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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Unanimous: Anchorage Republican Women resolve to support Tshibaka for Senate

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At the annual salad lunch of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club, a powerhouse subset of the Alaska Republican Party, a unanimously supported resolution was announced saying the club is requesting the party’s State Central Committee endorse Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate.

Tshibaka was the keynote speaker at the luncheon, which included attendees Mayor-elect Dave Bronson former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman, former Rep. Alyce Hanley, former State Senate President Drue Pearce, Rep. David Nelson, Rep. Tom McKay, former Rep. Sharon Jackson, and Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard.

Club President Judy Eledge read the resolution, which stated that the Alaska Republican Party had censured Sen. Murkowski, had vowed to find someone else to run as a Republican, and had asked Murkowski to not run as a Republican. The resolution also said that the club had fully vetted Tshibaka in accordance with party rules.

“We endorsed her,” said Eledge, explaining the resolution.

This is the second Republican women’s club in the state to endorse Tshibaka. The Republican Women of the Kenai passed a similar resolution several weeks ago.

The State Central Committee meets on July 10 in Fairbanks, where the matter is likely to be on the agenda. At the last meeting in March, 70 percent of the party voted against Murkowski and in favor of finding a new Republican candidate for Senate. Two weeks later, Tshibaka threw her name in the ring.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I do not affiliate with any party…. Go Kelly! I am really tired of the way Murkowski has turned on those who voted for her…she is bad news.

  • I support Senator Lisa Murkowski. So, Judy, I guess this means I have to turn in my membership card?

  • I do not know anything about her… comments??

  • My I will cancel your vote with mine. Lisa needs to go out to pasture.

  • Looks like a refreshing ‘restart’ of conservative values.

  • Are there about 4 groups of Republican Women? Wasn’t Anchorage Republican Women for Joe Miller?

  • The same women who supported Murky?

  • Jay, There are two Republican seats

  • Nobody should be surprise by this. Let’s see if Kelly can work with folks in DC or just run her chops.

  • This has to sting. Good. She stopped representing Alaskans years ago. Everything I know about Lisa standing up for Alaskans I learned in that photo of her being backed up agains the wall and crying by Dianne Feinstein. Lisa has to go.

  • MJ, no, you do not need to “turn in your membership card”, but can you simply exchange it for a Democratic one, to much more fully reflect Lisa’s real affiliation and values.

  • Kelly seems great, but I worry that Lisa has something up her sleeve. She probably has dirt on Kelly that won’t be released until the last minute. I hope not, but Kelly is kind of new.

  • Bronson was “kind of new” and that’s refreshing. There was no “dirt” for Dunbar to dig up. I was at the luncheon and after speaking with Ms. Tshibaka one on one I’m comfortable supporting her campaign.

  • When the true Tshibaka story is told her 15 minutes of fame will be over. Coming soon to a publication near you.

  • MJ
    Of course not. We believe in individual thought and welcome all in our club.
    As part of the State Central Committees Lisa was censured and this allowed us to endorse Kelly.
    Everyone knows Lisa was behind prop 2 since it makes it easier for her to win. She knew her actions the past few years would make it tough to win a primary so she was behind this jungle primary which is not good for the state.
    We can endorse more than one candidate. The candidate we will no longer endorse is Lisa Murkowski but we would respect everyone’s right to support and vote for whomever they wish.

  • Sonya, considering the State of the Republican party in AK and the rest of the country, and the role groups like this had in getting it there, I would consider them part of the problem. So much so that I endorse Libertarian candidates. Candidates who use the words”liberty” and “freedom”. Did this group at one time endorse Murkowski, and what lessons did they learn from that?

  • I would like to know more about Kelly. Murkowski is not a Republican and does not support conservative causes, candidates or values; but I’d much rather vote FOR someone than AGAINST someone. We were stuck with Biden because of people’s hatred of Trump…not because of anything he had done, would do or could do. So far, he’s broken everything he’s touched. That’s a cautionary tale in voting FOR something over voting against something if ever there was one.

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