Murkowski is first GOP senator to endorse Haley


Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of the most middle-of-the-road senators in Washington, has endorsed Nikki Haley for president. She made the announced Friday in a statement.

“I’m proud to endorse Gov. Nikki Haley,” Murkowski said in her statement. “America needs someone with the right values, vigor, and judgment to serve as our next President—and in this race, there is no one better than her. Nikki will be a strong leader and uphold the ideals of the Republican Party while serving as a President for all Americans.”

Murkowski was one of seven Republicans who voted in favor of impeachment of Trump, after he was no longer president. Trump was not convicted for the allegations against him, made by Democrats in the House, led by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, both of California. She said Trump has poisoned the country.

Unlike Murkowski, Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan has endorsed Donald Trump, while Rep. Mary Peltola has endorsed President Joe Biden.

Haley wrote a statement thanking Murkowski: “Sen. Murkowski represents the best of Alaska … she is a trailblazer and a strong, independent voice who doesn’t bow down to the powers that be in Washington.”

Murkowski has been out of favor with the Alaska Republican Party for years. Her last dust-up with the party was when the party censured her in 2021 for voting to convict Trump. In 2022, she won reelection with the help of Democrats using the open primary system her surrogates worked to have passed in 2020 (with ranked choice voting), which helped her avoid a Republican primary.

Alaskan Republicans will be voting in the GOP Presidential Preference Poll on Tuesday, at locations across the state.

A poll run in the Must Read Alaska newsletter shows that 73% of readers think Haley should drop out now. She has not won any state in the primary and caucuses so far this year. Another 6% of participants said she should drop out after Super Tuesday, and 21% think she should not drop out. The poll was self-selecting and 330 readers of 34,000 subscribers took part.

Trump is still surging in national polls, in spite of his legal troubles and social media habits. Of the 1,215 delegates needed to become the GOP nominee, Trump has 122 delegates, or 10% and Haley has 24 delegates, or about 2%. Another 874 delegates will be decided by March 5. The Alaska Republican Party will have 29 delegates.

Before Super Tuesday, the Idaho Republican Presidential Preference Caucus and the Michigan Republican State Convention take place on Saturday, March 2, and on Monday, March 4, the North Dakota Republican Presidential Preference Caucus is scheduled.

Then on Tuesday, March 5, in addition to Alaska, the Alabama Republican Primary, Arkansas Republican Primary, California Republican Primary, Colorado Republican Primary, Massachusetts Republican Primary, Maine Republican Primary, Minnesota Republican Primary, North Carolina Republican Primary, Oklahoma Republican Primary, Tennessee Republican Primary, Texas Republican Primary, Utah Republican Precinct Caucuses, Virginia Republican Primary, and Vermont Republican Primary will be held, and it will largely end the primary contest between Haley and Trump.


  1. Totally out of touch with Alaskans, Nimarata is not even a contender nor will be, she is simply a neocon chitdisturber. Way to secure Alaska’s future.

    • Thank God the religious right doesn’t endorse a heathen, adulterous, grab them by the pussy megalomaniac. LOL. The religion is what makes this a joke. It would be different if they were just fiscally conservative.

  2. Love the comments! She might as well have said she endorses Haley and will vote for Biden like she did in 2020.

    • Like smart patriotic Americans will in 2024. You are either for America or for Donald Trump, it’s truly that simple.

      • Make American Great Again….coined by Ronald Regan. American is dying under Biden and Myorkas….when you wake up it will be too late, it’s truly that simple!

        • I don’t care who said Make America Great Again first. You are either for America or for Donald Trump, it’s truly that simple.

      • RINO, you are exactly right. I just saw a tweet by Kari Lake letting us know she is thrilled to get Senator John Cornyn’s endorsement 🤢🤮 Not sure why she thought that was a good one to even accept or mention out loud.

  3. While twice elected governor Haley fought for lower taxes, and less regulation. She helped grow the state’s economy by promoting conservative ideas.

    Haley beats Biden in the general election. Trump has so much baggage that independents and a lot of Republicans are not going to vote for him.

    Of course I’m not like Trump. I’ve never been a registered Democrat, or a supporter of Hillary Clinton like Trump has. And I do not support massive deficit spending like Trump allowed- over $7.8 trillion dollars added to the US debt.

  4. First and only…This doesn’t surprise me at all. A fake republican endorses a fake republican. I do not care.

    • I will admit that there are many reasons not to support Lisa Murkowski. That said, how successful will the Republican Party be if it wants to chase people away? Is there room in the Party for anyone other than Donald Trump? What happens after Donald Trump?

      • Trump will be gone in 4 years. There are several people on the horizon.
        If the GOP can’t survive after Trump, it doesn’t deserve to.

      • Driving people away, and having standards are two very different things.
        How long will the Republican Party last if it starts ignoring the party members who are working against the party’s platform?
        Oh… no reason to answer, that is what is happening now. The GOP is dying due to internal rot. They talk about ideals, then vote very differently. And when someone actually tries to live up to the “ideals” that party espouses, they cut that person down, and try to destroy them.

  5. I’m sure the princess feels her endorsement will put Haley over the top as she continues to sign you up to pay for things, take your money by the bucket load and as a globalist spend it on the rest of the world. How many trips has she taken on the taxpayer dime, to where and at what cost? Why does she always ignore what Alaskans/her constituents want in favor of her own ill conceived opinion?

  6. This way she can still claim to be on the GOP team (hint: she’s NOT) yet also not disenfranchise any “Independent” or Democrat voters who usually vote for her by endorsing Trump. See how that works?

    ” I have no conviction, if that’s what you mean. I blow with the wind, and the prevailing wind happens to be from Vichy.” – Captain Louis Renault, Casa Blanca

  7. Listen up folks. It appears our man can’t come up with posting the full bond in both the real estate fraud case and the sexual assault case. I know it’s surprising as he has repeatedly said his net worth is around $10 billion. We all need to get behind his go fund me campaign and bail this poor guy out! Your grandkids don’t need any of your hard earned savings. Give it all to greatest business man/President in history. #maga#patriots!

  8. Lisa Murkowski stands out amidst a blighted landscape as a voice of reason and a refreshingly ethical Senator. People are sick of the extremists, both Right and Left, that inhabit Congress, who focus on owning the other party and push extreme viewpoints that do not align with those held by the majority of their constituents. In fact, the whole idea of representative government has become a sick joke, as Senators and Representatives alike spend their time and efforts waging endless political battles with the opposing party. Even when they enter politics with altruistic ideals, they eventual morph into hardened political warriors who become unable to speak the obvious truth (the Big Lie), who attack every position taken by the opposition regardless of merit, and who act exclusively in their own self interest in order to retain their position of power.

    • Ethical senator.
      Is this Nepotism Lisa we’re talking about or Kenai Land Deal Murkowski we’re talking about.
      Let me guess – you got the covid shot, right…

      • You know, we’re all getting tired of that stupid old line. Can’t you think of anything better or more original? Guess not.

        • At least it’s effective, concise, and to the point. Concepts not in your wheelhouse.

          Now go away child. Adults are talking.

    • You pretty much beclowned yourself when you said the “elites” flying their private jets to Davos had some kind of positive global impact.
      Do you really need to pile on? If this was a NFL game, you would get a self inflicted piling on penalty.

  9. I was gonna say: “How is this news Suzanne” (princess hates conservatives)
    But I guess daddy’s girl could have endorsed Biden, being the Dem she is.

  10. It takes real courage and commitment to endorse a candidate who can’t win in her own state. And why is that, if she was such a great governor? Was it her tenure at the U.N.?
    Anyways, swamp babes gotta stick together.

  11. “…doesn’t bow down to the powers that be in Washington.”

    Are we talking about the same Murkowski here?

  12. The article says, “Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of the most middle-of-the-road senators in Washington, has endorsed Nikki Haley for president.”
    Yeh, she’s “middle-of-the-road” … like Fidel Castro.

  13. Haley is so far left even Democrat Lisa M is endorsing her. I don’t know one conservative who likes either of them.

  14. Some endorsements say volumes. Although I’m no Haley fan I cringe to see a Murkowski endorsement for anyone. Causes me to feel sorry for Haley while at the same time deepens my lack of confidence in her.

  15. We deserve who we vote into office. Almost 50% of voters chose sleepy joe. This is Alaska today. First Anchorage, then the state, its all going to the left. Only changed hearts and culture will fix it.

  16. Daddy’s Little Princess(!!!)
    … Once again she proves she continues to be disconnected from Alaskan voters.
    … Once again she proves she only allows her emotions to dictate her decisions.
    … Once again she proves she has a very low IQ.
    … Once again she embarrasses Alaska and Alaskans.
    … Once again she proves her true character and intentions.
    … Once again she proves her true worth to Alaskans.
    … Once again she proves that your daughters shouldn’t emulate her.
    … Once again she proves why she shouldn’t be one of two Senators from the great State of Alaska!!!

  17. AW YES she is a RINO,and RINOS and swamp rats must stick together. Next she will say how Nationalist Christians are a threat to our democracy. Good thing it is a republic.

  18. Lisa’s tiresome Orange Man Bad show continues. Happily, we have a way our. Toss RCV in November and Lisa in 4 years unless she resigns before that. Either way we will be rid of her. Cheers –

  19. I wonder how many on Haley’s team that Murkowski is friendly with? Interesting that Haley put together a team up here and Murkowski endorses her.. Was this team and the endorsers Murkowski’s idea? I wonder if the City of Wasilla Mayor goes and has lunch or dinner with Murkowski when Murkowski shows up at her Wasilla office? Oh, maybe the Wasilla City Mayor cuts and styles Murkowski’s hair for her?

  20. Let this country die. It needs to be judged by God. Just the fact that you have these women ruling over you proves that you are under judgment. We are watching them implode right in front of our face. People are starting to talk about the girl question. Get in the hell out of government and you might survive

  21. Haley must be getting big laundered funds for being used as brainless place holder so deep state RINO’s+Dems can keep Trump off the ballot in Nov. Hey, it’s a movie with popcorn watching all their shenanigans of baseless lawsuits, impeachments and who knows what else they’ll dream up…all to beat Trump!! Silly.

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