Peltola’s playbook: Free beer for votes

Mary Peltola's campaign headquarters in Fairbanks offers free beer.

Rep. Mary Peltola has been holding “meet and greet” campaign events all over the state, and she is boldly advertising free drinks at all of them. In Fairbanks last week, her campaign headquarters in the center of town posted a sign that read, “FREE BEER!”

A sign a couple of blocks away directs people to the free beer at Mary Peltola’s
campaign headquarters.

Peltola’s campaign headquarters is at 514 2nd Ave., just a couple of blocks from where inebriated Alaskans line the sidewalks of downtown Fairbanks and huddle in the doorways of businesses as tourists walk by.

Peltola’s region of Western Alaska is largely dry, with most outlying communities banning alcohol importation and sales, due to the troubles with addiction in Alaska Native communities.

In her hometown of Kwethluk, students marched for sobriety in 2016, to raise awareness about the scourge of alcohol in Alaska Native villages. Their banner said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

It’s one thing to offer “beverages,” which many event organizers do. But it’s another thing to boldly advertise free alcohol. Some have suggested that what she has done is illegal, citing AS 04.16. 015 which states that offering or delivering, as a marketing device to the general public, free or complimentary drinks, is illegal under AS 04.16. 015.

Nick Begich, running for Congress against Peltola, called her out on social media by saying, “When you can’t run on your record, you’re left with just one option…”

Peltola, however, has played fast and loose with the law. Earlier this year, she had a campaign event at a public school in North Pole during school hours, something that is strictly forbidden by law.


    • We had a gal in high school who worked hard to earn the title “Free Mary”.
      Unfortunately there was always a price to pay…a trip to the clinic for instance was never “free” especially for the non-natives…. 🙁

      • Grier Hopkins, Scott Kendall’s brother in law, was at the high school fundraiser with Peltola. Free marijuana for high school kids who are turning 18?

        • Medical marijuana for brainwashed, lefty children of stoner Democrats. Why not? It’s therapeutic. Hopkins supported the legalize marijuana legislation. Next step: get 16-year olds to vote.

  1. This is how elections work in the village that I’m in except you get a free case of beer. You can take Mary out of the village but you can’t take the village out of Mary.

  2. Not going to any of her events to find out but I’m willing to bet that the “free beer” is Bud Light…

  3. Seems there would be lots of liability for offering free alcohol. But then, Democrats are never held responsible for their actions and they have lots of money to spend.

    • There Jim, you copped the very thought,and your observation is certified at each and every level where a or any Democrat is involved. Without a doubt, they (Democrats)prove themselves devious.
      To the point- Never vote for a Democrat for any office, ANY!

    • “…….Free stuff works. Others should try it.”
      You’ve been getting free insanity for decades while buying social degeneracy at premium prices. Now the insanity is coming at an overwhelming rate, and buying social degeneracy will be exponentially expanded with a brand, new sales tax. Congratulations. Your plan works well.

    • The free lunch was loaded with salt to build thirst. And, it sold TONS of beer and drinks.
      There is a reason why the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” exists.

  4. And if Mary runs out of beer, Lisa and her daddy Joe will bring more………burp………just remember, it’s free. The Democrat way.

  5. Even though this was illegal for her to do, the folks back in Bethel have got to be upset because the price of beer is through the roof. Again she doesn’t support her constituents in the villages.
    This needs to be investigated by the liquor control board and AG.

      • state statute says you can’t advertise free booze as a marketing come-on. When people went inside for the booze, they had to fill out a survey and give their contact information. 100% illegal and someone should file charges.

          • Greg, believe what you want to believe. You presume that anyone can consume the beer, regardless of age or legal status, regardless of whether there is a server license on site, and you somehow don’t accept that requiring people to fill out a survey and give over their information to the campaign is indeed a trade. Buy a mattress from Mary and get your free beer, Greg. And to think you were teaching our children in Alaska.

            • You’re twisting. I said people who are legally able to possess beer. That implys an age group. If there was a requirement, it would have been illegal. Free means free. Get it? When teaching, it’s important to teach the truth, instead of brainwashing. I taught shop BTW. I guess I lied about how to use a saw.

  6. San Francisco spends around 5 mil a year on alcohol to give away for free .
    Peltola the enabler is just following protocol .

  7. Peltola’s handlers have taken the tried and proven modern version of the Bread and Circuses system used to maintain totalitarian control of our failing/decaying American and in this case Alaskan society to the most openly base level yet. Publically disclosing the utter disregard held by our Alaska politicians of both parties for the welfare, health and dignity of the citizens they pretend to represent is normally framed in fake narratives. Will the Bethel ONC Corp. even bother to scold her?

  8. The scourge of opportunity, lack of development and ancsa corporations are to blame for the scourge of ill-commumities in Alaska. If you stop people from developing their society they have nothing to do but kill themselves, if you don’t treat infectious outbreaks, they mutate & people die, if you stop small business development because the ancsa afn leaders said so, its a violation of our constitutional rights, it increases poverty, crime and disease, skyrocketing healthcare costs lining Southcentral Foundation, CIRI & Coltsfoot investments llc: Its genocide in Alaska through the ancsa anilca culture of crime… its proven in crack studies done at columbia university when you give people opportunities, dependencies go down, crime goes down, independence, wealth of properity happen. It’s not a moral failure from the natives, rather the genocidal policies and laws via the interior department such as blood quantum which congress voted out in 2018 through the stigler act amendment, you dont see that in papers…. until those laws are modernized and alaska held accountable for providing oversight and ensuring cohesion in laws nothing will change.

  9. All for the gullible… this STANK is from the tribe of rank choice voting, she knows it will always be by a noise just enough to win fake again. SO HELP DEM GOD ALL.

  10. Didn’t the Arizona Rank Choice Voting group offer free beer to get people to come in and listen to their sales talk about how people need rank choice voting?

  11. I’d go in for the free beer if for nothing else, even if I wasn’t going to vote for her which I probably would not. I’m sure many are doing the same. Just going in for the free beverage.

  12. It’s not about the free beer, though. It’s about the free anything. Nick could give away free Subway sandwiches
    Just for showing up and shaking his hand and looking at his beautiful smile.

  13. The whole “Free Beer” thing didn’t work out so good for Ron Somerville when he was on the Board of Game and made a glib comment about free beer in 2007. I guess it all depends on which side of the political aisle you speak from. Hypocrites.

  14. Let’s pretend for a minute that she was handing out free guns,weed, sex toys or hand grenades but, only to people who are legally allowed to possess them. Greg still likes it because it’s free. And you were a teacher!? You should know, NOTHING is free.

  15. The seems a little suspicious, the only people reporting it are Nick Begich and Must Read Alaska. I realize Nick is desperate as once again he is looking at finishing 3rd in a 3 way race.

  16. Here handlers and promoters are from
    Lower 48 . Have no idea what the challenges are living in Ak . They want to get rid of the gas stoves . Probably best thing for a villager . Millions of dollars pouring in from campaign funds from all over the world . No Alaskan would give nickel to support this idiot and her handlers agenda . I also thought the previous guy was a buffoon as well . Alaskans can do much better .

  17. Might be fun, even a newsworthy event, to cart busloads of bums wearing Peltola shirts over there to partake of free beer and selfies with Candidate Peltola.

  18. Mary Peltola has learned from the anchorage ASSembly and Anchorage coalition to end homelessness director(Meg Zaletel) that the best way to gain a huge following with lots of clients is to offer free meals cots tents expensive hotel rooms as well as free garbage collection AND free moving expenses when the encampments get over populated.
    Free security at Fairbanks street midtown encampment as the tenants are clashing with the Home Depot employees. Kind of like gang wars going on there.

  19. No wonder people don’t like Republicans anymore. All they do is complain and wine like little babies. I might change my party affiliation to Independent. All of you need to find something to actual find productive. You are the problem.

    These comments are just obnoxious. Who would have thought that these old people just complain to their computer screens.

    Suzanne, you need to see what these people say, a bunch of crying children


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