Trump, Haley and the battle for South Carolina that is all but over


It’s all over but the shouting, if the polls are to be believed in South Carolina.

As Palmetto State voters head to the voting booth on Saturday, the opinion polls show former President Donald Trump in the lead and South Carolina former Gov. Nikki Haley trailing far behind in the state she should be able to win.

Haley has already said that if she loses the South Carolina primary, which appears almost certain, she won’t drop from contention. She spent the past few weeks burning through $6 million on ads and traveling from hamlet to town to city in the state she once led, looking for votes. She has spent more money this month than she raised in January, according to her FEC reports.

Trump, however, has not spent much time in the state. Last weekend he stayed at Mar-a-Lago, and had a meeting there with House Speaker Mike Johnson on Monday — President’s Day.

On Thursday night he was in Nashville, Tenn. talking to a group of religious broadcasters.

“Remember, every communist regime throughout history has tried to stamp out the churches, just like every fascist regime has tried to co-opt them and control them,” Trump told the National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media Convention, in classic Trump style. “And, in America, the radical left is trying to do both.”

On Saturday evening, Trump will be speaking at CPAC, the big conservative gathering in Washington, D.C., which has already thrown its support to him. The speech is highly anticipated among conservative activists, whether they are there in person or watching online.

After South Carolina’s primary comes Michigan, Idaho, and Missouri on March 2, District of Columbia on March 3, and North Dakota on March 4.

Super Tuesday, March 5, is when more than one third of all Republican delegates are up for grabs, with these primaries and caucuses:

North Carolina
American Samoa

1,215 delegates needed to win the nomination. Trump has 63 so far, and Haley has 17. The nine delegates pledged to Ron DeSantis will probably go to Trump, since DeSantis dropped out and endorsed him. Same with the three delegates pledged to Vivek Ramaswamy, who has also dropped out and endorsed Trump.


  1. Haley stays in for one reason. If Trump can somehow be tripped up by the ongoing lawfare, she’s poised to step up and “save the day”. As the only other “republican” with delegates, she becomes the de facto leader going into the convention.

    Kinda like marrying someone hoping they will die and you’ll get everything. She’s the Anna Nicole Smith of politics. With apologies to Anna Nicole for the unflattering comparison.

    I wonder if her backup plan is to join MSNBC after the race is over.

  2. Haley is as slimy as slimy gets and to think she put together a campaign team and endorsers here in Alaska! Again, I ask, is the campaign team and endorsers going to somehow cheat in the Presidential Preference Poll by redirecting the majority of votes to Haley? Will Alaska be reporting that Haley is preferred here in Alaska? Going to be interesting to see.

  3. “It’s all over but the shouting………”
    Very witty, Suzanne, because it’s clear that the Trump haters simply will not settle down, so a second term will bring the goblins out with greater fury than ever. Hopefully Trump has learned lots of lessons over the past eight years and will install somebody like Ken Paxson as AG, build a few federal prisons in short order, and fill them up. Give them something to scream about………

  4. “Remember, every communist regime throughout history has tried to stamp out the churches, just like every fascist regime has tried to co-opt them and control them,” Trump — and how does this not apply to the former President? The least religious president in the history of our country, but revered among the most conservative Christians in the country. Sounds like he has co-opted them. How else can you explain the multi-divorced candidate who admitted to sexually assaulting women for his own pleasure, who paid off a porn star while his third wife was pregnant, and still gets the undying love and support of the “good moral Christians”? Please, please explain this contradiction.

    • It’s easy. Question is, are you open to something outside your worldview?

      Jesus isn’t running, so we have to pick from the candidates which are. It’s also quite common in history for God to work through flawed people.

      Trump is a very flawed man, but has been far more supportive of people of faith than the alleged Catholic Joe Biden.

      It really comes down to the lesser of two choices. Trump doesn’t spy on us, doesn’t try to force us to live in ways we find unacceptable. Trump doesn’t sue nuns. Trump doesn’t threaten the tax exemption of churches.

      It’s only hard for you.

    • As long as alimony and hush money isn’t tax money. Is frivolous lawfare a sin? Is treason considered a sin? Is showering with your teenage daughter a sin? Hookers and blow by your partner in graft a sin?

    • Moses and David were murderers, David was also an adulterer. Peter denied Christ three times. Paul persecuted Christians before he became one. That’s just a short list of flawed people who were used mightily by God. If God can use a talking donkey to speak to the prophet Balaam, then He can also use anyone else to accomplish His will – including President Trump or even you or me. God has ALWAYS had to rely on imperfect people for His purposes, because that’s all He’s got!

  5. The machines are not even supposed to be hooked up to the internet! Listen all the way to the end – democrats are voting for Nikki Haley! A little cheating never hurt anyone…right? What a bunch of scum. We’ll probably see this across the nation this year.
    ‘Michelle Backus: Machines Shut Down In GOP Primary Voting Center After Internet Goes Down’

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