty University to go away.

    Charlie Kirk the guy that organized bus loads of kids to Jan 6th in support of Trump.

    Falwell is out on his butt at Liberty for him and his wife sleeping with a the pool boy.

    Campbell is just lying when he says Georgia was won by Trump, but Campbell probably bought into the Big Lie.

    Campbell also leaves out that Trump was responsible for GOP voters not getting out to vote when he pushed the Big Lie.

    In the end Charlie Kirk and Trump are liars.

  4. I keep saying, let the burning begin and wear your mask the rest of your life = Dunbar win
    Wait it’s my life no masks here.
    If you don’t vote you have a right to complain.

    Vote Bronson for Freedom

  5. Harbor Guy, the left’s little Myna bird who often comments on Must Read Alaska. Harbor Guy has the ability to repeat talking points, over and over again. No thought , no intellectual curiosity, no critical thinking. He absorbs what sound bites his masters give him and repeats the sounds and leaves his droppings all over the cage in which he has decided to dwell. A captive little mind stuck in his own dropping splattered cage of reality.

  6. I am not surprised by Bill Evans silence, or that he hasn’t given his public approval toward Dave Bronson. After all, his campaign manager is part of another blog that regularly bashes conservatives and women who are real and stay true.

    I wouldn’t doubt that other blog would bash Dave Bronson criticizing his policies if he is the victor, if it is God’s will.

    Just because of a candidate does or doesn’t endorse a candidate, the voters can vote for anyone they choose.

    Falsey’s more-conservative voters don’t have to give up their freedoms and wealth by voting for a liberal democrat whose policies will make them spread their hard worked wealth over a poor multitude.

    Conservative Democrats need to gain control over their party after they allowed it to get hijacked by a bunch of overzealous young liberals before the they, who are paying for what the liberals spend, will all go broke and will have less money for sharing.

    The continued promotion of liberal democrat characters, such as Dunbar and S. Rasmussen will mean the Democrats and Republicans won’t even have a party, eventually.

  7. Okay Kingsley (Robert Schenker hiding behind fake name), you identified a troll, Harbor Guy; not profound. We have vast herds of Marxist trolls throughout the land.
    Let’s engage in some critical thinking, shall we? Op-ed writer, Craig Campbell, effectively says we must vote for leftists as long as they label themselves Republicans. He contends holding to principals costs us elections and control of the Senate. However, by voting for Republican Lisa Murkowski in her earlier campaigns many Alaskans essentially gave up control of the Senate to Democrats anyway.
    Frankly, I would almost rather vote for Karl Marx himself than his avatar in the form of Murkowski. At least Marx honestly held true to his reprehensible ideology.

  8. Wayne Coogan, Harbor Guy clearly is a caged, pathetic, dropping splattered creature. However an old Raven like yourself, one free to roam and observe the landscape below, has to concede that to accomplish a thing one must make concessions for the less wise birds amongst us. Those perhaps without the intelligence of you. Said birds are not of your feather, however they are not the pathetic Myna Bird depicted by Harbor Guy either. The simple truth is, we need strength in numbers. You might want to consider this when you squawk at the less enlightened flock. Divisions within the flock will certainly not be helpful. I do not disparage you or your message Mr. Coogan, I only want to point out that instead of your harsh croaking you might want to utter a more melodic song.

  9. I’m wondering what part the Electors played: knowing when and how the machines were manipulated. That discourages good faith votors too. The best Conservative loves the republic and the Constitution. He or she will talk about it; it’s in their hearts. Our republic is the best form of government ever on this earth. How dare any candidate put down this great nation, its outstanding values of love of liberty and justice. Yes Bronson is needed right now. And I care about the homeless too.

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