LaFrance brings back Bill Falsey to city government


Anchorage Mayor-elect Suzanne LaFrance has created a new position in city government: chief administrative officer. For the role, she has chosen Bill Falsey, former municipal attorney under former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, who resigned in disgrace in 2020.

Falsey ran for election for mayor of Anchorage but lost in the general election on April 6, 2021; Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar advanced to the runoff, and Bronson won.

Falsey was a supporter of LaFrance’s since the time she announced her run for mayor and before that led opposition to outgoing Mayor Bronson, who was beat by LaFrance in the May, 2024 runoff.

LaFrance also announced that the next municipal attorney will be Eva Gardner, who will lead the city’s Law Department.


  1. Recycling another piece of garbage.
    What can you expect from Christy Constantly complaining except to recycle trash peopl along with his new puppet mayor.

    • The Assembly thinks very highly of Berkowitz.
      They use his guide to faithfully lead this city into corruption in the same manner as Berkowitz and Mark Begich

    • Falsey did not resign in disgrace, that was Berkowitz.

      Bill Falsey was a pretty good city attorney who resigned his position so he could run for Mayor.

  2. Have fun Anchorage. You voted this mess in.

    You’re gonna wish you had Ethan once the Empress of Anchorage gets done with you.

    • It’ll be fun, all right.
      It’d be more fun if voters knew for a verifiable fact, instead of an unverifiable announcement, who won, by how much, out of how many who were properly registered to vote.
      But voters have no way of knowing; there’s lots more questions than answers, even the former mayor apparently can’t get answers to his questions.
      Until the city’s election-system problems are sorted, things are likely to get funner by the day.
      Perfect crime, maybe? Operation this big has fault lines somewhere, so keep poking around, asking questions, who knows what’ll happen?

      • Makes one wonder if that was the intent. To design a system so flawed it’s impossible for anyone to understand it.

      • Are you saying that Bronson is as bad at running elections as he is at running snowplows? C’mon, he can’t be that incompetent!

        • Oh give it up!
          The mail-in-voting system has been around since 2016 (first election was 2018), was NEVER voted on by the residents of this town, simply instituted by the assembly. It is expensive, unreliable and miserably failing at the one thing it was supposedly to accomplish: increase voter turn-out.
          Now you have thousands of ballots floating around not only Anchorage, but the Mat-Su and points south, if anecdotal reports are to be believed. Ballots are not even printed in the state, they come from Washington state. BTW the municipal clerk, who runs the elections works for the ASSEMBLY not the mayor.

          • In every election since then, has Anchorage made any real move to dump the Politburo?


            Anchorage has had many chances to change its course and chosen not to.

    • I really wish you would stop blaming and shaming me. I voted. This is what I got. Please take your finger pointing elsewhere.

      Next time, I just won’t vote, considering that the act of voting is a form of consent. To vote is to give permission to others to have power over my life. I revoke that consent.

      I see the type of people that live around me who don’t even pick up their own garbage, who can’t make proper decisions in their life to even be able to afford food on their own. Who cannot be bothered to teach their kids not to cuss in public and who seek only to have attention using their new trans-kids.

      Maybe the sooner this town disposes of itself, the sooner I can step in to rebuild it in a better image.

      Watching this town is like watching a dying mule.

  3. Excellent choice. Hopefully Kohlhase, the current acting City Manager, will join the new administration. Need to finish the work on the Don Young Port of Anchorage.

    • Apart from showing willingness and skill to take property owners’ land and giving it to parks and trails advocates, what makes Falsey an excellent choice?

  4. I know it offends many of you, but tough. Anchorage brought this on itself.

    Less than 24,000 (last I checked) of you voted for Bronson. Only around 50,000 of you bothered to get off your backsides and vote at all.

    And the ballot came to your door.

    This is what laziness got you, Anchorage. You can get as butt hurt as you want, but it is the truth.

    Maybe next time bother to vote.

  5. Yeah! Suzanne is getting the band back together! Ugh!

    BTW someone needs to ask the Lady Mayor elect, what exactly does a chief administrator do (other than getting a salary)?
    Don’t we already have a municipal manager?

  6. Call me crazy, but I seek the same qualities in municipal management that I do in a well managed company’s senior leadership. Bill Falsey is super competent. Recall the unfortunate timing of the 2019 earthquake, coming at the end of the Walker administration and the imminent departure of state agency senior leaders. The muni was fortunate to have Bill at the helm, keeping Anchorage residents informed about response and recovery plans multiple times a day. He and DOTPF leadership should be recalled as heroes of the response. Skill beats dogma every time.


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