Mixed bag: Nationally, Dems won a few important races, but conservatives cleaned up in many others


Ohioans built a state constitutional shrine to abortion on election night. That was the bad news for conservatives this week, as some lament that abortion may be emerging as a losing issue for Republicans, if Ohio voters are any indicator.

The vote in swing state Ohio was 57% to 43%, putting abortion protections into the state constitution by ballot initiative and turning Ohio into an abortion magnet state, much like the state of Washington has become. It may also be an indicator for how Ohio voters will vote in the 2024 presidential election. In 2020, Ohio voters chose Donald Trump over Joe Biden, 53-45.

In purple, Virginia, Democrats won control of the House of Delegates and kept their power over the state’s Senate, setting up political difficulties for Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

In red Kentucky, Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, won reelection, while in Mississippi, Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, also was retained by voters.

But last night’s results are not giving any real fuel to President Joe Biden, who faces these same voters next year. Biden was not invited to campaign with a single Democrat candidate. He didn’t send out any fundraising pleas on behalf of any campaign, because his name is just not helpful to down-ballot candidates. He gave no endorsements until the very end.

Republicans scored many victories on Tuesday. For example, every other seat in Kentucky except the governor’s was won by a Republican.

In New York State, Republicans won the executive seat in Suffolk County for the first time in 20 years, and in Massachusetts, Republicans flipped some mayoral seats.

In Virginia, voters said no to Democrat state Senate candidate Susanna Gibson, who was revealed during the campaign to be an amateur porn star who performed on a site called Chaturbate. Republican David Owen won by a narrow margin in that blue district, which includes Goochland County. Some Gibson’s her political career climaxed last night, even though she had been endorsed by Democrat U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, who was, no pun intended, the 69th governor of Virginia.

Next year, Democrats are tied to the most unpopular president since Jimmy Carter, and poll after poll show that Americans believe the nation is going in the wrong direction.

In the Matanuska-Susitna Borough races, conservatives appear to have just about swept up. All hand counting of ballots was completed, with only the mailed-in absentee ballots left to count, and there are likely not enough of those to challenge the current results below:


  1. The GOP as a party is dead and should be buried next to the Whigs. It is unwilling (Alaska) or unable to do the work necessary to win.


    -in some parts of the country, associations with Trump help. But not in swing states. In some parts it’s near electoral suicide. Smart leadership knows which is which and advises accordingly.

    -overturning Row has produced more backlash than expected. Like it or not, it gave the left a strong rallying point. The GOP did not learn this last time, and seems to have forgotten to bother with it this time. This is electoral suicide to be so politically tone deaf.

    -the left, as usual, flat out hustled the GOP regarding getting the message and the votes out. The GOP is intellectually and productively lazy.

    -the electoral rules have changed. The GOP whines, the left adapts. Winning organizations face reality as it is. Not how they want it to be.

    Last night can either be a badly overdue wake up call, or a harbinger of electoral disaster in ‘24.

    If history is a guide, brace for 4 more years of Grandpa Bloodstains and friends.

  2. Abortion is a losing issue for humanity.

    Cowering to political browbeating does not serve humanity.

    Relying on ‘vote tabulators’ to tell us the truth of the ‘vote’ is not how the evil before us is going to be overcome.

    There are alternatives outside the binary ‘options’.

  3. It continues to surprise me that voters still vote dem. I realize a couple percentage points are from cooking the books but it should be a landslide. Dems are anti American in practice, hate Israel , love to increase taxes and spending , want illegals to come in as fast as possible to be in us welfare , want extreme high crime in practice , and so on. And if anyone calls the on it they steam racism bigot and other worse. I do know the media is very complicit but don’t they have eyes ears or a brain?

      • I thought that America was freedom of choice. Rep should follow their motto: Like it or Leave it.

        Well Kenneth, maybe Dems are American in practice. If Reps love Israel, they are more than happy to move there. If Reps hate taxes, they can freely moves to Tax heavens like the Bahamas. If Reps are racism bigot, they can move to Israel, Soudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

        • Or, maybe, the left has a better handle on the levers of power. The way they got them is highly debatable.

          The flaws in your argument include, but are in no ways limited to:

          -federalism. Each state is allowed to set their own rules within the limits of the Constitution. If California wants to descend into 5th world oblivion, it’s their prerogative. We get testy when failing blue states attempt for force their issues upon us.

          -progressives are like locusts. They destroy a place then move into a conservative state (usually unwanted) and start to destroy it as well.

          I’d be amused to see progressives move to the places they admire. It would be an eye opener for them. Just before they disappear forever.

    • I’ve done some reading on it. It appears (big word) Ronna’s real job is to make money for the GOP to waste.

      She’s been good at that. Not great, but good.

      Either way, as titular head of the party apparatus, a series of failed elections merit dismissal.

  4. Nice way to sugarcoat yet another election of abject failure for the Republican Party, y’all just don’t get it do you. And to bring up the MatSu as even close to a snapshot of our country is knee slapping funny.

    • Go get another booster.

      In fact, get a whole bunch of them. The bat soup-stirring little health Napoleon has said it over and over, so it must be true. Right?

      • He sorta has a point in a sense. Even blind squirrels find occasional acorns.

        The GOP has been on a losing streak for 3 successive election cycles. This one, the GOP lost ground it gained two years ago.

  5. The Ohio abortion debate is far from settled. The GOP still controls the secretary of state’s office, the legislature, and the court system. I expext the first move will be for the Ohio AG to appeal to the state SCOTUS and get a stay on this ballot issue, while the legislature acts. Here are some quotes so far:

    OH Senate President Matt Huffman (R)—“This isn’t the end. It is really just the beginning of a revolving door of ballot campaigns to repeal or replace Issue 1.”

    OH House Speaker Jason Stephen (R)—“I remain steadfastly coommitted to protecting life, and that commitment is unwavering. The legislature has multiple paths that well will explore to continue to protect innocent life”.

    Ohio Republicans control all the levels of power to prevent issue 1 from ever taking effect.

    For those of you who caught the election coverage on Newsmax, you would have seen former Senator Rick Santorum declare “ Thank goodness that most of the states in this country don’t allow you to put everything on the ballot, because pure democracies are not the way to run a country.”

    And he is correct. According to Article IV, Section 4: of the US Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”. Elected and appointed officials are repsonsible for policy, ballot initiatives deprive the minorty of Liberty by installing the will of a majority. There’s a reason we aren’t allowed to vote on slavery or child soldiers, after all.

    Alaska would be wise to study the strategy used in Ohio to prevent issue 1 from being put into place, likely a sound legal strategy to get rid of RCV and most liberal ballot measures.

  6. Ohio voting majority doesn’t appear to like the inconvenience of responsibility, choosing baby kill’n for convenience…says a lot about Ohio and little of it positive

  7. “In Virginia, voters said no to Democrat state Senate candidate Susanna Gibson, who was revealed during the campaign to be an amateur porn star who performed on a site called Chaturbate. Republican David Owen won by a narrow margin in that blue district, which includes Goochland County. Some Gibson’s her political career climaxed last night, even though she had been endorsed by Democrat U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, who was, no pun intended, the 69th governor of Virginia.”


  8. My takeaways from the comments and article:
    – Making a consensual sex video with spouse is bad. Serial cheating on your wives, especially with a porn star, is understandable.
    – Initiatives that restrict abortion are great when they pass. When the majority of voters vote No, they’re bad for democracy.
    – Candidates must express complete opposition to abortion, regardless of how it may impact to their electability.
    – Rejection of abortion restriction initiatives and candidates at the state level will not translate into the federal election results. As in, many voters opposed to local abortion restrictions will support the candidate responsible for the Supreme Court majority that terminated federal abortion protections.

    • – Humanity must express complete opposition to abortion, regardless of politics. Live organ harvesting on any adult, willing or not, is a natural extension of undervaluing LIFE. Its either God’s truth or the Communist’s truth, but the truth will find us. Not at all a tough call for me…

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