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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Biden’s rough honeymoon, complete with trips, slips, and falls

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President Joe Biden is two thirds of the way through the first 100 days of his presidency. How is it going for him? Is it time yet to do a welfare check or do we wait until Day 100?

Inasmuch as the mainstream media might contort the truth, neither he nor his image makers can say it’s going peachy for Biden.

The Chinese told America in no uncertain terms last week that they don’t respect or fear what we in America have considered to be the greatest nation in the history of the world. The CCP sees America as weak. In Anchorage, the communist diplomats blistered Secretary of State Antony Blinken, humiliating the Biden Administration in its first big foray into stagecraft diplomacy.

The Chinese accused the U.S. of hypocrisy, of being a bully, and of horrible human rights problems at home. The Chinese are tired of the U.S. lecturing them about human rights. They have all the B-roll they need from the George Floyd riots to toss back in our faces.

For the past four years, the hype about America’s racism has been hammered on by the Left, a theme spoon fed and nurtured by the left-dominated media. That hammer is being used by the C.C.P., which accused the United States of “slaughtering” Blacks. 

If our compromised news media and half of our elected lawmakers say we are an unredeemable, racist country, then we must be, and the Chinese need only refer to our Fourth Estate for corroboration.

The world’s leaders assessed the stress points of Biden-Harris Administration and found them soft. Russian President-for-Life Vladimir Putin trolled Biden, challenging him to a live-broadcast “conversation.” There must have been something in their January phone conversation that told the Russians listening in everything they need to know about Biden’s cognition. 

“‘I want to invite President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it actually live,” Putin said to a reporter, in a broadcast. “I think this would be interesting for the Russian people, for the U.S. people, and for many other countries as well.”

Biden, of course, cannot accept that invitation, even though the White House has promised future communications would be “transparent and consistent.” He is too mentally incapacitated to put his garbled speech on full display to the world. This is a president who could not even deliver a State of the Union address in February.

Noteworthy, Putin never extended such a debate challenge to President Donald Trump.

Since Biden’s inauguration, America’s southern border turned into a sieve, with thousands of illegal immigrants flooding in and hundreds of children being trafficked daily into detention camps. The Administration just announced it will spend $86 million to house illegal immigrants in hotels along the border, and it will fly others to northern states along the Canadian border for processing. 

An undeniable human disaster, the border now has thousands of pregnant women in line to get into America, where they can start their chain migration. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday said, incredibly, that “the border is closed” and at the same time that the U.S. will not turn “vulnerable children” away.

He also said that domestic ideologically driven terrorists are more of a threat to the U.S. than foreign terrorists.

The news media, the same one that mocked the wall that President Trump undertook, is not pursuing this humanitarian crisis at the border because they hope it will all be resolved. They hope this is just a short-lived migration.

As if to symbolize his crippled presidency, Biden stumbled not once, not twice, but three times while trying to get aboard Air Force One. That video is playing all over the world — and the memes spinning off from it are shaping the narrative of an America that is weakened. 

The president had broken a bone in his foot in December after a fall at his home. But the visual of him falling while taking the stairs to the jet illustrates to world leaders what they already suspected, that America has installed a weak leader. So weak, that he can be toppled by the breeze, which is the White House’s official explanation of the falling-up incident.

While the disasters pile up on Biden-Harris, the media tells America only about the ones that cannot be easily concealed. We can see with our eyes the invasion at the border, so the media skims that story. We can see on Russian media the invitation by Putin for a debate. We witness on YouTube the humiliation of Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Anchorage. We see the faltering steps.

Our malfunctioning president has spent a lifetime as a politician and his muscle memory is relatively good for the theater of the presidency. He knows what needs to be presented outwardly because he had the catbird’s seat for eight years under Obama. 

But age is a harsh taskmaster for all of us and thus, Biden is having a rough honeymoon, with a skinned shin and a couple of metaphorical black eyes to show for it. Thank goodness he has a sympathetic handmaid in the media giving him a soft landing for his trips, slips, and falls.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Democrat politicians do not have honeymoons. Their entire term is a honeymoon because the main stream media does nothing but kiss their behind.

  • Chinese news sources citing their diplomats described the meeting as “Candid & Constructive”…
    Just think, relations could be MUCH worse…at least our two nations are sitting down, speaking and looking each other in the eyes.

    • “Candid”? They candidly let the world know that they have no respect for Biden. “Constructive”? China attacked the United States on all fronts, claiming we are weak and hypocritical. China and US were not looking in each others’ eyes and speaking. They were lecturing Biden and our nation disrespectfully. Sadly, this chaotic and incompetent administration gave them reason to do so. Don’t p** on our leg and call it rain.

  • If we are not physically attacked in the next years I will be surprised. Our adversaries know we are weak and the Puppet Biden can not react to anything. Surprised the Democrats have not started the 25th Amendment proceedings. Maybe they are waiting for day 100 but Harris is no better why have they not removed her because she has admitted to smoking Pot just like the ones recently dismissed.

    • Have you watched Kamala? Have you listened to her talk? Her laugh? One minute of her will make you wish for Hillary, who will never be president, I might add. Biden is a mouthpiece for the radicals, a nice senile old man that they can trot out from time to time and who doesn’t have sufficient thinking processes to object to his puppet masters’ most heinous policies. The democrats will prop him up beside the juke box when he dies and pretend that he is singing.

    • The US spend as much on national defense as the next ten nations, including China. If they attack us, they will be in a world of hurt. All they are doing with their rhetoric is attempting to save face.

      • I hear that argument all the time but when you compare what we spend versus the GDP we do not spend more than all the others. See our GDP is more than all the other countries. Plus the military hardware is becoming old and antiquated compared to China who is modernizing faster than we are.

        • I’m talking real dollars. Our GDP is still pretty big compared to other countries, so therefore we spend more money on “defense” than the next ten countries. We are also the world’s largest arms dealer. We also have the most modern, antiquated military (it’s called the F-35).
          It’s just business. BIG business. So big we can bury anyone under the sheer mass of aircraft carriers, ICBMs, bombers (how old fashioned, silly B-52s), tanks, and Hummers, etc.
          But, and this is important, that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. If nothing else, we might win the war, but we also might die alone, pathetically waving our Gadsden flags and chanting USA, USA.

          • F35 is but one part in the military and we have not modernize our ground forces in years. I know this because I’m retired military and continue to work for the Army. Most anticipate a ground war to be the likely scenario if we fight the Chinese. You obivously don’t pay attention that the Chinese will eclipse us in the Blue water Navy in relatively short time.

  • I have to refer back to Maha Rushi and the quote that is so apropos ” Liberalism is the soft bigotry of low expectations.” We are now living it. Great article Suzanne.

  • The Chinese are looking to take back Taiwan someday, and we are in a heap of trouble if Biden is in the WH

  • You got what you voted for, America.
    A dottering old fool with mental issues and totally devoid of original thought.

    Our southern border is gone, we’re going back to energy dependency, unemployment is rising, our military is woke, and we’re at the whim of Anthony Fauci.


    • Yup! It’s way better than Trump, who did nothing except give rich people a huge tax cut and try to incorporate the failing Trump regime into the government.

      • I’m not rich and I got a Tax cut. That old adage is tired Democratic rethoric of course the rich are going to get a tax cut when they most of the taxes. You have to pay taxes to get a tax cut.

        • Well, you’re partly right Steve. You probably did get a tax cut, and it was probably enough that if you paid attention just might have noticed it, but it didn’t rival the bazillions of dollars the high muckety- mucks got, and yours is going away in another few years but theirs is not.
          Tired or not, it doesn’t rival the propensity for the Republicans to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. That’s how they got where they are. Follow the money.

          • When you pay more in taxes you will get more of a pay cut. Yes I do realize what I got in tax cuts. Have you ever had a poor person give you a job? They make their money by taking risk which will be greater now that you have a tax and regulate bunch in the government.

  • Interesting history note: the framers of the constitution wanted the Office of the President to be weak powered. The President was supposed to be nearly equal to the power of a Governor.

  • I think I am watching history reveal how all great empires collapse and splinter off into regional governments. January 6th was not only the day we admitted the Republican GOP is declining, Biden and Harris are revealing the Democrat Party is also declining. These two were the Best two DNC and Democrat operatives could come up out of their entire party as 2020 challengers.
    Every great empire has a beginning period, a pinnacle point, and a collapse period.
    We deserve being laughed at, America worships the golden calf of the LBTQ+ calf and the number one country in human trafficking and sex trafficking. Our boys and girls grow up into sex maniacs from ogling at one another through porn and strip clubs to doing whover like dogs all a while not only killing our babies because of promiscuity but we legislate other nations through legislation to kill their own babies
    before recieving American aid.
    Every nation that does not correct its evil will fall.

  • It didn’t take long for Biden and his clooney’s to point the finger back towards Trump on the problems they’re having at our southern border. Trump had it under control and had them all scared from the wall being built and Biden got in and the first thing he did was halt construction and all through his campaign he said he was going to open the border so they packed their bags and started headed north. Then when they start sending their kids here and chaperoned and they are basically being turned into slaves and other immoral shenanigans, and Biden didn’t have a place to put them not even a dog cage so they had to close the border and blame Trump. Obama did the same thing with bush when he didn’t have a reason for why he screwed up and started to play the blame game. Biden and his successor are finding out what it’s like wearing big boy pants instead of just saying he wants to whip Trump’s ass behind the barn and smart crap like that. It’s funny to sit back and watch it all fall down around us.

  • Rude b*stards. Ask them how the girls in Nanjing are doing w/out the company of their eastern neighbors. Shame they couldn’t have chased those boys off themselves.

  • China is a nation with a legitimately maligned racist (or is it something else, something that has to do with political sycophancy) past that has imprisoned anyone who is both popular and against the current monarch, AKA communist party leader. For them to school us as a racist nation that merely denigrates our minorities is bizarre. I wonder if they are hearing the steps of the West gradually creeping up on them. But then, they’ve been either a monarchy or kleptocracy for thousands of years, so this should not come as a surprise.
    What concerns me is the Putin-Biden challenge. Putin, who is in charge of a national criminal operation, sees an advantage in trying to defame the new President, who has been showing some spine rather than butt-kissing-lips, by attempting to gain the upper hand. I think Biden would be wise not to bite.
    The southern border is truly a humanitarian disaster, one prompted by the former Chief Executive. The main problem at the moment is that those under 18 years of age are overwhelming a system that cannot handle the numbers. The necessary infrastructure cannot be built in a day, or a week, or a month, therefore, children are being held longer than they should because there are not the resources available to deal with them. That is because the Trump administration did nothing to relieve the buildup at the border of refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who were attempting to flee conditions that they perceived to be far worse in their home countries than they were in the US. The basic numbers are about the same as usual; the problem is that they are kids. Kids to whom Trump denied entry.
    If your child were fleeing a country in which he (or she) were threatened with death if he didn’t join a criminal organization, how would you advises him? Stay and become a criminal gang member, stay and be killed, or flee to a place where you might have a future? We tout America as a place where someone can pull himself up by his bootstraps. Shouldn’t we encourage boot-strap pulling? Shouldn’t we give them a chance?
    Biden has been quietly and efficiently undoing the damage Trump has done over the past four years. He has put into place a program that will take half of the kids in the US out of poverty. He has put into place a program that will infuse money into the economy that will actually make a difference for the shop keepers in America by sending money to those who will spend it in shops instead of using it to buy back stocks or shuttle it away into bank accounts.
    Biden seems to have grown wise rather than old. He’s not the person, for years seen as a kind of goofball, who was feckless and mothballed by Obama. He is doing what he can to salvage our country from disaster. He’s fighting a Senate that is determined to resist him at every chance and gaining traction by his efficiency and knowledge. He’s ignoring lame accusations from the Republicans, who can’t come up with a decent argument against him and have therefore resorted to denigrating him, and making a serious effort to improve things for those who have been dissed for the past four years. He might have slipped on his way us the gang plank to Airforce One, but he seems determined to try to salvage the country from the wreckage created by his predecessor.

  • Twitter Alaskan Democrats are complaining about GCI sending 143 Alaskans to the unemployment and public assistance lines as GCI ships jobs oversees for low paid Filipino telephone operators. Hahahaha
    I love President Harris and V.P Biden! They are waking up the other Slow half. Hahahaha tsk tsk tsk
    President Trump woke up one half. President Harris is waking up the other half.

    • So now we are becoming a “woke” nation?

      • Trump 2024. He will make America Great Again

  • Biden will not need a “cheat sheet” if and when he meets with Putin for a “Farce to Face”, he will need a cheat book, and his handlers will be operating the puppet strings.

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