Mat-Su Borough election results look strong for conservatives

Mat-Su Borough

(Editor’s note: Report as of 10:30 pm Tuesday, results not final)

School Board District 3 conservative incumbent Kathy McCollum appears to have easily won reelection in Tuesday’s local Matanuska-Susitna Borough election. She was leading 995 to 484.

In the School Board District 6 race, conservative incumbent Ole Larson was outpacing union-backed, and Democat-financed Dianne Shibe, 1,125 to 826 at 10:30 pm.

Assembly Seat 4 incumbent Rob Yundt was unopposed, and had 632 votes.

Assembly Seat 5 incumbent Mokie Tew was holding even for the first hour of counting but apparently lost a lot of support in the Big Lake District, and challenger Bill Gamble pulled ahead. The vote is 751 for Gamble to 529 for Tew.

Assembly Seat 6 incumbent Dmitri Fonov was winning with 1,021 votes. Trailing him was Stafford Glashan with 426, Kerby Coman with 227, and Jackson Abney with 179.

Proposition 1, the transportation bond, was passing 5,916 to 2,855.

The ballots are counted by hand in Mat-Su elections, and this is a new process, after the Assembly voted in September 2022 to return to hand counting of paper ballots, after having used machine counting for several years. The count went fairly quickly on election night.

There are 93,429 registered voters in the borough. In the recent Wasilla local election, the turnout was about 8%. The turnout in the borough, so far, is about 9.53%.

Earlier in the day, some students in the borough high schools staged their second walkout, an effort to convince voters that they need to have a voting role on the school board. That apparently didn’t sit well with voters in the school board races, where the conservatives are leading strongly.

Also on Tuesday, Mat-Su School Board member Jacob Butcher of District 5 resigned, as he is moving out of state. Butcher, a Republican, was serving until November, 2025 for the Big Lake to Point MacKenzie area.

These results will be updated Wednesday morning, so check back!


  1. Why did Mat-Su School Board member Jacob Butcher of District 5 wait until election day to resign? Is this a tactic to still try to get another lefty on the school board?

    • Maybe he thought it would add more mud to the political waters? Just speculating but there was so much leftist mud slinging and timed borderline unethical strategy, maybe he decided to hold out until voting complete?

    • If a board member resigns in my District, the Board gets to choose the replacement to serve until the next election. The timing will likely lead to appointment of another conservative member.

      • This is an encouraging answer! We need to protect our children. I have to add about our children: am I correct about my understanding that the student rep sitting on the board is there to learn? Maybe that student position needs to have a seat in the front row of the audience and not sitting up with the school board members so that they remember their position?

  2. A good night for Conservatives. With —Hand Counted Ballots—Results on Election Night. What is wrong with this Picture?—–NOTHING.

  3. Matsu conservatives need to spend more time with its youth and young adults especially while their generation is being taught by who knows what they are learning when schools have many leftists instructors and staff. The youth who staged the walkout will come to age thinking conservatives bad and leftists-liberals-democrats good. What the school’s leftists will do is take the victim feeling students aside to build in those students they are a victim that the conservatives did them wrong. And Matsu conservatives are aging. Our state’s current leaders can’t live forever nor can they serve forever. State leaders have to think about the youth and who is influencing the youth and what kind of adult are they developing into.

  4. They can have a voting role as soon as they turn 18. Until then shut up and get back in class. Try to learn something. The way things are going at the moment most of these kids will be drafted and in a battlefield in the next 2 years anyway.

    • The left is desperate to get another lefty vote. They have no shame manipulating and using young people the way they do. Looking forward to the day when all these attacks against the children are ended.


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