Sullivan pushes back against liberal media bias, woke Pentagon, and Democrats’ war on military readiness


The House has passed the National Defense Authorization Act last week, stripped of its worse Democrat culture war items. Today, Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska said he stands with the House Republicans who voted for the bill, without the bizarre Democrat amendments.

As someone in the military, Sullivan is concerned about the politicization of the military under Joe Biden. Sullivan made a Facebook video to vent about how the media has covered the NDAA and how media outlets have accused Republicans of a culture war, when in fact it is Democrats who are waging that war.

“I’m standing in front of the headquarters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the VFW post headquarters here in Washington, D.C., a testament to the men and women in our country, in the military, who’ve kept us free for centuries. Now, some of you may have been reading recently in the mainstream media about how Republicans—particularly now, this time in the House, on the National Defense Authorization Act, which we are working on right now here in the U.S. Senate and in the House—have somehow inserted cultural issues and social issues into this bill,” he said.

Sullivan quoted a PBS story: “House Republicans add culture war issues to the traditionally bipartisan defense bill.”

Then he quoted one from The New York Times: “Hard right Presses Culture Wars on Defense Bill, Imperiling Passage.”

After that, Sullivan read the headline from the The Washington Post: “House Republicans Wage Woke Culture Wars with the Military.”

Sullivan said nothing could be further from the truth than what people are reading in the mainstream liberal media.

“Here’s the truth. Republicans aren’t inserting anything. What we are doing is pushing back against a Pentagon that has inserted these kinds of social issues, cultural issues into the military,” he said.

Sullivan, who has been a Marine Corps infantry officer for almost 30 years said he has never seen a Pentagon led by civilians who focus more on issues, social issues that have absolutely nothing to do with war fighting or lethality.

“Let me give you the mission of the Marine Corps Infantry: It is to locate, find, and destroy the enemies of America through fire and maneuver,” he said.

“The Pentagon right now is doing things that have nothing to do with this kind of war fighting ethos.

He gave examples of how he and other Republicans are pushing back, through their oversight role in Congress:

  • “The Secretary of the Navy is much more interested in climate change—he got his climate action plan out to the Congress about a year and a half ago—than he is in shipbuilding and war fighting and the requirement for him to have amphibious ships that can make sure Marines deploy around the world, none of which he is doing right now.”
  • “The Undersecretary of Defense for policy, the number three guy in the Pentagon, ended his confirmation hearing by saying one of his top priorities was ‘to stamp out systemic racism within the ranks.’ This is a guy who’s never served in the ranks. This is a guy, when I pressed him—do you have any data on besmirching the whole military as systemically racist?—he didn’t have that. The truth is, the U.S. military, while not perfect, is certainly one of the most exemplary civil rights organizations in American history.
  • The Biden administration’s Pentagon is paying active duty troops for transgender surgeries
    “when we don’t have enough money to address suicide prevention, particularly in places like Alaska, where the issue of suicide with our active duty troops is particularly acute. None of these things that the Biden Pentagon is doing have anything to do with war fighting,  have anything to do with lethality, or have anything to do with winning wars.” 

Sullivan defended the oversight role that Republicans are providing in the Armed Services Committee to get the Pentagon back on track, and focused on lethality and winning America’s wars.

Throughout the liberal media, including the Anchorage Daily News, reporters and editors have been accusing Republicans of waging a culture war. It has become the new dog whistle phrase to unite Democrats to the battle for forcing taxpayers to pay for transgender treatments and surgeries, providing them with sex hormones, and sexualizing them before they are old enough to know what is happening.


  1. Who woke him up?

    He’s not wrong, it’s just highly unusual for him to take a position on anything until long after the issue has passed.

  2. Dan makes a good speech, but as long as he continues to support Princess Lisa, and the neocon warmongering against Russia, I will still consider him just another globalist and establishment water-boy.

  3. *%#@^&! media LIARS. Go get ’em Dan. Thanks Suzanne. May we all pray that the American people can see through the falsehood, vote accordingly, and stop consuming lefty media.

  4. The mission of the rifle squad is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemy’s assault by fire and close combat. MCRP 3-10A.4 Formerly MCRP 3-10A.3 and MCWP 3-11.2
    Nothing about climate change, active duty transgender surguries or wokeness.

    [OBAMA] In 2015, then Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus rejected out-of-hand a Marine Corps study concluding that gender-integrated combat formations did not move as quickly or shoot as accurately, and that women were twice as likely as men to suffer combat injuries.

    [BIDEN] The Biden administration has decreed that active members of the military can take time off from their duties to obtain sex-change surgeries and all related hormones and drugs at taxpayer expense. The Biden administration has recently ended support for a longstanding policy prohibiting individuals infected with HIV from serving in combat zones. The policy had been based on sound science tied to the need for HIV medications and the danger of cross-infection through shared blood.

    GIVE them heck, Dan!

  5. “The Secretary of the Navy is much more interested in climate change”
    Dan Sullivan is much more interested in securing Ukraine’s border then securing the United States southern border.

  6. One story about how Republicans castigate folks in the ‘opposite’ party — the Republicans seem to stand for and promote ridiculousness in opposition to decency, injustice for all, inequality etc right after a story clearly demonstrating invasion of privacy, indecency of Republicans by showing pornography in the United States Congress in clear violation of the rights of human beings especially where there is no evidence of nor of any trial of criminality … . How can Mr Sullivan stand there and maintain with a straight face that Democrats do not support mental health well-being in the military when they publicly intimidate all Americans by demonstrating they can show ill-gained pornography with no permission from anyone in retaliation for fairly and justly impeaching the previous President, and fail to acknowledge the Democratic Mr Donnelly’s Senate bill addressing suicidality. As a citizen of the USA, I would like to sue Ms Greene for subjecting all of her retaliatory meanness and publicly demonstrating her evil and cruel behavior.

    • Having jettisoned the ten commandment version of conscience training Mrs N confidently superimposes her own self-taught version of manners in lieu operationally secretively pasted. Is she an fbi employee hostile to the shards of the nation? I believe so working resolutely, desolutely for the big guy not the people. Who cares about them. Debt slaves all. Now what is needed is more pretended acts of legislation, bills of attainder AND, most importantly of all bills of pain and penalties, eh, Mrs N? Why not go sting yourself for a change or takeover an HOA. Thanx. That might be fun for you in your sabbatical.

    • I’d love to see you attempt to sue a duly elected member of Congress for things said while conducting official business.

      Better chance to sue the moon for not being made of green cheese.

    • I want to be sure of something:

      If MGT shows pics of Hunter in a House hearing it’s porn?

      But when its found in school libraries it’s “educational”?

    • “[S]how ill-gained pornography with no permission” like some elementary schools are doing? You might want to check on Democrat-run school districts and eat your words.

  7. Huh.

    So is this neocon buffoon still pimping for the globalist far left’s outrageously expensive and deadly Ukraine debacle and hoping to get the nod as Nikki Haley’s or Mike Pence’s veep running mate or is this latest little posturing act just intended to drum up support for throwing more public cash toward his wife’s family and Doyon Government Group?

  8. The Senator somehow leaves out Tuberville stalling confirmation of 250 senior military officers? This same multi-millionaire Senator from Alabama who promised to donate his salary to Veterans but didn’t. BTW, many of Trumps fans claim he started the Veterans Choice program, it actually was signed into law by Obama in August 2014. Somehow the draft dodger Trump bamboozled a number of Veterans into thinking he had their backs. Similar to his request to remove the flags at half staff honoring John McCain. Speaking of the US flag, maybe Cletus driving 65 with it getting shredded in the back of his pickup along with the obligatory Confederate flag isn’t how the men and women killed fighting for our country would like it displayed. But I guess once radicalized by right wing media it all makes sense.

    • It’s way too early for you to be this stoned.

      I’m reminded of the line in Animal House. “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

  9. The carpetbagger makes a mousy squeak from his corner. No one listens to Senator Dan Sullivan.

    • Excuse me , Dan Sullivan is NOT a carpetbagger, He is married to a beautiful native woman and has raised 3 beautiful daughters in Alaska. I am tired of all the negative, jealous, comments about Dan. If you can’t say something nice then do not say anything. So were you born and raised in Alaska? Just asking. And by the way did you serve our country in the military as Dan did??

    • I do. Unfortunately, even Republicans are hated by a lot of Alaskan Republicans for some reason. I’m a nonpartisan and I am glad he’s doing a lot of things I agree with for our state.

      It’s Lisa Murkowski and even moreso, Peltola, that concerns me. We’d be better off having NO ONE in Peltola’s position with the way she operates.

  10. I have been telling him since his election to the Senate he needs to pick a side , and that side should be the Constitution and the rule of law. I still question his loyalty, but perhaps my savage comments concerning his actions as a United States Senator and a commissioned officer of Marines have jarred him out of his stupor of privilege. We shall see. Lean on him people! Remind him of his responsibilities, GOD, Family, Country Corps! This is the Way!

  11. Is this the same Dan Sullivan that voted down Senator Rand Paul’s amendment to clarify that Article 5 of NATO does not supersede the US Constitution? The power to declare war is not one we should be so reckless with. Why could he not support such an amendment to confirm our constitution? Here’s how everyone voted: ‘

  12. Hard to believe this is genuine coming from a guy who supported Murkowski.

    The Absolute State of Ohio.

  13. I’ve never been a fan of Dan Sullivan but he’s spot on about our military’s mission and how the left is trying to destroy it. This isn’t the same military I proudly served in for 20 years and it’s disheartening to see.

  14. He is also a member of the notorious Council on Foreign Relations and DOES NOT want to tell us that, even though it is a matter of published public record. His meteoric rise in Alaskan politics had a Guiding Hand behind it, and it was not a divine one.

  15. You can all scream in an echo chamber, and it may sound pleasing to your ear, or you start screaming in Dan Sullivans ear and maybe change the way he votes. It’s your choice.

  16. And who took a stand AGAINST PRES TRUMP AND THE JAN 6 crowd intent and purpose, and who fled the senate chambers in great haste!!

  17. Conservatives will never get anything accomplished as long as they “bite and devour one another “. If all you can do is call others ugly names (a juvenile tactic) it would be better to say nothing. What ideas or actions can you contribute to achieving the conservative cause?

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