Mask-be-gone: Walmart, Costco drop mask requirements for shoppers


Both Walmart and Costco were among several major companies that announced on Friday they no longer have a mask mandate in their stores for shoppers who are vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. The new policy applies in jurisdictions where local or state governments do not have a mask requirement.

There is no requirement that a shopper must show proof of vaccination.

The Kirkland, Wa.-based Costco “will allow members and guests who are fully vaccinated to enter Costco without a face mask or face shield,” in those areas, the company said on its website Friday. “Costco continues to recommend that all members and guests, especially those who are at higher risk, wear a mask or shield.”

The corporate letter from Walmart stated, “vaccinated customers and members are welcome to shop without a mask,” while unvaccinated shoppers are asked to keep masks on.

Walgreens is keeping its mask policy until the company further reviews it. Kroger, which owns Fred Meyer, is reviewing its company mask policy, and Home Depot still required masks as of Friday.

A Must Read Alaska venture into restaurants in Anchorage on Friday evening revealed that many had quickly abandoned the masks as soon as the Anchorage Assembly lifted the emergency order that required them. A few servers still wore masks, but most did not.

There’s no word on when the FAA or airlines will release passengers from the mask mandates, although the CDC says that those who are not vaccinated don’t need to wear masks indoors or outdoors. Alaska Airlines has banned 509 passengers for not following the mask mandate, while Delta has banned over 1,200.


  1. Huuuuuuhhhhh….. Somehow they think people will give a poop about masks on if their unvaccinated. They can’t “card” you because it breaks HIPAA and they know it. Meanwhile in the (mostly)never-mandated boroughs, people regularly fly by the “wear a mask” sign without a mask in the Fred Meyers and Home Depot.

  2. 5th Ave Mall Apple store requires an “escort” and mask. They limit the number they allow in and no browsing.

  3. About time. If the stupid masks worked, researchers would wear them while at work in the infectious disease control labs instead of respirators and pressurized PPE systems.

  4. I believe that the masks may have some small effect on reducing Covid transmission, or not. I believe that the masks themselves are a health hazard, or not.
    I wear one only out of respect for other people’s fears. However, when I have to deal with someone who wants to bully, or shame me into wearing a mask, I won’t. I have a stubborn streak a mile wide.
    I live in Anchorage, but ever since the mandates I’ve done most of my shopping in Wasilla and Palmer. I even drive out to Sutton to fill my gas tank. I can’t remember the last time I used my Costco or Freddy’s gas card in Anchorage.

  5. See folks, was it really worth raising all of that anti-mask ruckus? They were a temporary thing that obviously helped get us to this point, and now that the vaccines have taken hold the requirements have been relaxed.

    Such a tempest in a teapot.

    Now, go get vaccinated like responsible citizens and Patriots, and shed your masks. Otherwise, prepare yourselves for segregation from those who have been, and who will therefore enjoy the concomitant privileges.

    NB: And to Fat Albert, please note that there was virtually no flu last year. Proof positive of the effectiveness of masking up!

  6. Now that the mask issues is behind us for now it is time to turn our attention full time to go after the GOP politicians that support the BIG LIE and were willing to trash the our constitution to further their politician careers.

  7. Kroger reviewing it policy. Fred Meyer in Fairbanks does not enforce customers to wear masks. So why is a review needed? Why have a rule and not enforce it.
    Only sheep wear masks

  8. Interesting. Costco had a mask mandate BEFORE Anchorage imposed one. Even Costco now knows it was a farce.

  9. Costco had mask nazis prowling around, enforcing the mask mandate. They were quite hostile and obnoxious about it. If they ask me if I’ve been vaccinated, I’m going to respond, “have you ever had a venereal disease?”

  10. The Big Lie is slowly unravelling. Now, if we can only get Fauci criminally indicted for funding illegal Gain of Function research at the Wuhan lab all will be right in the world.

  11. Walmart, Costco, Cabela’s, and Carquest have all lost my business permanently by perpetuating this BS lie that has sunk America. Each one of these places physically kicked me out for not wearing a mask.

    Anyway, the election theft is over and there is no reason to push the idea that a deadly disease that had China people dropping dead in the streets (remember that?) is terrorizing Americans to the point of needing a cheat by mail election.
    Meanwhile as the death count of 2020 remained the same as the previous years, influenza and heart attack deaths miraculously dropped to numbers lower than ever seen before in history and my doctor has me preforming my own inguinal hernia test over Zoom (cough) the dumbed down masses go about life believing everything the Chinese news propaganda outlets feed them ignorant to the fact that America has been taken over by a foreign communist country and life as they know it is about to change forever.

  12. The warning label on mask boxes say they don’t work to stop the spread of viruses. I feel ashamed I was ever worried or scared about this bug.

  13. I have been going to theses businesses the last year.
    YES Not Wearing A Mask
    Stop the madness. All you AFRAID Sheep just walk over to the cliffs edge

  14. Masks don’t work, so says 40 years of studies and data.

    The vaccine, may be quite effective at reducing symptoms, however it grants no immunity and has less than 1/4 of the trial tests done on it, than the next fastest vaccine to hit the public. There are many reported adverse reactions and the long term effects are not known.

    The election contained massive amounts of fraud; the “big lie” is the idea that Bejing Biden got 80 million votes.

    The left colluded with BOTH Russia and Ukraine, and paid money for political favors; in the first case to dummy up evidence against a political opponent, in the second, to use tax payer money to bribe the Ukraine into firing a prosecutor looking at Hunter Biden.

    Joe Biden took kickbacks thru his son and brother for favors in his position as senator and VP.

    The virus came from A CCP lab, that, thanks to Fauci, we helped fund with US Taxpayer dollars.

    Various media outlets had a designated goal of defeating Trump, which constituted an illegal in kind campaign donation, into the billions of dollars.

    And lastly, we live in a society where half of the country, wants to disarm their neighbor, take property from their neighbor, compel their neighbor’s speech, influence (of not control) their neighbors thoughts, limit or remove their neighbor’s constitutional rights, and offer up their neighbor’s sovereignty to a global elite.

    Truth. Liberating to some, toxic to the left.

  15. What’s funny is that just over a week ago we were told COVID cases are spiking, many new variants were popping up all over, certain liberal cities like Seattle were going to shut down again. Now, out of the blue, all is ok and masks aren’t needed. Wow, the virus can be turned on and off like a light switch.

  16. Filth, that’s all the masks were good for, perpetuating filth! You wear it all day and touch it countless times, in the office, on the elevator, outside, in the bathroom….constantly touching and adjusting it. It’s warm and moist and exposed to every dammed bug out there…ahh a perfect breeding ground, a petri dish on your muzzle. Disgusting.

  17. I was in Costco East on Saturday, employees were masked but nobody said a word to me. About 40% of the customers were not wearing masks. I was also in South Lowes, 2 Home Depots, Walgreens, 2 Carrs, my dry cleaners, bakery, gas station. All told, about half not masked. This thing is over.

  18. With anchorage only at 50% vaccinated, I guess the 10 point plan and the goal of 70% was a complete farce. When liberals say “follow the science”, they mean do what the liberal bureaucrats say. They did a study and found that most liberals believe over 40% of the people that test positive for covid end up in the hospital. The real number is between 1 to 5%. Yes, it’s liberals that pound the table constantly saying “we believe in science” “Follow the science” “GOP doesn’t believe science is real” “Covid deniers” etc. How obnoxious. Everyone knows, even liberals, that when anyone acts that arrogant and obnoxious when being that wrong it requires a lot of restraint to no punch that person in the face.

  19. IMO – It took decades but the “Black Death” finally ended when the naturally resistant developed antibodies and passed them down to the following generations. If it wasn’t for natural resistance and antibodies being passed down, the human race would have vanished many thousands of years ago.
    The vaxer’s are discounting natural resistance and antibodies as irrelevant to herd immunity. Natural resistance and antibodies is herd immunity, which adapts to mutations and doesn’t require annual refresher shots.
    Big pharma is making billions off the “vaccines” and they’re the ones promoting the vax as “herd immunity”. The vax is not herd immunity. The vax may give some protection, may have some value, but it doesn’t create the antibodies which comes from natural resistance.
    The vax may help someone to survive Covid so they can develop antibodies, but it doesn’t produce them … it doesn’t produce herd immunity.

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