Cherry pick: White House adds controversial Interior communication director to its comms team

Tyler Cherry photos from LibsofTikTok

Just last year Tyler Cherry was named communication director for the Department of Interior. But he has just been promoted to associate communications director for the Biden-Harris White House.

Cherry has the usual resume for a Democrat communications director: He was director of rapid response (Twitter warrior) for the Biden-Harris Arizona coordinated campaign in 2020. Before joining the Biden campaign, Cherry was director of public affairs at a Democrat political consulting firm, where he executed strategic communications plans for political campaigns.

He previously worked at the ultra-left Media Matters for America as a campaign associate and researcher. He graduated from UCLA with degree in political science and minors in civic engagement and gender studies.

Cherry lives in Washington, D.C. “with his partner and two exuberant cats,” his biographical description reads at the Department of Interior.

But beyond that, he brings a lot more to the White House in the way of extremist views:

He identifies as nonbinary, while most records at the government refer to him as male.

He has called for defunding police.

“Praying for #Baltimore, but praying even harder for an end to a capitalistic police state motivated by explicit and implicit racial biases,” Cherry wrote in 2015 during race riots.

He compared police to slave patrols.

“Apt time to recall that the modern day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs,” he wrote later.

He supports the radical and lawless Black Lives Matter organization.

He opposes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE.)

He refers to Hamas extremists as “resistance.”

He opposes Israel.

Cherry is part of a “queer DJ collective” that pushes LGBTQ politics in DC nightclubs.

The pick of Cherry is curious due to the high profile of the White House and its activities during an election year, particularly one in which President Biden is losing in the polls, and is exhibiting signs of senility.

Rep. Mary Peltola has disputed that characterization of senility, saying Biden is one of the sharpest people she has met in D.C.

Read the story about his radical history at


  1. What is Granda Bloodstains obsession with mentally ill men?
    Is he wish projecting?

    If he hadn’t married Jill, would he be wandering the White House in a prom dress and crown?

  2. “Rep. Mary Peltola has disputed that characterization of senility, saying Biden is one of the sharpest people she has met in D.C.”

    That tells us a lot about the people she’s met in “D.C.”

    Dumb is, as dumb does

  3. Why not? It seems that mental illness is rampant in leftist government today. So long as the masses have their bread and circuses they will not notice.

  4. Another clear and undisputable exhibit of the decline of our society. Incontrovertible evidence of pervasive mental illness. Business has never been better, though.

    • A psychiatrist’s dream, having Joe Biden in office surrounded by homosexuals, lesbians, trannies, and all other assortments of LGBTQ. Do your therapy sessions include electric shock, Dr. Dan?
      If yes, can you up the amperage to benefit all of us normals?

  5. Mary Peltola’s comment on Biden could very well be true. Biden might be one of sharpest people in DC, especially when he’s taking a nap.

    • Normal people don’t try and pretend that they are in a different body. That’s the difference. Absolute confusion is a mental illness. Ask Joe Biden

      • Absolute confusion and chaos is what the Democrats aim for. Four more years of Joe Biden will achieve the Democrats long-term goal:
        Destroy America!

  6. The headline calls the appointment this official “controversial”. The vast majority of Americans would call it “outrageous”. “Guys in Drag” used to be satiric humor. Now it’s Satanic Sickness!

  7. Every time I see these photos, I imagine that this is what Sodom and Gomorrah looked like when God Almighty decided to turn the cities to ashes.

  8. Complete freak show. Even seasoned Democrats know this to be true, but keep their mouths shut.

  9. Strutting peahen wannabe’s and sicko exhibitionist like these fellows are not going to win the hearts and minds of their countrymen without the heavy support by a tyrannical government, and for what purpose would that government invest in them?

    Many of us are libertarian and laissez-faire in our outlook however licentiousness should never be confused with Liberty. Liberty operates in the same motion that the Universe Tracts, and these folks run counter to that motion.

  10. Get used to it. That’s why all of those new voters were imported over the southern border. Of course, both the San Andreas and Cascadia faults are pretty over due to erupt. And with Gavin Newsome pushing an anti-gun amendment to the US Constitution, it won’t be long before nothing will be left, anyway. I have one real regret about this guy – he went to UCLA. Why couldn’t he have been a USC Trojan?

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