Mary Peltola’s assessment of Biden’s mental acuity: ‘One of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.’


President Joe Biden was the butt of jokes far and wide on Friday, after his Thursday press conference mixup, when he confused Mexico’s president with Egypt’s president.

He was trying to do damage control after a special counsel assessed him as “an elderly man with a poor memory” who failed to recall basic facts of his life and career, even momentous ones, such as when his son Beau died and when he was vice president.

Biden only gave more kindling to the fire growing around him as the public begins to realize how far gone his mind really is.

The critics of social media were way ahead of him, including Western Lensman, a X/Twitter account that put together a montage of Biden flubs.

Yet while others are piling on, Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola is a Biden loyalist.

On Meet the Press in late December, Peltola defended Biden as mentally sharp and that  “as a native person, I think age is a good thing. Wisdom and experience are a good thing.”

“I think that Joe Biden’s mental acuity is very, very on. He’s one of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.,” Peltola told the camera.

The White House came out blasting on Friday, with a rarely heard-from spokesman from the White House, Ian Sams, saying that the special counsel’s report assessment of Biden’s mental frailty was “inappropriate” and “gratuitous.”

Although the report that details Biden’s decades-long sloppy storage of classified documents, it recommends that charges against Biden would be difficult to prove because of his age and loss of memory.

“When the inevitable conclusion is that the facts and the evidence don’t support any charges, you’re left to wonder why this report spends time making gratuitous and inappropriate criticisms of the president,” Sams told reporters.

The report by Robert Hur also was criticized by Vice President Kamala Harris as politically motivated.

“So the way the president’s demeanor in that report was characterized could not be more wrong on the facts, and clearly politically motivated. And so I will say, when it comes to the role and responsibility of a prosecutor in a situation like that, we should expect that there would be a higher level of integrity than what we saw,” Vice President Harris said.

Hur initially was appointed by President Donald Trump to a position in the Department of Justice, but it was Attorney General Merrick Garland who appointed him as special counsel. In effect, Vice President Harris was criticizing her own attorney general’s pick.

A former White House doctor has now wondered aloud whether it is time to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and remove the president.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, who was the White House doctor for 14 years, said the Hur report is “validation” that Biden is suffering from a “significantly limited” memory issues, and that “we’re at the point now where they should be thinking about” invoking the 25th Amendment.

“He’s our Commander-in-Chief, our head of state and you know, if he can’t stand trial, because of his cognitive issues, I mean, it goes without saying that he can’t be the president of the United States. And so then he gets on TV and he tries to refute this. And he makes it even worse,” Jackson said to Breitbart News.

Sen. Rand Paul, jesting on X/Twitter, noted, “Gonna build a wall with Gaza and make Mexico pay for it and boy are they gonna be confused.”


  1. Alaskans could save considerable taxpayer money by just buying a rubber stamp for PelTOOLa that says “I vote for whatever Biden says”, close down her office, cancel her travel, per diem, and all other bennies and just have her stay home…

  2. AND(!?!?!?) … Unfortunately, Mary-P is the shinning example of what’s wrong with our elected leaders (also similar to Daddy’s Little Princess), completely lying to our face with absolutely no compunction and/or humility. Emblomatic of a person whom is completely devoid of: honesty, integrity, moral compass, logic, reason, and common sense. Both her and Daddy’s Little Princess need to go away, book them on a flight to the Bush with chitty weather thru Lk Clark Pass, and we can name a bridge or street after their demise.

  3. Wow coming from Mary , that’s pretty good . If our President is the smartest and sharpest . He is right up there with that Ape from Minnesota . He’s real bright as well . Mary you may not be able to able to live this comment down . You remind me of that other congressman from Alaska you replaced . Where do we find these people and how in hell do they get elected ?

    • (Q1):
      Where do we find these people?
      … We’re literally surrounded by these idiots!

      How in hell do they get elected?
      … More idiots show up to vote than smart people!

    • She is simply a DUNCE to anything REALLY going on..She is so dupped by the others she is following and have no idea how much she has destroyed the Alaskan Natives and Alaskan people. She has voted against us that she supposed to represents.

  4. Just like her campaign ads. Lies. All lies. What’s insulting is, she thinks we believe her. Worse: that she might actually believe what she herself says.

  5. If she really believes which was just stated, she needs to look into a mirror and see a spitting image of him and say that she believes three times and clack her ruby slippers. She is in the wonder land that only she can see.

  6. Representative Peltola said “I think that Joe Biden’s mental acuity is very, very on. He’s one of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.,”

    That doesn’t speak well of DC, Representative Peltola, or President Biden.

    • Steve-0 , one might think that D.C. would attract a smarter than the average bear type of individual, but then I remembered that it’s inhabitants are mostly Democrats? Sound right?

  7. Well that displays a poor judge of acuity on Peltola’s part.
    My goodness, does she think that this isn’t apparent to the world?

  8. I bet his first wife Nelia Biden mother of his children NEVER will had allowed Joe go through what he been going through since 2020. Plus Hunter would more likely received better help and support after their car accident if she survived. This how her husband Joe been treated would be breaking her heart Joe being used by everyone including his second wife Jill. It was Joe Biden’s privilege to stay at home in his Delaware home not traipsing about in unfamiliar probably terrifying situations unsure where he’s at. People in Joe’s condition the most loving thing we can do for them is keep their life as stable and secure as possible for the mental changes happening

    • Get real, honey, this is the world in which we rejoice: Biden is sharp as a tack, and Trump is a genius! If you’re looking for a political savior, know that any fool will do.

      Know, too, you can be a good girl and do what you’re told, just like a company boy who fetches on cue. Alaska is a feudal society. The “informed public”–ain’t that a misnomer–can join in on the great discussions, but the decks are stacked by the society betters.

      So what are you hoping for–a setting at the feast table? Sweetie, the edict is out: “Know thy status!” But if hope you must, hope against hope.

  9. Will Mary P. now explain to the DOJ that since Biden’s memory is just fine, they should go ahead and charge him in the documents case? We’re waiting.

    • Exactly!! You can’t have it both ways. If he is competent now, he was competent then and knew what he was doing. If he is incompetent now and was incompetent then, then how is anything he has done as President legal. Should everything he has done be reversed since it was done while he was incompetent??

  10. What delusional universe is she living in? If she can understand and comprehend what he is saying as being sharp as a tack, we as Alaskans, are in a world of hurt!!!

  11. Eyeing the millions he extorted on the side. Green with envy. I’m sure she has accumulated a bit of wealth already seeing how she lets her vote feed the machine

  12. This woman makes the perfect politician, nice looking, brown nosing, phony & not very bright.
    She is an expert at voting yes or no, as told.
    Really sad.

    • Com’On George(!) … Clean those glasses, she’s definitely not ‘nice looking’ but, you definitely nailed it on brown-noser, phony and not too bright. And, an expert at voting as instructed.

      • She’s well over 50, married 5 times.
        Looks help in politics ….. Compare her to Murkowski, Talieb, Snow, M T Green, even Don Young.
        I stand by my statement, she also has a pleasant smile.

  13. Another example of how Scott Kendall can eff up everything for Alaska. RCV works great for people with brains like Peltola.

  14. Same song and dance as the jussie smooooolet hoax.
    Paid for prosecutor gives a few minor negs on the way out the door so they can let you off without a public backlash, but the beneficiary is too f’n stupid to take the hint and shut their mouth.
    “The defendant is incompetent to stand trial and shouldn’t be prosecuted.”
    “Nuh-uh, I am competent!!!”

  15. That assessment of Biden tells us all we need to know about Peltola.
    We must do every thing we possibly can to get rid of RCV, and also pray the Sarah doesn’t pull another last minute “look at me!! look at me!!” and jump into the race and split the vote, again.

    • Timmy, any number of candidates should be able to run for public office. An intelligent electorate can cull the dead heads. The election system is predicated upon an intelligent and informed electorate. The upshot of your argument is that you and your cohorts are unable to effectively manipulate the system, or worse yet, you need an overlord not unlike Putin to tell you and your friends who to vote for.

      You needn’t worry about any airhead bamboozling an informed and intelligent electorate. If your party members are so ignorant that they are incapable of making informed decisions in the exercise of their franchise our problems truly are greater than you think.

      Bitching ain’t going to cut it, bud. If you are worried about the chances of your preferred candidate, get out and work harder for him. I’m sure that he has all the hot air he needs from “windy” supporters; what he needs are campaign workers who can deliver substantive results–enough of the bullshit and whining. If you want Begich to win, get out and make it happen regardless of who else is in the race!

  16. Why would anyone in their rightmind expect any balanced commentary after reading this article by folks that hate Ms Peltola, prefer the unbridled chaos of the previous presidential term as well as apparently sanction the seditious dereliction of duty by that former president, as well as hold onto his tawdry and filthy self-ambitious immortality. I wonder how long it will take, specifically if I will live long enough, to be able to look at the shameful paragraph in the nation’s history impacted by the ill-will of the trumphian wannabe dictatorship with more compassion to those most affected mentally by the unwarranted adulation.

    • Mrs. N, I do hope that you will eventually seek help for your raging and seeming terminal mental illness. Or maybe I don’t hope that, as your obvious insanity is our (the rational among us) strength.

      It does never cease to amaze me, though, how every single one of you radical leftist extremist lemmings manage to PRECISELY project all of your own sins, faults and crimes onto those who oppose you, as you have beautifully done here.

      • It’s funny how Grandpa Bloodstains is spying on citizens, arresting people for being pro life, running around calling 1/2 of America evil, running a banana republic…

        And Trump was a wannabe dictator?

        • Exactly!

          For all their rage and incoherent ranting, I have yet to see ONE radical leftist give a semi-rational explanation of how Trump was supposedly a “fascist” or an “authoritarian”. Trump has innumerable faults, but being a dictator-wannabe is objectively not among them.

          And yet, ALL those arguments among “fascism” and “authoritarianism” and “illegally seizing power” fit the usurper’s regime to a “T”.

          I wonder, when radical leftist extremists project their own faults, sins and crimes onto others, as they routinely and invariably do, are they doing it purposely, or even knowingly? Or is it just another perverse manifestation of the twisted, nihilistic and ethics-free radical leftist mindset?

      • It called “gaslighting”, narcissists do it to try and control people. The Left is based on narcissism and moral relatavism…very dangerous mix…you add too much pride to admit they are wrong and low information consuming!! Disaster… aka… DTS hahahaha

      • Ha. Most folks consider my viewpoint as a spendthrift conservative, not wasteful, nor off the beam.

        My father taught school with Sarah Palin’s dad and told me once she did come from a morally bereft upbringing, and is not who she seems to be; that it’s (her public persona) … what others perceive her to be when reacting to situations thst makes it seem as though her behavior and actions are lunatic.

        Still, when folks have ‘power’ in their bank account, more mature and considerate individuals will use it wisely, so it will be available for the future.

        The autocratic behavior of trumph is exemplified with non-stop dishonest and offensive, inappropriate crass behavior in the face of reason, so much listening to crackpots, and downright anti-all American smarminess.

        Have you heard of the nouveau riche, or the robber barons? Did you ever read ‘The Ugly American’ or an account of the life of any despot? Do you know what a leftist (or a rightist, or centrist) is? If you do, how can you convince yourself that my opinion is defined by your words? Trumph may have a value as a human being which is hidden well from the exterior but as leader of the nation, he is morally, ethically, intellectually, and quire motivationally unfit. It is no wonder all his business ventures fail, and yet folks hold onto his every word as if they mean anything relevant to life in the United States of America.

        • So you are just one if the weak, feckless old GWBush GOPers.

          You are part of the smallest and most insignificant political groups…thankfully…GOP repubs are useless to the Right and despised and manipulated by the Left.

          You probably think Murkowski and Sullivan are great people.

          • CORRECTION: My Pa worked with Ms Palin’s father, and told me that she did NOT come from a morally bereft upbringing. MRAK doesn’t have a way to immediately correct a grammatical mistake.

          • You are right. Once the comment is submitted, the commenter can’t access it to correct it. Function of the software. – sd

          • Funny you should seem to asking … the republican party hasn’t endorsed a candidate that I’ve voted for, at least a decade or two. How long ago was Wally Hickel on the ballot? And, I don’t recall if Jay Hammond was a republican or democrat, but he had my vote.

        • I imagine in the circles you travel in, the woke nazis do think you conservative. Which says much about the delusion you all suffer from.

          I’m curious if you dream about Trump during romance. He seems to occupy your every other thought.

    • Maybe not “balanced” to your definition, but truthful. The Biden administration is the worst thing to impact out lives. By all objective criteria. Peltola has voted for every one of his damaging agenda items. Name a single policy of Trump’s that worsened your life or removed a speck of your personal freedom. Name ONE.

      • Ball in your court, Sapper1, one single truthful political statement which is non-offensive and helpful to Americans everywhere … .

        The positive beneficial effect of President Biden’s efforts in this Administration has been felt in infrastructure, monetary investments, justice, and possibilty of honest discourse, considering that the preceding office holder was
        incredibly negligent, unprofessional, and continually festering boil on the nation.

        • If you see out of sight inflation, exploding gas prices, and crippling debt positive, you really need to check in at API.

      • Orange man bad mean tweets grab ‘er by the p*ssy!

        That is the sum total of the “chaos” of the Trump years.
        But half the country being labeled by their putative leader as “bitter clingers”, “a basket of deplorables”, and “dangerous extremists” is perfectly acceptable.
        Because hypocrisy.

        • If only Trump had:

          spied on Americans, done a political witch hunt on political opposition, weaponized the justice department, ordered the media to spin facts in his favor, ruined the economy, drove out some of the best warfighters in the military over a shot, armed Iran, destroyed our borders…and so much more

          He’d still be hailed as evil incarnate because he had the gall to do what the democrats wanted but beat them to it.

          N here is a classic example of willful ignorance and blind loyalty to a doctrine over the nation.

          She’s also a classic example of the thought processes which will lead over 40% of the country to vote for a mentally incapacitated, wildly corrupt man in Grandpa Bloodstains.

      • Nothing there dearie. It’s thinning daily, as it’s washed with fragrance-free generic 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, first thing in shower before off to work. Standard regulation when working with hospitalized patients. No fingernail polish either, not that you’re interested. What else would you and MA like to know that I’ll decline to provide information about?

        • Political acuity is considerably lacking in your comments, Mrs N but, dang, that caustic sense of humor is sharp as a tack..keep it coming and I’ll pay closer attention to your comments..😂

    • As per usual, libs accusations are exactly what ‘they’ are doing or attempting to accomplish. Sing something else, for a change.

  17. If Biden is the sharpest and smartest she has met in DC, that does not say much for the people this nation sends to DC.
    Clearly demonstrating the quality of the people we send to DC.

  18. Apparently Petola hasn’t come across anyone who were smart and sharp before. Sad thing is the deeper she gets in the swamp the odds will get lower she will.

  19. Top News
    Mary Peltola’s assessment of Biden’s mental acuity: ‘One of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.’

    …Well, she isn’t wrong

  20. US sheriff’s announced US under attack


  21. There was zero contest for Mary to win Don Young’s seat.

    Who is more stupid? The ego and infighting among the Republican Party that pulled their own clip on their own granade against each other?

    And now spit on the leadership who beat you?

    You beat yourself down because you cannot shut the front door and turn up the heat.

    That’s some funny, short-sighted, dumb-Ster fire shhhhtuffff right there.


    And I am a conservative.

    But I like funny first.

    And this is funny all day long. Choose your time of year here GOP.

    How many hours of a day do you want to be a joke?

    24 hours of the midnight sun or less with the winter solstice?

    Do the work together or don’t. You all are kids standing on someone else’s land, with no experience, no credibility, and your Ivy League and money is not enough to keep you warm in Alaska.

    If you were dropped out in the woods, you could not defend or support or survive.

    How am I supposed to give a crap about what you say on tv that you think you can do for me?

    Come to where I am from – let’s see what you can do for yourself where I am from.

    Because sweetheart – I been educated, refined, polished and I have the tools to do what you do and been where you are from.

    Time to double back. What do you have to prove to me that you can do the same where I am from?

    Show me.

    Show me the way my generations of family were forced to show you.

    I double-dog dare you to verify yourself here.

  22. What always happens in a totalitarian, fascist regime is everyone eventually conforms. In their conformity, they all lie to each other; constantly lying, day in and day out; lying out of fear. The fear of the reeurcussions of non-conformity. A good example is Nazi Germany in the 1930s; they all cooperated with the persecution of the Jews. The corruption and lying spread throughout occupied Europe. Anne Frank was turned over to the Gestapo by her neighbors; thereafter, she perished miserably in a death camp. Behold Peltola lying to go with the flow; she fears contradicting the narrative of the regime. Everyone sees the truth. .

  23. Bethel, yes Bethel………the number one trafficked dope town in Alaska. The Mexican cartels know where to market their drugs. Government towns with lots of Native drug consumers. And Joe Biden lets them into our country as free flowing as water. Thanks Mary Peltola, for backing this idiot president. You and Joe have allowed much misery to our people.

    • Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Tookalook. We always love a balanced and reason Native voice here at MRAK. You must be very ashamed of Mary Peltola.

  24. “As a native person, I think age is a good thing. Wisdom and experience are a good thing.” Peltola

    Doesn’t she belong to the same culture that used to leave their elders out on the ice to die?

  25. She stands with party over the good of our country. It is astounding that some people are ok with an impaired President who has mental issues that are readily apparent when he speaks. That has been apparent since he started his campaign in the basement last election season. It is not new behavior.

  26. lol, Omg, stupid is what stupid does, it’s so funny how dumb people seem to cling together like a fungus, these people are so severely mentally ill, wouldn’t it be far cheaper for us to pay for them to reside in mental hospitals!


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