Alaska Democrats flip off rural Alaskans, deflect criticism of Peltola ‘FREE BEER’ campaign

Mary Peltola sharing pints on the campaign trail.

On X/Twitter, the Alaska Democratic Party doubled down in its support of Rep. Mary Peltola, even though Peltola has committed a possible crime by offering “FREE BEER!” to people as a way to lure them into her campaign headquarters in Fairbanks.

“This guy doesn’t like free beer!!!” the Democrats commented, responding to Republican candidate Nick Begich’s criticism of Peltola about offering pints to voters instead of good policy positions.

Alaska Democratic Party offers support for using free beer as a campaign marketing tactic.

The advertising of free alcohol as a marketing tactic is a violation of Alaska law. But the Alaska Democratic Party thinks it’s a joke.

Nearly all of Peltola’s home region of Western Alaska is dry, by choice. Native village leaders in Alaska have long understood how serious alcoholism has been in their communities. According to research, up to 15% of Alaska Natives are dependent on alcohol.

Western Alaska villages that are dry are shown in red.

Under federal law, Alaska Native villages have the right to banish chronic inebriates from their communities. The fathers, uncles, and grandfathers of rural Alaska too often up on the streets of Anchorage, making it Alaska’s largest Native village.

Peltola established herself as “fish, family, freedom,” role model for Native Alaskans. She regularly tips a glass at her fundraisers in the city and has a war chest that allows her to buy free booze for anyone who comes in the campaign door, while Native grandparents raising their grandchildren because of the damage done to the Native community are left to wonder about her authenticity.


  1. When I saw this I was so disappointed. I’m glad the Begich campaign noticed and said something. Thank you Suzanne for covering the true news!

    • Does not matter if strings are attached or not.
      “The advertising of free alcohol as a marketing tactic is a violation of Alaska law.”
      The crime is advertising free alcohol. Advertising.
      There is nothing about a political campaign that is not marketing and advertising. Nothing. Which means “Free Beer” is a violation of AK state law.
      And, I wonder if the campaign headquarters/staff are licensed to serve alcohol to the public? That would be an additional violation of the law.
      Just because you like handouts does not alter the law.
      Then again, you seem to think the law is malleable based on the outcome you desire. So, I am not surprised.

        • I am surprised that you continue to post on MRAK despite the fact you are proven wrong as often as you are. “Often wrong, but never in doubt” fits you to a T.
          Title 4, AK State Code is clear. Title 4 §04.16.015 is clear. Even someone who is not a lawyer can understand it.
          But, why let reality get in the way of freebies? After all, if the outcome is something Greg desire, the actual law should be ignored.

    • You might ask the art galleries that were giving out ,without condition, free beer and wine during the “First Friday” events what the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board thought about that. Hint: They are no longer doing it.

  2. If this slap in the face to the natives’ values and hard work to get rid of alcoholism doesn’t wake them up, what will? Maybe when Peltola votes to cut off all fuel and food to the villages?

  3. Some years ago, the Chairman of the Alaska Board of Game made an attempt at humor at a meeting when attendance was poor and people were skipping their turn to testify: “Is somebody making a run on free beer or something?”, he asked. People in the crowd either snickered or shrugged their shoulders. But what followed was an avalanche of criticism from Native groups who smothered the media with accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘cultural insensitivity’ and ‘disrespect’. Gov Palin demanded he resign. Who else knew that free beer equals racism?

    Let’s see if the same folks step up blast Peltola’s very similar actions.

  4. Why stop at alcohol? How about free pot, free crack pipes, and free needles? Let’s get this party started peltoa!!

          • Nope. The words in the statute is Marketing and Advertising, not strings.
            Go ahead and search for the AK Statute I cited above. Find out how clueless you actually are.

          • Here you go, as I am sure you are not “with it” enough to actually go and read the statute:
            Prohibition on using free alcohol as a marketing or advertising tactic:
            AS 04.16.015, Chapter (a), line (1)
            “offer or deliver, as a marketing device to the general public, free alcoholic beverages to a patron;”
            Well, well, well… strings attached or not, the operative word is MARKETING. So… nope, cannot provide free booze.
            Now, the same title of AK code does allow free food. See Chapter (c), copied below:
            (c) This section may not be construed as prohibiting a licensee or a licensee’s agent or employee from offering free food or entertainment at any time, from serving wine by the bottle or carafe or beer by the pitcher with or without meals, or from including an alcoholic beverage as part of a meal package.
            So, food is OK. Free beer with a meal is OK. Providing a bottle or pitcher (which would violate Chapter (a)(2)) is allowable, but offering booze without strings is not allowable.
            Please, stop beclowning yourself.

  5. Absolutely NO business should EVER serve alcoholic beverages to the public without having a liquor license! It is irresponsible. I personally know of one in particular that does it on occasions. It is very high risk behavior!

  6. Free beer now, for propaganda purposes.
    Can of snuff during the election (if u do the right thing)

    Pres Biden doing the same thing. His “free beer” is no more students loans
    You can buy beer (& weed) w/ the $ you don’t have to pay back …

  7. When i was young (Carter Admin) and a Democrat, I used to say “We’re the Party that parties”
    Of course that is wonderful, but they are NOT the Party that leads.

  8. Let’s just say it: Democrats belong to The Superior Party, which puts them above the law, and above everyone who espouses the law. For democrats, the law only exists for The Superior Party to use against anyone who doesn’t dance to their tune, who doesn’t bend the knee and obey them. They hold themselves accountable to NO ONE. They are the law, got it?


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