Public sees Rivera as a bully, but his defenders on Assembly see otherwise


Numerous members of the public testified on Tuesday that they were shocked to hear Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera dress down Chugiak/Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard during last Wednesday’s meeting. Allard had asked a question about the crisis on the southern border.

The word “bully” was used to describe Rivera by several people who attended the meeting. One woman said she remembered what it was like to be bullied as a child, and she instantly recognized Rivera bullying Allard.

But when it came the for the Assembly members to address the incident, only Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy defended Allard and spoke against the bullying.

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel said that Allard was not enough like her predecessor Fred Dyson. Dyson was nice, Zaletel said. He worked with them. Since Allard joined the Assembly last April, the Assembly has not been able to get along well.

Assemblyman Chris Constant said that if Allard didn’t like what Rivera was saying, she should have been more effective in stopping him through a procedure, such as a point of order. He said she erred in how she called for a point of order.

Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar agreed with Constant, as did Kameron Perez-Verdia; Suzanne LaFrance said she was not ready to remove Rivera as chair. He’s organized, she said.

Jamilia George, a member of the public, characterized Rivera differently:

“I am deeply disappointed, Mr. Rivera, by your actions of last week. I have more than a passing acquaintance with Roberts Rules of Order. By what rule did you cut off the mic of a duly elected sitting Assembly member?”

Rivera would not respond.

“When you cut off someone’s mic, they can’t call a point of order. I’m disappointed in you. I expected better of you,” she said. “I don’t think you respect the fellow Assembly members and I know you don’t respect the citizens.”


  1. What does it matter? Winning is all that matters. Roberts Rules? Civility? Those don’t matter. Rivera well represents the people who placed him in office and God help the rest of the city. Nice people is another term for good losers. Time for some conservative wolverines (new party symbol).

  2. Is anyone really surprised by the actions of the liberal members of the assembly anymore? This is a tactic straight out of the liberal playbook – Deflect and Accuse others of doing what you are doing yourself. They demonstrate their individual and collective hypocrisy daily… and nothing happens to them. They are continually rewarded for their bad behavior and so nothing changes… nothing.

  3. Why do the problems on the southern border have anything to do with the Anchorage Alaska Assembly?

  4. THE municipal election of Anchorage has exactly nothing to do with the Southern border invasion.
    American politics are such a drag on Alaska’s spiritual and political energy.

  5. The biggest question the people of Anchorage should be asking is why was so much out of State money thrown at the effort to keep Felix in? Who has such a vested interest in making sure Anchorage stays in Liberal lockdown?

  6. “Nice” and “get along” translated from the commie-speak means agree, or shut up and lick my boots…

  7. “Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel said that Allard was not enough like her predecessor Fred Dyson. Dyson was nice, Zaletel said. He worked with them.”
    Very telling quote. In other words, Dyson was politically aligned with the leftists on the Assembly.
    “Since Allard joined the Assembly last April, the Assembly has not been able to get along well.”
    And, I say Good!
    The last thing we want, anywhere is too efficient of a legislative body. The most efficient form of government is a King, his word is law, end of story. The least efficient legislature will never trample on the publics freedom. The less the assembly agrees, the better off Anchorage is.
    Roll on Jamie Allard! I am thinking of moving to Eagle River solely so I can vote for you over and over again.

  8. It was in regard to COVID. There is an increase in COVID positive cases coming in across the southern border, that are then sent to other states, increasing the potential for another surge.

  9. HARBORGUY, I still have a conscience and ethics and could never be elected. I tried once on a community board and my kids were harassed, my family doxed, and to respond likely was beyond my civility. May our local abortionist and her evil husband forever burn in HELL!

  10. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. These idiots don’t know what they’re asking for until it’s going to be in their face. Keep pushing them buttons if the citizens, shady assembly members, because someday, someone or many someones will not care about the consequences anymore. The first thing that should happen is mass amounts of people stop paying property taxes, they can’t arrest everyone. Why pay for a representative republic that doesn’t work as intended? ASD is broken, the assembly is broken and Bronson couldn’t do it alone (when he wins). Take it from their playbook, defund MOA. That last election needs a independent forensic auditing too. The Recall Rivera people should push for it, honestly. People who were elected by votes don’t act like they were chosen by Soros, cheat-by-mail has been doing its job well since cheat-by-mail was established in Anchorage. Maybe Anchorage can start a petition to abolish mail in voting for good.

  11. Meg Zaletel , I thought the left celebrated “Diversity”? Isn’t this Allard woman an example of that concept? Why the heavy handed suppression of someone who has a differing opinion? I think you look pretty silly in your condemnation of Allard and your fawning over this Rivera fellow. Is it because any resistance to the Party Collective is, Verboten! How does it feel, knowing that you are a nice little Fascist? Do you wear black leather much? Just wondering…

  12. Too funny AK, you claim your civility while telling someone to burn in hell, so Christian of you .

  13. The oligarchy of Dunbar, Zalatel, Rivera, Constant, Verdia, LaFrance and Peterson conspired to make this meeting into the bash Allard show. They each took a turn spitting vitriol at Allard, just as Rivera had done before. Kennedy attempted to birng this subject up at Fridays online meeting but was prevented in doing so because the Cabal needed time to organize this attack on Allard. These criminals act like they are so clever and that the rest of us are too stupid to see through their unethical and viscious actions. It is plain to see, the oligarchy is organized and intends to maintain the stranglehold on the money to siphon it off to those they are responsible for their success.

  14. Did anyone really expect Felix Rivera et al to see reason and offer an apology?
    However the fact that there was a discussion regarding this incident at all was enlightening. There clearly was so much pressure from the public that it could not be swept under the rug!
    Keep it up Suzanne!

  15. Keep shining the light on these clowns on the assembly. Maybe, just maybe, they will be voted out when their term comes up.

  16. HARBORGUY, may Himmler, Eichmann, Yoshio Tachibana, the ones who ran the concentration camps and Unit 731 also burn in hell with them. For a society to remain civilized, people must retain civility. Murder of the unfavored and helpless violates those standards. Not Christian nor Buddhist nor Muslim, but natural law. You can break many laws, but natural law will always win. Just as China about demographics.

  17. HARBORGUY – I’ll do you one better… as I’ve already spent (read sacrificed) 34 years of my life (and my families) upholding and defending the constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic as a uniformed and civilian member of the United States military. I also concur with AK on the subject of I still have a conscience and ethics and would not want my good family name slandered and dragged through mud simply because I have different political viewpoints from someone else and dared to run for public office. I will however do everything in my power to support Dave Bronson in his run for mayor as he is putting his money where his mouth is as am I in supporting him.

  18. These communists continue to poke the bear.
    Of course one solution is to simply vote them out.
    Too many lefties in their districts.

  19. It would be “nice” if they were not recalcitrant to return calls and actually represent the taxpayers in your neighborhood. They have effectively quit taking info from people on issues that are opposite of the people’s desire and they know it. Execute the people’s will which is not an effete snobbish attention to united nations planning propoganda. Could Alaska feel our own requirements and have more than one or two taking a stipend to be on our side? That is what you are sitting there for. Quit if you don’t like us. Be unavailable elsewhere.

  20. Member Rivera isn’t a Bully, but he is a Follower, he be that kid in the crowd who be a quiet by-stander witnessing bullying take place even joining into the Frey. Members Zalatel, Dunbar, Constant, LaFrance, and Peterson they and their friends are the bullies. Look at Zalatel, Dunbar, and Constants behavior regarding masks, they encouraged the mask shaming to take place! I am suprised by Zalatel taking defence of the unkind things said about her and other members while I never seen anyone of them publicly stand up against the anchorage liberal cartel developing hate groups against Downing, Allard, Reinbold, and testifiers through their various social media groups like Ancgov…

  21. I agree Jen. Hope Bronson gets in and he needs everyone’s support. Oh, and one more thing this reminds me Mayor Begich organized an audit by willing Anchorage people to work together as a team from the public when he first got elected. We found insurance policies had lapsed for employees and had been lapsed for years. With the stay at home approach to avoidance that has been embraced it might be good to just see what is found.

  22. The Assembly’s defense? She had it coming.

    You elected these people Anchorage. Mostly by sitting on your butts and not bothering to vote. This IS exactly what Anchorage deserves. But make no mistake, like a cancer it will infect the rest of us.

    You are being ruled, Anchorage. Not represented, ruled. Still think all the excuses you came up with to not vote are valid?

    My favorite “I’m too busy working” won’t be an issue much longer. The Assembly is steadily putting all businesses they don’t like to economic death.

    Wonder if the majority will bother to vote then? Most likely just find another excuse to be unhappy.

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