Breaking: Trump makes it two with New Hampshire


President Donald Trump made it two on Tuesday.

He won Iowa caucuses by a 30-point landslide on Jan. 15, and now has had a second apparent decisive victory, this time in New Hampshire on Jan. 23.

Trump and Republican competitor Nikki Haley were vying for dominance in a state where the winner does not take all delegates. A candidate who gets over 10% of a statewide primary vote gets awarded delegates proportionally. While Ron DeSantis, Asa Hutchinson, Chris Christie, Mike Pence, and Vivek Ramaswamy were also on the ballot, the night belonged to Trump.

Independents are able to vote in the primary, and in Concord, the state’s Capitol, a number of them gave Haley and advantage there.

With 23% of the votes counted, Trump has 52.5% to Haley’s 46.6%. Some 70% of those voting for Haley were not registered Republicans, according to CNN.

New Hampshire was the first state primary of the nation, and on the Democrats’ side, there was even more drama, as New Hampshire state officials defied the Democrat National Committee and President Biden himself, who demanded that South Carolina be the first primary state.

But New Hampshire has a state law that says it will be the first official primary in the nation. Biden was not on the ballot. Instead, he ended up asking people to write in his name.

Write-ins for Biden beat both Rep. Dean Phillips and self-help guru Marianne Williamson in early returns.

This story will be updated.


        • Democrats changed their voting registration status to “Independent” just so that they could vote in NH’s Republican Primary. An old, outdated trick of the Democrats. Desperation move. Nikki Haley being supported by Democrat campaign money and Democrat votes. She still got her ass kicked by Trump. The “I’m a brown skinned gal and Conservatives are racist” doesn’t work anymore. The public is not fooled.
          Bye-bye Nikki. Nameste’. Enjoy all of your side-dish boyfriends.

  1. Nikki Haley was born in the United States, neither of her parents were citizens at the time. This leaves her ineligible for the office she seeks. Look!! Squirrel!

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