Peltola votes against aid package for Israel


Twelve U.S. House Democrats and nearly all Republicans approved an aid package for Israel, which passed the House in a 226-196 vote.

But not Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola, who voted no on the package that give military aid to the embattled ally, which is fighting Hamas radicals after the Palestinian government attacked Israel on Oct. 7, killing over 1,400 Israelis, and butchering, raping, torturing, and kidnapping Jews.

“It’s imperative that the U.S. sends a message to the world that threats made against Israel and the Jewish people will be met with strong opposition,” House Speaker Mike Johnson said on X/Twitter.

The funding for Israel’s defense would come from money that is set aside for the Internal Revenue Service, which was greatly expanded last year in the Inflation Reduction Act, a bill that has done little to control inflation.

The Senate, run by Democrats, is expected to kill the legislation or at least roll it into a funding package that includes money for Ukraine. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the bill “a joke. The Senate will not be considering this deeply flawed proposal.”

President Joe Biden said he will veto the House bill if it ever reached his desk because it is “bad for Israel, for the Middle East region, and for our own national security.” Biden supports the Democrats’ approach to include Ukraine and Israel in a $106 billion aid bill, while the House Republicans want those aid packages separated out.

“Despite enduring a brutal terrorist attack and the potential for an erupting regional or even global war beginning in the Middle East, Mary Peltola has now officially voted against supporting our longtime partner and ally, Israel,” wrote congressional candidate Nick Begich, a Republican. “Allied relationships are more than friendships, they are enduring bonds between nations. Our allied relationships represent commitments that we have made and must honor if we expect those commitments to be honored in return. Israel and the United States work together on multiple fronts, from intelligence to counter-terrorism to numerous private sector technology partnerships, and more.”


  1. Communists will be communists. Peltola stole Don Youngs seat through Ranked Choice Voting and mail in ballots. She is a radical leftist which is why she has joined the squad. Congratulations Alaska, you are now a victim of a bought off politician that doesn’t represent you. She will continue to undercut our State and our nation unless we get hold of our elections. Our job is to show up in large numbers to override their fraud system and get volunteers locally to be involved with the voting polls. Biden said, “It isn’t who votes, it is who counts the votes that wins elections.” He didn’t say that because he believes we have secure elections. He said that because he knows they have a voter fraud system in place. That doesn’t mean you sit home on the couch and pout. It means you get busy to save this country. Make sure you vote, because if you don’t, they win without cheating. Voting is your duty to the cause of freedom and if you see something wrong, report it.

  2. We have to get rid of RCV or we are stuck with this woman. Please if you have not yet signed the petition look for one to sign. You can find signing locations at –


    This needs to be back on the ballot so we can now vote it out.

  3. The House is responsible for revenue and spending. There is over $650 Billion in unreported tax revenue every year. Taking money from the IRS does not make a lot of sense.

    • Good though probably for the wrong reasons since she can’t rub two self-generated cogent thoughts together. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day…

  4. I am not sure about giving aid to Israel. In a recent speech, Mr. Johnson spoke about how we were so short of money to keep the government going that we were going to have to borrow money. But, just before that, he was talking about giving aid to Israel. So, we are so short of money that we are going to have to borrow money to keep our government open; BUT, we are giving aid to Israel. The taxpayer is getting a double-whammy.
    Listen starting at about the 1:50 minute mark. ‘

  5. Why do we need to send more then the 5 billion we already sent to Israel? Did they not have a budget surplus this year? Why are we borrowing more money from future generations for this?

    Today debt is at 33.6 trillion. 124.43% of debt to GDP. That is $269,000 per taxpayer.

  6. even a broken clock is right twice a day. we’ve got our own problems and last I checked Israel nor Ukraine is the 51st state but in the end as always the political class delivers a big win to their doners/master at raytheon, halliburton, boeing, etc etc etc. let the good times roll.

      • The fixation on Peltola is NOTHING compared to the damage that Tommy Tuberville, the ol’ football coach, is doing. He compared being a coach to being a marine today – no joke. Our own senator, Dan Sullivan, made national news for calling him out. You would never know it if this was your only source of news, which for many people it is. I hope to hear about it here.

  7. Granted that the money being spent is just made up money that we’ve added to the ledger sheet, how can anyone claim that spending more on the IRS is better than even burning the money?

    Even if you think that Israel shouldn’t exist and all Jews should be exterminated please let me know how spending more on the IRS is better than burning the money. Whereas sending it to Israel (the only democratic state in the middle east, the only non-Muslim state in the middle east, and the only ally in the middle east) for aid after having been brutally attacked by terrorists.

    Note to antisemites: try not to parrot antisemitic, hamas, or nazi talking points in your response.

      • Jeff,
        I know we’ve been over this before, but I don’t define words. I’m not a dictionary, dictionaries are what define words and there’s a few of them out there…here’s a couple for you. And just to be clear with you, these definitions literally define the word antisemite and the meaning of the word is exactly what I thought and have said it is.

        Merriam-Webster defines antisemite as: a person who has a hostile, prejudiced attitude toward Jews

        Collins Dictionary defines antisemite as: Someone or something that is anti-Semitic is hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people.

        Cambridge Dictionary defines antisemite as: a person who is antisemitic (= who hates Jewish people, or is unfair or cruel toward people because they are Jewish)

        Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines antisemite as: a person who is antisemitic (= who hates Jewish people, or is unfair or cruel toward people because they are Jewish) defines antisemite as: a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews

        The Free Dictionary defines antisemite as: Hostility toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism. Discrimination against Jews.

        • So, by your own supplied definitions, how does not being in agreement with the US subsidization of the state of Israel automatically equate to being “prejudiced or hostile towards the Jews”? Does your paranoid mind lack the capacity to understand the difference there? Or is holding such a, even slightly nuanced, opinion just too subtle for the false dichotomies that you hold to?

          • Jeff,
            Where did I ever say anything closely related to “not being in agreement with the US subsidization of the state of Israel” automatically equates to being an antisemite? Please feel free to quote me with a date and time stamp…I won’t hold my breath because it didn’t happen. You’re the only one here who is automatically equating the two. I am equating being prejudiced or hostile towards the Jews as being antisemitic, because that’s the very definition of the word.

  8. “It’s imperative that the U.S. sends a message to the world that threats made against Israel and the Jewish people will be met with strong opposition,” House Speaker Mike Johnson said on X/Twitter.
    No, it’s not imperative that the US do that. That’s Israel’s business, not ours. We would be wise to heed the wisdom of George Washington and disentangle ourselves from all of these foreign wars we find ourselves involved in. This is one vote (and probably the only one) I can get behind Peltola on. Why do Republicans think that in order to be “conservative” they must be militant Zionists?

  9. This is the first thing she’s done that’s made sense.

    These aren’t allies and they aren’t partners. They’re grifters that lie.

    A lot.

    There is no end to the amount of discord nor the amount of cash that this artificial nation can gobble up all in the name of a magical dead jew. At some point they need to figure out how to get along w/ others; it’s a skill that most all peoples have understood well for millennia but not them… and that little skill is grossly overdue.

      • You sure about that, Manda? “The American Conservative” has a perspective that I largely share and you may want to ponder it as well though it won’t fit in w/ the make believe perspective you have.

        [QUOTE] …there is no alliance and Israel is not our ally. Its government does not behave as an ally does, it has never fought alongside U.S. forces in any of our foreign wars, and its interests are not aligned with ours as an ally’s should be. There is no formal treaty and no binding obligations that require our governments to do anything for the other. [/QUOTE]

        Yet they constantly are grasping at American wallets and there is no end to the amount of money they will request. This is the definition of a parasite, Manda.

        • Well said, Trouser Bark!

          However, those dual-citizen neocon and Zionist shills who are forever carrying water for the government of Israel will automatically label such sensible and logical arguments and sentiments as “anti-semitic”. Which only highlights and demnostrates the vacuity of their own kneejerk pro-Israel arguments.

        • Trouser, lets examine your statement above, ” it, (Israel )never fought alongside U.S. Forces in any of our Foreign wars”. So… Israel was ostensibly founded in ’48, ( after WWII, unless you count the Warsaw Ghetto action) it might have been a little bit early for her to field an Army to Support us in Korea, do you agree? Aside from Vietnam all of our WARS have been pretty much in the middle Eastern Arena since the founding of Israel and involve fighting Muslims in an attempt to protect other Muslims. I may be off base but I’m fairly certain that Jewish troops would have complicated this situation. However, If we ever go to War with Uganda, need the German designer of an inter-continental cannon whacked or a French Made Nuclear Bomb Factory demolished in Iraq, I’d bet that Israel would be the first to give their full support !

          I am very happy that the Jew brought forth the concepts of monotheism to my Germanic ancestors. Heavens sake we were Savage Barbarians. Killing 3 Roman Legions in one day! Sacrificing people to the Wood Gods and such rot. Because of the Jew, Germany begat a J. S. Bach, a Luther, a Telemann and Handel! What would the world be without Baroque Music or the Reformation? A much more Barbarian place I’m sure. So, give the Jewish State a little Credit please.

  10. Kind of odd that you can personally thank the Ak GOP party and Nick Begich for getting MP elected . Wow Begich were not idiots ! Jeez ! You and Sarah P screwed this up royally and handed us this gal on a silver platter ! Did you figure out what Rank Choice voting is now used for now ? Maybe next time the majority of Alaskans vote will be actually counted and balloted like was for generations . When I hear the word rank , I think of rotten fish ! Oh and now, rotten elections .

  11. Susanne, I remember an article how Mary is taking money from the Squad. So no surprise that she would side with the anti-semantics and pro-Hamas congresscritters like Omar, OAC, etal!

    • The Dems are the party of Hamas. The four members of “The Squat” personify the Party. Plenty of No-Go zones in the country now…. different skin tints … similar goals. Some Maoist… some Islamic. All Anti-American. Cultural warfare through immigration.

  12. Mary Peltola is a Democrat shill. She is a freshman in Congress with no real political skills, so she must vote however Hakeem Jeffries tells her to vote. Fortunately, she is in the minority, and can’t do any real damage.
    With any amount of luck, she will lose her reelection campaign to a conservative Republican. Alaska deserves a conservative as a representative, not this clueless fool.

  13. Looking forward to the next election for Congress. (In contrast, as it currently stands, the choices for President may be worst in the history of the republic.)

    More money for Ukraine is an abomination for so many reasons. Ukraine is not a democracy with political, religious or press freedom. The corruption involving the assistance that has been sent to Ukraine is off the scale. I urge everyone that wants the killing to continue to ship out to the front immediately. A proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is a clear overreach for America, wastes resources and bleeds away American spirit. Ukraine is not the hill upon which America should die.

  14. Giving Israel the means to defend itself is “bad for Israel”?

    Apparently Grandpa Bloodstains brief moment of quasi sanity is over. Wonder who gave him the required 10% to help him change his mind?

    Or is it he’s more concerned about the massive split occurring in the Democrats as it relates to his reelection?

    Either way, a disgusting “human”.

  15. You establishment Republicans always get played like chumps because you look at the events and not at the people doing the events. Is real stood down and let that attack happen so they could destroy the Palestinians. These attackers in Israel had time supposedly to rape women on the street and eat dinner after they killed families while the Israeli army was only a couple of miles away. Israel let this happen on purpose. Anybody who thinks this was a real event is a complete idiot. Look at the people not the events. It’s over anyway… Amy the boss will save y’all

  16. We have a members of Hamas in the government. It’s obvious. Sara Palin and Nicholas Begich are responsible for our current leadership.

  17. Petulant is voting with her donors. The subject matter of the legislation is irrelevant. The deep dark money is everything.

  18. Maybe because this aid bill cuts out aid to fight facism in Ukraine while also giving a massive handout to the uber wealthy in this country. Nice job on the headline though…

  19. This is the most anti-Sematic administration I have ever seen. pResident Briben will veto it? Gee… who would have thought that was a possibility?
    More money for Ukraine, sure, let’s do it.
    Help out the only country in the middle east that has free and fair elections, freedom of religion and speech, gay rights, etc… Nope. They are oppressive tyrants.
    Black is white, up is down, democrats are caring.

    • A whole lot of people have really exposed themselves for who they are and what they really believe.

      The party of inclusion-isn’t.
      The party of peace-isn’t.
      The party of support for Jews-isn’t.
      The party of anti racism and fascism- really isn’t.
      Bush 43’s religion of peace-isn’t.

      But will the average voter for either side notice of care-not til this shows up on their doorstep.

    • Where are the calls for US aid to Armenia? If not funding Israel’s war makes one anti-Jew, then not funding Armenia’s war must make one anti-Christian, right?

  20. She’s the biggest embarrassment to Alaska next to Murkowski! Pretty sure if you looked hard enough behind her, you would see a large hand up there like a PUPPET! That is all she is! No different than the current Muppet we have in the white house. The entire thing is corrupt and so is MARY PELTOLA!

      • Steve is only concerned because it’s a Jewish County…make that the ONLY Jewish Country. Steve has a long history of posting antisemitic comments and links to antisemitic websites that display stereotypical Nazi propaganda of Jews.

        • Boy, there is apparently an “antisemite” hiding under every single rock and under every single bed in your universe, Steve-O! How unhinged and divorced from reality you are.

          • Hiding under every rock? Nah, most are quite open about it. Ask Steve Stine to share some of his links with you, or some of the things he’s written in the past.

  21. Israel is a very wealthy country that doesn’t need our money. I actually agree with her on this, regardless of her reason. Israel should be paying us for our help.

  22. The first good decision someone has made for her. ALL foreign aid should be stopped, Israel already gets 4 BILLION dollars a year.

  23. I laugh when I drive through a certain neighborhood sporting Ukrainian flags (some flying upside down) and “I stand with Palestine” or “free from the river to the sea” signage.

    I rather wonder if these folks would have difficulty in deciding which country/culture is more attractive? Israel or Iran. I know it can be confusing. They both start with the letter “I”.

  24. This is America, where law abiding citizens follow the law of the land and if they think the laws need to be changed
    there is a codified process to have the law(s) in question changed. To make a claim that the murder of law abiding American citizens’s, by a terrorist organization, is justified because the citizens were following the law is very un-American.


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