Peltola defends Hamas sympathizer Rep. Rashida Tlaib


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resolution to censure Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her anti-semitic comments and her encouraging pro-Hamas activists to storm the Cannon House building last month was voted on by the House on Wednesday.

Alaska Democrat Mary Peltola stuck with her fellow Democrats and voted against the censure of Tlaib, which was titled, “Censuring Representative Rashida Tlaib for antisemitic activity, sympathizing with terrorist organizations, and leading an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex.”

Tlaib stood outside the Cannon Office Building on Oct. 18 and egged on pro-Hamas activists who stormed and took over the Cannon Building. Peltola votes with Tlaib nearly 80% of the time.

Rep. Greene had filed this resolution last week against Tlaib for inciting an unruly mob. The motion was ultimately tabled,

Ultimately, the resolution to censure Tlaib was killed when the motion was tabled, after another tit-for-tat resolution to censure Rep. Greene was withdrawn.

Peltola, in a partisan mood, also voted in favor of expelling Rep. George Santos, a Republican from New York who has been charged by the Justice Department but not yet convicted of with stealing people’s identities and making charges on his own donors’ credit cards without their authorization.


  1. What is it going to take to make sure we will have a new Representative next election? Are her supporters so blind that they can’t see what she is?

    • The ones that I know that support her are blind to what is going on in the world. They have no idea – or they are in denial and just want the world to all happy and not talk about bad. It is mind-numbing to listen to them talk and deny knowing of riots, vaxx injuries, and every other flopsided weird thing going on in their neighborhoods and in the world.

      • The ones that I know that support her are blind to what is going on in the world. Did I stutter or misspell? Or, maybe you know the people I know and I just don’t hear them correctly? Seriously, there are some people that just have their heads up in the clouds. Maybe the jabs they took are affecting their ability to discern truth. Maybe they are just so naive that they just absolutely cannot believe that this kind of crazy stuff is actually going on. Maybe they are so focused on their jobs and their retirements that money (the root of all evil) has pulled a veil over their eyes. Some do not know and it is sad. I wonder if they will ever wake up.

  2. Of course she sides with them. She is bought and paid for by them. I truly hope and pray that conservatives will come out next year and vote her out if office. We don’t need a terrorist sympathizer representing us.

    • Sally. She did not “side” with Hamas. She sided against Greene’s idiotic attempt to equate January 6 (an actual insurrection) with a protest.

      • Oh BS. Jan 6 was no more of an insurrection than the Hamas protest in the Cannon Office Building was a couple weeks ago, the storming of the WH May 2020, or the Kavanaugh protests in 2018. All interfered with business. Only ones with arrests was the one with Trump supporters, meaning the left can protest with impunity while the right gets slammed to the full extent of the law.

        You guys really aren’t gonna like playing under your new rules. Cheers –

        • gimarc. What’s in it for you that you would obviously cloud the truth? Seems reality doesn’t fit your lithic world view so its worth tweaking meanings, employing logical fallacies, maybe lying a tad bit here and there

  3. Let me make it clear – I do NOT condone the violence in the Gaza strip. BUT, having spent three weeks doing political research there and in the West Bank in the 1990’s, I can understand the feelings of the people who are restrained from leaving that open air prison camp. I can remember the anger I felt after having to barely have enough water to survive in Gaza due to strict rationing to cross the border back into Israel and there at the border on the Israeli side was a large water slide because the Palestinian reservoir was hooked up to the Israeli water system. Also, the Palestinians and Arabs are also Semitic peoples. So someone who is calling anyone who criticizes Israeli actions is not anti-Semitic. He or she is criticizing a nation state that is Jewish. The worst part of all of this is that many of the Palestinians may be former Jews who converted to Islam or Christianity in past centuries. So Israel could be also bombing some of its own relatives. Finally, we must always be sensitive to early reports that say that the attackers were laughing, raping, and beheading babies. Some of these reports have already been disproved. These reports are usually designed to do what they do best – elicit support for the reporter’s cause. We had the same type of reports coming out of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait when the Iraqis were reported to have thrown babies out of hospital beds only to find that they were later proved to be false. These reports were generated by the US to turn American opinion from 50% for the war to a thirst for revenge. And it worked. So here we go again, without knowing anything about the history of those displaced people in Gaza whose villages in the West Bank were eradicated violently during Israel’s founding. More and more the whole thing resembles our own wars to displace the native American tribes in this country. The real pity is that it is the innocent bystanders who pay the ultimate price. We must be critical thinkers now more than ever.

    • Apparently your research stops when it validates your pre held opinions.

      You want proof? Surf the web. The pictures are there. I can point you to facts, but I can’t make you accept them.

      Why is Gaza an “open air prison”? Ask Hamas. They ran it from 2008 (maybe 06) until this atrocity.

      You may or may not have an issue with Jews (I suspect you do, but don’t know you-gratefully), but you are at best a willful idiot with zero knowledge of history.

      I’ll give you a hint: don’t use HAMAS talking points while claiming not to be anti semitic.

      • MA – HAMAS started governing Gaza in 2007. Half of the current population there is said to be under 18. These kids could not have voted for HAMAS in 2007, yet they are collateral damage of the Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza to the extent of over 3,000 dead children according to the UN and other international humanitarian aid organizations currently in the area. Remember when you point a finger, you have four pointing back at you. Fanning the flames of war is not a Christian, Jewish or Muslim value. I hope your soul finds peace someday.

        • I’d wager that the vast majority of the Germans and Japanese “collateral” dead didn’t vote for Hitler or the emperor yet their deaths were the direct consequence of the decisions of their countries’ leaders. BTW, in both those cases the general population was not used to shield military positions. You decide to go to war you suffer the consequences. If you are living in Gaza you would do well to do everything in your power to distance yourself from Hamas positions.

    • Sheila, those who build military infrastructure underneath innocent civilian infrastructure ought not be surprised or outraged when the destruction of that infrastructure causes collateral damage.

      You need to grow up. More than a few German Americans actually delivered the ordinance that destroyed their home towns. All to destroy evil. In that process hundreds of thousands of Germans who did not support the national socialists.

      I could go on about the war in the Pacific but that would probably confound your “critical” thought processes.

      Grow up! Learn to distinguish good from evil. Support the destruction of the latter.

    • You seem to not realize that Gaza also borders Egypt. But you have no criticism for them blocking trade and migration. Israel DOES allow migration from Gaza. And it’s Hamas who is stealing resources from the Gaza residents. That’s why they have to ration. It’s not Israel’s fault. Gaza has a beautiful Mediterranean coastline. They can get all the humanitarian resources they want by sea. But for some reason their Arab/Muslim neighbors don’t want to help them.

  4. I’m a full Trump supporter and conservative through and through. For what it’s worth, I’m a Jew and have relatives who died in the Holocaust, but I am over carrying water for Israel. The war didn’t start on October 7th and what the Israelis are doing is Godless. Full stop. Massacring babies by the thousands is evil and I don’t care what your excuse is. If this was any other country, we’d be sending in the Marines, but because it’s Israel, we make excuses. ‘It’s complicated’. No it’s not. ‘Proportionality doesn’t matter’. Yes it does. God is watching and there’s no such thing as the chosen. He chooses whomever he wants. And if you really loved Israel, then you’d demand they ceasefire because if you think you can bomb and murder your way to peace, you’re crazy and part of the problem. Hamas supporter? People don’t even know who, what, how or why Hamas is, so please if you’re not going to tell nuclear armed Israel to back off (how’d those Hamas fighters get through the security anyway?) then recognise Israel and Netanyahu aren’t the literal descendants of the bible. The ‘state’ of Israel is only a name and not the same as ‘biblical’ Israel. They didn’t have nation state governments back then. America better wake up. Israel isn’t doing herself or anyone else any favours trying to ‘Final solution’ their way through the Palestinian question.

    • You are possibly the stupidest poster of this topic.

      Without using Hamas talking points, back up any of your alleged “points”. Start with “massacring 1000s of babies”.

      • According to AP…and common sense:


    • Proportionality? Ok, your people beheaded 25 of our folks and killed 7 children plus gouged out 5 eyes. so offer up 25 of your folks to be beheaded, 7 children to be killed and 5 to have their eyes removed violently. That’s proportional. How’s that going to happen? So Hamas asked for it and now it’s getting total war. That’s proportional. Progressives love the phrase if you do or say nothing your complicit. So from my point of view anyone in Gaza not actively speaking out against Hamas or maybe even doing partisan attacks in response to what Hamas did to Israel is complicit and is responsible for allowing the attack on Israel.

      • First off, Hamas is a sub state actor. In other words, you have no idea what Hamas is, how it operates or who pulls the strings. Gaza is a failed semi state at best so to equate Hamas with the Government of Israel or the United States is a false equivalency. Second of all, the people of Gaza have no idea what Hamas may or may not plan militarily. Third of all, as I pointed out, Israeli forces who are organised and operate more or less with the will of the people (although that is admittedly somewhat debatable) is using high tech weapons against a mostly unarmed civilian population and is killing at a ratio way beyond anything I flirted upon them. I’d reckon not one Israeli outside the initial attack or anything involved directly in ground ops has so much as missed a meal, let alone have their whole family murdered. How many entire Israeli families has Hamas killed? How many Palestinian families has the IDF killed. I have relatives that fled and died I the Holocaust- Buchenwald to be precise and they would be disgusted with the so called Jewish State’s reign of terror. Defending Israel is antithetical to God. Full stop.

        • “… Defending Israel is antithetical to God. Full stop. …”

          Full BS

          In truth this is a religious war. You will answer, in the end, for your choices.

          Now there’s a “full stop”

          • “In truth this is a religious war. ” Religion is massively destructive. It causes torture and starvation and mutilation. It kills. It is mental poison. It makes people believe that some salt is blessed by god and some isn’t. Virgins give birth and the dead rise again.

      • In addition to my other comment..just no that I can’t stand Peltola or the dems but this constant smearing of anyone calling for an end to Israeli aggression a Hamas supporter has to stop right now.

    • Yes, yes… there are no innocent victims in the middle east, not at the country to country conflict level.
      However, I do not care how upset you are about Israel’s (supposed) oppression of hamas, gazans, palestinians. It is not, nor has it ever risen to the level where killing non-military/government people is warranted.
      If hamas actually used the money and resources they got to make life better for the people of gaza, instead of carrying out a proxy war against Israel, life in gaza would be pleasant.
      If the muslims were to lay down their weapons and pursue peace with Israel, there would be peace.
      If Israel were to lay down weapons and pursue peace with muslims, there would no longer be Jews.
      Change my mind.

      • First off…1/3rd of Gazans are Christians. There is no ‘Sharia’ law in Gaza. It’s not Afghanistan. Second, Settlers in the west bank murder Palestinian civilians constantly. Thirdly, after being subjected to countless “mowing the grass” operations (an IDF term) like Protective Edge, Pillar of Smoke, Cast Lead, etc, etc, etc..not to mention the failure to recognise Hamas when they beat Fatah in a fair and square election according to international observers at the time..(they beat Fatah on an anti corruption ticket..not an anti Israel ticket) and being denied rightful government, split from westbank and put under blockade, then having nearly 20,000 Gazans hundreds of thousands injured since 2000…and having been described as a concentration camp by Jewish scholars in 2002…BEFORE the 2005/2006 blockade…I don’t think it’s reasonable to suggest Palestinians are simply going to put down their arms (mostly stones thrown at tanks and homemade rockets without warheads and small small arms) against people that have enacted a murder plan. I’m sorry. that’s not reality. And (by the way) Axios just put out a documentary about Trump, who to his surprise, admitted it was Bibi Netanyahu that didn’t want peace, but the Palestinians were willing to deal. You probably don’t know about the multiple overtures HAMAS has made through the Arab League and the history of diplomacy in the region is unequivocal. Israel and their patron the US are rejectionist when it comes to peace. And Camp David with Arafat? The ‘deal’ was described as ‘Let’s give the Palestinians their house. But we control the hallways.’. Who would live like that? If you’re mind isn’t changed, that’s on you. Fact check everything I wrote. You’ll find I’m correct. The only argument to counter is spin.

        • Adam, but didn’t Hamas cancel all future elections once it achieved power?
          Asking for a friend, oh and since they are the party that controls Gaza, how are they not a State Actor? (asking for me)

          • Tell your friend that Palestine is essentially a failed state. They won the election fair and square on an an anti corruption ticket against Fatah. Remember, HAMAS was encouraged in its creation by Israel in order to keep the region destabilised as Arafat started to moderate his politics and become more mainstream. They were denied the right to form a government over a unified Palestine and were subject to intense blockade. You can see that Israel is able to control all aspects of entry and exit into Gaza so how is that not illustrative of the siege conditions Gazans have been under. Have you seen the footage of the Israelis shooting Gazans and throwing them in a pit? Enough is enough. If you really love Israel then demand a ceasefire. It’s not hard. The war didn’t start Oct 7. 20,000 Gazans have been killed since 2000. That’s GAZANS. It doesn’t include Westbank. Your friend thinks this high tech massacre is justified? That makes no sense. What do you find so convincing about Israeli propaganda? Did you see the cartoon they said was evidence of a Hamas bunker underneath Gaza’s main hospital? What more do you need to see in order to understand they’re lying about the threat of Hamas and are just cleansing the area in probable anticipation of annexation. I mean c’mon? What don’t you get?

          • Adam,
            What you’ve said is demonstrably false. Egypt maintains strict control over its Gaza border just like Israel does with its border.

            In 2005 Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, removing every Israeli soldier and civilian. In January 2006, Hamas won Gaza’s local legislative elections, in June 2007 Hamas violently took over Gaza. Hamas got rud of the Palestinian Authority, and turned Gaza into a war zone designed to attack Israel. The source of Hamas’ hostility is not Israel’s security barrier. It’s Israel’s very existence.

            Hamas wants a cease fire for one reason and one reason only, to survive to fight another day to kill more innocent Jews. Don’t believe me believe what Hamas is telling the world.

            Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’s political bureau recently said “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.”

            Hamas has, as part of their stated goals to total and complete annihilation of Israel.

            Hamad said that Israel’s existence is “illogical” and that it must be wiped off all “Palestinian lands,” When asked whether this meant the complete annihilation of Israel, Hamad replied: “Yes, of course.”
            Speaking of the October 7th massacre Hamad said “We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do it twice and three times. The Al-Aqsa Deluge [the name Hamas gave its October 7 onslaught] is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth,”

            Hamad now says he wants a cease fire “So I think we are ready now to have complete compromise, complete a deal, in order to receive all the hostages, either military or civilians.” When asked how he could be calling for a cease-fire while also pledging to keep attacking Israel, Hamad replied: “What do you want us to do? To stop?”

            You should be angry at Hamas and at their fellow Palestinians for what they have done and what they are doing. Hamas is using Palestinians as human shields and Palestinians overwhelmingly support Hamas. It is Hamas who is to blame for their actions and the results of their actions.

        • Were those “small small arms” designed to dispatch infants?

          But, hey, they were real effective on a young woman who was desperately trying to escape by crawling under a car … until she was shot point blank in the head by a smiling freedom fighter ….

          Yep, you’re “correct.”

          Where do these amoral idiots come from?

    • “And if you really loved Israel, then you’d demand they ceasefire because if you think you can bomb and murder your way to peace”

      That’s EXACTLY the way to achieve peace. The only way to have peace is for one side to completely annihilate the other. Remember, Hamas has made it clear that their ultimate goal is to wipe out Israel and every Jew and Christian. Those people will not accept peace with Jews. Therefore, Israel has no choice but to completely destroy them.

  5. Anti Zionism is Not Anti Semitism…
    35% of Jews feel there is a Genocide occuring in Gaza & want a ceasefire.
    The media hates the truth.

    • Steve,

      How many of the 195 countries in the world do you favor eliminating? How many of the nearly 50 Muslim countries in the world do you favor eliminating? How many of the only Jewish country in the world do you favor eliminating?

      Being an Anti-Zionist might not make you an Anti-Semite, but if you are only calling for the destruction of the Jewish state it’s a pretty strong indication that you just might be.

    • And, who is carrying out the genocide in Gaza?
      How much of the funding hamas receives for humanitarian causes is actually used on food, medicine, utilities? (HINT: Not a lot of it.)
      Perhaps if hamas, Iran, and the rest of the muslim world spent more time trying to improve their situation, and less time trying to destroy the Jews, their quality of life would improve significantly.

      • We have no idea what Hamas is or isn’t spending. Are you there? How can you rest upon any ‘fact’ coming out of the region about what Hamas is spending resources on? Less time trying to destroy the jews? How many Jews have been killed? How many Palestinians? Up is down and down is up…that’s like saying..stop running into my fist with your face!

  6. Mary-P’s ticket to congressional perpetuity is her alignment and membership to The Squad Team (Member #5). I have no doubt that’s her strategy. For Alaskans, we must decide for ourselves if this is a benefit or a burden. In my opinion, it’s definitely a burden and that of epic proportions! And, the sooner we can replace her with someone of high character, integrity and honor; the better.

  7. As another member of ‘The Squad” said…..”It’s all about the Benjamins.”

    Mary will pledge her unwavering loyalty to whomever keeps shoveling the Benjamins her way….

  8. LOL. I can remember Mary’s campaign. Never in her ads did she mention that she is a democrat.

    I guess we know the truth now. She is just another Squadster.

    For God’s sake remember this in a year!

  9. Why do so many antisemites tell us they aren’t antisemites before saying antisemitic things and/or parroting Jew hating hamas and nazi talking points?

    • Why do so many neocons and kneejerk “Israel right or wrong”ers like to speciously equate criticism of that regime with anti-semitism?

      Why do so many disingenuous Zionists and Zionist supporters like to see the boogeyman of “anti-semitism” barely hidden under every stone?

      • Jeff,
        You’ve told us you aren’t an antisemite, why would what I just said offend you?

        Oh is it because the fact that you followed up the part where you said you aren’t an antisemite by saying antisemitic things and/or parroting Jew hating hamas and nazi talking points? Yeah, that’s probably it huh.

        You see, I can say I’m not an antisemite and then I don’t need to say a bunch of antisemitic things, because I’m not an antisemite. You, for some reason can’t help yourself. I haven’t said I’m a Zionist and yet you’ve decided that I am because I think that a terrorist organization that slaughters innocent women, children, and elderly people because they are Jewish is beyond disgusting. I think raping, murdering, terrorizing, burning, and beheading innocent people is not something that should be celebrated, defended, or apologized for, I think the perpetrators should be hunted down and removed from the planet. I find anyone who sides with these terrorists to be wholly contemptible, those who refuse to speak out against these atrocities are obviously in agreement with them to one extent or another.

        If you would actually criticize Israeli policy instead of spouting antisemitic hamas and nazi inspired propaganda, then you might have a case of not being an antisemite, but once again, for some reason you can’t help yourself.

  10. Downing. You’re smarter than this framing. “The resolution also accused Tlaib of “leading an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex,” in reference to the anti-war protest that took place on Capitol Hill last month in favor of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. The protest, which was organized by the Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow, two Jewish advocacy groups, led to a number of arrests.

    As part of the protest, Tlaib spoke at a rally on the lawn of the Capitol calling for a cease-fire. She did not join protestors inside a Capitol office building, however, where most of the arrests took place, according to a source familiar with the matter. ” – The Hill.

    The Resolution was defeated 222 to 186, not because of antisemitism, Muslim, pro-Hamas or pro-Israel sentiments, but because nut job Greene tried to equate the January 6 insurrection with this recent protest.

    Here are the 23 Republicans who voted to table Greene’s resolution:

    Rep. Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota
    Rep Ken Buck of Colorado
    Rep. John Duarte of California
    Rep. Chuck Edwards of North Carolina
    Rep. Morgan Griffith of Virginia
    Rep. Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin
    Rep. Harriet Hageman of Wyoming
    Rep. Bill Huizenga of Michigan
    Rep. Darrell Issa of California
    Rep. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota
    Rep. Doug LaMalfa of California
    Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky
    Rep. Tom McClintock of California
    Rep. Rich McCormick of Georgia
    Rep. Max Miller of Ohio
    Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa
    Rep. John Moolenaar of Michigan
    Rep. Chip Roy of Texas
    Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia
    Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana
    Rep. Michael Turner of Ohio
    Rep. Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin
    Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan

  11. Sarah would have never drug Alaska into the gutter like Mary has. She would have worked with the Freedom Caucus, many of whom she campaigned for.. She won the Primary, She was the LEADING CONSERVATIVE in all the other elections. The Democrats Ran Mary. The Begich BIUE #2 vote Elected her. Sarah was the True Conse rvative, Nick was the Blue Conservative (Union) Mary was the BLUE Squad Member in waiting.. The Rank Choice Repeal Initiative is not getting any traction W H Y ????.

  12. Any person in politics who defends murdering animals who decapitate small kids and women and throw gas on teenagers and light them on fire are showing their true colors. The Palestinians harbored and helped pay for these Hamas terrorists. You ride with them you hang with them. Peltola in this one statement shows she is not fit to lead. These politicians act like this is a game. Wake up people.

  13. Next article do you think American leaders are stupid enough to escalate this war to make nations such as Turkey and Iran enter into it? Bringing in WW3.
    The Biden Administration just today called for “Establishment of First-Ever National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia.“ THAT is not what the White House is supposed to do if they want to de-escalate and bring diplomacy back to Middle East. That’ll just increase Jew hatred and embolden violence against Jewish persons worldwide.

  14. There is plenty of personal dislike of divisive Ms Greene. I would tend to disavow anything she promotes, just based on principle that she’s a deliberate hate monger. When has she ever advocated for something that benefits all Americans, I wonder.

    • Pointing out the hypocrisy of other politicians is not hate mongering.
      Yes, MTG is a loudmouth, and could use a bit of thought before making public statements, but not enough people have a clue how badly their elected representatives are failing them.
      MTG at least has the guts to make their betrayals public.
      Anything that wakes the public up to the clownshow our federal government has become is benefitting all Americans.


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