By the numbers: Trump FEC reports show he is fundraising more than Haley and Biden in Alaska, but by how much?


With the election season under way, how is former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley faring in Alaska?

Haley has appointed a team of chairpersons to get out the vote during the Alaska Republican Party’s March 5 Presidential Preference Poll, which helps the party calculate delegates to the national convention. Only one of the team members actually donated to Haley’s campaign in 2023.

Looking at the Federal Election Commission reports for last year, Trump is still stronger than Biden in Alaska; Trump won in 2020 with 53% of the vote in the Alaska general election. Trump supporters are showing up stronger, compared to Republican Nikki Haley this year.

Here’s a snapshot of the campaign contributions for 2023:

In 2023, Trump’s campaign received 7,603 financial contributions from Alaskans.

Results by various cities include:

Anchorage: 2,548 contributions

Wasilla: 756 contributions

Fairbanks: 618 contributions

Juneau: 278 contributions

Kenai: 179 contributions

Palmer: 178 contributions

Ketchikan: 101 contributions

Haley’s campaign received 911 contributions from Alaskans in 2023. By city:

Anchorage: 364 contributions

Fairbanks: 84 contributions

Juneau: 51 contributions

Ketchikan: 31 contributions

Palmer: 12 contributions

Kenai: Zero contributions

Joe Biden received 461 contributions from Alaskans in 2023. By city:

Anchorage: 240

Juneau: 75

Fairbanks: 25

Wasilla: 17

Ketchikan: 9

Palmer: 7

Kenai: 4

Note that these contributions do not represent individual donors, as many donors give multiple times to campaigns.

Must Read Alaska calculated 225 individual donors for Haley, and 684 individual donors for Trump from Alaska in 2023. There were 135 individual donors from Alaska to Biden.


  1. Wow, Alaska the 2024 financial “swing” state! We’re always within the political slip! But it’s nice to be stroked even if we’re totally insignificant! Alaskans are at the top of their game when complaining!

  2. The number of donors is intriguing. More intriguing is the dollar amounts being raised.

    Trump is having to divert a substantial amount of donations to fight off the lawfare. It doesn’t matter in the primaries, but could matter a lot in the general.

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