Integrity recognition: District 29 Republicans vote support, appreciation for three state senators who stayed true


Republican Party officers of House District 29 voted unanimous support of three state senators who were excluded from a caucus that was formed by lawmakers to give Democrats control of the Alaska Senate.

The three are Republicans Sen. Mike Shower of Wasilla, Sen. Shelley Hughes of the Mat-Su/Palmer, and Sen. Robb Myers of North Pole, all of whom were not asked to join the 17-member caucus that puts Democrats in charge of most committees.

While the Alaska Senate has 11 Republicans elected, the caucus in charge of the body has nine Democrats and eight Republicans.

The resolution notes that eight Republican senators abandoned their three colleagues and aligned themselves with the anti-development, pro-tax, inflationary policies of President Biden.

The officers note that this leftist-controlled coalition is “fundamentally at odds with the interests of the residents of district 29 and Alaskans across the state,” and that it is a binding caucus that will put the interests of the Democrat majority over the interests of District 29 residents.

The three who were not included in the caucus remained faithful to the voters as well as 65% of Alaskans who chose Republicans as their first choice during the most recent election.

Shower, Hughes, and Myers are focused on fixing the state’s long-standing fiscal problems and moving the state forward, the resolution states.

The three received the commendation and thanks of District 29: “Now therefore be it resolved that District 29 of the Alaska Republican Party is exceedingly proud of the principle, character and integrity shown by our Senator, Mike Shower, and That District 29 of the Alaska Republican Party commends Senators Shower, Hughes, and Myers for standing up for the will of their constituents above that of the liberal-led, Democrat dominated State Senate.”

District 27 and 28 Republicans have asked Sen. David Wilson of Wasilla to renounce his membership in the binding Democrat-controlled caucus. It has become clear, however, that he does not intend to run for reelection for this deeply conservative district and, as of yet, has not left the caucus.


  1. Three loyal amigos. Not just loyal to Conservative principles, but loyal to their constituents, as well as the Constitution.

  2. Good for them. When you get into a fight, you may win or you may lose, but I expect anyone in those positions to at least get into the fight! Kudos to these three for showing integrity instead of spewing empty promises.

  3. Wilson’s not gonna run for reelection? If true explains much. Do the right people favors, get the payoff later.

  4. Right on D29! 🙂 Can I add my voice to the commendation for loyalty to their constituents? We need to out the process the dems use to attract the traitors to their caucus, and out-hustle them. Yeah, I despise the result… “binding caucus”, humph. But something in that process looks like corruption.

  5. These are honorable people. Great Alaskans. But not everyone is so honorable. Just the other day Senator Jesse Kiehl, who will now be on the Senate Finance Committee for the very first time, was on a radio interview talking about the need for a state income tax. He apparently sees no harm at all in taxing workers for their effort, sweat and initiative, to the tune of $700 million or so, while at the same time handing out a PFD, in the amount of $1 billion or so to everyone who applies for a PFD regardless of whether or not they choose to work. As a matter of fact, the PFD amount per individual is reduced in order to “hold harmless” those who are on the dole so as their personal dole is not diminished by receipt of a PFD. And by the way, do you know who is the largest single recipient of the PFD? It is of course the IRS! That money quickly leaves the state economy.

    But forgetting social degradation from the dole and economic stupidity in sending so much of the PFD to the IRS, the bottom line is that most Republican Senators chose to organize with all Democrats, all of whom are pro-income tax, rather than include Senators Hughes, Shower and Myers.

  6. Best move I ever made was to vote for Rob Myers in 2020 and again in 2022. Best patriot Alaskan in Interior Alaska. And a damn good long haul truck driver.

  7. Want to see how bad our election system is; read this! They are not using this system to secure your vote; they are using it to see where they need to print the necessary ballots to place their puppets in office. It is a voting data number analysis system to steal elections. Your tax money hard at work stealing your data and manipulating the elections. Wow, how much more corruption will we find throughout all government agencies? They don’t call it the administrative state for nothing. We need to clean house!


  8. Okay… now let’s see if the leadership of the remaining Republican districts are conservative enough to censure the 8 self-serving Senators who ceded control to leftist interests. If you don’t stand up now, they will think it’s okay to turn their backs on what the party stands for and Republicans across Alaska will lose faith. What conservative will be excited to support or send funding to a party that allows the abandonment of his or her values? Maybe that is the ultimate goal for these 8 Senators who have never really been solid Republicans – to destroy the party from within.

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