Breaking: Grand jury indicts former Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux for voter fraud


A grand jury indictment against former Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux was announced today by the Alaska Department of Law.

Earlier this year, two misdemeanor election-tampering charges against LeDoux were dropped, but eight charges remained, and a hearing was set for later this month.

LeDoux, an Anchorage Republican who represented District 15 (JBER-Muldoon), along with Lisa Vaught Simpson and Caden Vaught all face various charges relating to LeDoux’s 2014 and 2018 House races. Simpson had been LeDoux’s chief of staff in the Legislature and sometimes roommate in Juneau. Caden Vaught is her son.

“On June 2, 2021, an Anchorage grand jury indicted Gabrielle LeDoux, Lisa (Vaught) Simpson, and Caden Vaught on multiple counts of voter misconduct in the first degree. These charges stem from the investigation that started in 2018 after the Division of Elections identified some irregularities in some of the absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots returned for the primary election for House District 15.  The Alaska State Troopers, in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, conducted the investigation,” the Department of Law wrote.

Among the suspicious voting patterns in District 15, ballots were requested by seven people who were dead, and several other people say they never cast a ballot, although ballots were received by the Division of Election in their name.

An investigation was started by the State Troopers, and the case was also referred to the FBI. Previous charges included allegations that the three were principles and accomplices who knowingly provided false information on voter registration forms to show a residence address in House District 15, when there is evidence that Simpson and Vaught were not living, and had no intent to live, at the addresses provided at the time of the election. 

The previous charging documents also alleged that LeDoux solicited a similar action by other individuals in 2014 in order to ensure they could vote in the House District 15 election. But the grand jury is focused on the 2018 election, when the Division of Elections found numerous ballots linked to a single address.

“The charges involve alleged conduct that took place in both the 2018 primary and general elections. Ms. LeDoux and Ms. Simpson were each indicted on five counts of voter misconduct in the first degree and Mr. Vaught was indicted on four counts of voter misconduct in the first degree.  On June 10, 2021, all three defendants appeared, either in person or by phone, in court at a Superior Court arraignment and entered pleas of not guilty to the charges.  The date of their next court appearance has yet to be set.”

If convicted, the defendants could face a maximum of 5 years in prison.

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LeDoux ran for reelection in 2020, but lost in the primary to David Nelson, a young, clean-cut Republican new to election politics. She has maintained her innocence throughout, but the Hmong community in District 15 lost faith in her, and withdrew their important endorsement.

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  1. But, but, but, there’s no election fraud.! We have to just trust everyone and make voting easier!
    And there is no prison in the state miserable enough for her. I say banish her to Rat Island with a blue tarp and a ton of rice for the duration. But she will probably get off with the slightest of slap.

  2. Where were her Democrat buddies to protect the compromising repubulican? See! Republicans don’t get anywhere compromising with Democrat colleagues, they will send you up the river alone everytime. So an Alaskan Republican might as well be a Red Hot Republican, so then you at least no who are your enemies.

  3. There must be some mistake. According to facebook, twitter, youtube, google, and MSNBC election fraud is impossible.

  4. When I first met Ledoux I asked why she switched from being a Democrat to a Republican. She told me she changed parties because she “wanted to get elected”. This shows us the she “wanted to get elected” real bad!


    Because she was so desperate, she will be convicted of voter fraud and other crimes. Her consequence should be a fair amount of hard time in state prison. It would be fitting for her sometime roommate, Lisa Vaught Simpson, to be her roommate in the slammer, too.


    You deserve the worst that the state can give you, Gabby. I don’t feel sorry for you or Lisa in the least.

  5. Without question, this is a false flag operation setup by Antifa, right folks?? Come on, let’s set those rabbits running!

  6. Where is Greg R. claiming that voter fraud does not exist, never existed, and there is never any reason to investigate any election ever?
    (Still waiting for the list of people who cannot get a photo ID as well.)

  7. About time. Can we get the legislative branch do their job and get Senator Showers bill thru now since we have actually court proof in this state?

  8. Has Kevin Meyer chimed in to share his disappointment with this election fraud investigation yet?

  9. But did it “affect the outcome of the election,” the standard by which Democrats use to deflect election fraud allegations? Bottom line: Democrats beware! The real perps are going to get it good.

  10. Have you ever been (a) marinated or (b) marionated? Vote now. You know you go in sweet and then after the lobbying one wonders. What happened? Was it bad manners marring the southeastern idyll?

  11. There is often a pervasive political corrupting influence to marinate in that can be very thick in Juneau. Alaska has outgrown idyllic Juneau as a seat of government so why not bring the seat of government to the accessible railbelt. She was responsive and handled her sometimes unpleasant duties responsively for the public otherwise.

  12. She got sideways with some folks in the politicized rules committee as I recall from tv. They got mad at her. Heavy duty political types. Throwing their weight around. Then she got targeted too by outside interests. She might have made a mistake about inclusiveness in inviting registering to vote. To err is human. Specially in AK. I hope she is treated reasonably and fairly.

  13. Just like Trump and the Anchorage elections
    More lies on voting.
    At least Bronson was on it, or Dunbar would of stole the election too.

  14. There were an Estimated 9 rather insignificant cases of voter fraud nationwide in 2020; yet 231+ voter suppression bills in republican led legislatures. 13,000 gun deaths in 6 months gets you Zero bills on any sort of sensible gun legislation. Let’s focus people. Ignore the shiny objects for a change, go with your conscience, and not your gut.

  15. Dan:
    You watch too much science fiction, bud. With BS facts like yours, we don’t need research science or document discovery for lawsuits. Just listen to Dan! You’re probably one of the far Lefties who think SARS2 came out of bat stew, Joe Biden has a near genious IQ, ANWR is a huge tourist attraction and the Dunleavy Recall is already on the ballot. Take your effing propoganda and put it where the sun don’t shine. You embarrass yourself here.

  16. Dan, it’s comforting seeing comrades like you feel they need to come on here and try to change conservatives into your way of thinking. Surely you know there were many many times where voter fraud occurred from officials to private citizens. If you didn’t you wouldn’t try so hard to convince us. There’s gun violence today because people are fed up. It’s shoved down our throat that we are somehow responsible for slavery. It’s shoved down our throat that we should feel guilty for not being gay. Basically we should feel guilty for being straight, normal, pink, Americans. I’m not going to feel sorry for anyone that chooses to live in an alternate lifestyle. It’s not normal and it pisses the rest of us off who are.

  17. Dan, wow, 9? New math? That’s why there have already been 1285 convictions for 2020 fraud. That’s why Antrim County, MI may decertify its vote counts. That’s why there are 24 more indictments in North Carolina and 510 active prosecutions in Texas with numerous other investigations active. That’s why there is a forensic audit in Arizona, and may be more in other states. What fantasy fairy tale is your mind living in?

  18. Hey Dan how many people died in car wrecks or medical malpractice events??
    We need common sense legislation against those too! Shall not be infringed.

  19. This is all on her, she travelled to Europe and got away with charging it all to the state of Alaska.
    Now she has to pay penance for her long list of misdeeds!

  20. Good. About time. Now, when will we find the democrats who are committing election fraud? Or do we only search for pseudo-republicans?

  21. Jay:
    1. They don’t think they will get caught.
    2. Most politicians are self-aggrandizing nutcases. They believe that their self-interest is what’s best for all of us.

  22. I suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Could open pandora box to a lot of voting misconduct going all the way to the top such as Murkowski, Young, Sullivan.

  23. @Dan

    Hey there Dan. The only one offering up distractions is you. Suppression? Surely you jest, but I guess not. Gun deaths? Pray tell what the circumstances were before throwing out an arbitrary number because “guns are bad”.

  24. I remember that year. They all travelled to Dubai wasn’t it? Stayed in the fanciest hotel in the world. Are they ALL going too? It was a bit conspicuous. Prolly not cuz they set the precedent.

  25. And, her betrayal of the Hmong makes me sick. She took advantage of these people and that says enough for me…..

  26. The Dems proudly refused amendments to trim. One lady presented 400 plus amendments to cut the state bloat and those democrat men on the representatives finance committee refused ALL those amendments. Sheer stubbornness. Yeah we remember distinctly.

  27. I’m glad she chose to be a Republican. Otherwise, she might not be prosecuted. A small victory towards getting our right to vote back

  28. A full audit, like what is being done in Arizona, is what is called for. I doubt we have the legislators with the stones to do it though..

  29. Wow, two days later, and still no sign of Greg R. I hope he is OK. Maybe just enjoying the weather and not doing internet…
    “There were an Estimated 9 rather insignificant cases of voter fraud nationwide in 2020;”
    Define voter fraud. No, seriously, your statement does not coincide with reality, but I am sure there is some definition of voter fraud that makes your statement correct. How do you define voter fraud?
    Please do not tell me that you are only going to consider it voter fraud if there is a conviction. I am confident that if your car was stolen, but no one was arrested and convicted, you would still say there was a crime committed.
    Help us out here.

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