Daniel Turner: Climate cultists will do anything to save the planet, except stay home

Private jets at Davos.


Under President Joe Biden, the U.S. has spent more money than ever before in fighting so-called “climate change.” But climate activists continue to call for more. One wonders if it is ever possible to satisfy their demands.

The climate agenda is flush with incongruities and inconsistencies, a nicer way of saying “lies.” Decades of unrealized doomsday predictions do not prevent more doomsday predictions. Manipulated data uncovered by leaked Climategate emails and NASA whistleblowers do not stop climate activists from pointing to their fabricated “science.”

But perhaps the greatest falsehood of the climate agenda is a failure in simple logical deduction. Climate activists’ entire raison d’etre is ending fossil fuels. They claim fossil fuels are driving climate change; ergo, we must eliminate them. Strangely, though, to reinforce that position, anti-fossil fuel hypocrites use more fossil fuels than your average person.

Use more fossil fuels while forcing others to use none. It’s a central tenant of the climate agenda.

Last November, 80,000 people gathered at the anti-fossil fuel U.N. Climate Conference “COP28” in Dubai. The 28th of such conferences, which grows in size and scope each year, lasted more than two weeks. That’s airfare, hotels, cars, wining, and dining, all for a reduced footprint. Two weeks’ worth of meetings and not a single panel to admit the hypocrisy of the anti-fossil fuel crowd as they use the very fuels they bemoan.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of global climate conferences, and you can guarantee the anti-fossil fuel elite will attend as many as possible. If you make a career trying to ban fossil fuels, you’re never more than a couple of weeks away from the next elitist party.

This month alone, the “Second Nature Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit” is in Long Beach, California; the “Climate and Clean Air Conference” is in Nairobi, Kenya; and the “International Financial Reporting Center Sustainability Conference” is in New York City.

The Aspen Ideas Institute has a climate conference in March, but not in chilly Aspen. No, everyone will be traveling to Miami Beach because why not? And while we’re traveling to Florida, the “European Conference on Renewable Energy” is holding its March conference in Orlando. If the New York Jets and Giants can play in New Jersey, then Europeans can have a conference in Florida. Ponce de Leon was European, after all.

March will bring some of our fearless climate change activists to the “World Impact Summit” in Bordeaux, France, while others will attend the completely different but similarly titled “Climate Chance World Impact Summit” in Bogota, Colombia. If you’ve lost track of all the parties, you’re not alone. Yet there’s much more.

Many milestones in climate conferences are forthcoming: The “8th International Conference on Climate Change” is in Sri Lanka and then the “16th International Conference on Climate Change” in Pau, France, in April. The “World Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming” in Madrid in April is only in its fourth year, and a similarly named “Fourth International Conference on Climate Change and Sustainability” will be in Paris this July. Let us not confuse that July climate conference with another July one, the “Conference on Global Climate Change and Sustainable Development,” in London. Would you like to bet several hundred climate activists will attend both and take a plane between Paris and London rather than the train?

I’d bet the farm, and I literally have a farm to bet.

While the “World Conference on Climate Change and Sustainability” will be held in Barcelona this October, the “Global Summit on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability” will be in Rome, also in October. Paella and carbonara in the same week!

There are summits in every nation every month from now until the end of time, which the climate activists tell us, thanks to fossil fuels, is pretty close. Imminent, but not before I get global status on United Airlines, not for the champagne at take-off, but for the Earth.

Not one of these is virtual. Not one of these conferences is a Zoom call. No one will be at their boring desks in their boring homes. Exotic, international travel is essential to the anti-fossil fuel mission. The planet depends on it.

During the Covid pandemic, people stayed home, houses of worship and workplaces were closed, and our children took classes remotely because “science” told us human contact and proximity was a risk we could not take. Climate science tells us human use of fossil fuels is driving the crisis and end of the world, yet climate science enthusiasts refuse to wear the metaphorical mask.

That should not surprise you. Anger you? Yes. Surprise you?  No.

Remember how our elite were exempt from Covid lockdowns? Whether it was then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done, California Gov. Gavin Newsom dining at the French Laundry, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham having jewelry stores open for her Christmas shopping, or former President Obama throwing a lavish birthday party, the ruling class did not have to follow the rules. Covid protocols are for the unwashed masses, as are gas stove bans and EV mandates.

“For someone like me, it is the only option,” said International Climate Envoy John Kerry when asked about his private jet travel to Reykjavik. Kerry could have easily flown commercial on one of the more than a dozen daily East Coast commercial flights to Reykjavik, but in his mind, Kerry is truly greater than the rules. So the protocols do not apply. 

Manmade climate change is an unproven theory, a hypothesis that merits scrutiny and rigorous academic investigation. We get hysteria and profiteering, a maddening display of deeply unscientific activism that cheapens science and sews tremendous doubt into the public discourse. These very same hysterics led to people no longer believing the government on Covid, and the manipulation of science for political and economic gain explains why few believe “climate change” is even real.

Tens of thousands of lucky climate activists will attend these events, almost all of whom are in luxury hotels in glamorous cities. Would an “International Climate Conference” ever be held in Juba, South Sudan, or Port-au-Prince, Haiti? Of course not. There is no Mandarin Oriental, and the wine is terrible.

So long as the climate crew jet set around the world to listen to Al Gore tell stories, we can all rest assured that, as a planet, we are doing just fine. The green movement has plenty of green to make, and the cynic in me knows that is the actual purpose.

Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @DanielTurnerPTF. This column first appeared at The Federalist.


  1. I’m gonna drive over to Spenard to get the rim fixed on my fat tire bike, then I’m going to drive to a trail head to exercise while saving the planet.
    I might bike to Carr’s next week for a loaf of bread, if you see me, please don’t throw a beer can at my head from your truck, I’m trying to SAVE the planet for Pete’ sake.

    • While you’re there, I could use a six of Alaskan White. Help a brother out while you’re there?

      Make it a 12 pack and you can throw some back at the people angry you’re saving the planet.

    • Good on you.
      A personal choice is perfectly OK by me. Please save some gas, get some exercise. I like it.
      I only have problems with the politicians setting sweeping and economically destructive policies that everyone must abide by in order to ensure only they can enjoy the luxuries of life…. errr…. I mean in order to save the planet.
      As long as you are making choices for yourself, please continue to do so. If you start trying to force others to comply, you lost me as a fan.

  2. While the use of private jets, etc. does seem wasteful and heavy on the carbon budget, you can rest assured that the positive global impact being made by those in attendance at these meetings far outweighs the negative emissions impacts created by their travels. This is how global change happens. I’m sorry that you are all stuck in the past, denying the obvious and clinging so dearly to your Alaskan fossil fuel habits.

    The future is coming, whether you like it or not.

    • OMG, I can’t stop laughing. This is beyond ludicrous.

      Go play elsewhere child. Adults are gonna be talking.

    • What exactly is the positive global impact?
      Please describe it.
      And, while you are at it, tell us how that impact cannot be achieved without wasteful use of private jets, catering, and in-person meetings in exotic locales.

    • Hans, yes as in Davos where the elites gather to devise and further celebrate their plans of killing most of us off!

    • So basically what you are saying is that the climate crowd is too stupid to run a zoom meeting from their pretend carbon neutral dwelling to accomplish their agenda, got it!

      Oh, please clearly the agenda is to be seen and hop-knob in luxury with others, make highfalutin speeches and if at all possible do it all on the taxpayers dime.
      Can’t do that on a zoom call!

      Wouldn’t you as a true believer expect them to lead by example and demonstrate the lifestyle they want to dictate to all??
      Meetings are the past Hans, Zoom is the future. In their utopia no one has private transportation (except for the privileged few like them), and if it is cloudy you’ll go hungry as your solar panel and sun oven are taking the day off.

  3. You see this hypocrisy here in Anchorage. You have athletes like cross country skiers flying back and forth to Europe to race. And they are sponsored by POW, the radical Protect Our Winters activist group. The number one goal of POW is to kill the Willow project. So you have Alaskan skiers advocating for the destruction of the Alaskan economy while they burn 1000s of gallons of jet fuel. Bozo hypocrites.

    • The skier elites are “special” though. They all look, act, walk and talk like lefty democrats. It would not surprise me if they are all involved in helping to “save Alaska from itself” by pushing the green agenda. Doesn’t Alex Soros own some ski resorts? Maybe his money reach has been extended to Alaska to “help” the budding skiers here?

  4. The climate cult is a death cult. It’s goal is to reduce the population down to just enough of us to be servants.

  5. If the threat was real they need to ban all sporting events and concerts as they both draw large numbers of people who drive or fly to these events.
    So when the climate Greeks start shutting the unnecessary events down then we can see there serious.

    • Don’t forget snow sports, which are particularly ironic. They need to be virtual. No more in-person participation in snow sports. It is the worst possible activity for the snow.

    • Fairy tales. If it involves John Kerry and Al Gore, then you know it’s all bull crap. These two losers were exposed during their presidential runs. Both a couple of psychologically mixed-up, habitual liars. But they love propogating their lies because it made them billionaires. There is no man-made global climate change. It’s a figment of the Democrat’s imagination.

  6. The City and Borough of Juneau spent 6 months working over the Paris Climate Accord, back in 2015, before approving it. They spent $800,000 on an electric bus that doesn’t work and is parked. Yet a week ago these same people had a rally for Palestinians – another elitist cause du jour. The elitist agenda is part of the fabric of the Juneau leadership, and many legislators sent to Juneau from other parts of Alaska drink the same Kool-Aide every day. Juneau voters will overwhelmingly vote for Biden, or a shill replacement, come November.

    The 1.7 million cruise ship tourists that help support Juneau city government have a huge carbon footprint, if that carbon footprint concept even exists in real life, and the Assembly spent $17 million of the head tax money on a brass whale (later found to have been in violation of federal law). Right now the Assembly is spending $20 million on erecting and rebuilding a used tram purchased in Europe. The tram, if ever built, will be located at the municipal ski area. This same Assembly made a grant of taxpayer money “to teach drag queen lessons.”

    I am not sure how to conclude this rant. My old .45 shoots just as straight and Hank Williams sounds every bit as great as would be the case in the real Alaska, if in fact there is somewhere a real Alaska.

  7. Maybe the next climate change summit should be in Point Hope . Climate change is for thee and not for me . All flying around in private jets to discus climate change . Laughable . Weather is a science except for the liberal and then it becomes a feeling . They say follow the science , I can say with certainty that the seven billion folks walking around the planet were all fathered by a man and birthed by a woman with out exception ! That’s science !

    That screeching teenager that’s looks like she’s constipated ( by that look on her face ) is a prime example of the left amplifying climate change . If ten thousand years ago the continent had two miles of ice over it , I rest my case !

    Us Alaskans need fossil fuel for basic survival . We need our own AvGas refinery up here as our airplane gas is coming from Texas . Some states are starting to ban the sale and distribution of 100LL AvGas . Just a matter of time before we will have problems in Ak . The AvGas gas prices for our planes are going through the roof now . Just wait a few years .

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