MTG brings the receipts on Hunter Biden’s self-made sex tapes; she puts them in Congressional Record


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia brought a photo lineup into the House Oversight Committee’s IRS whistleblower hearing that is one for the ages.

It was a montage of photographs of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, naked, having sex with different women. The pictures were carefully blocked out in places to avoid showing the actual private parts of Hunter or the women’s faces.

The hearing was about a criminal case over at the Justice Department pertaining to Hunter Biden and his tax evasion problems.

“Before we begin, I would like to let the committee and everyone watching at home that parental discretion is advised,” Greene said before showing the poster boards. She then talked about Hunter Biden’s various sexual escapades with sex-trafficked women.

“If he was purchasing her a plane ticket for sex and traveling across state lines, do you believe that to be a violation of the Mann Act?” she asked the witness.  

The Mann Act is an anti-trafficking law that prohibits the transportation of “any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose.” It has since been amended and expanded.

The description on one of the pictures said “Hunter recorded multiple sex tapes with a prostitute he paid for out of his law firm’s bank account.”

“This is evidence of Hunter Biden making pornography,” Greene said to the committee.

Rep. Jaime Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, was horrified at the presentation, which has been condemned by Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and mainstream liberal media.

“Should we be displaying this, Mr. Chairman?” the ranking member Raskin asked.

“Frankly, I don’t care who you are in this country, no one deserves that. It is abuse. It is abusive,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

The photos were from the laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden but that was left abandoned at a Delaware computer shop in 2019. The MacBook Pro is now in the hands of the FBI, which has been investigating whether Hunter Biden reported income from his various and sundry business dealings.

The witnesses in the hearing, Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, said Hunter indeed made inappropriate business deductions related to a sex club membership and escorts.


        • I believe the balance of the item you’re interested in may be discretely stashed within the confines of the lady’s neck, likely to discretely hide it from prying eyes. There are probably better photos of it on the net if you’re a fan of Ron Reagan’s ‘trust but verify’ approach. Enjoy your journey.

  1. lulz. man what a life, get paid 10’s maybe 100’s of millions to make sex tapes, smoke crack and be daddy’s bag man.

  2. As disgusting as those photos surely were, they still utterly pale in comparison to the politically-condoned and politically-enforced child grooming and radically sexualized political agenda of the far left extremists in Congress.

    You made your bed (with Hunter, and others), now lie in it.

    • An Aunt Jemima wannbe….. Wait! What? Isn’t that cultural appropriation? How utterly racist of Rep Raskin!

    • That is Rep Raskin from Maryland who is currently under going chemo for lymphoma. That do-rag is actually a bandana given to him by Steve Van Zandt, Sil from the Sopranos or one of the guitarists from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

      Raskin got permission from Speaker McCarthy to wear a head covering in Congress.

    • He recently completed cancer treatment and lost all his hair. Would you prefer a comb over wig like DJT?

      • correct me if I’m wrong but don’t cancer victims who undergo chemo treatments lose their eyebrow hair? take a closer look, Raskin may not be the hero you want him to be. remember 99% of these scum lie and steal for a living.

  3. If there is a dumber president’s child, I would like to know who it is. Hunter Biden is a full-on derelect. Brainless!!!

      • Or more simply put the apples fell straight under that tree.
        The worst part Hunter wasnt smart enough to be the engineer on the train.
        Daddy was the Engineer with Obama shoveling the coal.

        • That’s hilarious, Andy. Obama the shoveler/laborer. The dumb white-guy driving. The driver’s son hanging out on the caboose. WE are so screwed!!

    • At least one, Donnie Jr., who seems to have some of the same bad habits and no ability to generate his own income, legally or illegally.

  4. Convict Ms Greene for displaying pornography without permission of those portrayed already. Talk about kinky sex of any form, and arrest that woman for public libelous blackmail.

      • Balogna and mustard on toasted rye. Gregory. This was not a trial. Hunter Biden is not on trial and what Ms Greene (if one can stomach calling her a human appellated with ‘Ms’) did was wrong on all counts. Furthermore, Must Read AK has participated in this mark of shame much too easily. I have my serious doubts about some of the Alaskan contributors here. We may be brash, and tell it like it is, but we don’t kick someone in their testicles on the world stage.

      • A. Galeution, Don’t ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ me in a demonstration of insufferable priggishness. There is nothing at all convoluted in stating that showing off nude pictures of someone else in front of everyone without their permission is wrong. It’s wrong. Plainly wrong. Americans that view this in years to come will never be able to unsee this woman’s act of invading someone’s privacy when there is absolutely nothing illegal about someone else’s private matter. Hunter is not on trial for prostitution –unlike some that try to get out of their rape charges, there is evidence that he paid for whatever. Furthermore, what about the unidentified woman in the photo? Didn’t she have a right to not be on display? Ms Green should be charged with not only criminality under blackmail tactics but craven and demeaning visual assault. No one chooses to watch that stuff and if she thinks she’s cute, she has no business disrupting the business of the United States with her. This absolute clown show is nothing more than demonstration of Ms Green and her crony’s wanton shamelessness.

        • Mrs. N has a crush on Hunter. Send him some nudies, honey. That’s seems to be the way to get his attention.

        • Democrats urge others to to be licentious but then become virtual prigs as you have when activities are viewed under Congressional review. I guess the prigs can do Congressional reviews now. The pendulum swings.

        • There are questions about why that business man close to government international officials should not be reviewed for these things. Obviously.

        • I like your dime store words! doesn’t blackmail infer that MGT would ask for something under the threat of releasing the compromising pics?

    • “public libelous blackmail”???? HUH??? There is a contradiction in terms. Remind me Mrs. N were you okay with all those gender-bending graphic books our youngest children now get access to at any old library???

      • Now Taxpayer,
        That is totally different. Those children NEED to see their options. p.s. that’s sarcasm.

      • Taxpayer –no contradiction. Look it up in a Webster’s if you will. In effect by displaying these photos and demanding that they are part of the record, no one can look at their shocking depiction with anything less than horror and disgust, but those with simple minds like Ms Greene are hoping that people stop thinking about her criminal actions in portraying without anyone’s permission libelous nude photos to the general public. No one in that audience knew that she would suddenly pop up on the screen someone in a sex act. No one in the photo gave permission to display the photos.

        • Blackmail implies an act of coercion for money or favors in order to keep certain items private. It is the opposite of “public”. These are not random pictures, but evidentiary photos from the federal investigation into this laptop. They would be used in court as evidence to support charges.
          Are they tasteless? Absolutely! Should she have done it? No in my opinion it is over the top.
          That being said, it baffles me however that you are quick to call for Mrs. Greens indictment, but have no words of condemnation of Hunter for evading taxes to pay for his “companions”, or evade my inquire about your stance on those gender books for kids.

          • My children are grown so I volunteer helping first graders read. I can’t help you out on your decision whether or not you’d encourage your children to read anything. My husband read ‘Cosmos’ by Carl Sagan for our sons’ bedtime stories and made up adventures about the football shaped headed baby since he’d seen the show when he was visiting our son in the hospital. If you’re not there for your kids, that is where your priorities are located.
            It’s not my business to condemn Mr Hunter Biden. He isn’t paid to represent any of my interests in Congress.
            As for evasion of taxes, the facts are out there. Do with them what you will. If you choose to ignore the facts it’s no skin off my nose.
            The photos were private records. That the woman that ‘blew them up’ to show off in the Congressional hearing chose to disregard orders not to display them, ensures that they will forever be her Achille’s heel in describing her snakelike attributes.
            However, no one deserves revenge porn in the People’s House especially as no crime was committed by any of the subjects portrayed. The thoroughly despicable person that displayed the photos has on more than one occasion publicly announced her seditious aspirations so she has no business of representing anyone there to the United States of America. Using her vicarious spoils of the spurious campaign in her own mind merely publicizes her predilection for voyeurism. That, too, shall pass. Perhaps she’ll have to answer to the law and her Maker, but that sort of woman calling herself ‘Christian’ doesn’t seem to have read one single word of the New Testament.

            No more comments from me on this subject, now that the shock and disbelief has been duly noted and registered. No one who glorified her public assault has made a significant worthwhile justification for her libelous small-minded meanness and intention of hurting fellow Americans, and by her intimidation vengeful tactics it is evident of her intent to blackmail anyone who gets in her way, let alone run roughshod over Speaker McCarthy.

          • Mrs N thank you for the long and wordy non-answer. It is apparent that you simply do not want to address the actual topic. (as in the Biden family shady business and sleazy behavior and their obvious immunity from any kind of legal consequence, all other Americans a subject to). While I find this display unseemly for the halls of congress, I understand that this was the ONLY way to make sure that it got the wide-spread attention it really deserves.
            I hope you will go for another nice walk and be well.

          • Oh my! Ms. N, the verb “blew” is more appropriately predicated to others rather than Rep. Greene.

            I’m pretty sure Dr. (sic) Jill has the white house staff place plastic seat covers before the step son stops by. Such a boy to be “proud” of!

            Your priggish indignation is rather strained. But ramble on, you provide a bit of entertainment.

    • With all due respect Hunter gave permission when he gave his laptop away Mrs N.
      If you close your eyes wave your arms and click your heels three times the bad pictures will go away.

      • Mr (Mister?) Dufrain, you showed no respect, so don’t go on and on with the surfeit of superfluous dribble. As far as you or I know, Hunter did not provide permission in any way, shape, or form when he didn’t pick up his laptop at the repair shop. When someone takes something without permission that is ‘theft’, BTW.

        • Oh please! When one abandons an item, rights are forfeit. Most businesses have signs up that basically say: “if you leave your stuff for more than x amount of time after we notified you to pick it up, we consider it abandoned and will dispose of it.” Even your dry cleaner has a sign like that.
          During a criminal investigation, investigators do NOT need permission from the accused, they get a warrant. I am wondering if due to his plea deal all this material is now public record.

        • typically in a repair shop scenario cars, computers , furniture or whatever, a person typically drops it off and signs paperwork that if you don’t come pay for the repair and pick up your property said property would then default to the shop owner. no theft. you might have a point if you were talking about Ashley Bidens journal. She recklessly left her journal at a rehab that described why she was so mess up due to Joe biden taking inappropriate showers with her but then again she abandoned that as well so its up for debate

        • You are not aware of the facts surrounding the laptop.
          The repair shop owner has a signed copy of the agreement that states if you do not claim your property it will be confiscated and become property of the business as a result of nonpayment for services rendered.PERIOD Nobody stole it. He has signed permission from Hunter himself. I know this fact. You do not.
          You simply dont have the information needed to make reasonable informed factual statements about the article Suzanne presented.
          MRAK will always be posting news articles that will be offensive to you and others. Commenters will always be making statements and even lewd comments that will always be offensive in your opinion until you take off your blinders and start gathering more facts surrounding the articles written so you will have a better understanding why people are upset and why Suzanne spends so much time reporting the truth to the very best of her ability.
          If you dont want to commit to fact finding on your own then just keep on calling me and others a liar but you better be ready for the fallout because it will get worse for you as your heroes begin to fall from grace.

        • Meanwhile Biden’s corruptable soul is proven by dereliction of duty which has caused real sexual and embarassment abuse to millions of children and women. His policies have skyrocketed human trafficking which his son is clearly partaking in.

          Your faux self-righteous selective rage is demonstrative of your lack of sense. You are a facilitator of these evil beasts… shame on you.

    • You want MJT to be arrested for presenting evidence during a hearing, so what do you think should happen to public school employees who show kids gay porn books that are much more graphic than MJT’s evidence?

  5. It’s not news to anyone with two brain cells Hunter is a vile human.

    But I don’t see the point in this display. His sex life, twisted as it is, is irrelevant to him dodging taxes, extortion, and being the Biden family bagman.

    All MGT managed to do is make an even bigger a– out of herself. A sadly impressive achievement.

    This only benefits Hunter. It paints him as a sad victim of attacks by an irrelevant GOP back bencher.

    • I totally disagree with you.
      Based on many conversations I have had with Dems and Libs about the level of corruption from the top of the white house to the bottom rung of FBI DOJ they still argue that its all a phony GOP operative attempt to smear the Bidens because they havent heard a word about it on CNN.

      As long as those clowns act like children and plug their ears and ignore the fraud it needs to be shoved into their face until they can no longer get away with it.
      They purposely ignored the fraud until statute of limitations expired with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes from nearly ten years ago and they had all the evidence handed to them.
      What the hell are we supposed to do? Shut the hell up and get a second job because Joe wants more to piss away while Hunter skates? If you have so much money paying more taxes doesnt affect you then congrats but thats not the case for the majority.

      I totally agree it is the worst s**tshow the whitehouse has ever seen but it is a result of the lefts continued denial and the controlled FBI and DOJ’s puppets
      If its too much for you maybe its time for a timeout but there are many like me that are tired of the ignorance AND lack of prosecution.
      I frequently notice that you continually bash the GOP for sitting on their haunches and letting Dems run the show into the ground but today you make derogatory statements regarding MTG’s actions.
      Calling her names puts you in the same category of who you are criticizing.
      Do you also complain about coffee too hot or ice cream too cold?
      Like it or not at least she is not sitting on her A** with the Rinos! Are you listening Lisa??? Dan???

      • After a second reading of your tantrum (I got bored 1/2 through the first one and became more interested in sofa lint), I have serious questions if you can find it in yourself to be a rational adult and answer them in a reasonable manner.

        1-besides scratching your itch, what did her stupid act do to advance anything? How does it reign in an out of control DOJ, White House, IRS? Be specific.

        2-how does this get us one inch closer to putting Biden in jail for bribery, racketeering, corruption, and a host of other legitimate charges? Again, be specific.

        3-if CNN covered her stunt, how likely is it CNN will be outraged by what she revealed and via extension motivate their audience to your position? Again, be specific.

        4-how does this turn back the clock on statues of limitations which have expired? Again, be specific.

        5-how do you shame someone who has no shame? Again, be specific.

        6-do you really think you’re going after me personally is gonna change my opinion, or matter to me beyond passing amusement?
        Don’t bother with specifics, there are none.

        I’m often very critical of the GOP because the GOP is stupid. Politically, strategically, structurally. This antic is no exception.

        I’m a fan of fighting back, hard, when the cause and target merit it. I also am a strategic tactician who knows when to fight, when to hold, and when not to bother.

        The issues are Joe and winning the next election. Nothing MGT did yesterday advances that goal one inch.

        Now, back to couch lint. More interesting and more mentally engaging.

      • Andy D. even if I don’t watch CNN, nor converse with folks that deliberately tell me they are a member of this or that political party. Heck. I’m from Alaska. Out of the ten of us, five military veterans, I have no idea of any political party my family members think they are a member, and I’m not going to ever ask. They are decent human beings first and foremost. Don’t for one second that the rate of inflation doesn’t affect me and my family. But, as sure as I’m here, what’s going on in the world today is not the fault of Mr Biden nor any individual in a political party. Top executives help put a face to the company policies they employ and the company values, but they are not everything to that corporation. However, when a person actively engages in criminal behavior, it does nothing at all helpful to the country. Hunter Biden is not the top executive in this country. His father’s empathetic actions toward those struggling with mental illness and ensuring the rights of others are considered in the business transactions ensures that our country’s standing in the world and at home are orderly and reflect those of the best of us. It seems from what I can tell, despite the kangaroo court activity of a bunch of anti-Biden idiots, Hunter Biden is on trial in the name of some supposed ‘Weaponization of the US Government’ in the United States Congressional House of Judiciary.

        • Ok Mrs N, Lets keep it simple.
          The House oversight committee thinks that based on the evidence they looked at is the same evidence DOJ FBI IRS looked at and they seem to think the evidence provided would call for a much different penalty than if John Doe were being investigated. They discovered much of the evidence from 2014-2015 was completely overlooked resulting in an excess of $100,000 of unpaid taxes with illegal deductions made on top of it.
          John Doe would be in jail for doing the same AND be liable for back taxes.
          Hunter gets no jail time and does not have to pay back taxes and absolutely NO penalties for illegal deductions.

          If you cant follow these facts and understand why we as taxpaying citizens who get audited and have had to pay enormous penalties for mistakes inadvertently made by tax preparers AND inability to prove legal deductions meaning guilty until proven innocent then you will never understand anything about why I/WE are pissed off when Hunter walks without paying. The SAME law must apply to EVERYONE!
          Follow the facts or not. The choice is yours.
          If you cant follow this then give up trying. Harp on someone else

    • It’s called “humiliating one’s enemies”.

      The radical left uses the technique routinely, so it is only fair and proper to use the same strategy against them as well.

      Until the non-radical-leftists start fighting back against the neoMarxist Jacobins low and dirty, as the radical left routinely do themselves, we will forever be in little more than a controlled retreat against them.

      • It’s a fair point, but here’s where I disagree. Hunter is the sideshow, not the issue. He’s Fredo, a means to an end.

        Attacking Hunters lack of character is too easy. And it’s distracting from the major issue. Biden is wildly corrupt and wrecking the nation in unprecedented ways.

        MGT is the rights version of AOC. She’s not effective, she’s not smart, and her antics are usually more harmful than helpful.

        Hunter can’t be shamed-he has none. Instead of ineffective dog and pony shows in public, the better attack is to make it really clear to him regardless of what happens to Daddy, HE is gonna burn. Unless he rolls over.

        The only way this makes any sense is if someone in the GOP with a brain (a hard stretch, to be sure) is allowing MGT to make an ass out of herself to further a different, more effective agenda.

        • “Hunter can’t be shamed- he has none”
          Totally agree with you there, but the point isn’t shaming him, but those who stand by him, support and defend him. Now every time one of the lackeys opens their mouth to sing his praises, everyone’s mental images will go right back to these pictures and taint what those defending him say.

  6. Regarding the Mann Act. Unless MGT knows something that ties Hunter to involuntary sexual slavery or non consensual porn, it has zero bearing here.

    If she ever had a dirty weekend out of state she’s guilty of being an accomplice.

    There’s a better than average chance a large majority of the posters here violated the Mann Act when single.

    • Could have been drugged, incapacitated, drug somewhere against her will, compromised against her will, photographed against her will, used aagainst her will, propped up againsy her will. and discarded until the kidnappers want to play a new slightly different narrative game. Just like human trafficing it seems. There’s human trafficing part B. Who has a clacking, jittery part to play on that one. But you have to be awake to even see it. I hope this doesn’t happen to others. Opium dens masquerading as bars. Shanghaied!

      • Well that one picture when she’s on her knees does it look like it’s against her will although he does have his hand behind her head. That could be forcible I suppose.

  7. Huge win for President Joe Biden Today!
    He promised all Americans in his inaugural speech that the entire country was tuned into as the entire country was locked down with the phony plandemic that He would bring decency back into the Whitehouse!

    Gosh DR Jill… I believe He just hit a home run with todays show!
    Joe and Jill are crackin open a bottle of champagne as we speak celebrating all the royalties being paid out to Hunter for all the peep shows he and his harem made the top ten porn flicks for the summer blockbuster.
    Joe is so proud of his son cuz he gets 10% of this action too!
    Dang this tops last months topless drag queen performance.
    One big hit after another!

    If the old man dont make it back in 2024 We’re going to have one hell of a remodel bill to get the old house back into shape. Not sure anyone decent would want to bring their family especially kids into a house of ill repute with drugs stashed peep shows and porn flicks. No telling what dribbled out of Hunters pantlegs

  8. So what nobody’s going to jail or have a hefty fine along with jail. He will probably have a drug filled romp with a new sugar mama.

  9. Based AF. And if they complain, point out Obama defended showing worse stuff to kids in school libraries.

  10. MTG as classy as ever. She’s as messed up as Hunter is, only in a different way. At least he’s tried to clean up his life.

    • Whid,
      Go back to your booze and dope. You have a brain infested with loose wires. ie. you’re good for a few left-wing giggles, but no thinking.

    • Dont worry dog, I am sure she will be delivering her laptop filled with porn and big business deals with daddy and uncle frank to a shop near you so you can say she is messed up in the same way so you wont have to have two categories of messed up. LOL

  11. Love MTG! She is from the area in Georgia that my family came from. My kin has been there since before there was a US of A. “Josey Wales” kind of folk, “live by the feud” kind of folk. She says it like it is.

    • Please tell me they are not as dumb as MTG? Do they understand Ukraine is in Europe and the Gazpacho Soup is not coming for you?

      • Wow,
        threw me there with the hipster soup thing. Had to look er up:Gazpacho or Gaspacho, also called Andalusian gazpacho, is a cold soup and drink made of raw, blended vegetables. It originated in the southern regions of the Iberian peninsula and spread into other areas. Gazpacho is widely eaten in Spain and Portugal, particularly during hot summers, since it is refreshing and cool. Wikipedia

  12. Let us all pray the left doesn’t counter with pictures of MTG in carnal acts. How about for the majority of male commenters on this site (and probably a fair number of female followers) could Marjorie please supply similar “situations” with AOC?

    • Oh cmon now don’t be baiting Miss Greene to bend over as low as I do and steal my show. Can’t have her cutting in on my career as a porn star now that my daddy’s circus is crumbling. My sister in law and I are getting lots of views on pornhub.

      • HunterantheBigGuy, sorry but the security system on my computer does not allow me to search for degenerate porn sites. What kind of sick…..

  13. Considering the way the progressives are going, it’s only a matter of time before these become stock photos in elementary school sex-ed books.

  14. Mark Levine’s Conservative Review Liberty Score rates Marjorie Taylor Green at 100%. The term “patriot” will never be pinned on the likes of Paola Estrada.

    • Please list the legislation she has gotten passed in congress.

      Not the coattails she’s ridden, the legislation she came up with.

      Be specific, links would be nice.

      • It doesn’t matter to most of the MAGA crowd. Actual work accomplished to the amount of drama and screaming she does.

        • Hey, not fair!
          You don’t get to claim to have the only drama queen or do nothing politician in AOC and Mary Peltola.
          Seriously cman we can play that game all day and it will get us exactly nowhere. Pointing fingers to distract from the real issue doesn’t further the conversation. MTG isn’t my favorite either and her style isn’t my cup of tea. However she has the guts to say it like she sees it and THAT gets my respect.
          “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

      • WE the people don’t want any more pretended acts of legislation, or bills of attainder masquerading as “code” thank you very much. WE do not consent to changing the existing form of government to please faux prigs.

    • Hey Kane. Though I’ve never served in the military, I’ve devoted all my adult life to GIVING more than TAKING in my community. I call that patriotic.

    • The unknown woman is unknown. I hope she wasn’t drugged, drug out of a bar, compromised, photographed for today’s winnings the modus operanis of what do they call it the bully pooolpit of human trafficing part A. There is Part B that hasn’t been announced it.

  15. MTG – the standard bearer for the New Republican Party. She has the guts to stand up against the Deep State with DJT. DJT is destined to lead us from the darkness. MTG is one of his most important foot soldiers!

    DJT 2024!

  16. The licentious behavior should remain secretive. Never known publicly or the prigs will fiddle DeeDee. Otherwise they have joy in the limelight I believe. Is it OK for Congress to even do Congressionals any more? Evidently not.

  17. The Bidens leave a trail of evidence wherever they go, be it phone records, abandoned computers, boxes of classified documents, diaries…
    The democrats do not care because they hate orange man so much. Now if a Republican president’s family left that kind of evidence lying around…

  18. Not one headline or peep from ADN on the Congressional hearings as of yesterday. This rag of a paper needs a serious transformation.

  19. The picture is taken out of context. I was a a photo illustration for a book in the teen section of the Loussac Library.

  20. This photo is out of context. It’s actually a Rosemont Seneca Partners LTD secretary taking dictation.

  21. Masked Avenger, I cited a link, if your too busy to look it up, so be it. MTG is doing a fine job, I don’t like that she voted for McCarthy as speaker but we’re unlikely to get everything we want in one person, ever. And Paola, supporting democrats is the exact opposite of patriotism.

  22. We know Joe Biden is a habitual liar. We know he is a cheat. We know he’s not smart. We know he was an adulterer.

    Joe Biden finished 76 out of 85 in law school. He cheated on his law exams, and he plagiarized his work.

    Joe Biden was a draft dodger too.

    The number of lies he has told are well documented.

    So would it come as a surprise that son Hunter, is a chip off the old block? One wonders of Joe Biden is a psychopath.

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