Kelly Tshibaka: Hear Dennis Prager on STAND podcast and catch him in Fairbanks on Saturday



In a recent episode of Kelly Tshibaka’s STAND podcast, Dennis Prager, the visionary and founder of PragerU, discussed the remarkable ways America and Israel are enduring ruthless intolerance from the Left. Prager has dedicated his life to shaping the next generation of Americans with conservative philosophy.

Prager will be the keynote speaker in Fairbanks on Feb. 24 at an evening event sponsored by Alaska Family Council.

PragerU’s conservative education platform is known for its ability to quickly and easily explain complex historical and moral concepts. With more than one billion annual views (mostly young adults), PragerU has had a substantial impact on influencing the ideologies of the next generation.

During the Tshibaka interview on the STAND podcast, Prager discussed the challenges of ideological brainwashing among America’s youth, as well as the influence of social media in countering propaganda, revealing parallels between the intolerance of the Left and the rigidity of groups like Hamas.

Prager cites the outcry of teachers’ unions against anyone showing a five minute PragerU video in class as an example of the Left’s intolerance. “There is no example since the Russian Revolution in 1917 of the Left allowing dissent,” he said. “From Vladimir Lenin, to your local university, they never allow dissent.”

Prager went on to tie this intolerance with the current war in the Middle East, arguing that a group’s inability to tolerate opposing opinions usually indicates they are lying. When a young American asked Prager how one could know which side is telling the truth, he responded: “The side that censors is usually the liar.”

That is why the Left cannot tolerate even five minutes of a PragerU video. As Dennis Prager said himself, “Truth wallops lies in five minutes.”

Dennis Prager will be speaking more on the Left’s intolerance and the war on Hamas at a luncheon event on Saturday at the Wedgewood Resort in Fairbanks. The event is being sponsored by Alaska Family Council and tickets can be purchased from their website online at

Dennis Prager’s full interview on STAND can be seen here.

Kelly Tshibaka is the host of the podcast, TV, and radio show STAND, and the 2022 Alaska Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. She co-hosts the show with her husband, Niki Tshibaka.

Kelly Tshibaka on the Must Read Alaska Show at this link. And here.


  1. Dennis came to Anchorage in 2023! My husband and I went to hear him speak at the Captain Cook. He is an American treasure for sure.

  2. “PragerU’s conservative education platform is known for its ability to quickly and easily explain complex historical and moral concepts.” Garbage in; garbage out. Since when has ‘complex historical’ and ‘moral concepts’ been easy to understand?

    If Ms Tshibaka is promoting this, it makes one wonder what she learned at Steller Alternative High School.

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