Strange bedfellows: Pro-ranked choice voting coalition has Democrat Party, Socialist Santa, and … Wasilla’s Rep. Jesse Sumner?


A launch for the opposition to the repeal of 2020’s Ballot Measure 2, which brought open primaries and ranked-choice voting to Alaska, is set for Fairbanks and the supporters of the “no repeal” group has many names that people in Fairbanks know well.

There’s Bryan Schroder, cousin-in-law to Sen. Lisa Murkowski. There’s the Socialist Santa from North Pole, who ran for Congress before endorsing Rep. Mary Peltola, the Democrat who won with ranked-choice voting in 2022. There’s Grace Jang, the former communication director for former Gov. Bill Walker. There’s marketing guy Elias Rojas, who serves as the LGBTQ+ caucus chair for the Alaska Democrats’ delegation to the Democratic National Convention. Also on the list is liberal Republican Linda Hutchings of Soldotna and Democrat Native leader Ana Hoffman. Native leaders Liz Medicine Crow of Anchorage Barbara ‘Wáahlaal Gidaag Blake from Juneau is one of the members of the coalition.

Back to help ranked choice voting stay in place is former Sen. Lesil McGuire, who is an Anchorage Republican who now supports Democrats. There’s Scott Crass, extreme leftist and Fairbanks North Star Borough Assemblyman who works at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Former Sen. Lesil McGuire appears in an ad supporting Democrat Andrew Gray.

The Alaska Democratic Party has also been sending fundraising pitches to Alaskans, saying that the party is going to work hard to preserve ranked-choice voting.

One of the supporters, however, is clearly not like the others: Wasilla Republican Rep. Jesse Sumner, who has signed on to protect ranked-choice voting. Sumner represents one of the reddest districts in the state, an area that is almost certain to vote in favor of repealing the open-primary, ranked-choice general scheme.

It’s a bit of ballot confusion: This year’s Ballot Measure 2 is to partially undo 2020’s Ballot Measure 2. So while in 2020 people like North Pole Socialist Santa and Lesil McGuire were in favor of Ballot Measure 2, this time around they are against it, since it would repeal the novel voting combination method not used anywhere else in the country.

Politics makes strange bedfellows. The “No on 2” group’s launch is on Thursday, June 27 from 12-1 p.m. on Zoom, and the Anchorage campaign launch will be July 2 from 5:30-7 p.m. at 49th State Brewing Co.

On Tuesday, June 25, an Anchorage event to repeal ranked choice voting is taking place in Anchorage:


  1. But is he really “not like the others”?

    He donated $500 to the Marxists in the Palmer City Council Recall Campaign.

    He voted to override the governor. He voted to keep the Legislative Ethics Committee squarely under left-wing control. He voted to take up the Democrat’s election bill which was nothing more than an invitation for more fraud in Alaska’s elections.

    He joined Scott Kendall and team in trying to get me booted off the ballot. He tried to boot me off the ballot in 2020 and again in 2022. He’s been trying to get conservatives kicked off of ballots since before the Democrats started doing it to Trump.

    He’s actually a lot more like the others if you ignore the campaign ads and the only thing you know about him is his voting record.

    Why when someone runs as “a conservative Republican” (psst Kelly Merrick) in a conservative district like Eagle River or Wasilla or Big Lake are we told to go along with pretending that they are until they prove it absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt?

    Do you think Democrats would be like “don’t talk bad about Andrew Gray because he’s a Democrat” if Gray woke up tomorrow morning and decided that he could no longer support killing babies in the womb and started voting pro-life?

    If you want to stop moving the state left, the first thing you need to do is stop voting for candidates who despise the fact that you are a conservative. If you can’t bring yourself to do that because a candidate is running as a “Republican” (psst Cathy Giessel) you are part of the problem.

    • Wasilla is turning into Anchorage because Anchorage is moving to Wasilla as Anchorage turns into San Francisco.

      • At some point conservatives have a choice to make. Stand and fight by actually getting involved and voting, or leave Alaska.

        We’re rapidly running out of places to go.

    • We say our prayers every night thanking the good lord for not granting the Knik Arm bridge.
      It would have been an easier path for the maggot migration to consume the rest of the cash cow….which by the way is coming.
      Just a matter of time

    • MRAK?? Spell it out for those of us trying to learn how we got to the place and who was leading.
      Reminds me of Rank Choice Voting (RCV), where they treat you like you’re stupid if you don’t know what it is, (and so many pretend they do) and allow the
      “Algorithm” to pick from the four you ranked. You want a democratic city or state? Look around, they are dying along with the people that fail to learn.

  2. Alaska should follow Alabama’s lead regarding Ranked Choice Cheating, which makes winners out of losers!

    MONTGOMERY — Governor Kay Ivey signed Senate Bill 186, sponsored by State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur), to protect the integrity of Alabama elections by banning the use of ranked-choice voting on Friday.

    Instead of being able to vote for a single candidate, ranked-choice voting offers voters a choice of candidates to rank in order of preference. Candidates who receive 50% or more votes win automatically. However, if no candidate garners at least 50% of the votes cast, then the lowest-scoring candidate is eliminated, and their votes are assigned to the other candidates. The process continues automatically until a single candidate reaches 50%.

    The new law prohibits the practice of ranked-choice voting in Alabama except in the case of electors who are entitled to vote absentee ballot under the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

    “I am proud to sign this bill which takes another step towards ensuring the confidence in our elections. As our Secretary of State Wes Allen put it, ranked-choice voting makes winners out of losers. Not only is ranked-choice voting confusing to voters, it also limits their ability to directly elect the candidate of their choice. Voting should be simple, and this complicated and confusing method of voting has no place in Alabama’s elections,” Ivey said.

    The law will take effect October 1.

  3. The RCVoting scam was financed by outside “dark” money, and money hungry traitors here sold out to it. We have limited media which welcomes the windfall of cash at election season, and are marxists in all efforts. The puppet string holders have enlisted them again to see how brain dead we are.
    Make no mistake that the “republican” party of Alaska has enabled several traitors to hold office in name only, while betraying real republican principles. Sumner and ilk have not only sold their souls but are willingly selling out the spirit of true Alaskans. Its a subliminal war that the timid don’t recognize or care to fight. The revolutionaries are blinded to their own destruction and we can not let them succeed for their sake and ours.

  4. Wow, talk about a motley crew! We’ve got the Democrat Party, a Socialist Santa, and Wasilla’s own Rep. Jesse Sumner all cozying up for ranked choice voting! 🎅 Guess they’re all in for a magical melting pot of confusing ballots and baffled voters!”

  5. 907honest has also been reporting that there are eight spies for Scott Kendall’s group that worked gathering signatures to repeal ranked choice voting and made themselves known as spies during the recent court case. Sumner knows that it is only through ranked choice voting that he can keep his seat.


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