LaFrance’s Anchorage transition team announced

Suzanne LaFrance

Suzanne LaFrance, who will be sworn in as mayor of Anchorage on July 1, has appointed her transition team, a group of volunteers who are to guide policy in different areas of concern, specifically in three categories: Good government; safe streets and trails; and building our future.

In the Good Government category, LaFrance tapped Mike Abbott, Eleanor Andrews, Jane Angvik, Jennifer Johnston, and Jasmin Smith.

In the Safe Streets and Trails category, she picked Bob Doehl, LeeAnn Garrick, Walt Monegan, Beth Nordland, and Dave Rittenberg.

For the vaguely named Building Our Future category, she chose Sheldon Fisher, Carol Gore, Joelle Hall, Radhika Krishna, Aaron Leggett, Bill Popp, Ivy Spohnholz, and Jonathon Taylor.

They are all from the Left side of the political fulcrum, with a few tied to the old Ethan Berkowitz era or to former Gov. Bill Walker.

For instance, Mike Abbott, a veteran of the Mark Begich Administration, was the city manager for former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

Eleanor Andrews is a Democrat heavyweight and is a key officer in the dark-money 907 Initiative, which worked to get LaFrance elected.

Jasmin Smith is a Black Lives Matter activist, while Joelle Hall runs the AFL-CIO and Ivy Spohnholz was a Democrat legislator. Bill Popp launched a campaign for mayor that many thought was a strategy to drain votes from Mayor Dave Bronson; he quickly endorsed LaFrance after the first ballot and before the runoff.

Last week, LaFrance named Katie Scovic as her chief of staff and Becky Windt Pearson as municipal manager.


  1. Interesting word in the title of this article- “Transition”, given the circumstances. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

  2. La France went all the way down to the bottom of the barrel to get these old dinosaurs. I thought half of them were either the living dead or the dying living. The other half: in full time level 3 assisted living……. or assisted thinking.

    • It certainly gives new meaning to the word “transitioning.”
      Anchorage is about to be run by the biggest cast of transitioned looney toones EVER.

  3. Gotta admit. When I saw transition team, I assumed it was the medical staff who swapped her private parts.

  4. An all LGBTQ transition team. Transitioning from normal to wacko left can be ruinous to the greater good of Anchorage. BWTF. It’s already so far gone that what would a few more LGBTQ in the wood pile really matter?

      • Yeah …..Morrigan. Now, tell us how we should do that. Can we make him attend Hunter’s next criminal trial? Stick a bunch of 8-year old girls in a private room with him? Force him to finally meet his new 6-year old granddaughter from one of Hunter’s many hookers? Bring Beau back from combat duty in Iraq? Have Beau’s ex-wife tell him how she really feels about the Biden Family?
        Have Jill run off with a lesbian?
        Tell us, Morrigan. Please.

  5. Well isn’t this a winning group of Marxists. Non partisan. Ha ha ha. This is going to be awesome. We are about to watch a city go bankrupt and destitute in 48 months. Anchorage will burn Lafrance and most of the council at the stake before this is over. All you doofus republicans that couldn’t leave your Cheetos and beer to vote I hope you loose everything. You all are useless. To the 14% that voted god bless you.

    • Your frustration’s totally understandable, Doug.
      Problem is voters know only what was -reported- by election officials who work for the Assembly, which made no secret of their prefence for the next mayor.
      Voters couldn’t -observe- vote counting, directly or through independent bipartisan observers who knew what they were observing.
      Even former Mayor Bronson couldn’t get answers.
      (“Election observers had questions, Mayor Bronson wants answers for irregularities in municipal election process”, “Must Read Alaska”, April, 2022).
      These and a lot of other reasons suggest nobody outside the election system knows what the vote actually was, how many voted, who was eligible to vote.
      Might be helpful not to rag on voters too much for something which may not be their fault.

  6. Loyal footsoldiers all, I’m sure. Any bets on the Assembly using our property taxes (and upcoming sales tax?) to start painting gay flags on public streets, while LaFrance’s new police chief brings felony charges on teenagers leaving tire tracks? We better hope Dunleavy doesn’t get dislodged or the Eklutna Dam is as good as demolished.

    I suppose we better hope she sexually abuses a staffer or forces the public back into masks, because thats how bad it had to get to temporarily dislodge them with the rigged mail-in ballot election scheme we’ve had since 2017.

  7. Such a diverse team.
    Except in the role and application of govt.
    Or ethical and balanced policy.
    Or cision for OUR future.
    Or politics.
    Other than that though, such a diverse team.

  8. Dave Rittenberg is at the forefront of the Homeless Industrial Complex as a upper-level manager for Catholic Social Services. People have chosen to be intentionally blind to CSS’s activities in 2019 surrounding both the Dunleavy budget response and the Berkowitz emergency declaration in response to Boise v. Martin. I’m not sure I want to waste my time explaining it to deaf ears yet again.

    • At least one set of ears is eager to hear this story, again if need be.
      What might be interesting is figuring out how CSS can be held financially responsible for the consequences of what they’re producing.
      No telling what might happen if information like this is collected and shared with everyone.

  9. Flat out rigged ma’am I can not wait to see how this all ends up & who laughs last the ones who hold the line of integrity or the ones who rig & steal & are stuck on stupid. Judas was used by GOD because GOD knew Judas was a weak fake. Did you know Judas last name was Judas murkowski rigged elections have consequences ma’am. REMEMBER GOD NEEDS THESE EXAMPLES TO SHOW US FAKE. GOD WILL TURN THIS PAGE & FLIP THIS SCRIPT STAY TRUE TO THE GAME PLAYERS GOD IS THE REF THE FIERY PIT IS FOR FAKES. INTEGRITY MATTERS FIRST & FOREMOST TO GOD ALL. BOOOOOOIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Please seek immediate help. You’re not well.

      Oh, and God really wants you to quit dragging him into your delusions.

  10. All we can hope for is another mask mandate from the iron fisted rulers.
    At least it will muffle their voice.

  11. I was reading Ktuu this morning. They had a really informative interview with Lafrance. I don’t know if it’s me or perhaps I simply don’t see where she had a thought of her own. She refers to her “team” as if thats who will run the city for the next 3 yrs. I was always under the impression that a mayor ran on their platform, their plan and in advance so as to give the voters a picture of their vision. Oddly I did not get a sense of Lafrances stand or vision for anything. It was a sorta wait and see kind of like Brandons campaign. Now, it’s the team that will solidify the future of our once nice town. Why am I not getting a warm fuzzy?

    • You’re kinda hitting the nail on the head. Did you see the earlier MRAK story about LaFrance naming Katie Scovic her chief of staff? Did you know she’s married to John-Henry Heckendorn? I have to ask. There were 62 comments on that story, plus 29 comments on the Facebook post linking to that story as of this writing. Plenty of the usual talking points buzzwords and mindless prattle, but not a single acknowledgement of who Scovic is. Her husband’s closest ally is Forrest Dunbar, who was front and center at the carefully orchestrated display of supporters present at the special Assembly meeting where they certified the results. Getting the picture yet? If not, look up the word sockpuppetry.

  12. For people of the Left, it is always about acquiring and holding power by any means necessary. With Bronson in Anchorage and Dunleavy in Juneau, the government meal tickets have been harder to come by. We could see some real doozies put in charge of the Muni and the ADN and Channel 2 will fawn over them.

  13. We hope LaFrance fails so that Anchorage will not.
    For Anchorage to succeed or even survive after Eaglexit, LaFrance and Friends’ liberal agenda, their socialist community organizer agenda, must fail.
    The popular argument that LaFrance came to power simply because of low voter turnout is unpersuasive, especially from folks whose skepticism toward everything else government officials tell them is bold, brilliant, and justified.
    All voters have at this point are unverifiable -reports- of low voter turnout from the same city clerk who counts the votes, who refused to answer former Mayor Bronson’s questions about the election in which some guy stuck a thumb drive of unknown provenance in the vote-counting gear while the votes were counted.
    What’s low voter turnout anyway when it turns out 20,000 ballots were -reportedly- returned to election headquarters as “undeliverable” for reasons nobody outside the city election system seems able to verify?
    These and many other reasons lead us to ask, would LaFrance have even run for office if Anchorage’s election system wasn’t so easily corruptible?
    How can Anchorage’s election system be restored to a fair, open, honest process, or is it FUBAR’d for the foreseeable future?

  14. Does “transition” mean all male staff have to lose their johnsons and get boob jobs, wear heavy rimmed glasses and dye their hair pink in order to keep their jobs…?

  15. This is all on the heads of weak, spinless, lazy anchorage citizens.

    They thought Covid was tough with these commies…there is nothing stopping their criminality, communism, and destruction now.

    • Agreed. The sad part is those “refugees” from Anchorage are moving to the valley. During the scamdemic, I thought it would be a great time for some guerrilla signage. 4X8 sheets of plywood painted white with black lettering. Northbound on the Knik River bridge- “You are entering the American Sector” in English, Russian, French and German. Southbound on the Knik River bridge- “You are entering the Soviet Sector” in English, Russian, French and German. It’s a gentle reminder of Berlin and what it represented. Capitalism on one side, communism on the other. Stark contrasts of which side moved forward.

  16. Well she could have used the strategy that some Republicans use and try to fill her cabinet/positions with former disc jockeys. Like somehow that career choice would sharpen ones ability to navigate day to day government challenges? It definitely would ensure they would be loud and obnoxious!

  17. Another Libtard in charge . Anchorage will look like san francisco Ina few years. So glad I moved out of this state.

  18. We will anxiously look forward to seeing how well Mayor LaFrance handles snow removal this winter. After all, she and her ultra liberal Assembly colleagues were unmerciful about Mayor Bronson’s efforts last year. Typically, newly elected leftest executives are keen to resort to implementing their socialist policies and themes that have failed miserably elsewhere. That won’t deter Mayor LeFrance at all. She will believe she posses the skills to avoid those mistakes of others and will impose her socialist measures much more competently. With a solid leftest Assembly, she will have free rein to impose at will. Unfortunately, Anchorage and its severely economically dependent hinterlands, are at the mercy of all this. Anchorage is hemorrhaging population and under economic distress. A detour down a path of an Alaska style of ‘wokeness’ will be disastrous. Elections have consequences. We shall see what happens.

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