Rep. Jim Jordan to FBI director Wray: ‘Why did you take the Homer couple’s copy of the Constitution?’


Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray about why, during a raid of a Homer, Alaska home belonging to a pair of Trump supporters, the agency took the couple’s pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Jordan’s questions about the FBI raid took place during a House Judiciary Oversight Committee meeting concerning events of Jan. 6, when election protesters surged into the U.S. Capitol.

Paul and Marilyn Hueper were held at gunpoint and handcuffed for four hours on April 28, 2021, while the FBI and other law enforcement agencies searched their home, looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop computer, as well as any evidence, such as clothing, that would show Marilyn Hueper was actually inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

It was a case of mistaken identity gone quite wrong.

According to Rep. Jordan, the Hueper’s door has now been repaired, after having been broken down by the agency raiders. The Huepers say the door has a plywood patch on it, but has not been repaired and still has a visible hole.

Wray had no answers about that raid. He said he would not discuss any investigation, he said.

The FBI has returned the couple’s cell phone and laptop, but Rep. Jordan wanted to know if the FBI had retained the data from their electronic equipment. Wray would not answer that either, nor discuss why the Constitution was taken into evidence.

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Marilyn Hueper said the pocket Constitution was the kind a person could find for a dollar. It hadn’t been read and the binding had not been broken, but was something she had pulled out of a box in a closet with the thought that she should read it and refresh her constitutional knowledge. There were no markings in it, “but they confiscated it and put it in as part of the evidence against us.”

The copy has been returned to the Huepers, unblemished.

The computers that were returned to them, however, are now damaged with “screwed up security settings,” Paul Hueper said, so the Huepers have not been able to actually use them.

“This has hurt our spa business,” he said, because the computers are an integral part of their business at the inn they keep in Homer, which has a lot of seasonal trade.

The Huepers have now filed a written rebuttal to the application for a warrant made to the U.S. District Court. They say the assertions made in the warrant application show no probable cause, and the warrant was granted based on flimsy information.

Twelve agents, FBI, Capitol Police, and other agents, broke down the door to their home and told Marilyn and Paul Hueper to put their hands up on April 28, 2021. Paul counted seven guns trained on him when he came out of the bedroom. The agents cuffed the couple and their guests and held them, interrogated them, and searched the home.

Finally, they showed Marilyn a photo of someone they said was her.

“They showed me a different view, where it could have been me,” Marilyn said. The photo was a side shot where only the hair and coat were visible. “They purposely withheld the picture where I could have easily seen it was not me.” Eventually they showed her the photo above on the right — at the end of their search — where the person-of-interest’s face was clearly shown.

“I said oh no, that is not me, I would have never worn that sweater,” she said. “She is wearing this hideous sweater that I would never be caught in. She has detached earlobes, and mine are attached. She has arched eyebrows, and I don’t.”

Marilyn Hueper said the agents told her she had been positively ID’d. Marilyn said that Wendy Terry, special agent in Anchorage, went to Matthew Scobel, the federal magistrate judge in Anchorage, for a warrant based on the positive ID.

“At this point, they said it was a trespassing misdemeanor but if we did not cooperate, they said they would charge me with obstructing justice,” she said.

When Marilyn said, “That’s not me,” she said the agent told her “so you want to go there,” as if she was lying and obstructing justice.

The couple is inviting others who have been harassed by law enforcement over their innocent activities on Jan. 6 to consider joining a lawsuit with them to challenge the FBI over the constitutional violations committed by the agency. People can get more information and contact the Huepers through


  1. The FBI is a rogue agency and has been for decades. It does not have the welfare of the patriot at heart, instead is is the weaponized arm of the left. Trump should have done more to reorganize that agency.

  2. They don’t teach the Bill of Rights class at Quantico. Ask General Flynn and Rudy Giuliani.
    On another note, why didn’t our own congressman, Don Young, ask the question to the Director? Hello Don. Anybody home?

  3. They should find the dirtiest horse’s ass lawyer in the country and offer him 90% commission to personally sue every individual from the agents to the judge to the director. In too many Alaska places this could have ended like Waco (gosh, isn’t the ATF director associated with that?). Abuse of citizens once lead to a very bad outcome for the government in charge and we do not want that again.

  4. FBI is a fraud Chris Wray is an embarrassment.
    Now I guess my door will be broke down next.
    Please do your business to the back door it needs to be replaced anyway.

  5. Few comments on these articles about this family because commenters are afraid that the FBI will come crashing into their home in the early hours of the morning. If the FBI wishes to question me, I suggest they call me on the phone first. PS. I have no knowledge of Nancy’s laptop, but would be very interested about what is on the laptop that she is so concerned about.

  6. If I had it I’d make a copy of the hard drive and mail it to every country in the world, every news organization just to see who would print it and who wouldn’t, and mail a copy to every United States citizen. It belongs to we the people right? We have a right to know what that dirty crook has been talking about on there.

  7. It is crystal clear what this government would do to us if we did not have the Second Amendment. This American bureaucracy envies the power over people that the Red Chinese government has.

  8. The FBI perhaps need classes in both the Constitution as well as attention to detail. There are so many incorrect comparisons between the photos that a child would easily catch. Pretty embarrassing to that agency I would say. The Huepers should have told the FBI to go ahead and keep the booklet and use the address on the back to order a bunch more as required reading for all agents.

  9. This should be frightening to any U.S. citizen. If the FBI can pull these kind of shenanigans to a couple at the end of the road in Homer, they can do it to anyone between there and Washington DC.

  10. There is literally no agency, bureaucracy, institution or outlet, you can trust. Black is white, up is down. We are right where they want us.

  11. What is on Pelosi’s laptop that has the Biden FBI so worried? Can it be any worse than Hunter’s laptop?

  12. Wray will not comment on an “ongoing investigation”… which will remain “ongoing” forever to prevent any information from being released. So, possession of a pamphlet containing the original founding documents of the country is of interest while Hunter Biden’s laptop is not. Just doing The Big Guy’s orders I guess. Orwell was an optimist.

  13. Mr & Mrs Hueper, use the door as a fund raiser. Put it on a GoFundMe site or other fund raising site. This can be used to finance your legal expenses. Also, I would never ever use that laptop or cellphone now that the FBI has had access to it. Who knows, they may have even downloaded Hunter Biden’s hard drive to yours!

  14. This is what corrupt politics does to government. Special “agent” Wendy Terry, needs to answer to the Senate on why she set up a Alaskan couple for a non feloney charge then made a gestapo style raid.

  15. They took it because they hate the constitution. The FBI is part of the Deep State, full of Communist Chinese Sellouts and Puppets.

  16. Unfortunately the FBI returned the Constitution unread. Its contents will forever remain a mystery to the agents involved.

  17. They claimed they knocked on their door once and then went to eat breakfast before returning to knock on their door a second time. Only thing is, I read somewhere that the second knock on the door and bust in was at 4 AM in the morning. I think they wanted any excuse to bust the door in. Most people aren’t up at 2-4 AM to answer their door. Why not knock at an appropriate hour, 6, 7 or 8 AM, Not 2-4 AM, especially on a non-positive ID. It’s a laptop, Not a Nuke, covert boys. However we all know why they did all this in the manner they did it, it was for intimidation purposes.

  18. Bill Yankee, You attack through invective, character assassination and innuendo. Actually Billy Boy, Jorden has forgotten more things about the Constitution then his detractors ever knew existed. The issue is and thank goodness SOMEONE is making a point of it, is the obvious illegal actions being taken by the FBI.

    I await your logorrheic reply.

    • Just your opinions Robert without back-up too.
      Sounds, to me, like you expect this to end up in court over “constitutional” issues. Why, I’ll bet Jim Jordan will be called as an expert witness over some issues he has forgotten. Heheh!

  19. Android Andy-
    This occurred at a committee hearing, not the full house.

    Don Young is not on this particular committee.

  20. Being a patriot and a reader of the constitution is a reason to be suspect and damn near a federal crime.

  21. Robert Schenker, regarding your reply to Bill Yankee, touche!
    It always amazes how how many of those like Bill Yankee that there are, who are so blindly willing to submit to, and even defend, their (our) masters and the corrupt status-quo power elite. I will never, ever understand the Quisling mentality.

  22. Well Mr. Jordan, it is fairly obvious. They hate the Constitution and have now been weaponized against the American people. This is what a communist insurrection looks like, persecute your political opponents.

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