LaFrance has already moved into City Hall and fired at least 13 people as she prepares to take over


Anchorage Mayor-elect Suzanne LaFrance has taken over space on the first floor of Anchorage City Hall. She has some kind of an agreement with the Anchorage Assembly, although it’s unclear what the agreement is. She won’t be sworn in as mayor until July 1, but has already set up shop in anticipation of moving to the mayor’s offices then. Normally, the mayor’s transition office is in the successful candidate’s campaign office in the weeks leading up to the transition of power. But for the past two weeks, LaFrance has been working out of City Hall.

Also, Must Read Alaska has learned that LaFrance has fired 13 people in the mayor’s office as she begins to hand walking papers to those who were hired by Dave Bronson, the outgoing mayor of Anchorage. Among them are people in the purchasing, administrative, communications, and other departments and divisions of the city, mostly those closest to the mayor.

That’s not unexpected, because every mayor brings in his or her own team.

Today, LaFrance announced she is firing Police Chief Bianca Cross and replacing her with Sean Case, who is deputy police chief for Anchorage.

LaFrance announced last week that her swearing in will be at Town Square Park from noon to 1 p.m. on July 1.


    • Because she is So nonpartisan and wants to “work together”. Lie. It’s you work, do and say only what I want and according to my agenda.. Lafrance takes your money, spends it and always wants more

      Thank your Lafrance and assembly supporters and voters. They are So honest, superior and nonpartisan.

  1. “This maniac is firing all the competent people!”

    When one mayor does it vs. when another mayor does it……

    • +100.

      Seems that the whole election came down to snow plows, not the homeless infestation, rising crime, the assemblies desire to increase spending anyway possible, the fact that La France went full commie during the plandemic, Austin Quinn Davidson’s fake and illegal mayorship, Tom Sconce, the stabbing at the loussac library, the hotels bought by taxpayers to house reprobates, ever increasing property taxes…et al.
      Honestly until the assembly is changed nothing will change in this town. Doesn’t really matter who is mayor, it’s either all gas or all brakes.

  2. LaFrance has replaced interim police Chief Bianca Cross (a woman of color) w/ a young, white, police chief because she wants to do better for the BIPOC population here (I think that means minorities)
    How f’ed up is your thinking, when you have to dump a black woman for a white liberal man so you can help black people?
    Perhaps the BIPOC community could teach our lefty leaders a lesson or 2 in how best to help them.
    After all they are the ones who lived the BIPOC life, not our white communists.
    My Guess? ….. They found out Ms. Cross goes to church and that was it for her.

    • Or maybe the new guy is gay? That would check a box…No one knows what is best for you better than a while liberal elitist!

    • MRAK,

      Please name the 13 already released Bronson administration members. If you are reading this and are a released staffer please let Anchorage know. I see Queen Karen has picked a younger white male to replace the BIPOC police chief designee. I can really feel the “new path forward” for Anchorage. Think conditions are bad now, just wait 3 more years. Start filling your sandbags now and get that bunker built.

      Let me guess a few of the released staffers: Rachelle Alger, Virginia McClure, Mike Savitt, Uluao “Junior” Aumavae, Alexis Johnson, Mike Robbins. Just naming a few hard working people that have been slaving away on behalf of the MOA residents for the last 3 years.

      Sad part is “they” even got the chance to fire any of them. The day after Bronson lost the race to Queen Karen I would have tendered my resignation effective June 27th and had a three day weekend, probably first time in 3 years for some of them.
      Here is a resignation template.
      Attn: Comrade LaFrance
      Deuces I am out.
      Signed XXXX

  3. ANDREW,

    Some of us didn’t vote for her. She never did anything when she was on the Assembly and she is going to make Anchorage like Portland.

    • She did plenty on the assembly. She was a Constant puppet and she sat next to him, doing his bidding at every turn. She helped misappropriate hundreds of millions of dollars and helped ensconce Zalatel in her quarter million dollar a year padded chair on the Muni dime. What she will do next is further choke off the ratepayers and taxpayers to further enrich the chosen few.

  4. Absolutely “Lovely” (!!!). Now we have our very own Certified “Karen!”
    She’s off-the-leash, unhinged, that-time-of-the-month, and ripping it up.

  5. If Mayor LaFrance keeps the roads plowed in the winter and makes the buses run on time, I don’t give a d— what she does just as long as she doesn’t try to raise my taxes. In today’s world, that is as good as it gets. Regarding the loos– there’s plenty of open space for anybody to answer the summons of nature. There is no demand for custom built privies when any alley or side of a building will do!

    • You best get out your checkbook, those type raise taxes like no tomorrow. Then the stupid people of anchorage wake up and vote in the other party, who wont be able to do a damn thing because they are saddled with woke debt. Rinse and repeat.

  6. Picking your choice of the most qualified for police chief is not firing an Acting Police Chief as described by MRAK

  7. Did anyone do the survey on pp rooms. I did. They were told NO. This will be a continuing destroying of Alaska, If I could afford to move I would. Also keep spending our tax dollars for robberies, shootings and drug deals at homeless camps. Poor people BS. Seen some nice dressed looked like arab at mountain view and glenn holding a sign. Get ready everyone.

    • You may be forced out. Juneau has a way of doing that by ratcheting up restrictions while limiting opportunities.

      I’m sure they talk and compare notes.

  8. Watch her bring a bunch of progressive people from Washington, California, and New York into her staff, who will be groomed for moving into the assembly and State government. Just like Ethan did.

    • Mark Begich started this.
      He is a local, but hired all his people from the AK Center for the Environment.
      Left Coast outsiders, that will back every lib idea.
      It’s an avalanche now.

  9. I think the incoming leader should be able to fire and put in the persons they want working for them — once they are installed in the office. But as I recall — I could be wrong — when Bronson got in and fired people, didn’t the leftist assembly get irate and say he couldn’t do that?

  10. She’s firing the first black female police chief to replace her with a white male? Where is the chief equity officer on this?


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