Sullivan: For Alaskans, for Second Amendment, and the economy, Trump was better than Biden


Sen. Dan Sullivan said today that, in comparing the presidential terms of President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, there’s no question who was better for Alaska: It’s Trump.

Sullivan has always said he would support the Republican nominee, which he has predicted would be Trump.

In Ketchikan for the day meeting with Alaskans, Sullivan reiterated what he said to the Legislature on Wednesday: Biden has enacted 56 executive orders shutting down Alaska’s economy in one form or another.

In a statement to Must Read Alaska, Sullivan answered the question on everyone’s mind: Who does he support for president?

“As I stated in my recent press conference, the two leading Presidential candidates both have detailed records on Alaska: Biden gets a “D-“ and Trump gets a “strong A.” In fact, working with me and our Republican Senate majority, the Trump Administration’s record to advance the interests of Alaskans is unmatched: ANWR, access to NPR-A, the King Cove Road, the Ambler Road, allotments for our heroic Alaska Native Vietnam Veterans, the Tongass Roadless rule exemption, reestablishing our state’s right to manage fish and game, Operation Lady Justice to address the missing and murdered indigenous women crisis, historic investments in public safety for rural Alaska villages, defending our Second Amendment rights, appointing conservative judges to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and putting prominent Alaskans in Senate confirmed assistant secretary positions at the Department of the Interior.

“From Day 1, President Biden has focused on reversing this historic record of achievement to the significant detriment of Alaskans. If re-elected, President Biden will continue his aggressive, illegal push to turn Alaska into a giant national park. For all these reasons, I am again supporting former President Trump for President and working with my colleagues to regain a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate,” he said.

Also endorsing Trump is Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Republican congressional candidates Nick Begich and Nancy Dahlstrom. Sen. Lisa Murkowski opposes Trump and Biden; Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola, who replaced Trump-supporting Congressman Don Young, has endorsed Biden.

Alaska Republicans will caucus-by-ballot during the GOP Presidential Preference Poll on March 5 at locations across the state. Watch Must Read Alaska for details on where to cast your PPP ballot.


  1. Begich and Dunleavy endorsed last year. Dahlstrom endorsed after Iowa. Sullivan announced after Nevada.
    Trump Train rolling – better get on board or be left at the station.

  2. Dan can’t have it both ways. He AND Murk voted for SIXTY BILLION more dollars for Ukraine while our borders are being invaded by every nation on the planet – including military aged men from China. Those same illegals are given WIC cards, hotel vouchers and cell phones while the rest of us sucks finance it all. All three of our reps are owned the the establishment. And people wonder why we want Trump back. Remember him? The guy who didn’t take a salary, kept gas down to $2.80/gallon, didn’t waste the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, held home loan interest rates down around 3%… The U.S. is run by compromised clowns and are reducing it to a vaudeville sh-t show.

    • Who paid for the WIC cards, hotel vouchers and cell phones? While I agree that financing illegal aliens isn’t in the best interest of our country Sullivan and Murkowski and Ukraine have nothing to do with state or other locally provided funds used for WIC cards, hotel vouchers and cell phones.

      It’s good to know who to be angry at and guide that anger towards those who deserve it.

      • When you vote woke, we call it woke.
        Our MISrepresentatives have chosen funding a war in another country over taking a stand on OUR COUNTRYs SECURITY.
        WE THE CITIZENS OF America/Alaska pay for thise WIC cards and other incentives these politicians agree to GIVE EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN every time they vote AGAINST AMERICAN BORDER SECURITY.
        Our three MISrepresentatives are working against we the people.
        Murkowski, Peltola and Sullivan, and dont’t even get me started about the Anchorage ASSembly or our other MISrepresentatives in the state government…..
        Vote against our border security and general common sense you politicians and you will see us voting you out en mass, fafo

      • Steve-O,
        I think the “anger” can be universally applied here. People with an IQ above 78 and a modicum of understanding of American civics and of our founding documents can and should be outraged. The CIA / State Department backed war being prosecuted in the kleptocracy called Ukraine and the apparent aid and comfort given by US donations to UN /NGO’s to invading illegals are equally repugnant.
        But then if you are a Neo- Con , still at this stage of your life, well I’m sorry!

      • No local government uses local finances for WIC cards, hotel vouchers, or cell phones. Nor are they paying for the air transportation for these invaders. These localities are going back to the federal government to finance all this illegal vagrancy by foreign nationals.

    • You are correct! He can’t have it both ways. Also, he came against Trump in decertifying the 2020 Election because Trump was mean to Pence, that is according to him. He also, voted for Biden’s bills. Some democrats will run as Republican, vote for democrat bills, and then during the reelection campaign will start voting back republican. He has been on the fence for a long time, and people notice.

  3. PerhapsbI missed it but I didn’t see it stated in the article where Lisa Murkowski supported and made Mary Peltola her first choice in the 2022 election. Murkowski should be honest and come out of the closet as a Democrat.

  4. Dan sure didn’t show much appreciation when Trump was in. Look like he took his cue from Lisa.

    • He goes with the wind o opportunity, like Lisa/Mary.
      Did NOT support a border bill, does NOT FIGHT FOR ALASKANS or AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      • Molly your comments are spot on. Sadly Dan goes which ever way the wind blows. Sends money to Ukraine we don’t have and Doesn’t give a crap about Alaska or the invasion of our country. I truly hope someone more honest will run against him.

    • No in fact Dan came out and said he could not support DJT about a month before the 2016 election . I can’t imagine that he could support DJT now ? What changed ? He had no support for DJT in 2020 either ?

      This is why I am sick of politicians on both sides of the isle . An absolute joke . Say one thing while doing the other !

      Peter Shwietzers book is coming out in the next week . Follow the money . Should be very enlightening on our elected folks . Should be called out of the shade .

  5. The entire Alaskan delegation are for war and more war. They are bought and paid for by the Military Industrial and Pharma Complexi. Meanwhile millions of unvetted illegal aliens, many of whom are criminals soon to join a terror sect, are permitted to come into this country and are given charge cards. Make no mistake, the bankruptcy and invasion of America is by design. FJB

  6. Seeing no condemnation from the Sen to defend the constitution and act against spying that Obama started around 2015 against Trump, carried on by the gov, evolving into jansix and lawfare currently sponsored by fjb. Tells us what we need to know. Let’s not forget more concern for Ukraine than Alaska. Pretend to jump on the Trump train to save the next election, if enough people forget.They will all use outside dark money to try to remain in power. The entire delegation needs to be voted out.
    Alaska and America First.

  7. Establishment, non-conservative, with no real backbone R that Alaska needs to replace. But we wont. Thats my prediction

  8. Email Sullivan. I have and so far no response. Sullivan’s team has reached out to me when I have asked about other issues and concerns. Usually take a few weeks but at least they tried. Forget emailing Lisa and Mary. No response at all. Not even a canned email response.
    Be polite and professional. I basically expressed my disappointment with his vote. If I get a response I will post it. I this case I am not getting my hopes up. I wonder if Kelly will primary against him?

  9. We currently have the worst president in us history in office at the worst possible time. The guy creates division everywhere, I don’t think he knows where he is most of the time. It will be interesting to see if we make it to November before there is bloodshed.

    On an interesting observation yesterday at Fred Mayer’s, they had rainbow 🌈 icing on a bunch of cake and I watched 5 people roll their cart up look at that cake an d grimace and walk off. The left has even turned a rainbow into something horrible.

  10. Every time Sullivan does something really crappy for humanity, notice how he comes out with something else that looks good? Talk about shifting people’s attention away from taking us down. I still want to know if he talked to the House before or after they approved the education spending spree bill?

  11. Here’s the thing: Dan’s voting record is there for everyone to see. He is a globalist who is bent on war and destroying the dollar. Period. These ridiculous op-eds are meant for morons who don’t pay attention to actions – hopefully, people are finally waking up to that.

  12. Senator Sullivan serves Alaska valiantly. He faces discouraging odds when considering the amount of pressure from non Alaskans to treat Alaska, from both East Coast and West Coast anti carbon folks. Alaskans not only need Oil and gas for their own well being, the country benefits from the utilization of such an important resource. Do I get frustrated with those in office including Sullivan, yes, but Dan is exceptionally for Alaskans and generally effective and for that he gets my support

  13. Doug, your spot on. The irony of the basement executive is his claim for tolerance. Complete hypocrisy.

  14. Trump isn’t actually great for the second amendment. He tried to get them to ban bump stocks. Not that I have or need one, but a bump stock doesn’t do what most people think it does. The firearm is still a semi automatic firearm.

    If he’s pro 2A he’ll work to get congress to pass national constitutional carry and repeal the national firearms act.

    • Do not be one of these 2A absolutists.
      It is a process, not an all or nothing.
      Trump did support a bump stock ban, but aside from that bit of stupidity, he was pretty damned good in supporting gun rights. Just look at all the pro-2A judges he put on benches at all levels of the Federal Judiciary.

      • Our inherent right to self-defense is ABSOLUTE. Which part of “shall not be infringed” are you confused about?
        Bump stocks were classified as machine guns by ATF through the unconstitutional use of the Chevron Doctrine. President Trump not only allowed it, he authorized it. No one walks on water (these days). But he did screw up on that call. A better man would admit his mistakes and vow not to do it again.

  15. The only people that pResident Briben is better for are transgenders/genderbenders and illegal aliens.
    No one else is benefitting from this current administration.

  16. Senator Dan Sullivan for President! I started my being homeschooled on a trapping cabin where there is no way in and no way out.

    Nobody ever in any election – as a candidate – has the qualifications to represent me – I am the West.

    I am also the far East.

    And for the record Alaska is not an island.

    Logistics, common sense, and answering your phone are simple things.

    That is what makes Senator Sullivan hopeful.

    I need hope.

  17. Why do we even care what Rino Murkowski says? She isn’t relevant and hasn’t been in a long, long time. She is like the party guest who lingers on and won’t leave so the hosts can clean up and go to bed.

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