Peltola turns back on reporter: ‘I try to stay away from anything that isn’t a uniting topic’

Peltola walks away from reporter, wont' answer question about Trump verdict.

Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola walked away from a reporter when asked if she agrees with the verdict in former President Donald Trump’s trial in New York, where he was convicted of 34 felonies in regards to money he allegedly paid a woman to not talk about their relationship.

“Congresswoman Peltola, do you agree with the Trump trial verdict?” she was asked.

“I got to go,” she said as she walked away and ignored the follow-up questions.


“Peltola has enthusiastically endorsed Biden, enabled his war on Alaska’s way of life and now refuses to stand up for Alaskans outraged by this politically motivated prosecution,”  National Republican Congressional Committee Spokesperson Ben Petersen said.

Peltola evidently finds that her endorsement of President Joe Biden is a unifying topic for Alaska. She said he is one of the sharpest people she has met in Washington, D.C.


  1. Trump was convicted by a jury of his peers in a State of NY Court. Mary Petola is a US Representaive from Alaska. As Biden would say in response “Did you fall on your head?”

    • Peers? In NYC? That’s just as laughable as the charges and the Kangaroo Court. Peltola may be from Alaska, but she is not for Alaska.

    • Frank a jury of your peers means people you associate with. Those people who know you and your real character. This is the proper interpretation in jurisprudence going back to our English roots. An example would be that time when the King of England owed money to William Penn and not wanting to pay Penn, contrived a Law prohibiting religious adherence outside of the Kings State Church. History is replete with examples of the KING or Government going after an individual. Trump’s persecution is merely one in a long train of tyrannical abuses of a despotic regime, charging someone with a crime because they represent a threat to the regimes power.

      One can find Trump distasteful, boorish or be so mentally deranged that seeing Trump suffer is the focal point of their lives, but that will not insure that ones liberties and rights under law are secure nor will it stop them from doing the same thing to you. But then, maybe you got dropped on your head when you were a baby?

    • A jury of his peers including 2 jurors that are NY Attorneys and a judge whose daughter works for George soros. Good one Frank. Any one with a brain can smell a rat.

    • So Frank.

      You don’t think prosecutions are politically motivated?

      Remember ted Stevens conviction and eventual overturning of the verdict based on prosecutorial misconduct in the justice department?

      I’ll wait.

      • I believe the Stevens trial and conviction were a test run to see what people would do when a well-known and respected republican was run through the ringer like that. The D’s figured they won and got Mark Begich as the AK Senator, which brought about countless votes for liberalism in the country. They figured they’d be able to do the same with Trump vrs Biden. I think this will have an outcome similar to when Carter lost to Reagan; 12 years of Republican governance in DC.

    • Peers? Not only no peers, but also no ethics, no rule of law, and no justice. Wondering, Mr. Rast, did you fall on your head?

    • Frank, there is a communication gap between you and many of us. We contend it is blindingly obvious the prosecution and trial of Trump was corrupted and rigged for political purposes. Your response that “he was convicted by a jury of his peers….” is not a response at all; but rather a childish denial of the problem. We cannot make progress communicating at that level.

  2. Unifying topic?
    Unifying to whom? Unifying everyone behind the leftists/globalists? Are those the only topics she will discuss?
    I wonder, what topics does she think unify? I would be interested in a list. And, I would be interested to see if everyone agrees with them as unifying topics.

  3. She definitely stepped in an unifying cowpie when she stabbed the YK Delta in the back by backing the Donlin Gold Mine.

    She’s avoiding the YK Delta and her “rural” house in Bethel ever since.

    Traitor to her tribes must not be a unifying subject she wants to address…..

  4. Then let’s talk about your voting against Alaskans and their right to develop their state.
    Then we can talk about you getting voted out and back to the bush life.

  5. ‘I try to stay away from anything that isn’t a uniting topic’, telling us you’ve joined a Cult without telling us you’ve joined a cult.

  6. The MAGA Crowd wants to claim they are the “law and order” party, the truth is they are the cheat and steal party. Rep. Peltola’s opinion of the jury’s decision on NY doesn’t matter it is a matter for the judicial branch of the USA. Trump for decades has been able to stall and buy his way out of the judicial system. Trump was found guilty, he has an appeal process that doesn’t involve going through Congress to try and block justice. MAGA is a cult!

    • Psychological deflection. It isn’t the ‘maga’ party, or any conservatives, vote harvesting, shoving RCV down our throats, changing parties to appear more conservative, pushing hard the mail in ‘cheat by mail’ voting, fighting against voter ID, and giving illegal invaders the right to vote. Those pushing these nefarious ‘cheat and steal’ shenanigans are not MAGA voters or any other conservative voters. You need to take a gander in the mirror. Pot calling the kettle black.

      • The Alaska Republican Party sends me an application for a mail in ballot every year. I guess they figure I will cheat for them. Still waiting for all the election fraud evidence. How many of the MAGA GOP have lost huge lawsuits? How many will be going to jail if Trump isn’t elected in 2024? Might need be build more federal prisons!

    • You guys are in for a real fun ride should Trump win and start playing by the same rules as the O’Bama-oids running things for Dementia Hitler have been. Indictments and convictions won’t be for anything as silly as contempt of congress, mishandling of classified or making incorrect entries on ledgers. Payback will be in the form of good old fashioned criminal RICO and Club Fed will get a lot of new residents. Why? Nobody is above the law. Cheers –

    • That entire Trump case is not about Trump. That entire Trump case is not about Republicans or Democrats or the upcoming election. It is about the fact that our judicial system is corrupt to the bones.

  7. Mary is a democrat first and Alaskan second. She is a part of the democrats team attacking our state. She doesn’t give a s— about Alaska and our rights.

  8. With RCV, Dahlstrom should bow out to clean the ticket for a Conservative Republican. Otherwise, we’ll end up with two more years of this morally corrupt and arrogant Representative, obviously to the peril of Alaska and Alaskans.

  9. Interesting that the only real meat in this piece is in the headline, not the article body. A large part of the reason for her election is simple: there are enough people out there who have bought into “no mean tweets”. The vacuous nature of social media output bearing her name simply validates this mindset. You could say she really means “I try to stay away from anything that isn’t lacking substance”.

  10. The guy walking with her says, “Thanks for hanging out with my brother all night.”
    Peltola responds, “That was fun.”
    This woman is into some serious partying and getting strapped in DC. Look out bro. You may end up as Husband #6,……….. until you aren’t.

  11. Peltola, Alaskans for Freedom, & Frank Rast fail to pay attention.
    The guilty verdict against Trump is no surprise considering the rigged, kangaroo court proceedings run by a biased, conflicted judge and an unethical, politicized Democratic Party prosecution team
    That is the simple and accurate truth

  12. Mary is going to hit the conflict wall when the rural Alaska voters realize the Native owned 8a for profit corporations are losing federal contract opportunities due to her votes in congress.
    The 8a program has provided a revenue stream to the Native corporations, taking the pressure off the need to develop natural resources for revenue.

  13. Wait, wait wasn’t the point of all these indictments and verdicts supposed to unify all for Biden and make them see the light (according to all those pundits and democrats)? So Mary come on answer the question!

  14. I can see if you come from Bethel, you might think Joe Biden is smart.
    Bethel is the opposite of a Metocricity ….you have power there if you were born in to it or married it.
    But “one of the smartest” ….. this woman is a clueless puppet.

  15. Yeah but Mary’s office is faster than a speeding bullet with their auto-replies when you contact them.
    Unfortunately they’re also slower than black spruce tree growth with any follow-up.
    She’s just another phony politician. What did we expect?


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