House censures radical rep for pro-Hamas, anti-Israel statements, but Mary Peltola votes ‘nay’


The House of Representatives has formally reprimanded Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib for calling for the destruction of the state of Israel and expressing her tacit support for the Hamas attacks on Israel on Oct. 7, which has drawn a fierce response from the Israeli Defense Forces.

The vote to censure Tlaib was 234 to 188; four Republicans voted against it and 22 Democrats voted in favor of the resolution, which has no effect other than shaming the radical representative from Michigan.

Rep. Mary Peltola, who votes with Tlaib nearly 80% of the time in Congress, voted against the censure of her political ally.

Hamas fighters.

Tlaib has been criticized for supporting the use of the phrase “from the river to the sea,” which is chanted by Hamas terrorist supporters and those intent on wiping out Jews from the Holy Land. It is likened to phrases repeated by Nazis, such as Adolf Hitler’s genocidal phrase, “Final Solution to the Jewish Question,” a phrase that sounds innocuous but is loaded with meaning.

The Anti-Defamation League says “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” is clearly an antisemitic slogan and rallying cry (that) has long been used by anti-Israel voices, including supporters of terrorist organizations such as Hamas.

Tlaib has defended the phrase: “From the river to the sea is an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence, not death, destruction, or hate. My work and advocacy is always centered in justice and dignity for all people no matter faith or ethnicity.”

Tlaib is the first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress, and stood outside the Capitol in October, while pro-Hamas protesters occupied the Cannon Office Building for hours.

The censure was introduced by Georgia Republican Rep. Rich McCormick, had moved to a floor vote after Peltola’s Democrat colleagues tried to block the measure by tabling it. Peltola voted in favor of tabling it.

A similar measure failed last week, but McCormick’s resolution was worded more carefully.

Peltola also voted against the aid package for Israel that passed the House last week.


    • It’s sort of a harsh finger waving, as in “Bad Dog!”, or “No Soup for You!!”

      CENSURE, v.t.
      1. To find fault with and condemn as wrong; to blame; to express disapprobation of; as, to censure a man, or his manners, or his writings.

  1. Many of those who voted to censure Tlaib did so because she, like many antisemites, refuses to acknowledge reality. She has continued to support the provenly false lie that Israel attacked the Gaza hospital killing hundreds, when in fact Palestinian Islamic Jihad lobbed an unguided bomb towards Israel. Like many of those who support the antisemitic views of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas Tlaib claims that Israel is indiscriminately lobbing bombs at innocent women and children when in fact it is Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and their ilk who are the ones indiscriminately lobbing bombs. The false cries of Palestinians genocide, of indiscriminately lobbing bombs, of war crimes, etc., etc., etc. Rarely is it easy to tell who is right and who is wrong, but in this case the Muslim terrorists who’s sworn mission in life it is to rid the planet of Jews are clearly in the wrong. Those who support the murder, torture, burning, beheading, and kidnapping of innocent women, children, and elderly are on one side of this issue, those who don’t support Israel.

    • Steve

      Your emotional vitriol pushes you away from balanced accuracy. Away from balanced logic and truth. Further from viable rational solutions.
      Yes there is debate regarding the hospital bombing .
      Israel did bomb universities, refugee centers,
      Civilian buildings and transportation.
      Israel is documented as killing thousands of innocent women children and men .
      Blowing children into little pieces.
      Both sides are killing innocent people.
      Currently israel has killed more innocent people even than Hamas with no intention of stopping. Missiles shot into civilian areas that kill everyone in their path is pretty indiscriminate. Those missiles kill and maim innocent people. Just as Hamas is also doing.
      Stating fact is not Antisemitic . Its just fact. Yep they got a few terrorists in the process but how many did they create at the moment of violence?
      Frankly it appears Israel is committing genocidal acts. Equal to or greater than hamas . Per the numbers and technical definition of genocide .
      Actions speak louder than words.
      Do I support Israels right to self defense? Yes 100% has Israels actions gone beyond justified self defense? Yes 100% .
      They are technically the stronger richer more capable country.

      An interesting question or thought. If you’re best freind is committing immoral actions and you help him , are you really a friend or are you just helping your friend destroy themselves inside? Thats not a true friend.

      Anyone who calls my statements antisemitism is delusional or a liar.
      Anyone who says im parroting hamas talking points is delusional or a liar .

      I support Israel 100% but I don’t support bombing civilians and children. Period.
      Regardless of nationality.

      • When your post starts with a lie and continues to lie throughout, how is anyone to believe it? Your standard response to any of my posts is thatI am making emotional, yet you offer no evidence to support you claim. There is video evidence showing that the rocket that landed in the parking lot near the hospital was fired from inside Gaza, Hamas lied about it, the media ran with the lie, Tlaib believed it and refuses to acknowledge reality, you apparently refuse to do likewise.

        You claim, like the antisemitic Hamas talking point that Israel is indiscriminately targeting civilian areas when they are in fact discriminately targeting terrorists, the fact the Hamas uses human shields to hide behind seems lost on you as you have yet to acknowledge the part Hamas plays in it. Meanwhile Hamas tells us they are doing this very thing, Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau recently said “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.”

        I understand you don’t want to be known as an antisemite, but that is wholly on you. Here in America we have a saying if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

        • Steve
          Im not a fan of pointless arguments.
          Its up to you to gain quality thoughts from other people.
          I think you are smart enough to get the point and if you aren’t I can’t help that.
          I recognize my point of view isn’t popular right now but often the unpopular point of view happens to be the correct one after emotional arguments are washed away.
          Catch ya next time.

          • Tell yourself whatever it is you need to sleep at night. You simply cannot back up your viewpoint because it is wrong.

      • Sorry American, but you can not equate a nation state like Israel with a terror group like Hamas. Hamas doesn’t have established military installations. They are a fluid group. They hide amongst the civilian population, urging them NOT to heed the warnings from Israel to leave the area. They deliberately place their headquarters beneath a hospital or school. Their clear disregard for human life is obvious and by design. They bomb Israeli targets by the thousands.
        You chastise Steve for emotional vitriol, while you feel entitle to employ the same. (Blowing children into little pieces)
        So here is the question then American, if you do not condone Israeli actions, what exactly should Israel do in order to get their hostages back and defend not only their population but their very existence as a people?

        • Sorry taxpayer,
          You can not equate hamas with a nation.
          Never heard of the nation hamas.

          Sorry taxpayer you cannot equate killing children with justice against hamas or even palestine .

          You are way out in the grass . Go look for the ball and get back with an idea .

          Im all for eradicating Hamas .

          Killing children in the process- nope !
          Not even under false equivalency.

          • American, ANSWER the question!
            Thank you for agreeing with my point btw. There is no nation of Hamas, but the current narrative equates the two as equal, they are clearly not.
            So I ask again American:
            How do you eradicate a group that hides and surrounds themselves with civilians and women and children??
            If you do not condone Israeli actions, what exactly should Israel do in order to get their hostages back and defend not only their population but their very existence as a people?

          • Tax payer . Great question.

            I wish i was in Bibi shoes.

            I would talk to my rich power
            Full friends / nations and bring full financial/economic force against Hamas and their supporters.

            Then I would call the Un and ask for immediate military back up . Boots on ground.

            Then id call all my warmonger friends the usa germany Britain ect and request immediate overwhelming boots on ground with reaper drone support.

            Then id kick some serious hamas ass .
            Until the hostages were found.
            Id fill the tunnels with a non toxic sleeping gas ( since israel has a large number of incredible scientists)
            Similar for buildings i had to enter.

            Id determine who hamas families were and take them hostage.

            Id make certain there was as few innocents killed as possible and id use my bad ass idf and American soldiers.
            Im sure id think of more

          • American, so you would go even further into the use of the war machine then what Israel is doing?

            BTW Israel distributed leaflets to warn the population and gave them time to remove themselves from the areas……

            As for sanctions on Hamas, I repeat they are NOT a nation state, they are a group of terrorist living among a sympathetic general population. Are you demanding inspectors go from house to house and says:
            “Palestinian here is your loaf of bread, Hamas sorry not for you?” Your assertion is ridicules on its face.

            “Kicking some serious Hamas ass until the hostages are found”
            This isn’t a video game where the bad guys have an arrow above their head saying “Terrorist”.

            Sleeping gas??
            Chemical and biological warfare has been banned by the Geneva convention since 1925.

            Your thought of “taking Hamas FAMILIES hostage” is despicable and negates your entire “holier than thou not hurting civilians” diatribe above. It truly proves your ignorance and callousness to abuse family members to get to the terrorist. That’s what terrorist DO American!!

            In summary, you would do what Israel is doing to defend itself and more, but you labor under the illusion that “boots on the ground” and “drones” are not a hammer but a scalpel that picks just the right people.

          • “Id make certain there was as few innocents killed as possible” that’s what Israel is currently doing and yet you are condemning them for doing so.

          • Steve.
            You are so dishonest. ( or brain malfunction)
            Israel is bombing and shooting missiles into civilian neighborhoods . Universities
            Migrant areas and caravans.
            When you lob explosives into civilian areas its not trying to kill as few innocents as possible.
            For disclosure you should tell us if you have mental illnesses or damage.
            If you do i will quit challenging and calling out your genocidal statements.

          • Israel is attacking terrorists who hide behind children, why is it so hard for you to admit that? Hamas admits it, they are proud of it, why are you so afraid to admit it? It’s very telling that you won’t even acknowledge these basic facts.

          • American, belittling and denigration of others are clear signs that you have no argument and most likely no life experience, historical knowledge or a willingness to learn through open and honest debate, considering every argument on its face value. Attacking the messenger simply means you consider yourself to know everything and be right about it.
            Have a nice life!

          • Steve
            Israel is recklessly killing children that hamas is fighting amongst.
            Thats the problem. Israels reckless
            Bombardment when they know children are there . You have heard me many times condemn hamas in all forms of their actions. So stop your brain dead lying. ( I condemn all of Hamas actions)
            For the 10 th time you liar !
            I also condemn Israel for shooting missiles among non combatants especially children.
            Your excessive acceptance of Israels actions makes you look in acceptance of genocide.

          • Taxpayer
            You know little of my life experience.
            So what benefit is it to bring it up?
            Odds are it trumps yours.
            Regardless of that stupid angle.

            Do think Palestinian children should be killed and maimed ?

            Thats the question.

            Yep i call into question steves sanity and mental fitness because he thinks killing Palestinian children and other non combatants is acceptable collateral damage. As far as i can tell he wants America to support genocide.he wants Israel to have free license to resolve the Palestinian problem no holds barred.
            So yep im going to question his mental health.
            Not to belittle but to shine a light on his immoral behavior towards a group of innocent people.

          • Considering your hyper-aggressive, Geneva convention violating description of how you would conduct the war in Bibi’s place, you really have no leg to stand on. Your approach would result in incredibly large numbers of innocents killed…..despite your proclamation to the contrary. Yet you have the audacity to question others mental stability!

          • Jeff,

            I’ve made it abundantly clear that I am 100% against Hamas using children as human shields, you have yet to denounce them for doing so…why is that? Are you OK with Hamas using children as human shields as long as it serves the antisemitic talking point that Israel is killing children? That’s certainly what it looks like since you’ve yet to admit the painfully obvious, even Hamas admits it.

          • This cartoon sums up what Ghazi Hamad and all those who are apologizing for terrorists using innocent women and children as human shields are saying.


          • Steve
            I know your mind is a bit addled but makes no sense to reply to my statement with the name jeff.
            For clarity, which you struggle with , I have never met jeff nor do I know his true name.
            Im curious, how many clot shots did you take because if you can’t keep name’s straight I suggest you visit a doctor.
            Thats no offense just gentle suggestion because you are really struggling with all forms of information.
            You must have some personal history with jeff if he’s living rent free in your mind.

          • It took you two days to realize you were responding to comments addressed to Jeff…who’s mind is addled?

            Your comments and that of your other nom de plume give it away. You’ve even addressed replies to yourself.

          • Steve
            You truly have a problem. You your acceptance of genocide as an appropriate retaliation show’s mental illness.

            Your mind struggles to take in new information. Struggles is to kind. Your mind actually doesn’t take it in. . You attack people that have no beef with you and don’t even actually exist.

            The really interesting problem is your paranoia where Jeff lives rent free in your head.
            I might like to jerk your chain now and then but regarding the “ nom deplume Jeff” thats not me and I’ve never used it
            As god is my witness. ( an honest fact)
            You just seem to be letting him live rent free in your head . I’ve listened to your comments over the years and in the beginning they were decent. Over the last year something went wrong in your mind and it’s like you are striking out at demons that don’t exist. I recommend you get help .

          • Just to clarify, the sum of your posts are demonstrably false Hamas inspired antisemitic talking points with a heaping serving of personal attacks.

            It’s been enlightening for many to see how those opposed to Israel and Jews behave in public settings. The riots in large cities that include the destruction of public property, burning of flags, removal of posters with the faces of hostages, and the general incivility are part and parcel for those who chant “by any means”.

            Thanks for being so open here “American”, you are a great representative for your cause.

      • I’m curious where you get your “information”. Hamas? Al Jezera?
        MSNBC? Daily Stormer?

        Your assertions are at best misguided. At worst deliberate misinformation. Only you know for sure.

        The one area where your assumptions fall to pieces is: IF Israel is guilty of the charges you make-and the ones you imply-it would be front page news across the globe. It would be an ongoing talking point of every single news agency, credible or not. Yet strangely it isn’t.

        More, most of your assumptions have been disproven repeatedly. Even by groups disinclined to give Israel credit for anything.

        Regarding your knee jerk denial of anti Semitism. No clue if you are. Don’t know you, never will. You don’t have enough of a track record to make informed assumptions. That’s an issue between you and whatever God you may believe in.

        Myself, Im neither delusional or a liar. You, however…

        • Masked avenger- ( great name!)
          I have never read a word from hamas daily stormer .
          Haven’t read msnbc or al jazera in years.
          So no i get no information from them.
          How about you?
          I read fox , zero hedge, greenwald , tucker liberty news and about 20 other sites. Tabbi, ron paul ect .
          When i want other opinions i might read ass press. Or reuters .
          Regarding what you inaccurately call knee jerk denial of anti semitism
          ( im just clarifying for the fools who label everything antisemitism or nazi talking points- especially fools who are unable to see that I or others respect Israel 100%)
          Over use and in accurate use of extreme labels undermines terms importance as a term . So no its not knee jerk but imagine whatever floats your boat but recognize it doesn’t help get closer to the truth to look for antisemitism under every rock when mostly its just difference of opinion.
          ( antisemitism! Antisemitism! Every one fall in line like a sheep! ) whatever. —
          In America it’s acceptable to walk your own path.
          Masked im glad you are neither delusional nor a liar .
          I respect your difference of opinion. Seeing from many angles helps us get to the truth.

          • I agree that overuse and inaccurate use of extreme labels can undermine their importance, take the use of the word apartheid or the word genocide by antisemites…this is an obvious attempt to undermine the importance of these words. I will say however that the properly applied use of words has the exact opposite effect, for instance calling antisemitic speech antisemitic speech isn’t looking for antisemitism under every rock, it’s simply pointing out antisemitic speech.

      • Obviously the antisemitic and incorrect use of the word genocide is an appeal to emotionally charge the conversation. Those who accuse Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians simply disregard the meaning of the word and do so purposely because of the historical genocide against Jews, in fact Hamas has the genocide of Jews as a central tenet of their terrorist beliefs.

        Ask yourself, if Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, why are they so bad at it? The population in Gaza has skyrocketed in recent decades, there are now more Palestinians than there have ever been, likely three times as many as there were 30 years ago. Israel has a far superior military, more money, and they know exactly where the people that some claim are the victims of genocide, yet Israel is failing miserably at killing all Palestinians and wiping them off the face of the earth.

        Israel is not committing genocide against Palestinians.

      • But… are okay with the unjustified attack on innocent Israels, raping women and killing BABies. Do some research or maybe don’t get your news from Tiktok, There have been 600 trucks with aid let into Gaza (tables turned no way Hamas would do the same for Israelis) Not to mention the hostages they still have. Israel dropped leaflets, millions telling the innocent to get out of the way. Hamas has been killing those, “their people”, for trying to get out of the way, Israel has each day been letting residents of Gaza leave thru the north since the barbaric blood thirsty Hamas would not let them out. Israel has been as humane as possible during this. AND here in the US we have antisemetic – PRO TERRORISTS – rally’s taking over cities, threatening Jews, and yes everyone of us, they just don’t want Israel gone they want all of us gone as well. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror, you appear antisemetic and delusional!

        • T-bone
          When the double heck did i say i was ok with unjustified attack on Israelis ?
          You met the definition of delusional when you said that!!!
          ( may hamas meet its end for their murderous crimes) !
          Tik tok ? Are you nuts ? I don’t pay attention to garbage like that.

          Now as to your insane statement “ Israel dropped leaflets telling innocents to get out of the way-“

          Do you think children who cant even read can pack up and go ? Who might not have a dime to their name ? That a delusional expectation my friend.
          Women men from a country in poverty?
          Pack up and leave ? In what ? By foot .
          Leave their homes and belongings at a moment’s notice? So are they going to pack the beer throw their stuff in toyhauler and start the ram charger and head to rich granpas in turkey?
          You are delusional. They don’t have those resources. The borders were not opened to migrants until after Israel bombed the piss outa their country.
          Such a stupid justification for bombing children- duhu we told them to get outa the way so we could level their nation on Wednesday. Why were they still living in their homes? We sent pamphlets!

          How would you feel or act if a neighbor country told you to get out?
          Wouldn’t fly very well even though you have the resources to do it .
          Talk about delusional.

          • On another article you asked “Is it justice when you kill everyone in your path with an indiscriminate bomb?” I responded if you asked this question when Hamas falsely reported and news organizations around the world repeated that Israel attacked the hospital, but it turned out that Palestinian Islamic Jihad launched their indiscriminate bombs killing innocent Palestinian women and children? I don’t remember you asking that question then, and you aren’t condemning Hamas for using Palestinians as human shields now. Even Hamas has admitted they are happy to martyr people for their cause. Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau recently said “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.”

            Do you think that Hamas, who has admitted they use women and children as human shields has any responsibility in any of this, specifically the deaths of the children that you keep claiming are the sole responsibility of Israel and not the cowards who stand behind them?

      • American
        Look no further as what we did after 911. We have no right to tell them to stop. We didn’t for 10 years two countries and thousands of dead later and the terrorists are still in business.

    • Also I should add .
      Im against the censure of rashida talib .
      America holds free speech as an intrinsic right. Even when the speech is unpalatable.
      ( her speech and actions are hard to stomach)

      I despise rashida and pertolas political positions.

      As strong Americans we must be careful we don’t follow the crowd like sheep and trample on the rights that make the foundation of this nation great. Even our political adversaries.
      Congress shall make no law that infringes on free speech.

      Censoring rashidas speech by congress violates that principle.
      I should note that im not alone in this thought. Rep Masssie a strong American voted against censure . He is not a sheep. He follows principles and not emotional crowds.
      Speech must be free so we can hear all sides of a subject.

      • American you clearly DO NOT understand the First Amendment, which shields average Americans from censorship by government.
        Mrs. Tlaib, is entitled to her opinion. However she chose to use her role as a congresswoman and representative of the people/government to encourage violent action and protests against Israel contrary to US policy AND in the face of the heinous attacks by Hamas.
        Censure is absolutely appropriate for any member of congress, who advocates violence against any group of people.
        (Isn’t Trump on trial for supposedly encouraging supporters to enter the Capitol??) This is the consequence for her abuse of her official position. It really saddens me that she is so filled with hate. With her regional knowledge, she would be in a great position to make a positive impact on negotiations to settle this dispute once and for all, creating a solution that encompasses Israel and a Palestinian state to live together as peaceful neighbors. As it stand she can not be trusted and considering that she employs Hamas sympathizers, should be excluded from any intelligence briefings, as she has shown that she is first and foremost a Palestinian.

        • Taxpayer,Here you are

          Congress shall make no law — abridging the freedom of speech.

          As in any law that punishes for speaking in any form is unconstitutional.

          Abridge means cut short or curtail
          Shorten or cut out part of right to speak freely.

          That right would apply to anyone who came into contact with America.
          Not just average Americans or citizens
          You made the coverage for average up .
          Its for everyone otherwise its technically “abridged”

          • American, we are ALL average Americans as we are all EQUAL under the law. Please note that I pointed out that Mrs. Tlaib is entitled to her opinion AND she is free to state it. The capitol police did not turn off her microphone, censor her social media, drag her off the stage to shut her up or put her in prison. She continues to spout her opinion. The first amendment is satisfied at that point.
            She is however NOT free from the consequences of said speech and to advocate for violence and hate comes with a price. She, as a member of congress, has many ways to disagree and influence policy. Instead she chose to call for the extermination of an ally to the US. That is inappropriate and therefore requires censure. I repeat what I have said multiple times, she would be an asset to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, as she knows the region and the people, yet she lets her hate overrule any rational reasonable response that includes Israel in any form.

      • Who is censoring her speech? Congress has censured her for her speech, censure and censor look like similar words but are very different things. She is suffering very minor consequences of using her freedom of speech, also as an elected official she is held to a different standard than regular citizens. Calling for the removal of the state of Israel and the annihilation of all Jews, which would be an actual genocide, is what the phrase “from the river to the sea” means…but you already know that and so did Tlaib.

        • Yep steve . I know what censure and censor mean.
          You were not thoughtful enough to understand that censure has the effect of censor when congress punishes someone for speaking.

          I didn’t say what congress did was technically illegal. I said it violated the principle of the first amendment that congress shall make no law restricting free speech.

          Its possible its also unconstitutional and illegal but technically the constitution allows for congress to punish their own members to a certain degree. So thats a question for the supremes.
          Guessing if the supremes were involved they would say congress tried to limit or restrict her speech which violates the first amendment.

          When you censure someone and punish them for speaking you have attempted to restrict their speech with repercussions.
          Spin it however you like . Thems the facts bud .
          Oh by the way if you listen to one of her last speechs for she talked about living in harmony with everyone and never said annihilated Jews .
          Don’t you get tired of Lying and misrepresenting things steve ? Wouldn’t it be more peaceful if just stuck to the facts? Idk to each their own. Maybe it makes you feel useful .

          • Once again, no one is censoring her speech. No one is trying to limit or restrict her speech. She was censured, not censored for expressing her freedom of speech. She is free to say what she wants, she’s not free from the repercussions of her speech.

            The only one trying to twist and squirm out of what they said is you. I haven’t lied about anything here, if you actually believed I had you’d provide evidence of it, instead you simply resort to nonsensical statements with no proof or even a shred of evidence to support your obvious distraction.

    • Howdy T, Nick can’t beat Mary. His #2 voters will vote for Mary. Lisa Murkowski LOVES Mary, so all those Planned Parenthood RINO’S will vote for Mary. All the Democrats and Unions will vote for Mary. Mary has Millions of dollars, Nick has thousands. Nick has Zero experience, Mary can move like a Progressive / Commi pro. The only one who can, and has beaten her is Sarah, but the Sarah haters have pissed in the Well of Good Will and polluted the water. The Sarah haters got Mary elected. Sarah supporters where treated so poorly that voting for Nick, would be like voting for Romney. Not gonna happen.

      • Your analysis sounds like something my sister would say. It’s a position I would argue against all day long. One I’m sure would never come to pass as the good people of Alaska are surely more idealistic, altruistic, and good to elect Mary Peltola again. She’s proven her self a terrible Representative of us.
        Sadly come Election Day my sister’s and your view of Alaskans will be proved correct. (I so hope the two of you are wrong)

        • Howdy Joel. Mary is just another Lisa Murkowski, only she doesn’t have to pretend she is an Alaskan Native. Just like Lisa she votes extreme left, and then reports to the same Special Intrests as Lisa does, and says see how I voted. Like Lisa gets relected, so will Mary. Two Peas in a Pod. Just Different Chambers of Congress.

      • Sarah is done get over it.

        If so many voters put Mary 2nd it says more about why Sarah couldn’t ever win. The DoE info showed without Palin in the way Begich would have won.

        • Sarah IS done. And Sarge got it in reverse. Had Sarah stayed out of the race, Nick would be our present congressman. Sarah came to the party at 11:30pm in her red heels, hoping to charm the socks off of Alaskans one more time. The only persons she charms today are old, rich hockey stars ……and sometimes a few stupid, young dumbs ones.
          Get over Sarah. I did!

      • Queen Sarah didn’t beat her last time. And she’s nowhere to be found since.

        The simple, sad truth is when the going gets tough, Queen Sarah goes elsewhere. Been her MO most her professional life.

        Queen Sarah is a political has been. Her moment came and went 15 years ago.

        A question the Cult of Queen Sarah doesn’t seem that ask itself is WHY so many of us dislike her.
        Until they do, they will continue to blame the voters, not the holy personage.

  2. I didn’t know Rep Mary Peltola thought of herself as a victim. Her consistent support of Hamas and Palestinians reveals she sympathizes with their cause. Their sympathizers are a people who live under a victim mindset.

    • So either she is smart enough to represent us or she isn’t she isn’t Look at how much of her money for reelection is coming from – NOT ALASKANS – but from dem members of congress She is not representing Alaska

  3. Agreed Rudd, Republican voters will cut their nose off to spite their face. Look how State elections just went, no matter what polls say dems are lock step and winning. The socialists moves will prevail until its too late.

  4. I hope we can all agree that there would be far less Palestinian support for Hamas if Gaza Palestinians were being resetlled in the West Bank instead of Far Right Zionists. There will always be Hamas clones if Palestinians are forced to live in a Police State. BTW in a representative democracy you represent your constituents, Talib’s district is primarily Arab. Fortunately Mary Petola represents Alaska constituents as a whole, not the MRAK minority.

  5. Free speech very much includes the speech one does not like.

    It is amazing to me that a month ago many on the right were all for peace and free speech and now many of them are for war and censorship. This is why I do not trust conservatives, as many of them are just progressives driving the speed limit. Why do you want to conserve the authoritarian illiberalism of the modern left?

    • micah, yours is a specious argument made in a vacuum.
      Free speech is alive and well (unlike when Covid was around and opinions were suppressed and censored as “misinformation”).
      Do you see police breaking up pro-palestinian protests? Are college students expelled for demonstrating for Hamas? Is Mrs. Tlaib arrested for what she said?
      No, all continue to speak their minds. When you celebrated the vicious murder of innocents and demand more of it, there will be consequences for your speech. When you indiscriminately harass, threaten and physically attack those, who are of another opinion or religion, you have crossed the line from a protest and debate, to criminal assault to enforce YOUR opinion.. There is your authoritarian liberalism.
      It is clear that you deliberately misinterpret the word censure.

  6. Any elected official who supports terrorism violates their oath of office. They violated the oath they took and should be removed from office.

  7. Of course she votes against the sensoring if Tlaib! Mary needs to go. Look at her voting record and that tells the tale. She obviously doesn’t care about our state, only about how many parties she can attend with her friends.

  8. Censure of a member of Congress for expressing an opinion, no matter how controversial, is a bad precedent! AIPAC has a stranglehold over Congress. Speaker Mike Johnson, who apparently is a Zionist Christian, is proving to be a big disappointment. If we can’t separate Church from State, the country will be embroiled in endless religious wars around the World in pursuit of the End Times and the Rapture!

    • I rarely if ever have sympathized or agree with Tlaib, but I still support her right to free speech, as politically incorrect as it may be for dual-loyalty congresscreatures.

    • You think that disapproving of an elected official for calling for the annihilation of Jews and the destruction of an entire country is a bad precedent?

      I think having elected officials calling for the annihilation of Jews and the destruction of an entire country is a bad precedent.

      I’m glad that you and the few others here who share your views are so open with them, it let’s everyone see that some of their friends and neighbors hold similar views. While we will never get rid of hate and discrimination on this planet we can shine a light on it when we find it and call it out for what it is.

      • Steve
        Your hate is truly despicable. You have failed to condemn the killing of Palestinian children by a nuclear armed world power.
        Your hypocrisy speaks volumes.
        Your paranoia- of seeing anti semites in every house is truly a sign of mental illness.
        Large numbers of American men and women died to liberate and protect the Jews yet you defame our citizens. My neighbors. You are revolting and ill.
        My family members died to liberate and protect the Jews and would do it again.
        You support killing babies women and non combatants . Your mind is filled with sickness. Palestinian children are still children you sick person.
        I condemn hamas! Do you condemn isreal for blowing children and women to pieces? If not you need a doctor.
        Your constant repetition of lies and slander doesn’t make them true.
        This is not russia you sick creep.
        Do you stand for children of any nationality? Or not ?
        If you don’t then you have a genocidal mindset.

        • Your posts are becoming increasingly unhinged and emotional, which is odd because you’ve just accused me of being emotional.

          I condemn Hamas for behaving like the cowards they are and hiding behind children, something that you seem to have trouble even acknowledging for some reason. The fact the Hamas uses human shields to hide behind seems lost on you as you have yet to acknowledge the part Hamas plays in the sacrifice of Palestinians children. Meanwhile Hamas tells us they are doing this very thing, Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau recently said “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.”

          They are PROUD to sacrifice children, and you are calling me a sick creep…seems like you’re priorities are a little off.

          • Steve you are like a broken record player.
            Repeat lopsided information and projection.
            Rinse wash repeat. Unable to grasp new thoughts.
            Throw in your playing the victim.
            “ he said i was emotional “
            It suits you well Steve.
            If I didn’t know better id think you were a democrat.
            Im guessing just brain damaged.
            You need help steve go find a doctor and quit blaming and justifying murder of Palestinian children . You are ill . You need help.
            By the way I condemn everything hamas does or says but you are to ill to understand that. You can’t understand some one who wants killing on both sides to stop.
            You are a one trick pony in mind .
            You repeatedly refuse to recognize its injustice and murder for israel to blow up Palestinian children. You think it’s justice to revenge hamas atrocities on little kids.
            You are sick

          • Greg not sure who you are talking to or about.
            Is the war hell for the children who never asked to be involved.
            Israeli children? Palestinian children?
            You do know a large sections of the Palestinian people fought against hamas but were defeated. And lost the right to the gaza strip .
            They held the west bank .
            The plo wasn’t involved in the recent attack on israel but Israel is bombing them just the same .
            Effectively genocide against the Palestinian people when only a small subsection/ hamas carried out the attack on Israel
            Plo or what used to be called plo . Now its fatah or something is still at odds with hamas and hasn’t reconciled.
            Yet Israel is throwing missiles at all the Palestinian people as if they were at fault for hamas atrocities.
            Yeah war is hell but killing little kids and women is one step to far .
            Technical noncombatants. Children have special protections under the geneva convention. Yeah a lot of Americans used to believe in rideing high horses . We used to ride to the rescue against the oppresed . Jews or anyone who was being taken advantage of . We had honor. I know my family did that died fighting germany jumping out of airplanes and on D Day and they sure wouldn’t have agreed with targeting refugee camps and universities and blowing up children. I bet you wouldn’t either.

          • Israel is targeting terrorists in the West Bank in retaliation for all the indiscriminate bombs they are lobbing over the border. It’s almost like there has been a coordinated attack by Iranian backed militias on Israel that all started on October 7th…mere days after Biden released $6,000,000,000.00 to Iran.

      • Steve-O – Your antisemite rhetoric has grown stale. Here’s a few sources for you to educate yourself on Zionist Israel and then get back to me. Professor Norman Finkelstein, Professor Naom Chomsky, journalist Max Blumenthal, journalist Aaron Mate, journalist Glen Greenwald, scientist Albert Einstein, economist Richrad Wolfe, and I could go on and on, but you get the picture. These Jews have a radically different view of Israeli Zionism than you have. And there are tens of thousands of Jews who share their views. Are they also antisemites?

        • Fishing,
          Imagine hearing over and over again how someone spouting antisemitic nonsense isn’t antisemitic, that is truly tiresome.

          I’m willing to bet that if antisemites stop saying antisemitic nonsense then they will stop getting called out for the antisemitic nonsense they are spouting.

          • There you go again! It is almost impossible to reason with an ideologue. Anyway, for what it’s worth – Professor Ilan Pappe, Israeli citizen Miko Peled, Rabbi Dovid Weiss, economist John Mearsheimer, author Daniel Levy, et al. Also, it is very pertinent to any discussion of modern day Israel, to ask the question, “who were the Khazars?”

          • Fishing,

            When you googled how not to look like an antisemite you must have clicked the first link. Seriously, keep telling me how you’re not an antisemite, while spouting antisemitic talking points…let us all know how we are Zionists because we think that terrorists should be held to account for their terrorism.

            Do you support the terrorist sympathizers who rioted in NYC, burning American and Israel flags while spray painting police vehicles with “KKK” and “Free Gaza”?

    • Paula – I don’t need one – I have several houses, but I hear that the Jungle Room at the Mush Inn is available if you and Steve-O want to discuss strategy!

  9. Good dialogue. I actually like the idea American had about sleeping gas put into the tunnels. American: you did say you support Israel 100%, but perhaps you only support it 90%….It is war and Israel is trying the best it can… I’m surprised the IDF PR people haven’t mentioned how many of the terrorists’ rockets failed to clear Gaza ( like the one that hit the hospital parking lot) and killed children. With the “education” the boys receive in Gaza many of them become terrorists. Many people of the world are to dumb to know why the deaths of civilians occur. Simple: WAR is hell. It is good versus evil and Israel is doing the best they can. Pick a side.


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