New York Times: Murkowski recounts trauma of Jan. 6 Capitol break-in


Sen. Lisa Murkowski, in a feature in the New York Times, said the events of Jan. 6, when some protesters of the certification of the election became rioters inside the U.S. Capitol, left her so unsettled that she moved out of a basement “hideaway” office she had there. It was too uncomfortable for her to be there, with all the memories of Jan. 6.

In fact, she told the Times that by April, she had become short-tempered, and “couldn’t get myself out of the hole.” So she took a week off during April recess, and told her staff to not schedule anything for her.

The traumatic events she saw included a police officer stumbling down steps to the bathroom across the hall from her hideaway office, and wretching and heaving as he tried to rinse out his eyes from a substance that had been sprayed on him by a rioter. His face was red, his eyes swollen shut. She offered the officer help, but he said he needed to get back to help others, and he left.

“I moved out of my hideaway, so I don’t go back there anymore. I really liked it, but it was just too much déjà vu. That memory is still there. That little public bathroom right across from my hideaway — I can just still hear the awful sound of the officer as he was trying to rid himself of whatever the spray was,” she told the Times.

“But you know, nobody wanted me to be by myself. There were heightened threats, apparently, that we had to be attentive to, and I respect that. But I didn’t like the feeling. I felt that my wings had been clipped,” she said.

“It’s hard. But we’ve got a job to do, and we need to be focusing on what’s in front of us today. So in order to focus on that, maybe the easier thing is to try to push the reality of what we faced those months ago to the further corners of your mind,” Murkowski said. “It doesn’t make them go away. That story will always be with us.”


    • The American people are traumatized to see both our senators do nothing about a clearly stolen presidential election. You elected officials are shams, actors in political theatre, in which you play the part of the opposition party, but really aren’t. The facade of government has fallen off and we can clearly see that you, the FBI, and the legacy media are all criminals.

  1. Attacks on our nation, whether from domestic terrorists or foreign, do not erase easily. This attack is one that came from within. This makes it that much harder to trust our neighbors, when they are willing to attack law enforcement, lawmakers, and anyone else they see as opposition, over a belief that amounted to religious extremism.

    It must’ve been traumatizing for anyone who was involved. It was traumatizing enough for millions of Americans who watched in horror as the US Capitol was under siege, seeing lawmakers fleeing, police beaten and dragged into crowds of rabid extremists where they literally feared for their lives.

    • Don’t know what you were watching, but it must have been after you dropped acid. One person was killed, shot by a cop. She was unarmed and not dangerous. Nobody was beaten or savaged in any way. If y’all would stop lying to get attention, this would have passed as a simple protest, which indeed it was.

      • There is so much footage of police officers being beaten and maced. How can you live in such denial? There have been several documentaries made showing how the whole thing unfolded. Before you come back with the same old MSM media bias, it is not about who made the documentaries, they are just showing the many videos taken by people that were there. WAKE UP!

        • Yes, and there were many provocateurs and an orchestrated retraction of enforcement. Did the documentary talk about that? How about the 4 officers that “died by suicide”? If you really think everything can be trusted at face value, YOU need to wake up. You should also look up how many times there have been threats to the capitol. This isn’t the only time and this time they didn’t have any guns or bombs and definitely didn’t plan a coup. This event and the quick reaction from the democrats that already had their “style guides” smells of some serious bs. On epic levels. Bigger than some cooks macing cops. Jan. 6th was like the Reichstag fire, except they didn’t need to send in their own to create the fire (although there may have been some) because they easily anticipated riled up protesters that would do the deed for them if they just got riled up some more and enforcement was weak. I see no error in believing those people that beat up the cops and maced them were violent idiot cooks, but you better be careful and not let yourself be manipulated. It was not the definition of an insurrection which is: “a violent uprising by a group or movement acting for the specific purpose of overthrowing the constituted government and seizing its powers.” There weren’t looking to overthrow the government. It was more like a bunch of soccer fans rioting and tipping over the opposing team’s bus because they didn’t like that the referee awarded a penalty kick for a flop at the end of a tied game.

        • Did you happen to miss the footage of the Capitol police beating innocent protesters, throwing flash bangs and rubber pellet grenades into the crowd on the lawn? Oh now we know why they do not want to release the 8,000 or so hours of security cam footage.

    • “…the US Capitol was under siege, seeing lawmakers fleeing, police beaten and dragged into crowds of rabid extremists where they literally feared for their lives.”
      Ha ha ha! That is some of the most ridiculous writing I have seen in a while!
      The crowds were ushered in. They didn’t even disturb the velvet crowd ropes. The only person killed was an unarmed woman. Rabid extremists my foot!
      Where was your outrage when cities were burning and real extremists were truly beating and killing regular city police? Where is your outrage when real extremists were burning the National Cathedral or pulling down statues? The capital Police have shown themselves to be thugs anyway.

    • George, you are living in a fantasy world, removed and divorced from reality.
      The only meaningful attacks that occurred on the US in the past year were those coordinated attempts to hijack and steal a presidential election. THAT was the real national trauma, all your corporate media propaganda to the contrary.

    • Lisa is evil.
      Our capital was not under siege, STOP YOUR LIES. Lisa is just a little whining baby, nothing new there. Oooh, someone puked in front of her, poor dear, did it hurt your feelings?
      What has she done about the murder of Ashli Babbit? Nothing.
      She has never stood up for any of us, now she wants to help further erode our right.
      RINO Lisa who supports Soros, Biden, Oelosi, all to th demise of OUR GREAT NATION.
      She is supposed to represent us, instead she’s after fame, glory and undermining our future.
      All you insiders that know the truth, time to speak up, call her out for her evil deeds.
      Lisa is evil and she’s tearing our country apart instead of doing what she vowed to do.
      She took an oath of office to PROTECT the constitution, not tear it up.
      Lisa is evil.

  2. It is amazing how many people were traumatized by what is, by any reasonable measure, a non-event. This is probably the only riot where the rioters stayed within the velvet ropes. It is probably the only riot where the rioters were chatting amicably with the police.
    Seriously, as far as insurrections/riots go, this was the least scary one ever. In fact, I have been in more dangerous situations when Costco wheeled a pallet of Danskos out.
    Murkowski is ‘traumatized’? I has to be because of the political affiliation of the folks in the Capital, not the actions of those “insurrectionists.”

    • Wow, your sympathy for the folks attacking our police is disgusting. If you cheer for our enemies, what’s that tell you?

      • What attack on police are you talking about? The “mostly” peaceful Portland “protests”? Maybe the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle?
        Where are these attacks on police happening?
        Ohhh…. You must be referring to Capital Police Officer Sicknick. Yeah… the attack that never happened. I have no sympathy for the people who (didn’t) attack a police officer doing their duty on Jan 6th.

      • I agree George.. something needs to be done about BLM. I mean how many people were killed and how much damage was done in their years worth of riots?

      • Poor thing…you’ve bought it all…hook, line, and sinker. It might behoove you to learn to face reality, sir.

  3. This is the same Lisa who has nothing to say to all the people who had their home/business burned down in the BLM riots. 30+ people were murdered in those riots and she couldn’t care less. Lisa has nothing but contempt for us little people.

  4. Maybe she should have focused on what was in the best interests of Alaska, instead of what she thought would have pleased her Leftist friends in Congress. She’s such a flippin’ phony, it makes me sick to my stomach just looking at the pained looks she seems to have all the time. Good riddance come 2022!

  5. Politicians are the most inept people around. Do they not have security? Can they not protect themselves? Oh maybe being in D.C. they can’t carry to protect themselves LOL.. Well at least she is lucky she didn’t employ the idiot who shot Ashli Babbitt. The reason they want more and more control is because they are so inept the general public really scares them. We balance our own budgets, train with firearms and protect our families.
    No I don’t feel sorry for her, which is something else she may want out of this statement, she is absolutely pathetic!

  6. She was calling home every 20 minutes asking, “Dad, you intentionally put me into this mess. Now I’m going to die while you and Mom are off on another Cruise.”

    • She kept telling us that Trump was looking for her and was going to take her away. Well, he should have. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

      • It’s as though Lisa thought she was on Flight 93 heading for the White House and Trump. Locked in the aft toilet making calls to everyone to say goodbye. This woman is pathetic.

        • She actually did call me from the bathroom stall behind the Senate Chambers. She told me Trump had sent his goon squad looking for her and Nancy Pelosi, who happened to be in the stall next to Lisa. It was a coup d’etat attempt against Communist women in our country. And Trump knew they would be in the bathroom hiding, the last vestige of privacy for all Communist women who seek power and control. That’s why Lisa and I have separate bathrooms.

  7. Not a single firearm was confiscated during the event. Worst insurrection ever. Not forgiving anyone who assaulted an officer, but the only person killed was an unarmed female veteran. The media and the dems, fearful of the Trump possible comeback, will continue to highlight this event as the worst assault on democracy in our lifetime.

  8. Let me tell you my trauma. Watching my former home and neighbor cities fall under the attack of BLM and Antifa while the governors did nothing. The one in Oregon actually joined them. The burning, looting, attacking police, entire business districts left burned and shattered…a very third world vibe to them now. Lisa doesn’t know what real fear and devastation is. Not a clue!

  9. Everyone join in on the chant where ever she goes : “F———-MURKOWSKI! Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap” It’s called giving her the Biden treatment.

  10. BooHoo.
    Poor little Kenai Land Deal Nepotism Lisa.
    Where’s her concern for the billions and billions of fires and looting that occurred in scores of US cities by BLM and Antifa. Not to mention all of the murders that resulted in the rioting.
    Did she ever condemn that at all – ever?

  11. Poor baby…sounds like she’s got PTSD.
    Hopefully the Senate healthcare insurance covers this for her.
    Maybe she can get long term disability for her affliction.
    Other than that there’s no hope for her.

  12. Please research : Officer David Dorn before you make any idiotic comments about J6 and how “scary” or “bad” it was. The only person who died of violence that day was Ashli Babbet, she was assasinated by capitol police. Officer Brian Siknik died of natural causes. Look it up.

  13. Something is disingenuous here… Her office is in the Hart Senate Office Building. “They” issue basement hideaways to the members they don’t want to bump into – sounds like she is not respected by her colleagues. I’ve been inside the Capitol – those tunnels are convoluted and deep – very unlikely that any of the protesters would have found her, assuming her tale is true, they would have gotten lost first. Sounds like a “please sympathize with poor me and vote for me” story. Lisa, you’re toast.

  14. This is what happens when overly sheltered politicians never have to face the harsh realities of the real world. Has Lisa ever bothered talk to the folks who lost their businesses due to violent BLM riots? Those people actually were assaulted and their business burned. Lisa has not taken any loss. The world can be a scary place, but with internal strength, we can face anything.
    Lisa is confronted with angry people, just once in her life and she can’t handle it. Typical weak minded fools who have no business running a country.

  15. All these comments stating that there was no violence on Jan. 6th is the most ignorant thing I have seen coming from conservatives, second only to the belief the election was stolen and still not being able to prove it. How is it possible you can be so willing to ignore what was caught on video by people that were there? Yes there were BLM riots and people got hurt. A lot of people went to jail and rightfully so. It is amazing that political affiliations can be so blinding. Admittedly it is not just one side of the other, ignorance is rampant these days. BLM riots are not an excuse for not holding people accountable for Jan. 6th and not being able to see how ugly an event it really was.

    • I totally agree. The majority of comments here are disgusting and ignorant. They do not reflect well on conservatives or Alaskans in general.

      If the events of January 6 were only a “Capital Break In” as the post labels it, why did Republican lawmakers run away? Why didn’t Hawley, Cruz, Jordan, and the rest meet them and give them a tour? Why? Because they were there, and understood the danger of the situation.

      Shame on you, Suzanne Downing, for labeling the events of that day as a simple “break in,” and diminishing their seriousness.

    • Can you at least agree that there was behavior in the election offices that erode trust in the election process? Have you seen the surveillance footage of Fulton county where they put ballot boxes under tables and then announced to everyone they were done counting for the night, and then proceeded to count the ballots in the boxes that were put under tables? Even if those ballots can be proven to be 100% legit, which they can’t be, that behavior should never be done during an election and the people involved with that should be fired and then investigated. But that wasn’t done. None of the evidence was investigated, not because it wasn’t compelling but because the court systems had no precedence for dealing with it and kept sending the cases to different courts. And no judge wanted the responsibility of dealing with it because of the media’s pressure. Do you remember the canvassars that were threatened publically and doxed by public figureheads of authority on a zoom call just because they couldn’t certify the election until they received numbers on paper that added up correctly. … Anyway, if you spent some time reviewing the evidence that conservatives paid attention to, then you would be pissed too that the media kept saying “baseless”, well you would be pissed if you weren’t so partisan. Don’t you wish that DNC put forth somebody better than Biden? Well, guess what, they didn’t and they did everything they could to make sure an establishment democrat was their candidate. There is corruption and it isn’t only blocking republicans.
      This isn’t about holding the people accountable that breached the capitol. Those people have been locked up without trial for several months and will be for several more months, which is against the law. This is about justifying a purge and targeting conservatives for “investigations”. And to make you think we are all cooks and demented and a threat to national security because we believe in crazy conspiracy theories. There was anywhere from 500,000-1 million protestors at the capitol and only a few were involved with the breach, but do you think they will stop at those few? They haven’t. They have called and harassed thousands more for just being in Washington DC.

    • How can you be so ignorant to ignore actual facts? BLM and Antifa and lefty mobs have been responsible for this violence around our entire nation. George soros and dark monies funds them.

      These comments are on what Lisa is calling that day, it was not an insurrection. And none of us believe she was traumatized, she’s just trying to gain our sympathy, it’s all an act, her usual one. The point being we are not ignoring any violence, we are not allowing Jan 6th to be called something it wasn’t. And the capital cop murdered Ashley Babbit.
      Our country has seen worse.
      Matt, what are you doing to help? Supporting leftists? Supporting Lisa and her evil ilk?

    • There was a small amount of violence and damage, nearly all by people on the left. 25 (total) were charged with property crimes. Nearly everything you “know” about Jan 6th is wrong.

      https://www. unwokenarrative. com/everything-you-know-about-the-capitol-riot-is-a-lie/

  16. Don’t worry. Your socialist buddies will be clipping more than your wings before long. Maybe you should just go find a nice rock to hide under far away so you don’t have to listen to the sound of all of us wretching every time we think of what a disgusting mess you and your pals are making of our Country and our State.

  17. Were you there?? If you weren’t you have NO right to criticize the perception and reaction to what happened of someone who WAS there!!! Somebody needs to dope you people with LSD so you can find reality you’re so far removed from it!!

    • Umm, who are you talking to, junkie??Your imaginary friends? ??? My advice to you is to start saving for for a good defense attorney because it seems you are definitely going to need one in the near future. Or rehab. If you were smart you’d pick rehab..

  18. This is why I believe her vote for impeachment wasn’t a political move. I think she knows what kind of political suicide she has committed over the past few years and was acting based on her feelings and beliefs. She believes she is sacrificing her political career in order to keep her integrity, which is very noble IMO . But like so many RINO type republicans, or establishment republicans, she really was shocked and sincerely traumatized by Trump winning and she joined the mass hysteria of hate that Democrats created when Trump won. I have liberal friends that literally spent the night crying when Trump won and I suspect she had a similar experience. Then when Trump decided to call her out for not supporting stuff, then her sincere anger, fear, and hatred grew even more, clouding her judgement. I’m sure she, Liz Cheney, and AOC can start a support group.

  19. She’s still not capable of recognizing the enemy or acknowledging that the riots were started by leftist agents provocatuer.

  20. Did the government itself allow this to occur? The evidence is showing how that happened and so far the government narrative is vanishing in court. Charging many with ” interfering with an official proceeding” which that law was not intended for. Many already understand, a politically enabled event for political gain. I will not be fooled. It is too bad that she has not done some soul searching on why her constitutients are outraged, instead concerned for herself. I dont see her concerned for the unconstitutional unlawful election or the unconstitutional treatment of those being charged, remember innocent until proven guilty.

  21. Cry me a river, Lisa. You had a few hours on one day, while being protected by Capitol Police. Meanwhile, all freaking summer last year, residents of Seattle, Portland, Minnesota, and countless other cities watched armed thugs invade, takeover, vandalize and burn down their homes and businesses while the powers-that-be cheered on the violence and plotted to defund the police. Karma’s a *****, isn’t it?

  22. US Capitol police officers were beaten with baseball bats, flag poles and pipes on 1/6/21. The commenters here that condone this violence against police disgust me.

  23. I don’t like the idea any national leader hiding in a closet when their world is under siege. This is as it during a fire all the hotel employees running out of the hotel leaving the guests to find the exits themselves.

    • By the way, what is going on Afghanistan? This is only a distraction help piece she write to help the White House take attention off Biden’s blunder.

  24. What a narcissistic dweeb. I’m surprised she didn’t claim being “under sniper fire” too. How about being responsive to your constituents for a change and stop establishing “hideouts” on the taxpayer’s dime? Worthless.

  25. All the people on here that have expressed outrage at comments not being lined up with their own views (Democratic/leftist/Marxist/socialist/or just plain stupid) have some serious issues with perceiving reality. I saw from the beginning that the march to the Capital (Trump called for a “Peaceful march”) was going to be hijacked by the Antifa crowd dressed in Trump gear. Of course there were other idiots that probably just wanted to get in on the action. But just like any type of protest, once the throwing, swinging, punching, hitting, whatever, starts; then watch out! This was no way an insurrection. Most of the people (75% or more) were interested in seeing something done about an election that was stolen! Their candidate had been maligned and ridiculed for pointing out the obvious! And what was the poke in the eye with a sharp stick? The courts looking the other way.
    Capitol Police were just as much to blame as the protesters. There were NO firearms confiscated by the Capitol Police, only deadly force used was BY the Capitol Police. You Leftist/Marxist/Socialists/Democratic sympathizers need to open your eyes and read the facts!!!

  26. Fact: Murkowski’s office is in the Hart Senate Office Building, not the US Capitol Building.
    Fact: She doesn’t have a “basement” office in the Capitol building
    Fact: She was never in any physical danger anymore than her pals Pelosi, AOC, or Schumer claimed to be
    Fact: This is what a desperate, career politician tries to do when she knows Kelly 2022 is going to roll her!! #daddycantsaveyou

    • Yes, B. Nancy and I are donating a part of our considerable wealth from federal and state retirement checks to Kelly T. We need sanity restored to Alaska, as well as to our family.

  27. Lisa Murkowski, it’s time for you to put your big-girl panties on and learn what it is to be a real person with common sense. You’ve just made a fool out of yourself. (And not for the first time, I might add).

  28. The January 6th so called riot was a Nancy Pelosi, Capitol Police and FBI setup of the American People that came there to voice their support for a popular president that had America turned around from failed Democrat & Republican supported policies that were tanking the country. There is more than enough evidence now to show there were Antifa members in the crowd dressed up as Trump supporters and even FBI agent instigators imploring the regular folks to move up to the capital. Were there some Trump supporters in the crowd? Yes, but they were orderly and not creating violence. There are pictures of unarmed and orderly citizens being let into the building by the Capitol Police. Why were the Capitol Police firing flash grenades into a video taped peaceful crowd? This whole thing is a farce and the Capitol Police won’t release the thousands of hours of video camera coverage that will show what the people already know because it will blow their story apart. Murkowski is either a fool or is complicit in a crime against the American people. Alaskans must remove her in 2022. Kelly Tsbaka 2022!

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