Nikki Haley signs a team to lead her Alaska effort


The campaign of Nikki Haley gave the news to Alaska Public Media: She has added Art Hackney, Alaska political consultant, to lead the effort to get Alaska Republicans to support her campaign. And she has assembled a team of supporters that includes former Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, Sen. Bert Stedman of Sitka, and Rep. Louise Stutes of Kodiak. The rest of the list was not revealed by Alaska Public Media, but Must Read Alaska has acquired it from several sources:

Haley’s Alaska Leadership Team:

  • Statewide Co-Chair: Art Hackney, Chairman Emeritus, American Association of Political Consultants
  • Anchorage Co-Chair: Curtis Thayer, Executive Director of Alaska Energy Authority
  • Anchorage Co-Chair: Sara Rasmussen, Former State Representative
  • Anchorage Co-Chair: Natasha von Imhof: Former State Senator, Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee
  • Eagle River Co-Chair: Kai Binkley-Sims, Businesswoman
  • Fairbanks Co-Chair: David Pruhs, Mayor of Fairbanks
  • Mat-Su Co-Chair: Glenda Ledford, Mayor of Wasilla
  • Kenai Peninsula Co-Chair: Tom Wright, Senior Legislative Aide, Commercial Fisherman
  • Southeast Co-Chair: Laraine Derr, Board Member, Greater Juneau Chamber of Commerce


  • Bert Stedman: State Senator, Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee
  • Louise Stutes: State Representative, Former Speaker of the House
  • Jay Ramras: Former State Representative
  • John Harris: Former Speaker of the House
  • Mead Treadwell: Former Lieutenant Governor
  • Ralph Samuels: Former State Representative
  • Anna Mackinnon: Former State Representative, State Senator
  • Jennifer Johnston: Former State Representative, Co-Chair, Finance Committee
  • Charisse Millett: Former Statehouse Majority Leader
  • Lesil McGuire: Former State Representative, State Senator
  • Sheila Cernich: Officer, Anchorage Republican Women’s Club
  • Miranda Strong: Former General Counsel, Alaska Republican Party
  • Eddie Grasser: Director of Wildlife Conservation, Department of Fish and Game
  • John Sims: President, ENSTAR Natural Gas
  • Perry Green: Member, American Israel Public Affairs Committee
  • Lottie Michael: Commercial Real Estate Developer
  • Tyra Chandler: Anchorage businesswoman
  • Amber McDonald: Anchorage businesswoman
  • Athena Fulton: Real Estate Consultant
  • Ashley Reed: Government Relations & Public Affairs Consultant
  • Ginger Johnson: Former Legislative Assistant, Department of Transportation
  • Gale Vandor: Former Director, Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Angela Rodell: Former Executive Director, Alaska Permanent Fund
  • Mike Welch: Mayor of North Pole
  • Madison Fagnani: Anchorage businesswoman
  • Cherie Curry: Media Consultant and Strategist
  • Mary Ann Pease: Regulatory/Government Affairs Consultant
  • Kati Capozzi: President & CEO, Alaska State Chamber of Commerce

The Haley team is going to focus on getting out the vote for the GOP Presidential Preference Poll, which is being held by the Republican Party on Super Tuesday, March 5.


    • Nice RINO list – I’ll never vote for any of the neocons who are supporting Globalist Nikki.
      Are they that tone deaf?
      These people ARE the problem – war mongers, open borders, free traders, Globalists one and all.

    • Waste of time for all of these foolish RINOs (except Art Hackney who will take money from anyone). Trump will kick Haley’s *ss in South Carolina and it will be over. So what then? They’ll go and work for Biden? Newsome? Michelle?
      All idiots. All afflicted with Trump Derangement Psychosis.

      • There are some rather dimwitted names on Haley’s list. Some are lazy. Some are fat and bald. Sone filthy rich. Some are Democrats. Few will do any real work for Haley. Most are looking for accolades from each other. ALL are undeniable liberals with YOUR money.

  1. Well, Bert(Stedman) on the record of supporting Nikki, an obvious loosing soul at this junction. confirms his inability to recognize the difference between the tide coming in and going out.

    • Bert just never met a possible funding source he didn’t covet.
      Lotta RINOs on that list, but surprisingly a few conservatives too. I’ll vote for Nikki if she’s the only alternative to brandon, but I’ll be gagging while doing it. Too much globalist.

  2. Politics as usual isn’t going to cut it anymore. Our country is in serious trouble brought on by decades of printing money in order to kiss the ass of special interests for political gain. We need to get the country back to where you work hard and you MIGHT be successful but the “government” is not responsible for your success or failure, you are. The government needs to get out of the way and let us live our lives as the Constitution intended. Trump understands this point and has voiced this very sentiment continuously over the last 4 decades. Look at the lsit of Haley supporters. Every one is dependent of government for their paycheck, directly or by virtue of government over reach.

    • Robert ,you are absolutely correct, follow the money! Many of these people drink the establishment Kool-Aid. Many of them toke the Jab & many forsakes God’s Devine DNA to be enough to soon be their own demise! Trump will win & they will cry sour grapes! Just let it be recognized for their effort to take down our Republic!

  3. Will these Rinos vote for Michelle Obama when Haley finally realizes she is losing and drops out? Just asking. Most of these Names backing Nicki Haley are in the same club, They all lost!!

  4. Nikki, you lost to anybody else. Unless you can talk the Democrats to parachute you in for Grandpa Bloodstains, it’s not gonna happen. Ever.

    You’re everything wrong in politics. A principal less political lady of the evening. And not even a high class one.

    • I agree Leo, I & My wife both grow up in the Matsu went to school with Eddie is a disappointment just like his younger sister !! Check his teeth for cavities from the to sweet Kool-Aid drinking!

      • Grasser has been a paid lobbyist and follows Murkowski’s marching orders in AK so due to that association he can’t possibly back Trump. Every agency position he’s ever had was a political appointment. Sycophants do as they’re told.

    • When Nikki Haley loses bigly to Trump in Alaska most of these people named will vote for Trump in the general election. Even the dumbest among them will probably not vote for the mentally incompetent man who has worked so hard to hurt Alaska.

  5. Thank You for the list of Alaska Elite supporting “Bird Brain”…why would they want a prosperous natural resource infrastructure? President Trump’s “Drill Baby Drill on Day One”, vs endless military industrial war machine aligned with her policies?

    • Tell us why you’re so special, Jeff ? Is it for your love of country ? Your boundless Patriotism ? Or is it because you’re a follower and a disciple of Christ ? A man so smart among common men, the wise one. Tell me, oh human whom is superior to the rest of us, where do you find your endless grace and wisdom ?

      • Bobby Jo, please explain where or how you got the idea that I believe myself to be special in any way.

        If I do happen to be much different from most others, it is in my intolerance of injustice and corruption and usurpations of freedom, and my willingness to call them out and condemn those who engage in them.

  6. Rank Choice Voting with the open primary for dimwits and everyone else is the only thing she’s got going.

    Other than that, why haven’t all the Republicans in Juneau already overturned RCV?

    • Willy, ranked-choice voting does not apply to the presidential election, as the parties still get to nominate their presidential nominee, just don’t get to nominate any of their other candidates. -sd

  7. I doubt Lisa would endorse Haley. Even she can see that wouldn’t get her anything. The only thing sure about Lisa is she won’t endorse Trump. She is a swamp dwelling Rino that suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  8. The swamp is getting drained in AK. Never Nikki. Move over RINOs your time is done, zio money won’t help you warmonger, false flags won’t help either because we all expect them, it’s like the CIA can’t fool Americans anymore .

    • Just curious: What happens when Donald Trump is no longer in politics? Who do you like in Alaska to lead the anti-RINO forces? Shouldn’t politics be about the people and principles we support, rather than about those we hate?

      • JMARK, an excellent point. Alaska in particular has been in a leadership vacuum for along time, it seems as if politics is populated by those seeking a career or people of inherited wealth, bored looking to be meaningful with their lives.

        • Don’t like what you see, MA? Get off your butt and get involved. Show some spine young man! The AKGOP can use your sniping ability.

          • Rich, you know damned well that the corrupt and spineless Alaska GOP most adamantly does NOT want the input or participation of anyone like TMA, or anyone for that matter with any principles, gumption or willingness to fight the ongoing destruction of our state and our country. Any attempts by those of us in the latter camp who HAVE attempted to join and sway the impotent and self-destructive course of the state GOP — as I have tried — have been met with hostility and extreme contempt, and entirely rebuffed.

            No, the Alaska GOP — and you — seem more than happy to continue playing the role of the controlled opposition and the Designated Loser Party. As such, the complete contempt and disgust that TMA and I feel for the state GOP is fully justified.
            Attempt to prove me wrong, if you dare.

          • Oh, Richie…

            1-I’m old enough to be your father. Maybe your grandfather based on your intelligence quotient.

            2-I have been involved, which is why I know just how inept and pointless the AKGOP.

            3-I’m not sure you’re qualified to mention having a spine. Bootlickers don’t have them.

            You love to get all self righteous and butthurt, but somehow can never refute my statements the AKGOP is pointless and a waste of political space.

            You are entitled to smell fresh bear poop and determine it fresh roses. Me, I’m old enough and smart enough to know better.

          • Proof the AKGOP is pointless, spineless, and totally (Brit expression, but accurate) not fit for purpose?

            Easy? Michael J Dunleavy, the eunuch governor of Alaska.

          • To both Jeff & TMA – I was involved, for nearly 7 years, as a AKGOP District Chair. I’m amazed that “they” listened to me respectfully and allowed my opinions and work on the platform committee to prevail. I can attest as one involved that they will listen to you, and will accept your voice. If your voice sounds like garbage disposal you will be treated like one. Mutually respectful engagement is always welcome. No one is dictator. Constructive ides are eagerly sought by the AKGOP. BTW – that platform you see on their website… I was the committee chair and we produced a very conservative platform. Stop sniping, get off your butts and get involved!

    • There’s a good article on your phone MSN about what she did as governor and why she sunk herself Saturday and a real GOP runner Republican got all the votes go Donald Trump go help Alaska again like you did before

  9. How embarrassing it must be to openly support Nikki Haley at this point. The fact that these individuals are willing to openly support Ms. Haley does nothing but expose the fact that they are either extremely political naive to the overall situation America is in at this moment in time, or they have a serious personal bias against President Trump, or they have been politically compromised in some form and this is a required action for them.
    I hope the Occam’s razor principle would apply in this situation and these individuals are just politically stupid.
    Donald Trump is going to be President, and I support him 100%. I want peace for our nation and the world, and he delivered it by not getting us into another war.

  10. I must hand it to the Haley campaign, they’ve compiled a list of second- and third-tier, quasi-competent party operatives here on the frontier to do her bidding. Judging from the list, at best they’ll function well for her as a sociable concessions committee.

  11. TRUMP will no doubt lead Nikki Haley by double digits here in AK907.
    We need to impress upon the 145K registered Republicans to show up.
    Nikki is thoroughly and completely in a ‘doom-loop’ with no possible recovery.
    Nikki needs to stop wasting money and voters time, she’s a lost cause.

  12. Stedman(!!!) … Your greatest and immediate concern should be transferring US Forest Service Land to State of Alaska there in Sitka. Allowing for greater private ownership – development, so as to make it more affordable for residential housing, and give the younger generation hope to live in Sitka.

    • No kidding, my kids trying to live down there. It is so expensive; a colony for fat government workers & Locals that have lived there for generations. It’s like a “closed” union shop down there.

      • Halibut Cove Rd (Extension) … A worthy endeavor. All lands from the edge of tidewater, for 1-mile inland, should be transferred out of the Fed’s control and opened up for private ownership and development. It’s the right thing to do for the right reasons.

  13. She has players that were or are involved in many areas of government. They are going to be really strong-arming Alaskans to get them to vote for Alaskans. What will happen if we don’t? Is the energy department going to shut off our gas and electric early? What a team of traitors!

  14. Correction: “really strong-arming Alaskans to get them to vote for Haley.”

    Thank you for the list of names Must Read Alaska.

  15. Yep , just exposed a bunch more rats leaving the sinking ship . Thank you Nikki for being so delusional and out of touch with reality . Nikki was just in SoCal soaking up some cash from 13 mega rich Trump hating liberal donors . What does say ? I mean really folks ? The scarecrow and Mrs. King .

  16. Madam Editor provides the A-list of Who’s Who in Alaska’s GOP Establishment, no?
    What does it say about Alaska’s GOP Inc. that they endorse a losing candidate?
    Only a hardened cynic would wonder aloud what’s in it for them, what do they hope to gain?
    Dare we hope the Dominion machines aren’t already calibrated, the votes aren’t already tabulated?

  17. A single question for all my friends on the Haley train:

    What will she do to improve anything that the Biden / Obama regime has destroyed over the last 3+ years? An obvious follow-up would be how to ensure it never happens again?

    Other than Orange Man Bad, playing the woman card, and pandering to democrats, I can’t see a thing. What am I missing? Cheers –

    • I respectfully refer you to Saul Alinsky’s … “Rules for Radicals” and you’ll discover common themes of the overall game plan the Rhinos // Deep State // Elites // Libs are adhering to.

      Rule 1: Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. If your organization is small, hide your numbers in the dark and raise a din that will make everyone think you have many more people than you do.

      Rule 2: Never go outside the experience of your people. The result is confusion, fear, and retreat.

      Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the experience of an opponent. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.

      Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

      Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

      Rule 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy. “If your people aren’t having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.”

      Rule 7: A tactic that drags on for too long becomes a drag. Commitment may become ritualistic as people turn to other issues.

      Rule 8: Keep the pressure on. Use different tactics and actions and use all events of the period for your purpose. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this that will cause the opposition to react to your advantage.”

      Rule 9: The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself. When Alinsky leaked word that large numbers of poor people were going to tie up the washrooms of O’Hare Airport, Chicago city authorities quickly agreed to act on a longstanding commitment to a ghetto organization. They imagined the mayhem as thousands of passengers poured off airplanes to discover every washroom occupied. Then they imagined the international embarrassment and the damage to the city’s reputation.

      Rule 10: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Avoid being trapped by an opponent or an interviewer who says, “Okay, what would you do?”

      Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

    • Two responses, neither definitive: First, she will not be 78 or older when sworn in. Second, she lacks the long list of incoherent personal grievances spouted by her opponent. There is an outside chance that she might be a candidate that conservatives won’t have to apologize for.

      • jmark says: “There is an outside chance that she might be a candidate that conservatives won’t have to apologize for”

        Too late for that, as she is doing her best Hilary impersonation, wanting people to vote for her because she is a woman. Didn’t work for Hilly. Won’t work for her. The instant someone (anyone) plays the woman (or race) card, they demonstrate they are singularly unqualified to be elected to any position.

        Trump isn’t popular because he is of impeccable temperament or character. He is popular because he fights, has fought, and is expected to fight in the future for those of us who are not part of the insider cabal that seems to be running things in DC these days. Think of Trump as the current variation of the old quote (originally from Kipling, i think):

        “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

        Trump is a rough man. We tried nice in 1996, 2008 and 2012. Didn’t work. Happily, the Other Side is completely unmasked in its irrational hatred of us. Haley seems to be more comfortable with them, yet another reason to keep her as far away from the levers of power as humanly possible. Cheers –

        • Alex: I did not see Ms. Haley play the gender card but will review.

          As for Trump, I appreciate the “fighter” argument but in 2024, the fighter now just flails and rarely articulates what he is fighting FOR. He is only fighting for himself, his ego and an opportunity to “get even” with everyone who has wronged him or he believes is disloyal to him. A note: I have no loyalty to Donald Trump. I have seen the Donald Trump movie before. There is nothing new. I am not interested in seeing the 77 year-old movie again.

  18. Hmmm(?) … Makes me wonder if any of those folks listed above, as either within the Nikki AK907 Leadership Team and/or Nikki AK907 Endorsers, “can – will – could” get behind TRUMP? As TRUMP continues to whip Nikki, I can tell you that they “should” and put their differences – issues aside!
    Another 4-years continuation of Democrat Administration will most likely be very dire consequences!

  19. How can anyone support this candidate when she is in cahoots with Democrats funding her campaign to hurt the front runner ?? Do they know Reid Hoffman was behind her to hurt Trump? He bailed after NH. That’s the big Dem donor who bankrolled E Jean Carroll. How disappointing ….

  20. Nikki Haley is NyQuil. She is the perfect candidate for “girl power!” Republichicks and the low testosterone Republifellas that clap for them. If you support her, you’re admitting you have no idea what is going on in this country/world.

  21. Glenda Ledford…hmmmm….not suprised she is a just another weak feckless GWBush GOPer.

    Thanks for the list. The sell outs have given us a list to know who is not a Republican and should be austrasized with all the Murkowski and McConnel ilk.

  22. Alaska is different. Julie Kitka would only retire to have the freedom to exercise her ‘chits’ on the open market.

    Do not underestimate the importance of a known entity.

  23. I would never vote for Haley. I’m a Trump person all the way, but if I had to decide between Haley and RFK Jr., I would vote for Kennedy. She’s on the WEF list of most influential young Indians in the world, that says a lot. I see a lot of RINOs on that list, that says a lot as well, Trump 2024!

    • So you’re cool with Donald Trump attacking her husband for his military service. Disgusting. Move to Russia and take Jefferson and The Masked Revenger with you. You’ll be much happier there. Traitor.

        • Face it, Jeff, your misery knows no bounds, perpetually unhappy and with nothing better to do with your life but vent your bile on the internet.

          Your disrespect of the military and all that’s honorable is very telling. You make no secret of your pure hatred of our CIC, I’m surprised that you’re not on here extolling your love for Vladimir Vladimirovich. His style would suit you better, don’t you think ? I hear there’s a resettlement program that’s aimed at Americans such as yourself, encouraging to move to Russia where their system of governance and intolerance of homosexuals dovetails nicely with your beliefs.

          Face it, you have more respect and adoration of Putin than Biden, don’t you. You are nothing but traitorous scum.

          • Wow. Forget your meds? Or is this some deep seated intimate attraction to Jefferson?

            I find two things quite telling.

            -you tend to use the term traitor carelessly and in absolute avoidance of reality. Seems anyone not you is a traitor.

            -interesting how you used Putins first and middle name. A very distinctly Russia thing. Also common inn American progressives.

            You’re telling tales on yourself, Earl. And they aren’t flattering.

      • How did you make that jump? It’s intellectually vapid and pointless.
        Also, don’t use words you don’t understand. Like traitor.

        • MA, try commenting on the subject instead of personal attacks on the commenters. I find your bowel venting just gets stupider when you re challenged. You have wonderful energy, but it must be channeled into something constructive. Otherwise, you’re just another loud-mouthed idiot with nothing of value to say.

          • Not too bright, are you? Or are you jealous I’m not venting my bowels in you? Sorry, I’m not into that. Or guys. Or whatever you identify as.

            You’re also quite the hypocrite, considering the tenor of many of your posts.

            You’re my special friend, Richie. As such, I’ll give you a clue.

            You’re not smart enough to joust with me. Nor skillful enough with words even if I spot you a dictionary, and the AP style guide (go ahead, look it up. I’ll wait).
            You can occasionally get my attention and have me undress you intellectually if you really want.

            But why? You don’t need my help to look foolish.

  24. Nikki Haley is another Sarah Palin so stuck on herself how could anybody turn her down using her husband‘s military as a reason that we should elect her not my choice not my choice the Donald is who needs to represent Alaska and our oil. But he shouldn’t say drill baby drill he should say drill Alaska drill or drill USA drill don’t give Sarah that credit


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