Homer couple sets up website to tell their story of shocking FBI raid on their home


Marilyn and Paul Hueper, whose Homer, Alaska home was raided by 12 FBI and other law enforcement agents on April 28 in search of a laptop belonging to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, have set up a website to tell their story.

WethePeopleSTAND.org covers the top points of what happened when the FBI crashed through their front door and held them at gunpoint.

The Pelosi laptop apparently disappeared during the Jan. 6 surge into the U.S. Capitol by protesters of the certification of the presidential election. The FBI and Capitol Police evidently think Marilyn took the laptop, but she says it is a case of mistaken identity. (She is pictured above on the left, and the person the FBI is searching for is on the right.)

“Our home was unlawfully raided and we were held captive at gunpoint by the FBI on April 28, 2021.  Ignorance of our Rights and the Law caused us to resign ourselves to their terrorism in our own home!” Marilyn wrote on the website.

“Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. Weaponized aggression by government agencies is growing!  Because of this, I have committed myself to learning about my Rights, and how to exercise my Power, even in intense situations. And to Empower as many others as are willing,” she wrote.

She wants others to learn from her experience, and if this happens to them, to not make the same mistakes she made. In her view now, she should not have talked to the FBI at all. Instead, when they questioned her, she was very forthright and good-natured about the raid. They left with her computers and cell phone that day.

The couple has their cell phones back, but do not have her computer back. They also have back the pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution that the FBI took during the raid.

“WARNING!  Do not do what we did!  We made tons of ‘mistakes’ in dealing with the FBI that day.  Listen to our story, but know that no matter how innocent or well meaning you may be, sharing ANY information with the FBI or other enforcement agency is always a very very VERY dangerous idea,” Hueper wrote.

“We will be informing you what we ‘should’ have done that day as we learn more ourselves, in hopes that we and you will become more fully informed and empowered.  But for now, give a listen and know that so far, we appear to have survived our own trusting ignorance… by the grace of God!”

Hueper has appeared on national news and talk shows, such as Laura Ingraham, Grant Stinchfield (NewsMax), Glenn Beck (The Blaze) and others, all of which she has linked to her new website. More details are linked in stories they’ve posted from various media, including Must Read Alaska and Epoch Times, the Dan Fagan Show, Birdeye View with Bob Bird, and Top of the World with Chris Story.

“This is a learn as we go space.  We are still very much in the midst of the situation with the FBI and will be posting as we get solid understanding and direction… to empower all of us!”

FBI breaks into Homer couple’s home, looking for Nancy Pelosi laptop


  1. Not much you can do when they break down your door with guns drawn. Demand each of their badge numbers and idents – write them down. Demand they show and allow you to read their search warrant – they can’t take anything that isn’t specifically allowed by the warrant, unless it is evidence out in the open of crime – related to the warrant or other. Offer them a cup of tea or coffee (yeah, right…). Kill them with kindness and cooperation. They’re counting on your fear. When they’re done SUE THEM – individually and corporately, even the judge who issued the warrant – for physical and emotional damages and for anything they took outside of the warrant – including the value of your ability to use the things they stole. IF they find anything in the warrant or evidence of any other crime, all bets are off. The only way to stop the abuse of police power is to make them pay for their abuse – let them be afraid. Fortunately (I believe and pray) most law enforcement personnel are not abusive and will respond to your cooperation positively. I trust the horror of the Hueper’s experience will not be repeated. We have the 4thA for very good reason.

  2. In less than 13 years, the FBI has become the stupidest law enforcement agency on the planet. Just ask any sheriff’s deputy across America who has to deal with these woke juveniles.
    NEVER talk to law enforcement. Get an attorney on the phone……pronto. I wish this lady had security cameras inside her home during this kiddie raid.

  3. I have to wonder what is on Nancy’s computer. Maybe a Nancy/Hunter sex tape????? Ewwwwww. Whoever has the laptop should post everything on pornhub.

  4. Oh my…you people are actually surprised! Before the election you were all kissing blue butt! Did you get the part where the FBI with “other law enforcement agents” raided their house??? Clearly the corrupt Alaska State Troopers were there as well! You know, the ones I said would turn on you without hesitation. I’ve commented here several times about the DANGERS of corrupt law enforcement…and got mostly “crickets”. Oh that’s right, some of you discussed the proper ways to kiss blue butt. And ‘Skidmark’ (Trouserbark?) accused me of ‘sour grapes’. More recently, almost all of you declared your willingness to bend over and take it…when you didn’t protest the Governor’s firing of the Public Safety Commissioner (see Dan Faegan/MRAK). So now you wanna whine like a lefty liberal because your dog turned and bit you? You really think you’re going to sue your dog? It’s that qualified immunity thingy the “snowflakes” are always on about. Let me tell you, Huepers, how it’s going to go, FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Because you dared to complain, “they” (law enforcement) will find something to CHARGE you with…even if they have to make something up. It won’t matter that you are not actually guilty, it’s the charging you that matters. It will make your complaints seem like sour grapes…and after all people will be able to look online and see you WERE charged. Yes, maybe after 11 YEARS and a trip to the Supreme Court, you’ll win…and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you were in the right. You could frame it and hang it on your tent wall in the homeless camp…cheap lawyers start at $200 an hour…quarter hour increments!

  5. At least they were not shot dead like Breonna Taylor and Botham Jeans when the cops broke down the door. There are mistaken entry into homes by cops every week in this country, not right but it happens. The Huepers were at the insurrection on Jan 6th but saved themselves by not going into the capital. It is not difficult to see why there was some confusion, ladies do look similar. I sure the Huepers will be able to grift some cash out of this incident.

  6. The Feds just destroyed their idea to limit magazines to 10 rounds when they sent 12 agents to kick down the door of law abiding citizens. 12 agents here and I believe 23 at Roger Stone’s house!

  7. HARBORGUY, At least they were not shot dead like Breonna Taylor and Botham Jeans, you are correct. But there was no ‘insurrection’ in DC-you would have to look at Portland or Minneapolis to see what that looks like. And they wont be ‘grifting’. The only shame is that the people responsible for terrorizing them, the judge and agents, won’t have to personally pay for their malfeasance.

  8. A low IQ comparison there Harbor, as usual. Breonna Taylor was drug dealer. Too bad for her. Botham was mistaken identity. That one was sad.

  9. I’ve always said for that many FBI agents plus local law-enforcement descending on the house looking for a laptop there must be something on that laptop other than presentation slides that Pelosi is claiming is all that’s on it. You could buy the most expensive Apple MacBook Pro and still that would only be a small nip out of what it cost for that raid

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