Alaskan advocate caught up when pro-Hamas protesters storm Cannon Building at Capitol


Alaskan Second Amendment advocate Jenn Graham was at the U.S. Capitol when a large crowd of pro-Hamas protestors stormed the Cannon Building, where the offices of the House of Representatives is located.

As with everyone else in Washington, D.C., she was unarmed when the incident occurred, with protesters violently pushing through security stations and entering the building. That’s not typical for Graham, who usually packs when she is in Alaska.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib eggs on protesters at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Graham was in Washington, D.C. to be part of a pro-gun-rights press conference that included Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, Rep. Richard Hudson, and Rep. Kat Cammack. Graham represents a group called Women for Gun Rights.

When the crowd of pro-Palestinians pushed into the building, the congressional staff helped Graham escape through the members-only elevator and the underground tunnel. The protestors had blocked the public elevators and entrances, and the situation spiraled out of control, with protesters assault police.

“It was so bad, the whole building was rattling and shaking with movement. And the shouting — it was psychotic. It took me five hours to get back to my hotel room, and I was three blocks away,” she said, from her hotel room.

“They snuck us out of the building on the subway, but the police had jammed all of our cell phones, so I could not even use my phone until I got back to the hotel,” Graham said.

Graham said that during the protest, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was shoved by a protester, but Capitol Police did nothing, and offered the representative no assistance.

The hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters both in and out of the building were demanding that Israel stop defending itself in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began when Hamas killed 1,200 Jews on Oct. 7 in a surprise attack. They called for a cease fire.

An even larger group of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the congressional building. All told, there were potentially thousands of people, with Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the radical Democrat from Michigan’s 12th District, as their featured guest speaker. Capitol Police on Wednesday evening were closing off the roads in the nation’s capital.

Three hundred protesters are known to have been arrested inside the Cannon Building after some assaulted police officers.


  1. Why weren’t ALL the protestors inside the Capitol Building arrested like the Jan 6th protestors?

  2. October 18th, the day that the sacred halls of the center of our democracy were infiltrated by violent insurrectionists. We must not let this assault on our hallowed institutions stand. We must pursue them and their instigators relentlessly and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law and beyond. No one is above the law.

  3. I’m sure it was a “mostly peaceful” protest as opposed to Pearl Harbor 2 on Jan 6th 2021 according to Joe. The 4th estate press will dutifully report thusly….

  4. Insurrection????
    There were reports based on USCP statements that at least 300 protesters were arrested and 3 charged with assaulting police officers…..
    Will they charge Tlaib with fomenting a riot..probably not

  5. Open borders policy is a direct result of this madness. And just think our govt has offered status to these very same people if they inlist in the US military all because of the lowest enlistment numbers ever recorded. 100% sure I will see America fall in my lifetime. Perfect set up for that crazy conspiracy of a one world govt.

  6. FBI must use video surveillance and round up all of the protesters and charge them with terrorism on the Capitol and assault on members of Congress.

  7. Clearly insurrection inspired by Rep. Tliab.
    Don’t you agree, TDS sufferers?

    Or is it only insurrection when non Democrats do it?

    (Going for popcorn. Can’t wait to see the justifications)

  8. Clearly an invasion led by a member of Congress. Threatening our “democracy”

    Absolutely no respect for our “democratic” process and traditions.

    Im gonna have fun with this.

  9. Really says something about the state of Michigan they elect a piece of human excrement to Congress.

    Can we give Michigan to Canada? Maybe an even an even swap for Manitoba?

  10. Ok, ok it’s ok when they do it. The msm will paint this as a mostly peaceful protest. A bipartisan show of support…. A show of solidarity, etc etc etc
    My guess, no one lifts a finger on this one. God blessed America.

  11. > at the U.S. Capitol when a large crowd of pro-Hamas protestors stormed the Cannon Building

    Well. Well. Well. A little leftist insurrection? I’m sure the alphabet agencies will be all over it.

    I would prefer not having a tit for tat between left and right and in the process strengthening the administrative state, but that ship has likely already sailed. So some leftist political prisoners will be added to the J6 block?

  12. It’s strange that the same people questioning Senator Sullivan’s loyalties aren’t questioning Representative Tlaibs loyalties…very telling. It’s almost like there is a trend here where some people attack Israel and anyone who supports Israel and then they say nothing when other people who hate Jewish people say atrocious things, do atrocious things, and support atrocities…very telling.

    • Steve-O – Might be the reason some folks aren’t condemning the protest in the Canon building could be because the event was organized by two pro-peace Jewish groups – Jewish Voices for Peace and If Not Now. Most of the 300 protesters arrested were Jews. Photos clearly show many protesters wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with, “Not In My Name” & ” Jews Say Ceasefire Now”. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is very nuanced and is not as simple as some would have us believe. Zionism is a nationalist political believe that is about 150 years old. The Jewish religion is thousands of years old and I, for one, believe that their point of view should also be heard. I do have to say though, I doubt that any of those arrested will be facing the same outrageous jail sentences that the January 6 protesters were subjected to, for essentially engaging in the same crime!

      • Fishing, I agree with you that there are lots of wrinkles and nuances to the history of the Jewish faith/state. Just like Christians disagree with one another and one-size doesn’t fit anyone. That being said the faith or nationality of these individuals does not excuse the unlawful occupation of a government building in our nation’s capitol. That alone should find universal condemnation.
        The other issue noteworthy is the apparent lack of compassion for Israeli victims and the lack of condemnation of the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas. These groups seem more worried about future “war crimes” by Israel. Regardless of faith or nationality the heinous slaughter of 1200+ civilians, especially children, should find all united in condemnation of Hamas and their Palestinian sympathizers.
        In my opinion this was a stunt to shift public opinion/politicians to pressure Israel to stop their pursuit of Hamas. Any cease-fire at this point only benefits the terrorists as they will have murdered Israeli civilians with impunity. Non-compliance by Israel with these demands makes them out to be the aggressor. It is creepy and underhanded.
        These groups are entitled to protest and should have done so outside the building in the street, like many others.

  13. Should we be shocked at this.?? These are extreme leftist lunatics. They have been stirring every pot for the past 15 years. They have become brazen they say and do whatever they want whenever they want. They are supporting Hamas a bunch of Muslim children murdering Neanderthals. Need I say more.??? These people are mentally sick a demonic force. They are showing their true colors. Keep your shooting irons handy people there is only one way to get rid of rabid dogs.

  14. Friggin people. They will not do anything when it comes to our country being torn down, however they’ll go get all radical about something on another continent. This goes for the citizens and corrupt politicians of our country.

  15. Without reference to the protest or protesters, Ms. Graham embellishes the drama. The Cannon Building is made of stone and doesn’t “rattle and shake”. Sound echoes a lot but that may be about it. There are multiple exits. Ms. Graham maybe is studying acting at the same school Marjory Taylor Green and Donald Trump attended.

    • Were you there??
      Frankly I will take her report over your claims any day. Blaming and focusing on the messenger instead of the riotous behavior that took place, because apparently you sympathize with their cause, doesn’t make what they did okay or legal (no protesting or breaking through security barriers at the capitol allowed). You should be outraged that the halls of our democratic seat of government were breached, but I guess that’s not important here…..

      • As stated, my comments do not relate to the protests or the protestors. I have spent a lot of time in the CHOB. The place will not “shake and rattle”. There are multiple ways out, including the tunnels. The lady is embellishing.

        • Perception here is everything. When you are in the middle of an angry mob trying to get out and being blocked or hemmed in, is very scary. It did not sound like the protestors only used one entrance. From the reports I read, instead it sounded like an overwhelming number of people flooded into the building at the same time via multiple access routes.
          This is a an old building CHOB was built in 1908 and the rotunda has been around since 1826 and while they have had renovations, when hundreds of feet traipse over that floor, which has tunnels underneath it will shake. So with all due respect, Ms Graham is giving us an eyewitness account of the event. Just because it doesn’t jive with your idea doesn’t mean she did not feel or experience it the way she describes it. Your entire line of reasoning seems to attempt to diminish or dismiss her report. Why is that?

          • Because “Jmark” is a leftist tool who ascribes to Saul Alinsky’s Marxist ideological answer to everything not in tune with the left’s narrative. In this case Jmark thought it best to attack the person vs the their message. Typical tactic. Don’t waste your time on Marxists.

  16. You getting upset about this riot is designed deflection. The focus needs to be on Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of a hospital, and ideally the DOZENS of congressmen with dual citizenship with Israel deciding on military aid contributing to future atrocities.

    • Are you talking about the hospital that the terrorists in Gaza blew up while trying to lob rockets into Israel? The hospital that the terrorists rushed to blame Israel for and the media believed the lies of the terrorists and spread misinformation about? The hospital that was filmed being hit by a rocket launched from inside Gaza by known terrorists, that hospital?

    • Thank you for at least admitting that it was a riot. That it took place in the capitol rotunda seems to have escaped you however. A place where protesting is prohibited.
      As for your “hospital bombing” claim. It has been debunked and proven to have been an Palestinian missile gone astray. It is interesting that you are only incensed about loss of Palestinian lives, but have no such compassion for Israeli victims, who were slaughter, raped and murdered by terrorist.
      I don’t care how you spin it, Hamas has always been the aggressor and has a long history of bombings and lobbing missiles into Israel with the expressed purpose of eradicating all Jews. Read a little history will ya.

    • Except that Israel didn’t bomb a hospital. Hamas misfired a rocket and it landed in a parking lot next to the hospital. You’re getting upset about something that is a lie.

      The focus needs to be on ENDING Hamas.

    • Lol. Lmao. Did hamas also blow up the 1,500 year old church filled with the wounded from the Israeli attack on a hospital yesterday? It’s amazing how the Israeli equivalent of the secretary of defense admitted that Israel blew up the hospital before deleting his post, forcing the global media to do a 180 on their reporting.

      It’s all good though. We all made it to the next news cycle, Biden asked for an extra $10 billion in military aid from American taxpayers on top of the $4 billion in military aid that the senate approved 97-0-3 today.

      Let’s all go back to pretending that Israel is innocent and never does anything bad.

      • Yup, those Jews control everything. Probably even the intellectually vapid thoughts coming from you.

        While I know this will never seep into your head, for reasons I neither care nor matter to me, I’m going to address your drivel.

        -in the modern world, anything and everything put on the web is there forever. If the post you claim existed, it would be everywhere even if pulled down instantly. Every eye is on Israel and if such a thing did occur it would be all over the media.

        Yet oddly enough, it isn’t and even the news and Squad members say it didn’t happen.

        Additionally, a scan of regular media shows zero mention of any deaths in a Middle East church bombing.

        So, either you are delusional or a liar. Both is highly possible.

        But let’s go deeper. You claim no one is critical of Israel. Patently false. At the same time you offer zero criticism of Hamas. So your next exercise in intellectual vapidness is

        1-demanding out of “my side” criticisms while being mum on the atrocities of yours.

        2-you clearly can’t read for comprehension. Would a comic book help?

        Lastly, some questions for you. Since you want brutal honesty, lead by example.

        -how many dead children is enough for you to condemn Hamas?

        -beheaded children?

        -families burned alive?

        -women brutally raped?

        -peace concerts attacked?

        I’m genuinely curious what your tolerance is for savagery. When does it stop being OK for you?

        -are you anti semitic, a useful idiot, or just like depravity?

        -will you ever acknowledge Hamas stated goal is the destruction of Israel and the removal of all the Jews?

        -will you ever admit Hamas deliberately puts its own people in harms way? Staging weapons, munitions, and HQ operations in schools and mosques isn’t coincidental.

        -will you ever acknowledge Israel goes to get lengths to try to spare non combatants?

        I could go on and on at length, but you’ll never have the courage or intellectual honesty to ask yourself these questions. So far you’ve demonstrated a total lack of intellect and morals to be able to do so.

        See, I’ve noticed you even though I rarely bother with you. You’re angry, empty, not too bright, and overall not a useful addition to any society.

        Maybe some day that will change, but not today.

        • Wow really taking this personally Juneau Man.. it appears as though you don’t eat pork ribs at the bbq.

          Also, we don’t care about Israel’s sovereignty or borders any more than ukraines….we care about ours. As you should too. Lehaim.

          • It’s funny you think I’m Jewish. Yes I take it personally. I’m a decent human with morals. What Hamas did was abominable. You? Based on your input, not so much.

            Since you’re trying that isolationist BS, should we just forget about 30 dead Americans and probably a dozen more still held captive?

            How many dead babies will it take for you to pull your head out of your butt?

        • Wow! Very well written and articulate response Masked Avenger. Remind me to never tick you off! Ha! Have a great day and don’t let the bastards get you down.

  17. Obviously they were trying to overturn the election and get Trump installed as POTUS.

    See how stupid that sounds TDS idiots?

  18. Go to Iran, dye your hair purple, and announce that your a tranny who has had an abortion. You will be thrown off a roof.

  19. Where are the leftists that normally show up on MRAK to talk about how horrific and violent the events of Jan 6th are, and how this was just a small incident that should be ignored.
    But, then again, it is OK when the leftists do it.

    • Awaiting their talking points. Surely it’s gotta be Trump’s fault. They just gotta figure out how.

    • Show me the broken windows, police being battered and feces being wiped on the walls and painting like j6.

      • It is an assault on our democracy!! Isn’t that what you always say??
        So police officers were attacked and people were arrested for that offense, but I guess since there was no poop all is forgiven and A-okay???

  20. I simply wont believe any of this hogwash until we hear the horrific details from Nancy Pelosi and AOC. If they dont get on their knees and praise God for saving their LIVES from the mob of savages hellbent on destroying Democracy then this story is simply more russian misinformation aimed at tarnishing the fine reputation of a handful of mostly peaceful followers of John Lennon with rose colored glasses who were having a sitin singing Louie Armstrongs “What a wonderful world”.

  21. I wonder how they’re gonna be excused. The twists of logic will be amazing.

    But give a hat tip to the House GOP and that imbecile Gaetz in particular for assisting this mess. The gang that can’t think straight helped put this in motion by vacating the Speaker with no place on what to do next.

    The Speaker controls police in the Capital. No speaker, no investigations. No real charges, probably.

  22. “…….she was unarmed when the incident occurred, with protesters violently pushing through security stations and entering the building. That’s not typical for Graham, who usually packs when she is in Alaska……….”
    Too bad. Had she been armed, she could have whipped it out and opened up on the terrorists there in the Cannon Bldg. That would have solved all problems.

  23. I no longer would consider traveling to Columbia, fka as “DC” formerly known as Maryland due to extreme hostility of the area toward Americans, and willingness to place interests of foreigners, foreign agencies, monarchies and histrionic other global ideas above the founding documents. We probably are sequestered from knowledge of true conditions forced upon our nation at this time.

    • Greg, you need to step away from your medication cocktail. It is making you say things that are bizarre and crude.
      BTW how would you know what the seals are up to???

  24. SD, there is some significant misinformation in this article. First, the rally was NOT pro-Hamas as you claim. It was a rally organized by Jewish groups calling for a ceasefire. Second, there is no evidence to support the claim that the protestors “violently pushed through security stations” as the article claims. Instead, the Capitol police report that the protestors entered through the public entrances to the Cannon Building and cleared the security stations according to visitor guidelines. The 305 arrests were made because the protestors demonstrated inside the Cannon office building by singing, praying, and chanting; they did not commit any violent acts and did not deface or vandalize the building. Demonstrations inside the Cannon House Office Building are prohibited. The latest report I saw was that there were five people arrested for assaulting police officers while they were being processed for illegally demonstrating. Several commenters here have incorrectly assumed that the protestors were inside the Capitol Building; they were not.

    • Interesting isn’t it when the shoe is on the other foot. How reasonable you sound and demand that facts be correct and truthful. Right up front you are right that the rotunda is in the Cannon office building, not the Capitol, which I erroneously assumed.

      This was an organized event, simply judging by the similar clothing with the same message. It is immaterial who these people claim to be, they had no right to protest in that space. Of further significance is that this protest came in conjunction with anti-Israel pro-Palestinian protest of thousands of people, that raged outside on the streets, egged on by Rashida Tlaib. Since they brought banners and their entry was described as “flooding into the building” by more than one report an orderly entry you claim seems doubtful. (Processing up to 350-400 individuals through metal detectors take a considerable amount of time and makes the other scenario more believable, especially considering the CP would have confiscated all banners, placards etc as not allowable). Considering there were arrest for assaulting police officers, it can be argued that the protestors weren’t all peaceful. Their sole purpose was to intimidate law makers
      I saw one report that there is suspicion that a lawyer from Southern Poverty Law center helped organized this action. Do you think there will be an investigation? I have my doubts.

      This is a bully move. The protestors demand for a cease-fire would be akin to Japanese Americans demanding the same, the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is a deliberated ploy to hamstring Israel in its self-defense and demands that 1200 dead and hundreds kidnapped be ignored for the sake of “peace”. It is further interesting that this group is worried about Israel committing war crimes, while not anywhere is there any mention of Hamas/Palestinian “war crimes”. They are apparently okay.
      SA I hope this was an informative experience for you. Maybe the next time you are tempted to label all and sundry in a derogatory manner, you consider more nuance and facts instead of name calling and disdain.

    • Ok, treat all of these protesters the same way they treated the j6 group. Politicians under indictment, people in the capital jail with no representation or visitation….yeah I’ll go with that. Plus let’s add in the around the clock hysteria from msm talking heads. Sound good? Dullard.

      • You forgot the Adam Schiff televised committee show with cherry-picked membership and the draconian jail sentences handed down. I am sure these new arrestees and cman will be all for equal treatment under the law…..

  25. Sounds like January 6th all over again. Who’s betting there won’t be an investigation or trials this time?

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