Women in charge: Anchorage mayor-elect names top staff

Katie Scovic, Suzanne LaFrance, Rebecca Windt Pearson

Anchorage Mayor-elect Suzanne LaFrance has chosen her campaign manager, Katie Scovic, as chief of staff for her administration, which begins July 1.

Scovic, originally from Chicago, lives in downtown Anchorage and is a registered Democrat. Scovic previously worked for Agnew Beck, an Anchorage consulting firm that gets many city contracts. She was briefly communication director for interim Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson, and worked at Cook Inlet Housing Authority as well as for organizations in Chicago.

As municipal manager, LaFrance has chosen Rebecca Windt-Pearson, who is senior vice president and general counsel, and chief administrative officer at GCI General Communication, Inc. She was appointed Anchorage municipal attorney by Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and was law clerk to Alaska Supreme Court Justice Morgan Christen, who was appointed by President Barack Obama to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Windt-Pearson has said in a GCI blog post that the highlight of her career was  the sale of Municipal Light and Power to Chugach Electric, a project that she led at the municipality. She believes the sale has had a positive effect on the city.

Both Scovic and Windt-Pearson signed the petition to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy in 2019 — but so did Mayor-elect LaFrance, who is technically a nonpartisan. Windt-Pearson should have no trouble being confirmed by the Anchorage Assembly, while Scovic does not need confirmation.


  1. Just can’t wait for all these administrative Yokels to gather round the fruits from the assembly –oh boy it gonna be a hootin time in anchortown for the next three or six years as the taxes skyrocket straight up, you all pay a sales tax, get that D.E.I. crap back in fashion, get the drag queens roolin through town on a regular basis just teaching all the young kids, diminish the clergy as much as possible, make sure all the union brothers get super high hourly pay increase, 100% increase in all benefits — that will be enough for openers.

    So have at it gals– rip it up….. /s/ The Three Muskateerettes

  2. I hope one day to have a conversation with them when we have some free time using the toilet. Of course whilst in a separate stall.

  3. Anchorage wanted a socialist, now they will enjoy high taxes and crime. Don’t migrate north, we don’t need any liberals.

  4. Putting extreme left, liberal women in charge is guaranteed to set up failure in the community. Liberal women have no sense of survival tactics and cannot draw up a meaningful perimeter to combat the forces of destruction. Further, they have no sense of economic reality derived from market-driven forces. Wherever you see liberal women in charge, usually crime goes up, there is economic unrest, taxes go up, perverted cultural anomalies like LGBTQ and CRT become rampant in society, and things in general fall apart quickly. For verification, go look at the largest US cities run by liberal lefty women and you will see the decline.
    Anchorage is now clearly headed this way.

    • This is a direct result // consequence when only 33% votes are cast for the ‘wrong’ candidate. If the citizens want to change the trajectory of the continual decline, they’ll need to show up to vote for the ‘right’ candidate. This Liberal Assembly and Liberal Mayor, will only accelerate // exacerbate the decline. Sooner or later, we’ll hit rock-bottom, at which time we’ll have to rebuild, having to rise from the ashes.

      • By then, it may be too late. Lefty women will have the children completely brainwashed during their tenure. That’s how they do it. They will promote more lefty girls, and hold back the boys from achievement. This is sorcery. And the Anchorage witches are stirring their brew. If this were the middle ages, the wood at the stakes would already be delivered.

      • It’s a direct result of Bronson failing to identify the problem during his term in office: the Assembly majority. Once it became clear they were an active roadblock to every single thing they wanted to do (which happened on Day 2 of his administration), his response should have been to spend every single minute on replacing as many of them as humanly possible.

        The other thing he managed to do was ignore voter turnout with his campaign. Turn out your guys and you win. Sit idly by and allow the unions to turn out theirs and you lose. The unions had their boiler rooms up and operating 6-8 weeks for election day, even before the ballots were mailed. They were ordering pizza to feed themselves. Cheers –

    • Ever seen an angry bear or wolf?
      Its their first initial signal to let everyone around them know better than to f**k with them while they inflict carnage on the serfs lower on the food chain.

  5. SHE IS A NON PARTISAN, Ha fooled again she appointed extreme Leftist you fools! You have sewn the wind and shall inherent the whirl wind!

  6. These ladies’ jobs are to determine the will of the Alaskan people and execute that will. They were not elected as rulers. Usurping US Constitutional Rights for civilian “rulers” has severe consequences for both ladies and gentlemen in the union of United States.

    • Dont be so negative…..
      Lori Lightfoot provided the entire nation with comedy watching her expertly send Chicago to the bottom of the pit where it remains lower than whale dung.

  7. Women in charge.
    This will be great.
    It’s just what we need to stabilize Anchorage.
    3 weeks out of every month.

  8. Build it and they will come. Famous words in many situations. Chicago is a great City to move from, but still keep ties?

    • Who cares?

      What does their sexual orientation have to do with their ability to do the job they have been hired to do?

      • What, exactly is THEIR job? To ruin Anchorage into bankruptcy? To tax the residents into the poor house? To run up their LGBTQ flag in the faces of everyone?
        Is that their job? If you are an extreme leftist, lesbian Democrat …….then probably so.

        • Their job is just like any other muni manager or chief of staff.

          Their job is to manage the city and make things run smoothly. That could be helping get the right people in charge of snow plowing or the health department or coordinating with other government/private businesses to facilitate the operations of our city.

          It is speculation on Thomas’s part that they are all lesbian. He has no knowledge that they are or are not lesbian. And again, their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their ability to keep the city running.

          I could care less if someone is gay, but makes sure that the streets are plowed in the winter or that the city has someone competent in charge of the health department.

          They, muni manager or chief of staff or mayor, have nothing to do with increasing taxes. That is an assembly job, you know checks and balances. Also, in the charter is a tax cap. Which means that the assembly cannot increase taxes without amending the charter.

          As 6 of 12 seats are up for election in April next year, if they are to amend the charter and increase the tax cap, I believe it would be a blood bath for the more progressive members on the current assembly.

          I have yet to see any evidence of these three women “running up the LGBTQ flag” in anyone’s faces. But if they do, they should receive the rightful criticism that comes with doing that. The same way one should receive criticism for running up a rebel flag in someone’s face.

          Just say you have a problem with women being in charge instead of making this about their sexual orientation, that we have no knowledge about at this time.

  9. Rigged elections have consequences all, for the ones who helped Lisa give we the people rank choice voting ALL. Of the 6 things GOD hates one is a lying tongue. IMAGINE having an oath to GOD on your death bed knowing it was all for the cameras fake. Ted Steven’s if he could come back to warn the rest of you coward oath breakers STOP. We all are going to be with JESUS together all will be exposed we will all know how we did once & for all on our earth age test shameless flat out fake shameful stuff oath breakers.

  10. So the highlight of Windt-Pearson’s career is the sale of Municipal LIght and Power to Chugach Electric? Really, which part of the sale is the highlight? Maybe it is the part where the City sold Eklutna Hydro as part of the deal, the City got paid, and now the Anchorage Assembly wants to remove the dam.

    Pathetic on all fronts.

    • Again, you’re 100% correct. Apparently, conservatives need to feel more pain in order to cleanse every speck of apathy out of them. For this gal to be elected mayor is literally analogous to a self-inflicted wound. Just wait until she and the assembly rebrand the $500,000 homeless toilets as “Tiny Houses.”

      • All conservatives are welcome to move to Juneau or Haines. We have more rain, but it rarely gets below zero. And you can hunt everything but moose (that requires going to Gustavus).

          • Yup. But we’re still a small enough community it would be easy to tip the scales.

            Quiet part out loud. Liberals are not breeding themselves out of existence. They don’t have kids, don’t like commerce, and are trans obsessed.

            Give us 10 new Mormon families and we could flip this community in a generation.

  11. Sad, the final nail in the coffin for Anchorage. Next will be a Liberal governor and this state is done. Alaska has been in the crosshairs since the other 3 coastal states fell, knew it was coming.

    • I hear the liberall gnashing of teeth in the shadows as they wait for Dunleavy leave. The way things are going, I would not be surprised if we get a liberal governor in that hates everyone.

  12. The older lawyer looks ok.
    The prog from Chicago is nothing but trouble.

    But what counts is our retired public servants will be all smiles as we send our diminishing wealth to them at their retirement home outside.
    BTW …..Where’s the diversity LaFrance?

  13. All of these women will have the same smiles on their faces when they fire any conservatives, especially men, or watch the arrest or ruin of any political opponents. Or worse. These folks may be Reinhold Heydrichs of today’s America. Frozen smiles; ice water in veins.

    • Poor proof-reading on my part: Reinhard Heydrich. Look him up; interesting guy. Except for the hair, he could be working for anyone on the Left today. Or, if adding lots of hair, a full beard, piercings and some woke lingo, we could run him as a Democrat for the Legislature in Anchorage somewhere. Or the Anchorage Assembly (!). It’s not like the left cares much about actual background.

  14. I will say right off the bat, working for GCI is the worst thing you could possibly be proud to brag about. Second, it’s these same twits who would be bit’ching about no diversity in the admin. Third, lawyer types one and all, nothing good come of that.
    The good news is we can all sell our snow removal equipment as Lafrancy said she would fix all that. Amen.

  15. The destruction of a community by fiat. The assembly will lie and steal, while the administration aids them in plundering the city coffers.

  16. This is what happens when people decide not to vote. Anchorage gets what they deserve for complacency and just plain lack of interest.

  17. EaglExit- come learn more & get involved. We can separate from all this but WE have to put it into action! Anchorage doesn’t vote on our divorce, only district 2. Quit whining & get moving!

  18. These fools should be the precise reason to support your local grass roots effort to help Eaglexit succeed. By detaching from the MOA and forming a new Home Rule Borough, the new Chugach Regional Borough will show the way for others to take control of their future while diminishing the power and influence of the current MOA powermongers. Eaglexit promises more for less. And we will deliver!!!

  19. LIke a terminal malignancy, Liberalism has slowly spread in Alaska, with Anchorage being the largest tumor.. Have only been up here over 50 yrs, I’ve sadly witnessed outsiders move up to get away from the mess down below, only to spend their efforts to make Alaska, similar to where they arrived from…
    Justice is a constant struggle.

  20. No, liberalism is not who these folks are! Marxist is what they follow! Yes the demonic teachings that have killed millions. More than 65% of Anchorage voters were too LAZY or uncaring to vote!

  21. At some point Anchorage residents have to make a choice. Stay and be ruled, or leave and be free.

    You’re no gonna vote better government, so there you have it.


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