Trump wins Iowa: 53% … and counting


Former President Donald Trump won the Iowa Caucus on Monday with 53% of the vote from Republican participants across the state. Ron DeSantis came in second with 20% and Nikki Haley got 19%. Vivek Ramaswamy was under 8%. The results are changing throughout the night but Trump is remaining over 50%. It’s too early to tell who is in second.

The race was called by AP and Fox News before all results were in based on a combination of exit polling and other data. At the time of this publication, over 34% of the votes had been counted in Iowa and all major media outlets have projected Trump as the far-and-away winner.


  1. Amusing to watch ‘journalists’ on network television talk about ‘the end of democracy’ – while their allies simultaneously work to take the most popular opposition candidate off the ballot. Buckle up, we are going to see how far the deep state is willing to go to steal another election.

  2. Haley will eventually come out on top as the other state caucus delegates come in to play, she is the one that polls the best to beat Biden. Biden must be defeated at all costs.

    • Not in the current polls. She polls as the closest in policy to Biden. She’s also not technically a Natural Born Citizen. Look up the constitution and then her parents citizenship at her time of birth. I’m not doing the research for you.

        • Wasted electrons there Masked.
          Denali was already informed that Haley was born in the USA, therefore is a natural born citizen. But, he does not want reality to get in the way of a good narrative.

        • Go look up her past buddy. Seeing as Hou have your head buried in Juneaus sand you might pull it.out and take a look. She has the same problem Ted Cruz has. One parent didn’t naturalize until 1979 and the other 2003. Nikki was born before that.

          • Neither parent has to be naturalized.
            Was the birth on US soil? Yes. South Carolina. Nikki is a natural born US citizen.
            And, Haley does not have the same problem Ted Cruz has. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. On Canadian soil. Calgary, Alberta Canada.
            The USA recognizes birthright citizenship. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, or even planet for that matter, if you child is born in the USA, it is AUTOMATICALLY considered a natural born US Citizen.
            There is a reason why the term “anchor baby” exists.

    • 14.4% of the states 752,000 registered Republicans cast their votes into popcorn boxes and paper bags. This is the party that is mortified about election integrity and mail in voting.

    • Who is that someone else? What percent of the vote did they get compared to Trump?
      Last time I checked, we do not select multiple individuals as an aggregate, we select an individual. Even if you add up the DeSantis and Haley results, it still does not come close the Trump. 40.3% versus Trump’s 51%.
      Your comment only serves to demonstrate your level of knowledge.

  3. The Iowa Republican voters came out on a cold January evening to support Donald Trump with more than 50% vote for the 3rd time. Not a poll, the voters in mass turned out to support Trump in 2024.

  4. We need to get to tractor trailers full of votes, ready to be taken to the counting center.
    One does as one sees if the Democrats can do it we can do it.

  5. I’m not surprised he won, but I am at the margin he won by.

    Does this speak to his popularity, Grandpa Bloodstains unpopularity, or Haley/DeSantis failing to find footing.

    Time will tell.

    • Yup.
      I wonder (really) how a hypothetical 2-party ranked choice vote would work in Iowa? Again, a hypothetical outcome, in order, could be: Haley, Trump, Biden, Desantis.

      Very few rank Desantis #1, but those who do rank Haley 2nd, then Trump, then Biden. The woke crowd ranks Biden first, but forced to choice, puts Haley second, then Desantis, and virtually nobody votes Trump other than last. The Trumpniks rank him first, but Haley second, and of course Biden last, default Desantis 3rd. The Haley folks put her first, then Desantis, then Trump, then Biden.

      Sun them all up, rank them, and….(just sayin’)

    • Who would have Ramaswamy’s voters voted for? 80% Trump? 90% Trump?
      What about DeSantis’? 58%? 75% Trump? And Haley’s? 45%? 60%?

      To answer your question: The unpopularity of the direction of the country and Trump’s addressing that direction head on. Haley seems Bush-like to me, DeSantis is running too much against Trump rather than for some position, and Ramaswamy comes off as overly idealistic, new, with too much staccato in voice and thought.

  6. The mild mentally retarded Kamala Harris had this to say about Trump: “‘We’ve beat him before and we’ll beat him again,’ the vice president said.”

    Democrats want Republicans to put forward the most damaged candidate. When the independents and some Republicans abandon Trump in the general, it will be four more years of the traitor Joe Biden- IF he does not drop out due to his significant cognitive impairment before the general election.

    • Gee…. the Democrats also think the were going to beat Trump in 2016 as well. In fact, there are still some Democrats who think Trump actually lost in 2016 for… reasons.
      Of course Democrats want the Republicans to put forth the candidate they think they can beat the easiest. Then again, if they actually had a candidate that was competent, that would not be as big of an issue.
      Also, let’s not forget the Democrats are significantly better at marketing then the Republicans. Your citation of Kamela Matress’s statement is proof of that. You also see Trump as a damaged candidate, and are ready to dismiss him before the campaign even starts up. The lawfare is working on you from what I can tell

  7. The turnout in Iowa was 110,000 voters, which was just pretty low in a state with over 2 million registered voters. So with 51%, Trump got about 55,000 votes. Given the very low turnout, it is hard to know what to make of this win. Iowa voters are perhaps representative of rural midwestern farm state voters, but that won’t be enough to guarantee victory for Trump in the general election in November.

    • Statistics without context are meaningless.
      What is the average turn out across the nation? For a primary?
      Is 110,000 a large or a small number of voters in a caucus? Without that context, your comment is a curiosity at best. It is indicative of nothing else.

  8. 53% plus ….. this is because dominion wasn’t involved.
    An accurate count of the legitimate votes cast in 2020 would’ve been yet an even bigger percentage.

  9. I will not vote for Donald Trump. He is not a rational or moral man. I will not vote for Joe Biden. He is not competent and has horrible policies and people. Are these two old geezers the best the country can come up with? Seriously?

    • The leftists thank you for your service.
      And, valid question, who would you recommend run for President? What politician is a “rational and moral” man in your mind?
      Additionally, I find it curious that you think these candidates are being forced upon us. Why would you think that? Nikki Haley is not an old geezer. Neither is Ron DeSantis. RFK Jr. is not a young man but his is not old geezer age yet. Last election cycle, there were a lot of candidates running against Biden, something like 17 if I remember correctly. But, at the end, Biden won out. Polls, primaries, etc… it ended up as Biden. Either there is some vast conspiracy, or the people actually want an old geezer.
      Maybe there are better candidates out there, but apparently the voters do not want those. They want old geezers.

      • I sorta, kinda agree about certain candidates being forced on us. Obviously not Trump.

        The system is such only very wealthy or well connected can effectively run. The donor class has their favorites (Nikki Hailey) and work hard to get them front and center.

        Additionally, the party setting requirements for debate attendees eliminate many form having a chance. Especially in the bread and circuses form they are conducted.

        Is there a better option? Probably not. But the days of someone like Reagan defying the odds and getting traction are probably over.

        • “But the days of someone like Reagan defying the odds and getting traction are probably over.”
          However, Trump did it in 2016. A short 8 years ago.
          The big problem with our selection of candidates is the average individual thinks a candidate needs to have political experience to be electable. Most politicians think the same way. There is a reason why people run for their city assembly, then for a state level position, etc… And there is a reason why people said Biden was experienced in 2020. Because, for whatever reason, the masses think holding a political office equates to experience.
          One would think 0bama would have disproven that myth, but we got Biden…

  10. I don’t like this outcome so I claim caucus/election fraud!

    Isn’t that how it works for the MAGA crowd? I demand a total and complete investigation into this clearly rigged and fraudulent system!

    • No, that is not how it works.
      If you want to claim caucus fraud, I want to have it investigated.
      Can you describe the events that happened on Monday (or Tuesday) that lead you to believe there was fraud? What happened that makes you suspicious? Were there unmonitored ballot drop boxes? Did anyone capture video of people depositing multiple ballots?
      Did counting of the results stop suddenly… well except for two people who just wanted to continue unmonitored and without any supervision?
      Perhaps you have pics of staff covering up windows to ensure the counting was not observed?
      Or did people have problem getting their ballots read by the tabulation machine?
      Can you describe the events that make you suspect fraud?
      Because if you did see something, I want an explanation of why and how it happened, as well as an independent 3rd party assurance the event did not alter the outcome.

      • According to the ultra MAGA crowd, that IS how it works. You can make claims with zero evidence. Even when multiple courts refuse to hear a case because of a total lack of merit, the true believers just go deeper down the rabbit hole of deep state conspiracy nonsense. The concept of Occam’s Razor is lost on them.

        There are several commenters on here that fit the description and when confronted with their nonsense, don’t retort with anything rationale, but rather, swim in a deep pool of ad hominem.

        • So, there was absolutely nothing you saw about the Iowa caucus that was suspicious in any way?
          OK, so… sorry…. Not even the most ardent, hardcore MAGA individual is making claims of fraud without being able to point to one or more suspicious activities. Perhaps instead of dismissing them as “ultra MAGA” (an ad hominem attack…) you could read what they wrote, and actually provide contrary information.
          Covering up the windows to stop observers? What was the justification? Got anything?
          People stuffing ballot boxes? Justification? Was it legal?
          Two individuals remaining behind without observers or any oversight to continue counting votes? Seemed perfectly OK to you?
          As to getting into court, the judges did not dismiss for lack of merit. Lack of standing, yes, but lack of merit. They were dismissed before any of the evidence was even examined.
          Besides, just because it did not make it into court does not mean it never happened. If cman’s car disappears, and no car thief is caught and prosecuted, was it a car theft? Did a crime happen? I am going to say yes, but by your logic, if it did not go to court, nothing was wrong.

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