In Anchorage, when the FBI calls, you’d better have an alibi for Jan. 6, 2021

DNA Code Sequence

Jay McDonald was puttering around his Anchorage house when the call came in on Feb. 8. The man with the raspy voice identified himself as an agent with the FBI at the Anchorage Field Office, and he wanted to know if McDonald had traveled to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6.

Jan. 6 was the day of the protest, when hundreds of thousands of Americans thronged to the nation’s Capitol to object to the certification of the Electoral College. A small number of the protesters surged into the Capitol while the Senate was in session; the vote to certify was delayed while the protesters were cleared. There was violence at the front of the surge that is being characterized by the Left as an insurrection.

At first, McDonald couldn’t comprehend what was being inferred or why he was being called. But he knew something was up, and the wheels of his brain were turning.

It didn’t seem like a prank call — the guy on the other end of the phone sounded legitimate. But this kind of query from federal law enforcement is something McDonald thought would be done in person. Later, he verified that the call had, indeed, come from the Anchorage Field Office of the FBI.

The “agent” proceeded to try to question him about his whereabouts on Jan. 6, but McDonald refused to cooperate. There were absolutely no grounds for the allegation, and McDonald knew it. He hasn’t left Anchorage in a year, and has not left Alaska in five years. He was starting to wonder about his civil liberties.

“I mean, if you’re with the FBI wouldn’t it be pretty easy to see flight records?” McDonald asked the man on the other end of the phone. The man agreed but said this way was easier and faster.

“My goal is to get this shut down and make this go away, if at all possible,” the agent replied.

McDonald then asked the agent: Who had made the report? Who had told the FBI that he was in Washington, D.C. that day. The agent refused to tell him and said he would have to put in a “Freedom of Information Act” request for that.

“And that information will be released to you,” the agent said. “My goal is to resolve this as quickly and peacefully as possible.”

The exchange went on for a few more seconds, and McDonald, who is a U.S. Army veteran, had had enough.

He asked the FBI agent why the agency wasn’t pursuing Anchorage mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar, who bragged on social media that his cousin was taking part in the Portland riots. The agent dodged the question, as he was establishing that he was the one who was going to be asking, not answering questions.

“I don’t feel like talking to you. If you want to bring me in or arrest me, then we could talk,” McDonald said.

“OK, look forward to it sir,” the agent replied.

Must Read Alaska has an audio copy of the second half of the conversation, which McDonald managed to tape after he realized what was going on with the call. He did not capture the agent’s name, which was at the beginning of the call.

Through an attorney, Must Read Alaska has performed that Freedom of Information Act request regarding the matter, and has been denied by the agency.

McDonald has his ideas about how the agency came to put him on a list of suspicious persons to call. He is politically active in campaigns for Republicans, and has developed a reputation as a formidable opposition researcher. He actively campaigned for former Rep. Lance Pruitt and against Liz Snyder, the Democrat who won District 27.

He believes it was most likely a Democrat operative targeting him with malicious intent. He also wonders if the FBI is simply compiling information on average Americans during this dragnet operation, building a type of “social credit score,” as the Chinese Communist Party is doing with its citizens.

As the FBI sweeps through the country to find people who may have physically entered the Capitol in DC on Jan. 6, its methods of discovery include asking people on social media to help the agency identify people who were there.

“The FBI is accepting tips and digital media depicting rioting and violence in the U.S. Capitol Building and surrounding area in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021,” a post on the FBI website reads.

“If you do not have an attachment but have information to provide, please submit it at,” according to the posting.

And thus, the probability that Democrat political operatives all over the country may have reported people who they think simply fit the profile of someone who may have gone to the protest on that day, with or without evidence. Or they may be turning in people they want to harass and intimidate.


  1. What a coincidence! I just tried to log into my military retiree medical record and to access my record I must now agree to a ‘consent to monitor’ which includes the following cut and paste:
    By using this IS (which includes any device attached to this IS), you consent to the following conditions:
    The USG (US Government) routinely intercepts and monitors communications on this IS for purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, COMSEC monitoring, network operations and defense, personnel misconduct (PM), law enforcement (LE), and counterintelligence (CI) investigations.
    At any time, the USG may inspect and seize data stored on this IS.
    While all personal identifying information (PII) data stored on this IS is protected under the Privacy Act of 1974, all communications using this IS, and the data captured to support this IS, are not private, are subject to routine monitoring, interception, and search, and may be disclosed or used for any USG authorized purpose.
    This IS includes security measures (e.g., authentication and access controls) to protect USG interests–not for your personal benefit or privacy.
    Maybe I am overly cautious, but my reading says that by connecting my computer (device) that I grant government unfettered access to all of my data within and all of my future communications with this device. Tell me that this is not coming from the CCP.

  2. Democrat operatives are no different than 1960’s East German STASI. They spy on their friends and neighbors to virtue signal the local woke “cultural revolution”. They teach your children to report their parents gun ownership and criticism of the Party. These Marxists need to be shut down… NOW!

    • Meanwhile, conservatives never consider doing likewise to leftists. Conservatives are losing because leftists play by different rules.

      • Which one, the old one (Joseph), the middle one (Eugene), or the new one (Kevin).
        So many McCarthys, so little time.
        And so little Salt.

    • It was former President GW BUSH (R[ino]), back around 2002, was instrumental in enacting STASI policies, as well as hiring former STASI assets. The Democrats simply embraced, and ran with it.

    • No one has to spy on friends and neighbors. People willingly spy on themselves. The Marxists are in the hands (and pockets) of almost every man, woman, and child. You might know them by their brand names: iPhone & Android.

  3. The FBI must really be hiring some idiots. The FBI is a criminal organization and has proved it time and time again. Don’t forget Ted Stevens and the planned reputation assassination of Ted right before the election, all on behalf of Mark Begich’s senate race. Let’s not forget the FBI-informant that infiltrated the Joe Miller campaign, acting as security, and purposely “roughed up” Tony Hopfinger from the old Alaska Dispatch to make Joe Miller look bad. Let’s not forget what the FBI has been doing to Trump for the last 5 years. And how many “terrorists” has the FBI coaxed some naive middle-eastern kid into making a bomb, and then the FBI busts them for it? And how does Christopher Wray still have a job? And why has no one gone to jail at the FBI? There is a reason for our 2nd amendment and it’s not duck hunting.

    • My friends were living across the street in Girdwood from Ted Steven’s house.
      On there second floor deck they watched, the libs who showed up at Teds driveway in unmarked cars.
      Trying to Break into Ted’s house before the Magistrate arrived.
      My friends said may we help you? They said go back inside, which my friends did not.
      Then the magistrate showed up to let the liars in. It was all lies the case was thrown out after Mark got elected.

    • You are correct. Since its creation the FBI, the agency has been against the average citizen. Hoover himself was behind spying on people such as MLK Jr., and under the Bush I and Clinton administrations, the organization became weaponized as we saw with Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidian. Under the Obama Admin it became even worse. Trump should have reined the agency in, but he seemed to hold back. Too bad. I would love to see the next “conservative” president really come down hard on the FBI and BATFE. The government should serve us not be against us.

  4. Careful, Suzanne. By simply reporting this, you may be the next candidate for a call from the FBI. And, I guess, by extension, me just pointing this out may just make me candidate #3. Hmm…

    • Hold firm Barry. They can now add me to the list too. The fact is, we far outnumber them if we will just speak up.

  5. The only two things you are legally required to tell Law Enforcement are your name & what you are presently doing when they make contact…everything else you say “can & will be used against you”.

    • Steve, you are wrong. So wrong. You do not need to provide your name or plans to law enforcement unless they can reasonably articulate why you are suspected of having committed or being about to commit or in the process of committing a crime.

      • Many years ago, I was visiting friends and relatives in Pennsylvania. As I was approaching the base of a hill, I looked to my right and a Pennsylvania State Trooper was backed underneath a hemlock tree and sleeping. I slowed almost to a stop and he woke up. Our eyes met and I continued up the hill which was close to a mile long. He wasn’t in sight prior to me cresting the hill. A stop sign was a short distance from the top. As I slowed and stopped, the trooper slid sideways and would have hit me had I not floored it . He lit up and I put my turn signal on and waved and slowed down until I could pull over safely about 100 yards from the intersection. I got out of my car and he started yelling at me for not stopping immediately. I told him our safety was more important than stopping immediately and asked him why he was stopping me. He ignored me and asked for my license, registration, and proof of insurance.

        Two days prior to this, there had been an article about a probable cause case in that state. Using current law info, I asked him why he stopped me(knowing it was because I caught him sleeping). He mumbled and repeated his request. I repeated my query. Getting flustered, he said there had been a bank robbery and the getaway car was yellow like mine. He then asked if I had any guns in the car(it was hunting season and I had a shotgun in the trunk).

        Emboldened by the recent article, instead, of answering, I asked where the bank robbery occurred. Again flustered, he said York. I then asked when. Really flustered and getting red, he mumbled, “an hour ago”.

        York was about 200 miles away. I then said, “does this look like an airplane?”. Why did you stop me, I repeated. He said, “so you’re not going to show me your license?” I told him I would gladly show him if he could give probable cause. He got in his car and slammed the door. I got in my sister’s car, put on my turn signal, entered the highway and drove 5 miles to her house while followed by the trooper as he hoped for “probable cause”. I warned my sister that she now had a “marked car” and should be on the lookout for my “friend”.

        I have no idea what the current law is there now as that was almost 40 years ago.

    • Exactly, Steve. SAY NOTHING! Without probable cause, or reasonable suspicion, or a warrant, these agents of the “new, improved FBI” are following leads from Democrat operatives and jilted ex-lovers who want to impose harm. These are the left-overs of the Jim Comey FBI. Welcome to Totalitarianism.

      • The only law enforcement agency on the planet, that rely on their subjective handwritten notes, rather than an impartial digital recording device during a sit-down interview.

        • That’s not true. While it is true that the FBI doesn’t have good motives for the reason it uses only notes, while common recorded interviews are by no means universal. When I did administrative interviews in my State days I almost always refused recordings. And frankly, I didn’t have particularly good motives either. I expected my adversary to lie or at least spin and his recording was rarely able to be authenticated, so I reserved for myself the ability to have a selective memory also.

          • @Art. So the FBI is no better (or worse) than untrained State employees conducting interviews (or third world ‘taterships). Good to know. 😉

      • Yup, you better not lie to the FBI. That is a felony. You can lie to the local police, and they to you, but it’s way better to say as little as possible.

    • In most jurisdictions LE has a right to demand that you identify yourself. Beyond that, the only thing you should say to a LEO is “Am I under arrest, Sir,” Am I fee to go, Sir?, and “I’d like a lawyer, Sir. Don’t forget “Sir” or “Officer,” “Sir is better.

      • Art is correct. The less said is better. It is the objective intent of an agent to catch you in a lie, then they will arrest you. I have friends who are street cops and sheriff’s deputies in the Lower 48. The real cops really do not like FBI agents. They call them frat boys, who are lazy and rely on street cops to do the dirty work and complete the investigations. Then, when the case is closed, the FBI rolls in for the credit. The newer breed of FBI agents are all whipped into political correctness.
        Jim Comey and Peter Strauk have really given the Bureau a disrespectful image.

      • Sorry to disagree Art. In any USA jurisdiction LE is bound by 4th Amendment. They may only demand your identification with intent to arrest or cite you. Said intent to arrest or cite must be based upon legally sound reasons (probable cause). Deficient reasoning for arrest or citation will subject said LE and the jurisdiction to liability for false charges and compensation for damages. Yours is a typical understanding developed over years of general bluffing and intimidation by LE in our culture.

        • Sorry to disagree with you Wayne, but I believe Art is correct, and I’m even sorrier to say that.
          A state trooper friend of mine says that you must tell them who you are. Beyond that, you don’t have to say anything.
          Oh yes, don’t forget that if they tell you to get out of the car, you’d better do it. They have the right to check you for weapons in their own defense.
          And never resist physically.

          • Greg R, well I guess your constitutional legal advice is from a reliable, unbiased authority: a State Trooper. I strongly suggest you recheck the 4th Amendment and Supreme Court decisions, Particularly Terry v Ohio.

      • “Don’t you call me Sir” yells officer LGBQ, as them/they stuffs your a$$ into the cruiser, muttering something about lack of respect for gender fluid lifestyle, whilst charging you for a hate crime (kidding, but you get the point). .
        Sir/Ma’am is capitulation to someones perceived superiority. The correct response would be “Officer________” (whatever it says on their name tag). It’s a becoming a complicated world, just listen to NPR for a few nano seconds, lol.

  6. *Ding-a-ling-ling*
    “This is the FBI”
    If I had a nickel for every Nigerian scam call or text that started with “this is the FBI”, I’d buy Jeff Bezos. If the FBI needs to talk to me, it needs to start with a certified letter or courtesy visit to my home with the appropriate documentation for my attorney to review. A phone call or text gets nothing immediately, and if they don’t like that, they can start cleaning up the very pervasive problem of telephonic and internet crime. Calling me to try entrapping me is actually a pretty hilarious form of official comedy. I’m not going to tell them anything anyway.

    • Yeah… I got a call from a 3 letter agency once. The IRS.. On a Saturday.. From Jamaica.. The call threw up 3 red flags. The IRS does not call you, they send certified letters in the mail. They don’t work Saturdays. They don’t have Jamaica based phone numbers. I cursed that scammer out so hard, he could not get off the phone fast enough. He had the nads to have his “supervisor” call and attempt to berate me. I chewed his — out as well. Fun times.

  7. So, what would be a good name to be calling this tactic? Fibbing? Like in, “swatting?”
    I imagine the FBI gets myriad information from all over but they likely only follow up on the ones that they have determined might be fruitful.
    You don’t want to be the fruit. You don’t have to say anything at all to the FBI or the police. It’s wise not to do so. You have a Constitutional right not to incriminate yourself, and if the police or FBI or dogcatcher are asking you questions, it’s because they are fishing for evidence, and they think you might provide them with some. That’s how people get railroaded.
    And, never consent to a search unless a warrant is produced and you read it so, you know the limitations of the search

        • Yeah, like the big rat, Michael Cohen, the ever-loyal General Flynn, and Steve Bannon? These Trump guys?
          Grow a brain, Greg R. If you attend class at MRAK, you have to appear at least half-informed.

  8. FBI are now the Political Police of the New Communist Regime which stole the election and are using Jan 6th protest as a Reichstag Fire type event to turn the attention from the Stole Election and Coup. If they call you or come to your house the only thing you should say is “Show me the Warrant”.

  9. Who ordered the Capitol Police to open the doors and let the crowd into the Capitol completely unchecked? There is video of it.
    ANTIFA also put out information well before the 6th to their trouble makers of how to infiltrate the Trump supporters, and it was supporters of Trump who are causing problems.
    The whole thing is a false flag, and anyone who is paying attention knows it. One of the troubling aspects of this is why the so called conservative media is not pointing out the facts, and are going along with the false narrative.

    • The facts are that most of the arrested said they were doing it in support of Trump. The rest said, “Why are you arresting me? I didn’t do anything.”
      Actually, either they bragged about it or said they never thought there would be any consequences since they were storming the Capitol building to support Freedom, whatever that is.

  10. So they just want us to tell on people.
    Just like New York wanting you to tell on your neighbors not wearing masks.
    Or California telling you to tell on people who are having a private party at their private house.
    How stupid, Stop the madness.

  11. Perhaps someone with the same name or similar name made a purchase in DC. The Bank of America released info to the FBI.

  12. Another reason that my genius friend moved to Kiev. There is less or no pretension of legitimacy in the conduct of an investigation.

  13. Papers, please.

    If you ever doubted we are in post Constitutional America, do you see the light now?

  14. The FBI and DOJ have been suspect since 2008. When they unfairly, and unethically targeted Sen Stevens, to get that 60th vote in the Senate for Obama (Sen Begich). Even Judge Sullivan was forced to throw that out.

  15. No harm not answering your phone nor your door to strangers to peeping out the peep hole or window. I wonder what the FBI employee would do if McDonald never answered his phone. You know not everyone knows how to check their cellular phone voice mails. SO! yeah! Leaving a voice mail requesting a return call isnt all that reliable. Hahahaha

    • If they have enough evidence or a crooked judge out of California, they can get a warrant for a wiretap or a search warrant and kick your door down. They can pretty much do anything they want to outside of court, but then charges either get dismissed, evidence manufactured or you are found guilty, or none of the above. Just live your life and don’t worry about all this distraction Hocus pocus smoke screen stuff going on.

  16. More than a years worth of Burning down and vandalizing federal, state, and private buildings, blocking interstates and roadways, pulling people out of their vehicles, killing and injuring officers, and citizens, the FBI is missing in action. However when someone decides to sit in Pelosis nappy seat one day, Oh here comes the FBI Calvary, running with every false lead bone that’s thrown their way. And if you just happen to have been in DC that day, all of a sudden, you are presumed guilty without any hard evidence.

    • Calvary is the name of the hill where Jesus was crucified. Horse mounted or mechanized soldiers are called “cavalry.” Source: 4th grade English class.

  17. Rule number 1. in this day and age…Never ever talk to Any Law enforcement without an attorney present. Whenever law enforcement wants an interview, it can only hurt you.
    Words of wisdom, get an attorney first

  18. The three letter agency sounds desperate to drum up suspects. False flag for the most part. The political class allowing what was known to likely occur for political power. The methods of getting people to snitch reminds us of Solzhenitsyn’s Russia.

  19. Make no mistake, the FBI is now the KGB. They are not here to protect you or look into real criminal activity within the government. They are now the lefts intimidation tool. Just look how they are now going after the Oath Keepers who stand for the Constitution. They are after anyone who will defend this Republic. We are now over 60 days into a leftist occupation of D.C. under Obama. Yes, you heard that right, because Biden is just a puppet following orders.

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