Jan. 6, the Super Bowl for the Left, brings condemnation of Trump from Biden-Harris, Murkowski, while Tucker Carlson mocks


It’s the Super Bowl for the Democrats, the day to score touchdowns and field goals against Republicans and the former President Donald J. Trump. A day to show “Democrats-good, Republicans-bad.”

Jan. 6 is a day the D.C. media, leftist pundits, and Beltway insiders have been looking forward to for months. It’s a year to the day when an unruly mob of Trump supporters surged into the U.S. Capitol, when one of the protesters was killed by Capitol Police, and when numerous people, including law enforcement personnel, were injured. What makes it different from other moments in history is that it was all filmed in real time, and the footage is disturbing.

President Joe Biden, in a fully produced speech in Statuary Hall in Congress, squarely blamed the mob’s actions on former President Trump. He said Trump could not accept that he had lost or that 81 million Americans had voted for Biden, whose approval ratings have since slipped from 51 percent last April to 44 percent in December.

Protesters at the Capitol a year ago were objecting to the certification of the Electoral College vote that awarded the win of the presidential election to Joe Biden. The decisive final vote had Biden winning more votes than any other presidential candidate in history.

It’s a matter that still divides Americans. Many Republicans still believe the election was not held fairly. An NPR poll in November showed that just 58 percent of Americans think the nation’s elections are fair. The breakdown of that poll was 90 percent of Democrats trust U.S. elections, while 60 percent of independents and just 33 percent of Republicans do.

In today’s speech, Biden called Trump a liar and a sore loser. Vice President Kamala Harris and Biden used the cameo moment to push their legislative agendas. Harris compared the uprising to mass casualty events Pearl Harbour and the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, unfazed by the fact that at Pearl Harbor, in 1941, at least 2,390 Americans lost their lives; on Sept. 11, 2001, 2,974 were slaughtered by terrorists, while on Jan. 6, 2021, only one person — protester Ashli Babbitt — was shot and killed by Capitol Police.

Today, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski issued the following statement, reflecting the trauma she experienced that day:

“Today marks one year since the U.S. Capitol was stormed by a mob incited by our former president. Those of us who were there to fulfill our constitutional responsibilities can never erase what we saw and heard, nor will we ever forget the desecration and violence that took place. 

“A year later, the sadness and anger of knowing that it was Americans who breached the center of our democracy, to thwart certification of a lawful election, remains with me. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful to our Capitol Police officers, who attempted to hold the line on that awful day to protect Congress and those of us who serve as part of it. I mourn for the individuals we lost and for those who continue to stand watch with injuries, both visible and invisible. My heart is also heavy knowing that American institutions and ideals remain tarnished by this terrible event.

“We cannot ignore the riots of January 6th nor what led up to the insurrection at our Capitol. We must understand so that it is never repeated. Our nation – and especially those who would lead it – must also focus on healing our divisions instead of deepening them. That is the only way we will remain a country committed to civil discourse, the right to peaceably assemble, and, so importantly, the peaceful transition of power.”

Kelly Tshibaka, Murkowski’s opponent in the upcoming election, also issued a statement:

“The people who committed crimes and acts of violence are being held responsible for their actions by the judicial system, which is what is appropriate and constitutional. The January 6th Committee is a partisan witch hunt which is essentially the third attempt to impeach President Trump. It is nothing more than a rehashing of the second sham impeachment. If that committee wanted to be useful, it would examine ways to better protect the Capitol, which would actually be within its authority. The Senate has already acquitted President Trump on the question of January 6th, despite Lisa Murkowski’s vote to remove him from office after he was already gone. Democrats are trying to keep the issue alive in their desperation to hold onto power in Congress, and they have Murkowski as an ally.“

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan was measured in the statement released by his office today:

My statement from January 6, 2021 remains relevant today. The violence that transpired that day in the U.S. Capitol building was a disgrace and will go down as one of the sadder and more dispiriting days in our country’s history. Those who perpetrated that violence should be brought to justice. The world witnessed our Capitol under siege during the day, but by the evening, members of Congress fulfilled their constitutional duties, thus demonstrating the resiliency of American Democracy,” Sullivan said.

“It is important to point out that the vast majority of those who came to D.C. that day, including many Alaskans, did not commit violence or break the law. They were doing what we all have the right to do in America—exercising their First Amendment rights and peacefully protesting. This is a critical distinction that has not been fairly portrayed in media reports on that day. Further, when federal law enforcement makes mistakes, as they have in some instances during their investigation into those responsible, they need to acknowledge such mistakes and apologize. 

“Finally, I am deeply troubled that some, including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, are using the events of January 6 as a political springboard to fundamentally alter the very American institutions, like the U.S. Senate, that safeguard our Democracy. I will continue to vigorously fight against such attempts, as I believe most Americans and Alaskans want me to do,” Sullivan concluded.

During the year since Jan. 6, 2021, many Americans have seen their civil liberties trampled, including Alaskans Marilyn and Paul Hueper. The Huepers were in the nation’s capital to hear Trump speak that day, but did not enter the Capitol building. They remained outside, even while others went through the ultimately unguarded doors.

But on April 28, 2021, the door to their Homer, Alaska home was broken through by FBI, Capitol Police, and U.S. Marshalls, who handcuffed them and held them hostage for hours, while searching their home without producing a search warrant until near the end of their search. The lawmen said they were convinced the Huepers were in possession of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, which was apparently stolen when protesters took over her office. The laptop, if it has been stolen, has not been announced as recovered to this day.

It wasn’t until months later that the FBI arrested the actual subject of their search — a Pennsylvania woman.

A similar event happened to 69-year-old Joseph Bolanos of New York. Bolanos, a pillar in his Upper West Side community association and Red Cross volunteer after the 9/11 attacks, has his home raided and ransacked by the FBI.

“Yes, he attended then-President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, but he never entered the Capitol. He was in a friend’s room at the JW Marriott a 30-minute walk away when the Capitol breach occurred,” the New York Post reported. 

“Nonetheless, he was raided in February by the FBI anti-terrorism task force, handcuffed, paraded and detained for three hours while his apartment was ransacked and all his devices confiscated. Four months later, he hasn’t been charged and doesn’t have his devices back, but his neighbors are shunning him, and he’s had two strokes from the stress,” the Post reported. His neighbors all think he is a domestic terrorist.

“It’s destroyed my reputation,” he told the reporter. “I’m not a violent invader … I do not condone the criminality and violence on [Jan. 6] whatsoever.” 

The FBI told Bolanos, who is a registered Democrat, that a tipster in the neighborhood told the FBI hotline said he had boasted about being at the Capitol.

Read the New York Post account of Bolanos’ treatment by the FBI here.

Back in Alaska, an Anchorage resident who never went to the Capitol that day, got a call from the FBI because of a tip that he was the kind of person who would have gone.

On Wednesday, the “eve of Jan. 6,” U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Department of Justice will be relentless in its pursuit of all people associated with the entry into the Capitol, to hold them accountable.

“The actions we have taken thus far will not be our last,” Garland said Wednesday in his speech at the Justice Department’s Great Hall. “The Justice Department remains committed to holding all January 6th perpetrators, at any level, accountable under law — whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy. We will follow the facts wherever they lead.”

Garland continued, “We build investigations by laying a foundation. We resolve more straightforward cases first because they provide the evidentiary foundation for more complex cases … “There cannot be different rules for the powerful and the powerless.”

Merrick made no mention of pursuit of the pipe bomber from Jan. 5, 2021, setting bombs at both Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C. Nor did he apologize to those who, such as Paul and Marilyn Hueper, who had been wrongly detained and who have been put on TSA extra-scrutiny lists simply because they went to D.C. to hear a speech.

Liberal commentators repeated expected condemnation of what they called a violent insurrection and terrorist attack. Newspapers widely reflect that characterization.

Conservative commentators had varying remarks about the day:

“I wonder if history will view January 6, in retrospect, as America’s Tiananmen Square. Desperate protesters seeking to have their voices heard. Vicious government crackdown and prosecution. No-dissent policy enforced across society via mass censorship and one-party media,” wrote author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza in October.

“Today is the first anniversary of January 6, a riot predicated on a falsehood pushed by President Trump — a riot which did not prevent the certification of the 2020 election by Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,” wrote conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

Tucker Carlson, in an essay on Fox News, said, “It’s about feelings — how the survivors feel, especially the reporters who survived. The feelings of reporters in Washington matter a great deal in America. They certainly matter a lot more than how you feel at the moment. How you feel, as you’ve probably realized by now, is totally irrelevant to anyone. No one cares. But the journalists of Capitol Hill? They do care. And they’re upset. Many still haven’t recovered from what they saw that day. As they lie down to sleep at night, the horrible images replay on a loop on the back their eyelids: The deafening thunder of cannon volleys. The smoke from the remorseless artillery fire, blotting out the sun. The screams of the mortally wounded calling out for their loved ones, echoing like some demonic soundtrack against the walls of the speaker’s lobby. Hell in a very small place,” he said.

“Unless you were there, you cannot possibly understand what it was like. Imagine the Tet Offensive, plus Fallujah, plus the night before Thanksgiving at Whole Foods. On Jan. 6th, you couldn’t tell who the enemy was, unless you looked down and saw they’d bought their shoes at Walmart. Then you knew. But otherwise, it was the fog of war, my friends,” Carlson said, mocking the overreaction of the Left.

“Kasie Hunt was there that day. Hunt is now something called the ‘chief national affairs analyst’ over at CNN. As a veteran of the siege of the Capitol, Hunt took to Twitter today to give hope to her fellow survivors. ‘Tomorrow is going to be a tough one for those of us who were there or had loved ones in the building. Thinking of all of you and finding strength knowing I’m not alone in this….#January6th'” Carlson continued, sarcastically.

“That was just a tweet. But, someday, you’ve got to believe, because this is a hopeful country, Hunt and her fellow survivors of the insurrection massacre of Jan. 6 will come together in some more formal way: Annual reunions, held in the shadow of Washington’s certain-to-be-built Jan. 6 memorial, the one they’ll have to bulldoze the Washington Monument to construct. Hunt and graying grizzled veterans of the Washington Post and Bloomberg News, and Politico, and The Daily Beast and the Atlantic Magazine will raise their White Claws as one, and remember how they cheated death that terrible day,” he said, continuing in the vein of mocking the media.

“Ok, we’ll stop. It’s way too embarrassing. We’re feeling shame even making fun of it. And in fact, as a political matter, the anniversary of Jan. 6th is not a joke. It’s a very serious thing. Pretending that a protest was actually a failed coup is the Democratic Party’s entire strategy to win this year’s midterm elections. At this point, it’s all they’ve got. Governing didn’t work. That’s why today, the attorney general of the United States, one of the most political men in Washington, announced the Department of Justice will continue to harass and arrest people voted for Donald Trump,” Carlson said.

“Be sure to check the FBI website,” Carlson advised, as the FBI continues to post photos — but not of its own agents who were in the crowd that day.

“They’re not only posting photos, they’re taking them off the site, including the most wanted list. Remember Ray Epps? He’s on video several times encouraging crimes, riots, breaches of the Capitol on January 6th. He was on the FBI website. Now he’s gone. Hasn’t been charged with anything, apparently. Why is that? That’s a real question. No one in Congress seems to care, even supposedly conservative Republican senators,” Carlson said. 

Read about Ray Epps at Revolver News


  1. When I watched video of the supposed “insurrection” I made some very peculiar observations. First, many of the participants looked exactly like Portland, Ore Anarchists and Antifa. Watch the way they move, the tactics, the PTT radios they use. Plus, some were wearing brand new red MAGA hats. Add to this very easy entry, practically unobstructed and security guards who appeared to be leading the way (running, then stopping so as not to lose pursuers). Very staged.

    • Do you realize that there is an active group of rabble rousers in the Portland area who demonstrate provocatively against nearly everything? Has nothing to do with ideology, but is aimed at anarchy. They hang out in Portland because it is tolerant of freedom of expression. They are perceived as exercising their constitutional rights.
      When it comes to property destruction and threatening other people, the citizens of Portland will rightfully defend themselves. The question is, “When it comes to destruction of property and endangering the lives of other people at the Capitol, what will patriotic Americans do?”

  2. The left (and a bunch of RINOs) ignores all the violence of the left- looting, killing, burning, etc.(including an actual bombing of the capital in 1983). Yet they call a massed entering of the capital by unarmed people “an insurrection”. The only people who died that day were protesters, and the cop who mercilessly and needlessly killed Ashli Babbit, Michael Byrd walks free and protected by the left who considers him a hero.

    • What a pile of manure. Keep lying to yourself, lock your doors and live in fear. The boogie man is coming

      • You mean, like all you Krazy Kovidian Kultists have been doing over your wildly exaggerated fear of a single virus that is orders of magnitude less lethal than many others?

  3. In the 1930s, the fledgling National Socialist Party used a faux emergency (burning the Reichstag, which they instigated) to seize power.
    History repeats.

  4. Princess would not be so bold in face of re-election if she wasn’t sure Ranked Choice was gonna play in her favor.
    Congratulations, Alaska. You did this to yourselves.

  5. It was an attempted coup, no one should have a problem with it being investigated to the fullest extent possible.

    • Then it must have been an attempted coup every time the communists, excuse me, Democrats objected to certifying the electoral votes every time a Republican won the Presidency. Hypocrite!

      • I don’t recall anyone storming the capitol and killing a police officer in prior elections.

        False equivalency, how pathetic. You seem to have a similar intelligence level to Ashli Babbitt.

    • If this big lie leads to America becoming communistic, then there will be three major nuclear powers in unrestrained fighting over earth’s resources. Two will gang up on one, then the two will be at each other’s throats. MAD will be assured, and none of us will live to tell about it.
      This big lie is an existential threat to the world.

  6. What does Tucker Carlson have to do with anything, other than being a shameful example of entertainment personalities downplaying an attack on our nation’s capitol?

    • Only in the reality-divorced minds of hyper-partisan radical leftists could a protest that devolved into a minor riot (egged on by government plants) be described as or considered an “attack” on the Capitol, much less (incredibly stupidly) an “insurrection”.
      Your wild exaggerations are intellectually and morally insulting.

      • And your downplaying and dismissal of an attempted coup demonstrates you dont care about this country one bit, you would rather cheat, steal and kill to win, instead of face reality that the majority of society doesn’t think at all like you and in fact rejected your political leanings.

        Your downplaying of these events is beyond morally insulting, it is treasonous.

        • Matt, I APPLAUD what happened on last January 6th! Yes, there, I said it! Government SHOULD live in fear of the people, not the other way around!
          Aside from that, your gross and insulting exaggerations of an essentially non-event is simply absurd and unworthy of further response. Go ahead and live in your insane radical leftist authoritarian fantasy world if you like, but leave me and all the other rational and sane individuals out of it.

          • Hey Jefferson. You can’t stop can you? You HAVE to respond with a nuclear weapon when a Qtip is sufficient. You’re entertaining but not convincing.

            You APPLAUD the overthrow of America! You spit on the constitution. You’re a thug.

          • Evan, yes, I applaud the January 6th protest, but to be honest, mainly just because it drives all you hateful, intolerant, un-American, radical leftist extremists so apoplectic and hysterical.
            Your exaggeration of what happened on that day is so over-the-top in its divorcement from reality that there is no point trying to talk sense to people such as you.

        • Less treasonous than the Russian lie the left told for four years to tear the country apart. The irony of late, is that this new breed of leftist, or older ones who didn’t leave when it got ridiculous, have gone from being old Reds to the servants of Wall Street, big Pharma, and the wealthy elites. It’s actually pretty funny, when the Grimer Wormtongues of the world call you a traitor, you can bet you are standing in the light defending truth, because what they are really mad at you for, is not debasing yourself like they have, and selling out your ideals and country to corporate masters. There’s some little part of them that knows they should feel shame, as much as they try to hide it, so they project it on those that still love their country and the freedoms we once held.

  7. Trauma, Lease-A? Really?
    Today of all days, then, you should be at home (wherever that might be these days) cowering under your bed fully masked.
    Perhaps that’ll be easier when you are relieved of the burden of opposing all that would benefit the people who allowed you to slither back to Washington.
    Don’t fear January 6- fear November!
    So long as there is a free and fair election and, yes, that does seem to be in doubt.

    • Um, in doubt? No, not yet. The board of elections hasn’t been totally taken over by the radical right. Not that they haven’t tried.
      I’m encourage by the so-called jungle primary. Now the people of Alaska can vote for whom they want instead of being force fed the candidates of the Republican and Democratic parties. That sounds like free and fair to me. You can vote for whomever you want.

      • I hesitate to even vote because I don’t understand ranked choice. No matter which way I vote, for whom, in whatever order, I have no idea how my vote will be counted, for whom.

      • Homo, ok, free and fair, vote for whomever you want, sounds good to me. But that isn’t what this ” ranked choice voting ” thing does, is it. One must list the candidates by numerical order. Then an algorithm decides the outcome?
        Sounds fishy to me.

        • You’re making this more complicated than it is. If you like only one candidate, you can vote for that candidate alone. There’s no requirement that you vote for anyone you don’t like. And since the first round is a primary, all but four get eliminated.
          Not complicated at all. The algorithm is pretty simple, too. The candidate who gets the highest total wins, sorta like an election should be.
          The political parties don’t like it because it dilutes their power to select a candidate solely on who they want.

          • The Dem’s must like it. They pushed for it – which makes me wary of a trap. I don’t think I’m going to vote. Not while we have RCV. I don’t deal with confusing unknowns very well at my age. I will stick to video games. There at least, most of the physics and rules make sense.

        • An algorithm isn’t complicated. It’s a small set of if/then questions that lead to a mathematical statement about your candidate preferences.

  8. It was a peaceful protest (with only a few incidents) where over 200,000 Americans voted with their feet on the Washington Mall. Nothing compared to the carnage produced by Lefties and BLM only months earlier.
    All of this propoganda and Left-wing rhetoric from an illegitimate president who carries around an IQ of 20. Perfect for the mainstream media and other Brandon lovers.
    Whatever happened to Pelosi’s laptop? Didn’t the FBI spend over $20 million looking for it? They should have stopped at the computer repair store where Hunter’s laptop was found.
    The real insurrection starts during the upcoming November elections when we take our country back from this Totalitarian, Marxist regime. Starting right here in Alaska, with that entitled, low IQ Princess who parades around with her Daddy’s name.

    • The Democrats playbook includes keeping Covid around for as long as possible. Maybe ten more years. It’s a “must have” for Democrats. Reason:
      Mail-in ballot fraud. That, coupled with a federal Voting Rights Act (that extinguishes all state laws regarding voter integrity) would cinch fraudulent election victories for Democrats for years to come. Their Totalitarian State target is close within reach.

    • You must be watching a different version of the storming of the Capitol than I was. Didn’t look all that peaceful to me. Sure, a lot of the trespassers looked clueless, but some of them weren’t.
      And what country do you want to take back? The one that allegedly gives each of us equal opportunity to succeed or fail, or the one that decides who the winners and losers are?

      • Let’s start with the lying sack-o-sh*t media that’s been touting the vile, Democrat party line, verbatim, for the entire year. Very sad that they want to feed Americans with only their narrow, one-sided view of democracy. Totalitarian Marxism, pouring from the mouths of network anchors. Pure, historionic propoganda. What a shame they have brought on themselves. And you indoctrinated idiots have no clue what’s coming your way.

          • An algorithm in a machine counts my vote. There’s no simple way to certify that vote.
            Besides, I suspect that you’re also an algorithm. No human can be so devoid of compassion and common sense.

          • Joseph, you make a very salient point here that I had not previously fully considered, namely, that ranked-choice voting makes recounts essentially impossible.
            Now, just ask yourself who has been fighting election recounts tooth and nail in the last couple of years, and you can easily figure out who will benefit from such an untransparent scheme.

  9. Narrative warfare… a subset of Unrestricted Warfare, where there are no rules. Another ‘fine’ export brought to you by the CCP.

    Stand for liberty and the rule of law, or bow before the communists. Watch how the CCP treats the Tibetans, Uyghurs, and the Falon Gong practitioners who fail to worship the state. This is very similar to how YOU can anticipate being treated. How the votes are counted MATTERS, no matter what your political preference is. Why fight a forensic audit? It is no different than fighting to have your freedom and liberty destroyed.

    Get informed. Seek the truth. If you don’t already know, LEARN, and work to be a good citizen, harder than you ever have before. Eliminate foreign influence. Divest from China. Deny Chinese technology a foothold in your life. We still have a choice.

  10. Good compilation Downing. The statements from Murkowski and Tshibaka are particularly revealing. Certainly proves Tshibaka to be a vengeful lightweight.

  11. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan are refusing to tell the truth to us about what happened at the Capitol on the 6th.

    Who ordered the doors to be opened and told the Capitol Police to let the crowd inside the Capitol, Lisa and Dan?

    There is video of it! You are lying to us about what really happened, and we know it. It was a false-flag and you are actively participating in covering it up.

    Why is Ray Epps still free after what he did? Or BLM and ANTIFA activist John Sullivan?
    Shame on all of you.

    Kelly Tshibaka needs to wake up to this fact also. Her response proves she is absolutely clueless.

    I encourage everyone to watch Nick Searcy’s movie about what happened on the 6th. Everything the politicians and media are trying to sell you is a lie.

    Revolver News has also conducted an Investigative Report outlining some of the important details surrounding what actually happened on the 6th.
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  12. In case people forgot the definitions.

    Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία, dēmokratiā, from dēmos ‘people’ and kratos ‘rule'[1]) is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation (“direct democracy”), or to choose governing officials to do so (“representative democracy”). Who is considered part of “the people”. Cornerstones of democracy include freedom of assembly, association and speech, inclusiveness and equality, citizenship, consent of the governed, voting rights, freedom from unwarranted governmental deprivation of the right to life and liberty, and minority rights.

    rep·​re·​sen·​ta·​tive | \ ˌre-pri-ˈzen-tə-tiv \
    Essential Meaning of representative-having people who are chosen in elections to act or speak for or in support of the people who voted for them.
    Do either of these sound like what’s happening in DC?

    • Democracy = mob rule. Representative republic = rule of American common law ; law that is common to all, same definitions in clear understandable language.

  13. It is interesting, and illuminating, that for all the hysterical, disingenuous and lying-through-their-teeth Democratic Karens (and yes, that includes you, Princess Lisa) who claim that the protest a year ago at the US Capitol was an “insurrection”, not only was not ONE of the over 700 arrested that day charged with a gun or weapon offense, not a single one has been charged with insurrection or sedition.
    But again, we all know what this really is: just more narrative spinning that is divorced from reality, much like pretty much all the corporate media’s and political establishment’s fearmongering over the Wuhan Virus to further their Orwellian political agenda(s).
    PS: Evan Singh, where are you now, when your oft-repeated accusation of “overexaggeration” is TRULY in play? Or will you, predictably, try to weasel-out, and fall back on the typical radical leftist hypocrisy?

    • Oh Jefferson, you’re thinking of me; that’s really sweet. Thanks.

      What was the question you asked? Was it “when did you stop beating your wife?”

      Typically, you are the master of exaggeration as you’ve done in this thread. No guns equals no insurrection to you. Some rally attendees were not violent, therefore there was no violence. Anyone (like me) who does not agree EXACTLY with your lithic world view is a typical radical leftist hypocrite, reality-divorced, hyper-partisan radical leftist. Downplaying the severity of the domestic traitor attack on our political leaders and the core of democracy – voting – by anti-police floor-poopers is treasonous. And my name is Evan S Singh. The S is important.

      • Very, very weak response, Evan. Pathetic, even.
        (Or should I say “Pathetic, Evan”?)
        Face it, Evan: you have been hoisted by your own petard.
        Own it.

  14. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I prefer that my insurrectionists do not pay attention to the velvet ropes, and do not act as politely. The overwhelming majority of people who entered the Capitol last Jan 6th simply looked around peacefully, and then left. Equally peacefully.
    Aside from a few individuals who did in fact create chaos, the average “insurrectionist” was better behaved than the average tourist. Strikes one odd that of the literally hundreds of hours of surveillance video that was captured, you continually see the same clips over and over again. I have my suspicions why.
    Sorry, but this was not an insurrection, and claiming it was is laughable. If the “far right” really wanted an insurrection, it would not look like this.

    • Yup. Two types of insurrectionists. The clueless and the deadly earnest. The reason you see the same clips over and over again is because the deadly earnest were the dangerous ones.
      I disagree that this was not an insurrection. I think it was, by people who were either truly traitorous or cluelessly ignorant of what really was happening. Both are a danger to democracy. Perhaps the clueless are the bigger danger.

      • “…same clips over and over again is because the deadly earnest were the dangerous ones.”
        Help me out here. Are you claiming the clips of “violence” we are repeatedly seeing are from the “deadly earnest?”
        However, I do agree totally with this statement: “Perhaps the clueless are the bigger danger.” It is a statement that applies equally well to both sides of the political aisle.
        It is also the reason why I am adamantly opposed to mail in voting, because the clueless will vote with feelings, not facts. Net result, we get a government that puts virtue signaling before the best interests of the people.

    • Agreed, CBMTTEK. It was the first and only “insurrection” in history in which not only was not a single “insurrectionist” armed with ANY kind of weapon, but in which not a single agent of government killed or even harmed.
      The egregious arrogance and dishonesty of anyone claiming that the protest of last January 6th was an “insurrection” is literally off the scales, particularly in light of the concomitant apologetics for the “mostly peaceful protests” of the summer of 2020 that DID result in deaths and that DID result in, and that consisted of, widespread and coordinated violence. THERE was your real “insurrection”!

      • “insurrection” is the Dem’s only 2022 platform, their “Forlorn Hope” of holding on to some remnant; seeings how their shining knight, Biden, has dragged all of them under the bus with himself.
        “Forlorn Hope” The term comes from the Dutch verloren hoop, literally ‘lost troop’ (American equiv. Dead Men Walking) a band of soldiers or other combatants chosen to take the vanguard in a military operation, such as a suicidal assault through the kill zone of a defended position, where the possibility of survival is practically nil. The risk was volunteered for simply because if it succeeded, it was an impoverished conscripts only way for advancement in rank and pay, with assignment to safer parts of the battle fields. No longer just cannon fodder.
        After all of Biden’s screw-ups, the Dems are political cannon fodder.

    • Deny all you want, that failed insurrection attempt was all they could muster. Its interesting that you disassociate yourself from it because it failed, like Trumps re-election campaign.

      Disassociate, deny, whatever it takes to avoid reality.

      • Too bad it’s not for you either, Evan.
        But then again, I have yet to meet or interact with anyone from the contemporary fascist left who could muster the first iota of critical thinking. Blind conformism to hyper-partisan orthodoxy, corporate media narratives, and self-serving sociopathic politicians seems to be much more your forte.

      • Critical thinking? As in critical theory?
        As in identifying and focusing solely on items you can be critical of, and ignoring all other factors?
        You know Marx pushed that. He knew there was no way the average person would accept socialism unless they were taught to focus solely on what is imperfect in the current socio-economic systems.
        So, no. Critical thinking is not for me. I can and will examine all sides of an issue, system, or whatever. Both the good and the bad, the positives and the negatives. Anyone claiming they are critically thinking is in fact just looking for reasons to complain.

  15. OT but I can’t bear to listen to oratory where it sounds as though the speaker is speaking through a clothespin clasped upon his nostrils thus clamping them shut. Sorry. It’s unfortunate.

  16. Violence during protests is wrong, whether committed by left-wing protesters or right-wing protesters. But the fact that protesters in Portland or other cities have gone beyond acceptable limits does not justify the actions of the persons who stormed the Capital on January 6. They stormed the Capital to stop Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 election, which is a direct attack on our democracy. They obviously did so because of the big lie that Trump was telling them (i.e that he actually won the 2020 election, but the election was stolen from him due to massive voter fraud). Trump told that lie repeatedly after Election Day, and then called his supporters to Washington D.C. to “stop the steal.” At his rally on that day, he urged them to march to the Capital, telling them he would be joining them. Instead, he slunk back to the White House and rubbed his hands with glee while he watched the events that he started unfold on TV, and ignored repeated pleas from his family and his staff to issue a statement to call off the attack. The Republican Party had better dump Trump if it hopes to win back the White House in 2024. While Americans may be growing disillusioned with Biden, his “low” approval rating of 44% is higher than Trump’s approval rating at any time during his Presidency, and after the way Trump behaved after Biden beat him (by more than 7 million votes), a large majority of Americans want nothing more to do with him. Conservatives would be smart to find a new standard bearer, and to stop allowing Trump to sully their brand.

    • ” But the fact that protesters in Portland or other cities have gone beyond acceptable limits does not justify the actions of the persons who stormed the Capital on January 6.”
      That is not why comparisons are being made.
      It is the disparate response by the politicians to both incidents that is being pointed out. The rank hypocrisy in play is why Portland, BLM, and AntiFa are being brought up.
      No, just because someone did something bad does not excuse my action.
      But, when the perpetrators of Jan 6th are being hunted down with the full force of the entire DOJ, but the people who are committing worse crimes are being ignored, or having the charges dropped, that is a problem.

  17. I used to wonder what Abraham Lincoln meant when he said that you can fooll some of the people all of the time. But he was apparently referring to the conservatives who will believe whatever Trump and the right wing blogosphere tell them. Too many conservatives have convinced themselves that Trump won the last election despite the fact the numerous post-election audits, many by Republican officials, have concluded there was no widespread f raid and that Trump lost. Period. The new big lie, now gaining currency among some conservatives, is that the Jan 6 attack on the Capital was a false flag operation that was launched by BLM and Antifa, despite the fact that the hundreds of persons arrested and being prosecuted for the attack were Trump supporters and many have admitted they were inspired to attack the Capital by Trump. Another false claim is that the persons who entered the. Spiral were peaceful. That is belied by the videos showing the. Using flag poles, fire extinguishers, and other objects to attack police officers and break doors and windows. 140 police officers were injured in this supposedly “peaceful” attack.

    • I respect that you have your free speech but want to point a few things out to help you.

      Without insurrection, you would be speaking British now and saying hail to the queen. You may also have slaves at your home still, or even be under Nazi or rule of the empire of Japan.

      Someday they will look deeper into this election and many more and find the evidence that there was an error. They are afraid that if Americans do find out that the election results are false, there will be revolt. The government has a grip on you and throw the word democracy around but many people don’t know what it means anymore. Until we unplug from technology and media and return to our roots of responsibility and consequences, you will be pushed around like sheep.
      I choose to lead my own life, believe in 1 God, protect my family and serve my country…and fight against all enemies foreign and elected Domestics.

      Insurrection is nothing compared to a revolution!

  18. It’s been really weird on the news (online, radio, and tv) the last few days. It’s almost as if the media, and the left (but I repeat myself) is celebrating this day. When they tell the tales of what happened on Jan 6 it just doesn’t match the video evidence, at all. Comparing this event to 9-11 or Pearl Harbor is beyond disrespectful to those who died on those days and disrespectful to history.

      • You’ve agreed with me in the past Jeff, and you said the exact same thing. There’s more to life than covid, stop obsessing about it so much.

      • Right, and from the coverage I saw it appeared to be a celebration of sorts. There was an entire leading up to it in the days beforehand, and then there was a huge production. A memorial of sorts in relation to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 would have been, I don’t know what it would have been, maybe a moment of silence before our Constitutional Republic got on with the business of running a nation, but it certainly wouldn’t have been speeches by POTUS and VPOTUS in an attempt to further divide the country by claiming democracy itself it is at stake in an apoplectic and disjointed manner that isn’t based in reality.
        Certainly the Democrats didn’t think making political hay out of something that most Americans think was a handful of whackos was going to convince anyone that their failed policies are worth keeping around. Wait, that’s exactly what they thought isn’t it?

  19. Let’s Go, Brandon!!” And take Lisa Murkowski to the ballgame with you. Combined IQ does not reach room temperature.

  20. The fact is President Trump is the only politician that can list his accomplishments for the people by the people of the people. Look at that man’s integrity and you will be shocked at the good Christian man you will find. Politicians desecrated Washington DC long long ago the first cowardly politician who broke the oath started the evil that has become common place for politicians today. All a citizen has is his vote dominion China Obama democrats mail in ballots look at what all the evil oath breaker politicians have accomplished for us. Joe Biden and his evil crew look at our country so help me GOD they all swore.

  21. January 6, 2021 was a false flag. The democraps’ Reichstag fire or Tonkin Gulf incident. Let’s Geaux Brandon!

  22. There was, in fact, an insurrection on January 6th. It happened when Congress certified Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential election! The riot was just a convenient deflection which the Deep State is joyfully exploiting

  23. Interesting. Lisa is traumatized by the Fedsurrection and has not lifted a finger to find out how many feds and their informers participated in the planning and execution of the event. And she is remarkably uninterested in the planning and execution of the attack on the WH during the Trump years, the invasion of Department of the Interior building in DC, and the 2018 invasion of the Senate by anti-Kavanaugh democrats. Appears her trauma is driven more by anti-Trump animus than concern for the institutions she has sworn an oath to defend. Cheers –

    • Who cares what “trauma” Princess Lisa supposedly suffered last January 6th?
      I actually would hope she suffered greatly, but in reality her crocodile tears display her inherent dishonesty and sociopathy one again.
      But don’t worry, Princess Lisa — you will have MUCH more to anguish over come this November. And I will laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

  24. Soros! last of the Nazi regime!
    You can THANK him and his stolen monies!
    Funding, BLM and ANTIFA! and our DOJ’s…and
    ppl he want’s in office or creating chaos!

  25. “……..Garland continued, “We build investigations by laying a foundation. We resolve more straightforward cases first because they provide the evidentiary foundation for more complex cases … “There cannot be different rules for the powerful and the powerless.”………”
    Meanwhile in Portland, a full 11 months after the single “insurrection” act, the organized, militarized, uniformed anarchist (look up the word) gang of thugs staged yet another attack just like the countless others conducted in the city over the previous two years. Anarchists. An open anti-government organization. And where is the vaunted FBI? Obviously no where near that besieged city. An “insurrection” is defined as “a violent uprising against an authority or government”, and anarchy is defined as “a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.” So what am I missing here regarding Portland?

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